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Bozko Vladimir Grigorievitch, FSC presentation in Minsk, 2012

n the  beginning of this lecture Vladimir Grigorievitch repeats  material, given in his previous presentation

We have blue Functional State Correctors, we have green FSCs, and now they come out with the lilac ones. Some people started to be filled with indignation and say: what for do we need them, we already have plenty of FSCs   I want to answer this question now. Blue and green FSCs remain the basic ones, one could not work without them. And still they were created 4 years ago. And they could not take into account all characteristics of current moment. What happened now? As I told You North electromagnetic pole shifted at 297 kilometers, and nowadays it is situated somewhere in Canada.

Imagine the Earths terrestrial axis









And electromagnetic axis is situated this way.









What it brings to us?  We are straight-walking creatures, our vestibular apparatus is responsible for our straight position. It appeared that human vestibular apparatus is tuned  be the Earths electromagnetic field. And imagine that our vestibular apparatus has to tune by the electromagnetic axis which is inclined by some angel from a normal position. Last year it was particularly noticeable, it was a major problem, doctors did not knew how to cope with. Why?  Do you remember how whirling spins? When it turns fast it stands straight, and when it slows down its axis starts to oscillate. Last year Earths electromagnetic field oscillated exactly the same way, until it stabilized in some definite position. What it lead to?  It lead to situations when absolutely normal  healthy  men walks down a street, and suddenly he experiences enormous head spinning, he loses orientation,  grasps the wall trying not to fall. After several minutes the head spinning passes away, he regains vision, everything comes to norm. Of course one gets frightened and runs to the doctor, they examine him and find nothing, the man is absolutely healthy, they say You  imagined it yourself. When it was one case, three, ten it was still possible to dismiss the problem pretending the patients imagined it. But when the number of cases exceeded hundreds and thousands of people they had to deal with the problem. It is this misbalance that causes the wild head spinning.

More to it, the electromagnetic field will move further on, and doctors do not know how to stabilize it and what to do with it. but, nevertheless I may tell you that people who use functional state correctors practically did not encountered with such situations, or they had it in a mild form. Why?  Because information program of human field stabilization disbands these negative factors by itself.

Lets consider another problem. During the last 8 years people noticed that time runs very quickly. We perceive it this way. Medics get interested with this phenomenon, and what did they found?  Three new frequencies appeared in the structure of the Earth electromagnetic field, when our planet entered  the Acquarius constellation. These new frequencies are near to some brain cells working frequencies, being slightly higher. It resulted in electric stimulation of some cortex areas, and the perception speed  increased. To put it simple the speed of information transition from eyes to cervical brain centers increased. The brain started to proceed this information faster, and what happened? The perception speed increased 1,27  times, and it seems to us that time flies faster, while the time flows as it used to. Our perception changed under the influence of the electromagnetic fields. These factors take place nowadays, but we expect high Solar activity this year, Sun flares, the disposition of planets. All these naturally through electromagnetic field influences peoples life and health. Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov monitored these factors and created new series of functional state correctors. Exactly  taking into account the factors which appear nowadays. You should understand that we are not able to foresee everything that waits us in the future. Some new factors influencing humans appear constantly. And Center Region Company will try to give you remedies to cope with them.

I wanted to dwell upon one moment often our people do not understand how FSC monitors and reacts human state. How it happens? Very easy, I want to explain how it works. Look , here is humans field aura.









It is symmetrical, and has a frequency of the Earths electromagnetic field. Let there be an FSC, it also has its own field, and this field also  has a frequency of the Earths electromagnetic field, so far as these two fields have the same frequency, they  run into integration.











Now lets imagine some misbalance occurred inside the human organism, I depict is a red arrow. Our field starts to distort this way by some specific set of frequencies. Being distorted our field starts to distort the balanced field of the functional state corrector.











Trying to oppose this distortion, the FSC produces contra-force with specific frequencies, which exactly equal the frequencies of the initial misbalance, which took place in the human organism. It results in production of the curative wave. More to it, so far as this wave is characterized by set of specific frequencies, and holograms, which are recorded at the FSCs are written in a wide frequency spectrum, the signals (holograms) from definite curative herbs start to appear  in the contra-force response of the corrector. This holograms of the curative herbs pose specific healing influence in accordance with the initial problem. And as soon as FSC will correct this informational distortion of human field, everything will come to harmony and equilibrium, and the corrector will switch off.  Imagine how simple it is! And look what benefits it brings.







