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Green Functional State Correctors

The Green Functional  State Correctors were released at the end of 2010, see the previous article.

 Part of S. V. Koltsov, lecture in Rostov city, 2011

Among the five themes released in the green FSC series, one of the most unusual is The Success. The themes from Arcaim, connected with the harmonization of the thinking process and with harmonization of both left and right hemispheres  are recorded on it.  What for?  One will never reach any success, if one is not sure in the righteousness of his deeds. This FSC works in this direction. For the harmonization of ones own thinking process and  for increasing the firmness of conscious steps. It is not the FSC that gains the success, but a human, and his consciousness plays the major role.

Here is a channeller, sitting in the hall, it is a phenomenal picture when a man in the state of modified consciousness takes an FSC in hands, and being in one of the Cosmoenergy Channels, starts to tell how to cure most complex diseases with the help of the Functional State Correctors. Most of all I liked a recommendation concerning medical workers: Especially for those who wears white doctors smokes and white  caps, one should place all the lilac FSCs in circle directed with their short sides to the center, put the bucketful of water in the center for 5 minutes to structure, and make them drink it, for they started to understand how to cure people. If they would refuse to drink, pour the structured water on their heads! I am not mentioning different specific recommendations concerning specific diseases. Say a serious burn, and here comes the text, exactly like one given at the last year medical conference by the head of the rehabilitation center do not forget if we are dealing with vast surfaces, then we should work with surfaces: structure some water on appropriate FSC, soak some fabric in it, wrap the  injured place, close with cellophane a wonderful compress, it does not matter by Zalmanov or by Kneip, it is mere technology.

Why the influence of the Functional State Correctors is  primary in relation to chemical drugs? We checked a simple thing, which was described in literature long ago: the speed of the biopolymer restructuring is about a second  in order of 10 in minus 11-th  -  minus 13-th.  And a speed of the most quick chemical reaction is   a second  in order of 10 in minus 7-th.  That is the information propagates 4 orders quicker. It is  enormous difference. More to it, why there is such a silence about the experiments on the Collider? This is because the uncertainty what to say about Einsteins theory.  Because particles fly faster than the speed of light.  I told you last year, that for four years, from 2003 to 2007, I was breaded by Vadim Sergeevich Krikorov. (he died at 2007)  Krikorov wrote  a wonderful job The theory  of the united universe, where he proved that 80% of the energy in the universe is so called thin energy, which we should learn to master and to transform to the forms we are used to. All these devices work with the help of thin energies. And he substantiated that the propagation speed of the thin energy is 10 in the order of 40. Compare it with the speed of light that is 10 in the order of 12. Thin energy, information propagates instantly in the open space. Physics call such effects local.  Everything is connected with everything. So every human being carries tremendous responsibility, and it becomes clear that one should not quarrel, should not disturb the surrounding space and so on.


Functional State Correctors  start to restore the invisible part of the organism on a field level. What we call aura. A wonderful phenomenon takes place: as soon as one learns to  patch up holes on the thin body, physiology level restores automatically, it takes from 2 to 3 weeks for the physiology to restore. There is no need to do something special about that. What was recorded on the Functional State Correctors?  Picturesque  information. We do not think with amplitudes and frequencies, there is no graphs in our head, what is there? Mind images. One of the main tasks was to learn to record  picturesque  information on the carriers of different kinds.

Subsequent communication with other scientists gradually lead us to understanding what is the Chi energy, which is also called the energy of life. All FSCs pump up the thin Chi energy . Our ancestors possessed  this techniques, they are preserved, intelligent service trains people for non-contact combat. It is a control of human aura in a pure form. Our FSC devices pump thin energy up aura, so the first visit effect of the FSC implementation is   inflow of powers. If one has no diseases, nothing hurts, one starts to wonder if it works or no. We had a funny situation at the Far East. One woman said  I understand nothing, feel absolutely nothing, nothing at all and another women said: Masha, yesterday you were able to climb only one flight of stairs, and needed a rest after each flight, but today you make it non-stop.  The first one Yes, really, something has changed. But one feels nothing.

What else I liked about the channeled record: any curative process should be started with the energy of Love. It is directly present on the green FSC. Start with a jar of water, structured  on the FSC Love. After that do anything you want, the brain will be already prepared.

