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Green Functional State Correctors. Summary of S.V. Koltsovs lecture Dolmens and Places of Power.

Good afternoon, dear friends!

I am going to tell you about new products, prepared by the Center Region company. As a result of three year investigation of  Functional State Correctors, based on plant forms, minerals and natural liniments action, we saw that plant based information is unable to cope with some borderline states in case of some specific diseases. Mainly it concerns autoimmune diseases. It is logical, because some percentage of diseases have pure information origin. As a matter of principal trees, plants and minerals should not cope with them. Numerous meetings with healers confirm this fact, and they pointed out that first 8 Functional State Correctors miss spiritual themes. We did not set such aim at that moment. We developed FSC as prophylaxis themes, in order to support human health at a good level in general. The situations with which  Functional State Correctors do not cope, are related to borderline states. It required additional investigation and a selection of  additional information themes to cope with borderline situations. First of all it concerns the last stages of the Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, disseminated sclerosis, and other autoimmune conditions. The more we investigate these diseases, the deeper is our confidence in the information based origin of these diseases. It is exactly what people call family damnations, evil eye, curse and so on. Karmic problems are the same family problems which are handed down from generation to generation.

We paid our attention at such objects as Places of Power and stone megaliths which are called Dolmens. In literature Dolmens considered to be some strange constructions, the weight of separate blocks reaches 15 tons. Archeologists date them 5000 years B. C. The age of the dolmens was established by different methods, and for some dolmens it exceeds the age of Pyramids. The researches were unable to come to common conclusion -  what for they were built in such a quantity in different places of the Earth? They could be found in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, a great number of them is situated on the Russian territory in general several thousand of them are known. Approximately a thousand of them are well preserved, in a shape they were built.






We were interested how the irradiation coming out of them influences liquid medium. We took 30 samples from different dolmens around the city of Gelenjik, in a well known place near to the Vozrojdenie community, in the Pshade district. We put water samples at the outlet of the dolmen then tested them in our laboratory with the help of the Metatron non-linear wave diagnostics, we were interested how water samples from dolmens influence human physiology. And we were pleasantly surprised with beneficial influence of these samples not only on physiology, but on different aspects of mental activities as well. Local people noticed interesting behavior of children influenced by the dolmens.  And it differs from adults, I should say. Children start to show creative abilities, which were hidden before. Children start to be engaged in different creative activities. In adults the dolmens action induces different states along with wholesome states, there could be anxiety at some cases, apathy at the other. It seems that the Earth rhythms, which are changing during past three years, are responsible for that. Children adapt quickly, but we grew in another dynamic reality, and it is adults who need time to adapt to rapidly changing situation. The dolmens help to solve not only physiology problems, but the adaptation problems as well.

More to it, we collected a couple of dozens of water samples, which were activated at so called Places of Power. I speak about Arcaim. Nowadays they call it  Land of a Thousand Cities. This archeology artifact was  discovered not long ago. It appeared that our ancestors built their wooden cities at non-accidental places. What season we would visit the Arcaim, the state of the Earth magnetic field and its influence on water medium was always positive. There is no such periods of time, which are characteristic for every other locality, when outer magnetic field disturbances start to ruin  psychic setup and physiology of humans along with the other living things. It is characteristic that the age of bone system  of all   remains found at the Arcaim  does not exceed  35 years. Archeologist, being honest guys come to simple conclusion: You see, how short their life was. Why it did not strike them that living on the territory with such anomalous characteristics of the Earth magnetic field they simply did not age.


And our analysis of water samples, which were taken from different volcanic mountains in the Arcaim region confirm that it acts exactly this way! And it influences differently on various functional systems. Local people gave characteristic names to these mountains: The Mountain of Wits, The Shamanka Mountain predestination, Terrace of Rejuvenation, The Mountain of Repentance and so on. non-linear wave diagnostics shows this names are not arbitrary, they pose influence according to their names. 