Previously there were torsion correctors, it is known that  they gathered negative information and required cleaning. What is torsion it means turning around. To put it simple, torsion corrector produces right handed turning force, or the electron turning force that alkalizes human organism. So far as 80 percent of people are acidulated, so at the beginning this torsion devices posed healing effect.  They relived acidulation, restored acid-alkaline balance , but after a year they shifted acid-alkaline balance into alkaline state, which resulted in misbalance of the opposite type, and after a year of carrying torsion correctors people got negative effect. There were a necessity to monitor patients state constantly, do a lot of tests, check the patients state in order to determine a moment when one should stop using this torsion correctors. What is good about FSC that there is no need for that, it all works automatically. Is there a misbalance the FSC poses its action at you, no misbalance the FSC is switched of and poses no influence. But stays on duty, and in case some misbalance or outer negative influence appears, FSC  will react in a moment and protect you. You see how wisely the FSC operation principle is designed. It has forward and back connection with the human organism.

Now I want to tell you about my FSC implementation methodology, which I use with my patients. You know, that it is necessary to do pumping. Hand leg, hand leg, crisscross, vertebral column,  and so on. It is remarkable, absolutely true, but there is another thing. Human energy system is designed very wisely, we have meridians of organs, which are in hands and legs, this meridians have diurnal activity variations. For two hours their activity is maximum, and for two hours their activity is minimal. But it is front and rear central meridian which governs the activity of all other meridians. In ancient Slavonic Acupuncture these meridians were called  The front boundary path of life and  The rear boundary path of life. They are situated directly in the middle of our body and work in unison. That means they should be in permanent equilibrium. Why? Because this meridians work 24 hours a day. While energy is able to pass free through the front and rear central meridians, the human is alive. It takes only to stop energy flow through one of these systems, and it leads to the death of the human being. It is known for a long time, and this knowledge is used in combat techniques, when a blow accompanied with the energy burst is  delivered at a specific point of the front central meridian, and man dies from a slight touch. All 48 so called Death points lay there. We are not engaged in murders, we practice healing, and we have a wonderful instrument, which is called Functional State Corrector, which may help us to restore the performance of front and rear central meridians. It is done during 10 days. You may use any FSC numbers, I usually use no 1 and 2.

You put 1 FSC at a point situated right in the middle between sex organs and anus. The front central meridian goes from this very point up to here to the nasolabial fold.






The rear central meridian goes at the back side around the head.






And to the upper nasolabial fold.








Where is that  point d between sex organs and anus? Lets draw a human, and here it is.










Here is the point.










Here is the front central meridian, it goes up to the nasolabial fold










And at the rear, the rear central meridian goes around the head.

















What we do? We put one FSC here we sit down on it.









And put another FSC here to the jugular pit at the neck, and perform the pumping during 7 minutes. Appling functional state correctors simultaneously, one downside, another one here.

What are we doing? A longitude wave travels through meridians. So far as functional state correctors are the longitude wave generators, working in pair together they clean out the meridian as a tube. We took it and cleaned out, and energy is able to flow freely through the meridian.












We did it during 7 minutes, and after that we move the second FSC here at the forehead at the third eye area. And hold it here during another 7 minutes.

It is important the time should be equal, 5 and 5 minutes, 7 and 7 minutes. Why the time is so important?  The duration  defines the degree of energy balancing. Time defines how precise the energy balance between front and rear central meridians would be. The pumping always should be started from the front central meridian, after that  the rear meridian is pumped.

It should be done only once, during 10 days, it is enough to restore the control system of your body. You will be amused how the state of your body will start to change.  You may do it at any time of the day, because front and rear central meridians are active 24 hours a day, the time is unimportant.



More to it, I can tell You that it influences psycho processes. As far as energy centers responsible for the world perception are situated at  the front and  rear center meridians, people start to understand this world in a better way, creative abilities start to develop. The immune system is stimulated. You get better understanding of people, events and knowledge.

The pumping of the back central meridian also produces an interesting effect. All human centers of will are situated at the back central meridian. As a rule our chakras, which a situated at the front side, are well developed, but our back centers are usually underdeveloped. It is because the majority of people are not able to manifest  their will in this world. So back energy centers are suffering. The pumping of the back central meridian gives strength to your determination and skill to achieve something un this life, alone with harmonization of the entire human organism.

