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Functional State Correctors no 6, 7 and 8

A lot of questions about cosmetology Functional State Correctors indicated the need in a special article on their properties. This material is a compilation of lectures given by Aleksandr Efimovutch Akselrod, Natalia Vadimovna Hotchenkova, Lubov Polishuck and other leaders of the Center Region Company.

Cosmetology series includes FSC no 6, 7 and 8, the basic information, recorded at these plates is from the Arcaim region, it is a place of Power in the Chelyabinsk region. It is an ancient  settlement, which is older than Egyptian pyramids. It is extremely powerful place, and FSCs 6, 7 and 8 carry very powerful energy, which works with the systems of the human organism. They are oriented at the cosmetology, but along with that, they powerfully restore health. FSCs no 6 and 7 carry the information from The Mountain of Love in the Arcaim region, people who visited this mountain quickly solve their relationship problems. What is the energy of Love? It is an energy with a highest vibration in the Universe. The vibrations of Love are more powerful than vibrations of visible light.

Functional State Corrector no 6 has a cosmetology function of skin whitening, it has specific programs for skin under the eyes, and eyelids, women know that this delicate skin areas do not have fat cells and require a special care. I want to draw your attention to the cosmetics, all remedies contain preservatives and moisturerisers, so called parabens (metil-parabens, etil-parabens, propil-parabens), which are allowed all over the world, produce intensified skin pigmentation under the Sun ultraviolet irradiation. And FSC no 6 is able to bleach the skin safely, and prevents skin pigmentation.

Alone with cosmetology action Functional State Corrector no 6 carries 3 curative programs:

 The first program is the restoration of the human capillary system and blood micro-circulation;

The second program is harmonization of the adrenal glands performance;

The Third program is hyaluronic acid.

Alone with cosmetology tasks FSC no 6 works well on the blood vessels level, cleans them of  sclerotic plaques. We would recommend this plate to one with atherosclerosis in order to restore his blood vessels. Designed to ensure beauty this FSC performs gentle pilling inside blood vessels.

In case of lung diseases this corrector helps to start breathing again.

Adrenal gland is an endocrine gland, which secrets hormones  and neurotensins into our blood. Neurotensins regulate blood pressure. Adrenalin and noradrenalin are concomitants of our stress reactions, it is a blood pressure response to any stress impact. Adrenal gland produces all kinds of steroid hormones, which in their turn regulate almost everything in our organism. Particularly  sex steroids: womens adrenal glands secret testosterone, mans estradiol.  But few people know that high concentration of estradiol causes heart attack. The concentrations of the sex steroids in the organism should be harmonious. FSC no 6 also regulates mineralocorticoids, which influence sodium potassium balance in the human organism, which defines osmotic blood pressure.

Hyaluronic acid fills intercellular space by 60-70 percent in all supportive and connective tissues of the human organism: bones, cartilages, joint tissues, tendons, muscles. Under the normal conditions the mission of the hyaluronic acid is detention of water in tissues, in order to create information activated lubrication, in our case it is water, structured with proper information. It is important because any pathology state, which is connected with excess water detention (liver, kidneys, heart and blood vessels, lower extremities pathologies) shows itself out as bags under the eyes. One should deal with the internal organs correction in order to get rid of the bags under the eyes. Without working with the primary reason, the bags would stay despite any cosmetics you will use.

Another place, where hyaluronic acid plays very important role is the vitreous body of the eye, which is situated between the crystalline lens and the retina. The homogenous jelly-like vitreous body starts exfoliate to with age, caverns filled with water, which we perceive as flies in the eyes appear. Flies in the eyes indicate that not everything is in order with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid aids to the eyeball form support, and regulates water-electrolite balance of the crystalline lens and as a consequence its transpearence, opposes the retina rejection. The FSC no 6 helps to cope with cataract, which is a waterfall a curtain inside the eye. When the hyaluronic acid structural changes are the reason of the sight deterioration, we can drop water, structured on the FSC no 6. Or we can put this FSC on eyes. Starting from one procedure a day (1-2 drops of structured water into each eye, or hold the FSC on each eye for 1-2 minutes) gradually increase their quantity up to 5-6 times a day. There is no need to enlarge exposition i. e. to hold the correctors for 5 or minutes at each eye. Better do it more often, and every time when you are working with paired organs, be sure to work with both, even if you feel the problem only in one of them. When you will start working with eyes you may sense sand in the eyes and increased epiphora. It indicates the detoxication of the eye-bulb and epiphora channels. Additionally wash your eyes with water, structured at the FSC no. 2, if you are suspecting infection, use plate no 1 as well.

