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80 hard years of bioresonant therapy

The description of bioresonant therapy devices sound fantastic to many ears nowadays, but imagine it has a long 80 year history!

A great American scientist Royal Raymond Rife is a founder of what we call now a bioresonant therapy. He adored bacteriology, microscopes and radio engineering. He was an Edison in bacteriology and his heritage even now is decades ahead of our time and should be fully estimated. Take into consideration, That he developed his greatest inventions in 1930s and still we had to learn a lot from him. Rife graduated from Johns Hopkins and developed a number of technologies that we use nowadays in electronics, optics, radio chemistry, biochemistry and aviation. Rife was honored the Doctorate by the University of Heidelberg and many other awards. He was the brightest genius in the medicine history, but his fate was not an easy one. Many bright scientists encountered with the unacceptance of their ideas by the orthodox medical circles. It was the same story with Sommeliers, who tried to convince 19-th century surgeons to sterilize their instruments. The same with Roentgen with his X-rays, with Morton, whos idea of anesthetization was called absurd. The orthodox medicine is a big business, and at every time it was a hard way to go against the universally recognized theories.

Rife invented a completely new approach in microscopy, he found a way to build extremely powerful optical microscopes in order to study the live viruses. Now we have an electron microscopes, which bombards the object with the beam of electron. This beam instantly kills all possible life in an object and only dead remains could be observed through the electron microscope. The use of chemical colouring agents in the biological samples preparation process solution was needed also kills the living viruses. A new. Rifes microscope allowed to observe the live viruses. His method was very original and nowadays it is known as a heterodyne microscopy. Rife took his time to investigate the spectrum of each microorganism. He lighted the microorganism with the single wavelength light. He used turning crystal prisms to vary the wavelength of light that was directed at the microorganism he wanted to study. And at some point a microorganism resonated with the strictly definite wavelength, that resonance made the microorganism a visible one. By this trick Rife was able to see the microorganism invisible in an ordinary light and their interaction with the surrounding tissues. But there was another obstacle: about 75 percent of microorganisms, Rife was observing, resonated in ultraviolet light which is invisible for a human eye. Rife was the first to implement a heterodyne method. The essence of the heterodyne method (which was known from radio techniques) is the use of an additional reference signal and separation of a difference signal. The optical analog of a heterodyne method included the use of another ultraviolet light beam directed to the same target area. Two light beams (one of which was modulated by the microorganisms resonance) did produce a visible differential light. With this witty method rife was able to observe the living microorganisms. The Universal microscope created by rife had a magnifying power of 60000 times, and it is the only instrument which allows to observe alive microorganisms. It consisted of 6000 parts, and had a very elaborate light source.

In 1920s Rife managed to mark out a cancer virus! He called it Cryptocides primordiales. Rife did a lot of successful experiments with animals. His experiments were documented, repeated and witnessed by a number of scientists.

Royal Raymond Rife took a second step in the development of his resonant method with a bright idea to use the same resonance to destroy the dangerous viruses. All was needed to achieve this task, was to intensify the magnitude of the ultraviolet radiation with the wavelength on which the given viruses have their own resonance. It was the same wavelength which was used to make them visible. Now Rife observed how the viruses literally exploded, broken from inside by the resonant oscillations. The good thing was that the surrounding tissues were not damaged by the resonant method!

Rife worked hard and manage to find resonant frequencies to destroy herpes, poliomyelitis, spine meningitis, tetanus, flu and a lot of other viruses. The frequencies discovered by Rife are used in magnetic resonance Deta devices, developed for therapy purposes by Russian scientists. Clinic tests of magnetic resonance based therapy devices showed unbelievingly good results.

In 1934 the University of southern California appointed a special medical investigation committee to record the results of 90 days treatment of the last stage cancer patients from the Pasadena County Hospital (in case that there would be any alive patients by the end of the trial period). 90 days later the committee stated that 86 % of the patients were in a healthy condition, and the left were cured in the following four weeks. Rifes resonant method proved 100 % effectiveness!

At this point another story begins. By the end of 1939 all these distinguished doctors denied even the fact they meet Rife. The Rife successful experiments story reached another ears. At first there was an awkward attempt to bribe Rife.

Fishbein, who was an AMA chairman, used all his political influence to damage Rife and his colleagues. Many of them were prosecuted ostensibly for illegal practice. Pharmaceutical industry was against the new method testing. And really it was in danger. Who will need it at all, with the development of 100 % effective painless therapy, which costs only the cost of electric power. Rife was able to give all the people the idea that they do not need drugs any more. Strange incidents started. There were several cases of the materials and documentation thefts. The criminals were never caught. Remember that those days there were no copiers and computers available and Rife had to reproduce the missing materials. Parts of his microscope was stolen as well. It all ended with the illegal confiscation of all the materials collected for 50 year period by police.

Hoyland was the only company, producing the unique instruments for Rife, and it was ruined by the court charges during the actions in law attack. It was a death sentence in the times of depression.

They say that Arthur Kendall received a quarter of a million of dollars to retire in Mexico. George Dock was silenced with the huge grant and all possible honors from AMA. Dr. Couche and Dr. Milbank Johnson ceased working with Rife and returned to the drugs prescription.

This could be called the greatest crime in history. By 1960 the number of cancer victims in USA exceeded the number of Americans killed in all wars taken together. Rife died at the age of 83 from the combination of valium and alcohol. He witnessed the development of modern civilization from steam engines to jets. And also he witnessed the cancer epidemics, starting from one case for 24 people at 1905, to one case for 3 people in 1971, when he died.

His ideas are alive. After his death several doctors and engineers took their efforts to support and develop Rifes ideas. There is a special forum, devoted to the discussion of the Rifes ideas: http://www.rifeforum.com/forum/index.php In 1986 Barry Lynes published his book about Rife The Cancer Cure That Worked that made Rifes name widely known. The frequencies, that destroy viruses, discovered by Rife are used in a number of medical devices nowadays. One day his name will be honored and appreciated as a founder of a bioresonant therapy.

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