All this pumping systems work wary powerfully. Pumping seriously restores the meridian systems. What are we doing during leg hand pumping?  We pump up meridians, which are situated at hands and legs, restoring their functional activity. So far as we doing it crisscross, in addition we are pumping wonderful meridians, which bond other meridians together. It is absolutely correct, and you should do it. but without restoration of the front and back central meridians, there would not be proper control, and you would not get the desired result. The leg hand pumping should be supplemented with this system of central meridians pumping.

In the traditional Chinese medicine there is a concept of three heaters. What is it? It is three circles of energy, which are situated at three different levels. The first one is situated at the chest level, the second one in the middle at the solar plexus level, and the third at the level of reproductive organs.








If You will look at a human from the front side, point Tan ten is situated three fingers below the navel at the front central meridian. This point  is a center which powers the low heater.












If we will draw human energy system, look, here are hip joints, here are bone caps. The energy flows through the front central meridian and distributed at the small pelvis area.












It activates this circle, and  this circle, and entire lower part of human body receives energy.

I had a situation: guys from a well known Moocow rockers club Black Wolfs addressed me, because their leader get into serious automobile accident with a hip joint trauma. Two operations were already conducted, the tied to reinforce the joint with bolts. It resulted in the destruction of bone heads. Recent test showed sever inflammation process, he was not able to step at his leg, severe pains, cant sleep, cant walk. Finally his doctor told him: we need another operation to remove bone and  implant artificial joint. Some of his friends, who knew me, who knew about some wonders of mine, thou no wonders ever happen, brought him to me. What did we do? We took a pair of functional state correctors, I worked both with hands and FSCs simultaneously. I put one FSC at the Tan ten point, and the second one we put at the hip joint projection.  I pumped up this connection. Very often this connection (see the drawing)  is violated in traumas, that means there is no energy path. There is no control over meridians performance in this area. We worked with him, during the working process  the pain in the hip joint subsided. I did not promised him anything, I never promise to my patients that I will heal them. I consider it immoral. I may only promise that I will use all the knowledge I poses in order to help him. But I am not Almighty God, my surname is Bozko. Nevertheless I honestly try to help people, being adequate to my abilities.



What happened next?  He told me: Tomorrow they will put me into a hospital. They put him, conduct tests, next Tuesday is the operation day, everything is ready. But an interesting process started on Saturday, a tickling appears in the hip joints. Such a strong tickling, that he is unable  neither to sit nor to lay down. And then an interesting slight painful  syndrome appears, which by his words made him stand on his own leg. He told me: As soon I stand up on my leg, the pain subsides, and tickling appears. As soon I return to my crutches, the pain returns. He suffered all Saturday, and entire Sunday night, all day Monday when his doctor came to see him.  By his words doctors jaw, and everything able to drop, drops down, because a patient to whom such a serious operation was prescribed, stands on his legs without crutches, complaining he stand at his own legs. Do You understand. The doctor prescribes x-ray. They make a complete x-ray picture and grow dumb: in three days the inflammation process in joints completely disappeared, and bone restoration started, though the bone cups were not completely restored yet. A simple thing happened joint energy supply was restored, and after that organism started to do things by his own laws. This was done by functional state correctors.

When one could use this system?  Practically at any leg joints diseases, at varicose veins,  leg vessels diseases, and all problems connected with small pelvis blood  circulation. There were cases when it helped at kidney pathology.

Ill bring another example. They brought to me a young woman, 36 years old. The history of treatment already counted 12 years. She experienced severe pains prior to periods, up to loosing consciousness. It started 10 years ago, she if from a rich family, they brought her to Germany, Switzerland, then to Israel, and so on. They spent about 270 000 USD at her treatment. They were not able to put a diagnosis. The diagnosis is Painful  ovulation. It is not a diagnosis, it is  a statement of the situation. So they brought this woman to me, I would not say I am a Solomon, but when I looked at her, in her eyes I saw a heavy state of stress, and I ask a simple question: say me, was there any in your life, before the  problem appeared? She says: Yes, my man left me, treated me mean, she developed hysterics, and a serious shock. I asked her to lay down, turn to stomach and look at the state of upper gluteus muscles. They are hard as stone. That means stress background  caused some nidus of activity in the brain, which was transmitted at the gluteus muscles, and they blocked blood circulation in small pelvis. Hormonal burst takes place before periods, one superimpose the other and results in serious condition, right to blood infiltration into the small pelvis area. It took 15 minutes of work. I put two FSCs no 2 at this areas and make FSC cap over the head, and could watch gluteus muscles loosen.