When we created the lilac series of the Function State Correctors, I felt easy, because it perfectly fitted into the ideology of previous FSCs. Yes, it is connected with the synchronization with the Earth magnetic field rhythms and outer space irradiation rhythms. But the blue series  is grounded, it is mainly connected with the Earth rhythms. The green  series  is a transformation of the Earths irradiation into functional  themes it is something intermediate. And the Lilac FSC series is entirely the Cosmic irradiation. So, logically, the picture is complete. But no borders could be seen in stuffing. The answers will be produced in turns with questions. Of course we have a vast amount of themes already prepared. It seems that there comes a time, when we have to develop recommendations on dealing with different nosologies, how to cure, how to support oneself, how to return to normal life if one already fell apart. Even with the help of channeling information.

So we started to produce all these Functional State Correctors in order to return patrimony memory, to restore mutual relations with the outer world. The blue series is grounded, it is based on plants, minerals and trees, the understandable polarization of well known objects. The Places of Power Appeared on the green FSC series. What is it. It is exhaust from the Earth at a very special places. With great piety Im  thinking about Arcaim, it is the southern part of the Ural.  Ive being there twice, climbed all the mountains, it is a wonderful place. They say that it is one of five Earths sacred places, in which sky meets with ground. Many times people visited the place, and every time they checked the Earth magnetic field polarization. Always positive. The remains, excavated there, show the state of bone system not older than 35 years. Our archeologists say: How short their life was! It did not come into their heads that they did not grow old. A lot of information was copied  from this region. From The Mountain of Wits, The Shamanka Mountain, The Mountain of Love, in order to erase all these  negative. When they talk about  evil eye, hex, witchcraft native people come there and get cleaned. Nowadays there is a pilligrimage at the Arcaim. The second class of very interesting objects are the dolmens.  A lot of them is situated in the canyons around the city of Gelendjik. Guides say that the dolmens are the burial places of  the elite. Nothing in common with it! Genially made  megalith constructions, the weight of separate stones exceeds 17-20 tons.  Hard to imagine how wild people could place them. Indeed the dolmens are the generators of the longitude waves. It is exactly the direct connection hardly understand with  whom. With the consciousness of the  wise man who passed away there. People, who possess clairvoyance, are able to communicate with the spirits of these dolmens, the same way like local shamans talk with the spirits of elements. Absolutely calmly.

Questions and answers:

Sometimes they ask me: was not it possible to make one universal  wonder-FSC  - to record all themes at one plate?  I will give you precise analogy: imagine you come to a concert, where 20 songs should be played. What if they would be played simultaneously all songs in one time. Would you like it?

Question:  Is it possible for a man to get rid of essences. Agressive, non-adequate, he was a good family man for 10 years.

Answer: Common  sense suggests to drink a jar of water, structured on FSC Love. It is the situation for which were made mans and womans amulets in the green series. They have powerful  themes to cope with essences and hex. And the entire series of the lilac Functional State Correctors. One should do Intensive Pumping using all these FSCs. But one should start from 3 liters of water, structured on Love. I came across such situations in the city of  Yoshkar Ola, in Astana. One woman came to me in Astana, with lackluster eyes like a wall, and says: Thats the end, I get round everybody, everyone refused to help me, all shamans, all clairvoyant people, everybody constituted extremely powerful  possession, they said we cant cope with it.  I asked  her :  How do you know it is possession?   Everything goes ruined. My family falls to the ground, my job falls to the ground, everything goes wrong.  I look at her fingers the woman is absolutely closed. I said lets make a trial, I am not able to do it myself, but i had about 30 technical FSC from different separate dolmens. I choose the strongest ones which were designated for mens and womans amulets, there were no green FSCs at that time, put 16 17  on her, tied and secured them on her wherever it was possible. At the second minute she started to shiver, she roared from time to time, sometimes in some bass, sometimes  cheep. I led her out of the hall, for the audience would not hear her. She shivered for 40 minutes, not a pleasant spectacle. I returned to the conclusion, it was obvious, one moment she shivered, she grit her teeth, and another moment she let an air out of her, settled, her features straitened, a normal human again.  I inquired later, the possession did not return. It is possible to get rid of essences, but often it is difficult to find the connections on which the essences sits. It is better to do this in cooperation with someone who is able to see such things. A lot of people nowadays have the gift of clairvoyance, those who undergo training by Bronnikov  method are able to look around, what surrounds them, of what nature and so on. One should  go to people who understand what goes around, I do not know any equipment able to help here.