So we decided to come up with another series of the Functional State Correctors, but it is designated only to those people who used the ordinary green  FSC at least half a year. The powerful new correctors would not cause acute intoxication at such people. Because the influence of the Places of Power and Dolmens polarization is quite unusual, and requires conscious implementation. We grouped these picturesque information into several groups.







One of them is called Love. Some dolmens, one of which is called The Dolmen of Love are recorded at this corrector. Two spirals  - The Big Spiral of Love and The Minor Spiral of Love from The Mountain of Love at the Arcaim  are also recorded at this Functional State Corrector.

After that go the Amulets for men and for women. I would like to stress the difference of the Dolmen energies from all plant forms. All plants, minerals and so on are agamic in their vast majority, and they are good for both men and women, they do not accent hormonal background and so they are suitable for everybody. On the contrary, the Dolmens in their majority influence selectively men or women. It is easy to check. So the second theme, called the Amulet has two versions: separate FSCs for men and women.

It is exactly what is urgently needed to our people nowadays: the development of self-confidence, assertiveness, the development of confidence in ones own deeds we called this theme The Success. There is a dolmen near the city of  Gelenjik called The dolmen of Success. It really influences functions connected with will efforts. Two places from Arcaim were added, from The Mountain of Wits.  I think it is not real  to reach success without wits.


Separate theme we prepared and collected for a long time is connected with amulets for mothers and their babies. It becomes especially actual  in reality of recent magnetic fields dynamics changes.  A break in relations and loss of contact between parents and children is seen with unaided eye. We selected themes aiming to form psycho sphere both for mothers and children, and simultaneously to  pull up parents to their children level. This theme is based on dolmens. Along with dolmens two karstic caverns were used. The caverns are very popular and famous among local people? They have speaking names: The Belly and The Womb. Doctors told us that recently an incurable  form of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis appeared, it could be connected with intrauterine affection of a fetus or with the birth trauma, or with both. And it is the water polarization from these caves, which pretends to mend information affections connected with the process of birth. By the law of pairs, we came upon two such situations, once there is one case, then suddenly similar situation appears. One girl in Voronezh from the moment of birth missed the hormonal background from the adrenal glands, that is her organism did not produced hormones required for life. It is not real to hold such a child on drugs and injections for a long period of time. When we checked the compatibility of the polarization of these caves, it appeared that only they may help. And we encountered with another absolutely wild situation in Vladivostok.  The child looks like being 5 years old, but real age is above 10. It happened that in the age of 4, after routine vaccination he got complications ay the central nervous system, and with defeated nervous system child looks like typical cerebral spastic infantile paralysis patient. The development stopped. We looked carefully on the non-linear diagnostics, and again it appeared that only these polarizations could pretend to help in these case. 

 We named this complex of themes The Healthy Generation. Among classical childish amulet, 5 dolmens bearing polarization for children were included, they have speaking names Tenderness, The Dolmen of Love, The Mothers Heart, The Belly and The Womb. Doctors asked us to add several themes for men. They reasoned that boys are breaded with inclination to infantilism nowadays. In order to balance psychological influence we added a couple of themes characteristic for the masculine gender. There is a lot of such themes, they are well checked. We choose The Rock of Health it has masculine polarization, but its influence on women is very interesting when women unable to become pregnant come to this rock for a week and bath every day, the problem disappears. It is a mass phenomenon. We included the polarization of this water.

Why is The Healthy Generation formed this way?  Because all children get thick right when mother feels badly. It does not substitutes the work of the base correctors against infections, which children may catch in childrens garden and school. It is not a substitution, but an addition to the FSCs that already exist.

Now we are starting the distribution of these series of Functional State Correctors exclusively among partners, who work with standard blue FSCs at least for half a year. We are doing it in order to avoid complications connected with intoxication from ordinary viruses and parasites.