Functional State Corrector no 6 works with thyroid gland, almost two third of all women and one third of all men suffer from autoimmune thyreoiditis the disease, classical medicine is unable to cope with. It cant cope with the hypothalamic-pituitary regulation, if they encounter with the excessive thyroid gland function, they cut it off, if with insufficient function they give you  pills. Functional State Corrector no 6 regulates the thyroid gland response at the hormones produced by the hypothalamic-pituitary system, and restores its cells. The implementation of both 6 and 8 FSCs balances and restores the thyroid gland function. It is the Aloe-Vera image, which is included at  the FSC no 6 information block, that helps to achieve this effect.

Functional State Corrector no 7 deals with skin regeneration and rejuvenation, and with skin lifting. It is soft, comfortable but very powerful plate. What is non-surgery lifting?  That means the muscles are in tone, and this tone does not harm the muscle.

 It has a specific program, that increases the thyroid gland iodine assimilability so  it works with all forms of hypotheriosis. It goes as continuation of the job, started with FSCs no 3 and 4. Use structured water and put this corrector on the thyroid gland. Thyroid gland responds to FSC fields quickly, it may start to vibrate, and enlarge in dimensions. You should not be afraid, if you feel such tendency put the FSC aside for several days, and renew the work with FSC later. Every time the reaction will be lesser and lesser, and the correction will be better. FSC no 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 have anti-tumor programs, benign tumors dissolve quickly, these FSCs work with malignant tumors as well, especially if there is one node. In case of multiple nodes you would not put an FSC at each node. But in case of the only node you may put FSC no 1 on it at the first half of the day, and FSC no 2  at the second half of the day. It is easier when you are dialing with the only node without generalization.

If we are speaking about cancer patients, they should not forget to drink water, structured on these plates. People are afraid to be cured only with functional state correctors, they are afraid of tumors. Those people, to whom chemotherapy and radiotherapy is prescribed, should obligatory use no. 5 and 7.  FSC no 5 will support liver from chemotherapy medications, will support kidneys and blood. No healing is possible when blood functions are deteriorated. It is a sphere of competence of the fifth function state corrector. And what about no 7? First of all it bears 2 anti-tumor programs, second the plant  adaptogen Ungernia Victoris is recorded on it. it helps to rise the adaptation ability of cells to radionuclide. Radiotherapy will affect the tumor cells as it should do, but healthy cells will be protected from irradiation. It is very important because cancer treatment suppresses blood formation organs, liver, kidneys and the immune system.

Another function of the Ungernia Victoris is the restoration of normal physiological apaptosis or the process of the cells dying out. Under the normal circumstances this program should turn on when a mutation appears. Functional state corrector no 7 switches of the mutated cells from a normal division process. This way the program of the cells tumor degeneration is switched off. You understand the importance of this program.

Wounds and surgical operation, bone breaks FSC no 7 again. Bone breaks heal with central callus. Bone callosity do not forms around the place of the break. When the bone grows together, the place of break is not seen on the X-ray photographs. If the bone were broken to small fragments, under the FSC no 7 influence they line up and areas of the new bone formation are started to form.

FSC no 7 has a program which removes pathology climax manifestations. In such cases it is sensible to start hormonal correction with this plate instead of numbers 3 and 4. Men are also subjected to climax it is age-related hormonal rebuilding.

We talked about elastinic fibres. They  are a part of all blood vessels walls, independent on their diameter. By restoration of the elastinic fibres we increase the elasticity 0f the blood vessels, their resistance to the blood pressure jumps. The vessels become less fragile and more steady to rapture. So this program is aimed against stroke and heart attack perspective. It is recommended to use FSC no 7 for shower, bath, for contact use and water structuring. We would not recommend to put it under the pillow for the night, especially at the beginning, because nowadays people often have labile and fragile blood vessels in brain, and blood vessel walls may get broken. In order not to provoke a blood vessel spasm, lay FSC no 7 somewhere around the bed if you want, but not under the pillow.

Functional State Corrector no 7 has a program that deals with the internal organ polapsus. If  you will carry FSC no 7 at the Solar Plexus chakra at least for a month the internal organs will return at their places. Generally, FSC no 7  should be put at the ligamentous apparatus of the lowered organ, that means a bit higher of the lowered organ, the organ will gradually take its normal place again. As a rule lowered organ suffer from various diseases, so one should start with FSCs no 1, 2, 5.

I gave FCS no 7 to a long distance runner. One should see a man after the long distance run, he lays down unable to move even a hand. Well, my sportsmen, after finishing his distance,  did not lay down to rest as usual, but run somewhere on his own businesses, he had to buy something. I asked him what he feels, I have an interesting feeling I did not get tired at all Then we started to measure the muscle power, and discovered it raised twice.  