Question: From whom were recorded the themes Love and The calamity of the spirit?  (Love to onself,  Love to other people, The calamity of the spirit  are  recorded at the FSC No 1)

Answer:  The Masary Emoto books are well known, he made photographs of the ice crystals. It is the light, reflected from the Masary Emoto photographs, that is recorded on the Functional State Correctors. The ice crystals were formed from water taken from jars, on which appropriate words were written. We checked them. They work.

Question: Is FSC use connected with intuition?

Answer: No, it is not connected with intuition. In some sense FSC is a diffraction screen for outer fluxes. Another question is that it deals with very high frequencies, it works in millimeter range, the only one human cells respond. Of course FSCs help to develop intuition.  One of the most difficult tasks was to guess what whirl structure should be modeled in order to reach out our  computer on  water.  Yes, it is not easy, but weve learned to do it.  One of the main things is that we learned is to meet the rules of  optical isomerism, of  hirality.  What is it?  Physicists and medics know what it is in their disciplines. It is the rules of  organic molecules  interaction with light. When  fats and carbohydrates interact with light  the polarization plane should turn clockwise into the right direction. With amino acids it should obligatory turn left counterclockwise.  The breach of these radicals leads to diseases. This year on medical conference we had a  report by Eliseeva Olga Ivanovna  (You way read the report here http://en.bestlife.su/articles/list-24.html ) she does deep cleaning of the organism and deals with oncology patients. She showed clearly, that  the breach of optical isomerism in amino acids, directly leads to oncology processes development.  We have documented confirmation of the fact, that Functional State Correctors restore this  hirality rules.


Question: If everybody will have an FSC, then everyone will be healthy? Non dependent on ones deeds and living habits?

Answer: The main thing that changes in presence of the Functional State Correctors is exactly the way of living and ones deeds.

Hotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna. Questions and answers: Part of the internet conference from 11.01.2012.


Question: In what situation the FSC Love works, and how to implement it?

Answer: we may work with the Success and  Love the same way as with the blue FSCs, drink structured water, take baths and shower. One may place the Success FSC  in front of him during  talks. If one will take Love FSC at the negotiations, it will protect the owner from  manipulations and programming, will work as an amulet. Both plates provide you with favor. More to it, the Success turns on the program of the brain hemispheres synchronization. It will provide you with understanding of  nuances and vision of the problems. This FSC helps to achieve  success in every sphere of activity. The Places of  Power, which generate the energies of Love are gathered on the  Love FSC.  It is water samples from Arcaim mountains, dolmens, and the Chi energy of Lena Columns that is present on the FSC Love. What are these energies? These are the energies with highest vibrations in the Universe. First of all, this FSC teaches to love oneself. Then to love surrounding people. But to love with unconditional love, not for the peace of bread or for a spare copeck, but namely with unconditional love. If we will rise to meet this energy, the channel  of Spiritual Heart will turn on automatically, the human spirit is released, and the third DNA layer will be activated automatically. The health will be restored through this energetic. Business, milieu, and so on. To our regret we lose the skill of love. May be the FSC will help someone. Too much ego in every human, too much fear sits nowadays, we are  afraid to trust, we are  afraid to believe in others people kind relation, we should learn  all over again.

Question: Please, tell how to work with the  FSC Love

Answer: You may carry it on the heart chakra, drink water, structured on it,  take bath or shower, it is possible to put it at ones feet or to lay it under the pillow. Everyone perceives this FSC individually, depending on his own  messes. You may use it for pumping as any other FSC plate, it is the most powerful corrector in the green series.

Question: Please, tell about the Healthy Generation plate.

Answer: Healthy Generation is a plate that very powerfully restores human immune system performance. We recommend it in all autoimmune and immunodeficiency  conditions, along with allergic diseases. In every system malfunction situation there is a need in a Healthy Generation Functional State Corrector.

Question: How to use FSCs in order to protect oneself from  virus infection during  flu epidemics?

Answer: Activate a defense. If you do not have the lilac FSCs , you may  work with number 1, but use it as a cosmoenergy FSC  in order to defend yourself from any  respiratory viruses. Say gratitude for the defense from all viruses, including flu. Any defense, including the defense from  virus diseases, could be created with the help of  the FSC no. 14, 15, 16. While ordinary plates work with a given man, in case of FSC 14 the entire family is placed into the Golden Pyramid, and the defense program is created.

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