When we visited Yakutia, we were given a wonderful opportunity to visit one of the local places of power,  the so called The Lena Columns. We were amazed how Yakut behaved. It was obvious that there were people in our excursion group whose age was above 70 and above 80. It takes considerable effort to climb on the Columns, it has a  steep climb about 200 meters high, thou there are steps. Even a healthy man climbs there with difficulty with a heavy breath. There are several places for rest along the way, in order to allow everyone to climb in appropriate tempo. And what amused us  most, is that all that overgrown people climbed on the Columns. We started to wander what are they climbing for? I asked a question. Well, to store some energy before winter time. What energy?  It is the same thin energy which is called Chi on the east, or the energy of life. Another interesting event occurred when we climbed down, there was a huge rockslide next to the river. All Yakuts sat down on the stones like in an amphitheatre and meditate.





We come close and ask again what are you doing? Storing  energy for the winter!.  It intrigued me what energy irradiate these stones from the rockslide. It appeared that 9 of every 10 rocks are alive, and they really work like a complex diffraction screen, producing polarization around themselves, which acts favorably on the human psyche and physiology. We checked here in Moscow what  this polarization does. I will show you one of the stones from this rockslide, at first glance nothing special looks like slate. But it structures water very strong. If a glass with water is put on this stone, the water acquires very interesting polarization. We became interested what is the meaning of this structure?  Once I wanted to record the background polarization of the Earth magnetic field and outer space irradiation, and I took aside all information themes from the Resonator in which all Functional State Correctors are magnetized. When we compared this so called Empty polarization with what this stone produced, they happened to be identical. Archeologists date this rockslide 400 000 years. These stones were a bottom of an ancient sea. It appeared that what was long ago a basic information field in which grows all life on Earth, and what nowadays is hidden, but possible to see in a specially constructed Resonator, is the same thing. It became clear that this basic polarization is present on every FSC magnetized with the polarization of dolmens. And a lot of problems start to fall apart. Now in cooperation with doctors it is possible to start writing not only prophylaxis but also curative recommendations. So the new cycle of the FSC development is beginning.

That all I wanted to tell about new series of green Functional State Correctors with polarization of Dolmens and Places of Power, which we are starting to produce now.

Appendix. A summary of the S. V. Koltsovs meeting with the Center Region distributors, December the 1, 2010.

Green Functional State Correctors work excellently with any physical problems. With the help of technology modifications their influence power was increased, the technology differs from one, implemented in the blue series. So the new series is designated for prepared people. One green FSC works approximately 50 times more powerful, than a blue one. One should use them carefully. With such influence power they may even overload.

The green FSCs pump up human aura not be some percents, but in several times. Cells may not be able to understand how to cope with that powerful energy. As with the blue FSCs, on the green ones we collected board curative themes. Our policy is not to produce specific narrow curative themes it is possible, but such specific themes should be used exclusively by professional doctors. So we offer some board and leveled curative themes.

Functional State Correctors are made for healthy people, they are designed not to cure, but to support. Or they may be used as an additional remedy in complex therapy. One should follow ordinary and well known principals of healthy life. FSCs help to balance the energetic of the organism.

Green Functional State Correctors deal with the brain functions at the first place. If one will upset the law Do no harm, nothing good will come out of it. They are not for vampires. New FSC work excellently against witchcraft, evil eye, curses and information parasites. Those people who practice affirmations, know that a clear space required, for them to work. New FSCs perform the cleaning of the surrounding space.

Different plants are recorded at the blue FSCs that means they are subjected to seasonal rhythms. All plants live in accordance with the changing of seasons. There is no such rhythms on the green FSCs, they bear  primordial, unfiltered energies. What the Center Region Company did? The themes from different Places of Power are recorded at the green FSCs. To use such an FSC equals visiting a lot of Places of Power. The FSC plate Love is extremely powerful. In order to overcome the 2012 transition we should tune to the  highest possible vibration of our dimension. And it is Love. The designation of this FSC is to help to tune to this highest vibrations.



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