 Functional State Corrector no 8 is a most miraculous one, why? Because 4 glands start to work as in youth under the influence of this FSC. And our body literally jumps into youth. Wonderful results. These 4 glands are: thymus, epiphysis, pituitary gland and thyroid gland. It is the night corrector, it influences night hormones. You may use it for evening shower and bath, to structure night cosmetology remedies, drink structured water before sleep it will pose mild action. When one puts it under the pillow it will pose strong action. People do try and put it under the pillow. The only moment one may feel tough. Who get frightened - remove it. You should not get frightened, if You had a sleepless night with the FSC no 8, remove it and use through water and shower.

It may be very tough with no 8, but I  advise you to 0vercome, and I will explain why. I observed it many times, those who overcome got miraculous results. I see a lot of people at my seminars, but I distinguished two women one looks in around thirty, another around forty. And what is so special about them? Their skin not just beautiful, but glows. And Im starting to tell about FSC no 8 in details, with testimonies and telephone numbers. And at this very moment the woman, who is about thirty stands up and says May I tell about my results? I like when people share their results at my seminars, because the newcomers see real results. I say Surely And she says: Alexander Efimovitch, in my case it was exactly as you said: it bends the body, perspiring, sleeplessness, I did not sleep a wink during the first night. You see, it is difficult not to sleep the whole night, but I decided to endure. You hear this decided to endure. I struggled for two weeks she continued. Not everyone is able not to sleep for two weeks. But after that everything has gone, and I am very satisfied with the result/ I watch the audience, the expression on the newcomers faces says You are thirty, what you need FSCs for? But I know what happens, and they do not. I take the audacity asking her about her age, I know it is not polite, but I am prepared to many sacrifices for you, I say: Excuse me, I know it is not convenient to ask such a question, but would you mind telling your age? She replies: Please, I am 54! Then it stroked the audience.

Now another woman, who is about forty gets exited, stands up and says: May I share my experience? Of course, it is interesting for everybody. The first night was a nightmare, and I took away the FSC, only bath or shower after that, or structured cosmetics She choose to use it the mild way. And I am also very pleased with the results she continued. Everybody in the auditorium is looking at me, when I will ask her about her real age. I say: Pardon me, how old are you? I am also 54 she replied. And then all people started to wonder how long did they use the FSCs, because results depend on the duration of implementation. It became clear that  they used it approximately the same time. And I came to a conclusion: if you are able to overcome, the result will be more powerful, if you do not want to stand nothing horrible, the results would be very good anyway.

By applying FSC no 8 on the area of hypothalamus, which is a governor of all vegetative functions, one balances his head along with reproductive system, and the rejuvenation of the entire organism is achieved. We may supplement the effect with the use of the FSC No 6, which affects not only skin rejuvenation, but all the blood vessels. FSC No 7 deals with muscular system.

We would not avoid functional state corrector no 8 in case of any chronic condition. It is a unique FSC plate. Nowadays we have a medicine, which until recent times was produced only in USA, now it appeared here, it is called melatonin. More or less advanced therapists prescribed it in any  chronic condition, despite the fact that patient did not have problems with sleep. But they obligatory prescribed it. When patient started to take melatonin, his perception of the world changed, and he gradually overstepped his condition. FSC no 8 allows to balance our own melatonin production, without chemical interference and liver deterioration. Melaksen whish is sold in drug stores disturbs liver functions and hormonal background.

Functional State Corrector no 8 carries two major programs: it is the restoration of the rapid phase of going to sleep the problem of sleeplessness, and the second program is the restoration of the central endocrine regulation. It is such endocrine glands as epiphysis, hypothalamus and hypophysis they form so called cascaded mechanism of the inner organs regulation. It means 40 neurotensins, hormones and pro-hormones, which regulate both nervous endocrine and immune system. Lets  mark out melatonin and the growth hormone they regulate the processes of aging. When physiology concentration of this hormones starts to decrease, which takes place at the age of 30, our organism starts to age. FSC no 8 hinders this process, not only hinders but stops, and after that initiates the restoration of normal concentration of this hormones. There was a unique report at the second medical conference on the FSC implementation, done by the head of a neonatology department  - it is a department in which they nurse prematurely bourn babies. And he demonstrated data on children nursed with a background use of the FSC no 8 in comparison to the standard procedure. Without any additional medicines FSC no 8 effectively helped them to gain normal weight. It means that no 8 restores normal proliferation of the connective tissue.  It is very important. It is the hormone of growth action.

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