I developed this method by myself, I stumbled upon an interesting information at the Medline website, when there is in information about all new things all over the world. And Ive read an article on how do Americans restore patients after the stroke, they implement very simple energy-wave therapy, which we implement for curing spurs, vessels conditions, and so on. It appeared the Americans started to exert influence the human brain with specific frequencies, it resulted in rehabilitation time shortened from 2 to 4 times. Neuron connections were restored more quickly, the blood supply of the brain improves, they demonstrated several interesting cases when capillary circulation were improved under the vibration effect which took place. It was demonstrated how capillary cleaned up, the clogged areas cleaned out and blood circulation improved. What I did? I put a rubber band over the womans head, you know women use such bands to cover ears.

And I put functional state correctors: two in vertical orientation here and at the back of the head;





And horizontally oriented here






And another FSC I put at the top of the head here is a small pit or saddle near the top of the head it is the place.





A kind of cap is formed, one should use it for 5 7 minutes. And we worked with her in this manner. 15-20 was enough for a human to get rid of her disease. She stands up with such a happy eyes, and cries. I asked her: Sunny, what are you crying for?  She says: Doctor, you could not imagine, nothing hurts, it disturbed me for 12 years, you are a wizard what did you do to me?  But I did nothing special, approached her case with attention, the functional state correctors did the rest, thats all.

What else I would like to point out. After we restored  the front and back central meridians, pumped up side meridians (crisscross pumping), it is obligatory to start the organism cleaning. I will tell you straight in most cases I do not heal a patient, I conduct cleaning, detoxication, toxin deducing from the human organism. Why? My dear, for how long do we gather our illnesses? One professor at the psychology academy told us: for how long did you grow up your disease, the same time the curing should take. And how do we often put it, come at the appointment for 5 minutes: Doctor, you should help me, give me a pill which will cure everything at once. It does not happen this way. It did not work this way. Once I had a case: a girl suffered with immune system disorder for 12 years, and I worked with her for a year and 8 month. Gradually, step by step, she had autoimmune aggression, wild allergy, and little by little we put everything in order. She wanted to become healthy. Remember: if you want to be healthy, show the will to become healthy. Health begins from yourself, not from anyone else. The walking man will master the road.

So, we start cleaning, using FSC no 2, and water, structured on it. Now we have additional FSCs which we may use in cleaning. It is FSCs no 14 and 16 The Colden Pyramid and The Clear Space.  They help to clean up cell matrix, FSC no 2, combined with The Colden Pyramid gives good lymphatic drainage action. As a rule I give a month or even more to my patients to work on these FSC with drinking water, structured on them. Only after that we proceed further.

If a patient has any problems, connected with infections, we use FSC no 2 after cleaning, in order to ensure anti-parasite organism cleaning. Why we should not do it at once? If we will start using FSC no 1 right at the beginning, mass parasites death will take place, but one is already overloaded with toxins, the parasites lived somewhere inside, they ate, excrement, so a pile of exotoxins  was accumulated, which require deducing. There were lethal cases when they cured mass helminth invasions, people dyed because of helminth death. They were given a pill against helminth, the helminth died, the quantity of toxins exceeded the ability of the organism to deduce them, and patient died. To our sorrow ther were such cases in practice.

If you have some external  manifestations, pigment  spots, papilloma virus in any form it does not matter, what  I recommend in this case?  Buy  ordinary gel, called  Viferon, it is medicinal preparation sold in every drugstore.  You put Viferon liniment at the FSC no 1 for 30 minutes, and dub senile pigmentation, papilloma virus, warts, do it for a long period of time. After some time they will  start to fall down. It influences some warts very well. I should notice that there is a plenty papilloma virus spices, functional state corrector is able to cope with 70 %  of them, other spices are suppressed, but it cant kill them. So there are different situations some people get wonderful results, they literally  shoots off and skin cleans out. If one has papilloma virus, he should obligatory work with his immune system, in addition you should use FSC no 6, alone with some medicines which normalize immune system performance.

Next stage. As far as we are warm-blooded creatures, the blood lies in the fundament of the human organism  life, so in order to make everything work smooth, we should bring into order our blood vessels system. In the Center Region company we have a very good remedy called Resveratrol it is bioflavanoid extract  from the red grapes peel and leafs. It is a potent anti-oxidant, which rejuvenates our organism, thins our blood, strengthens blood vessels and capillary walls, withdraws the oxygen transportation deficit, removes free radicals oxidation. It is extremely powerful thing, if you will take 50 milligrams of Resveratril daily, you will prolong your life  by 15-20 years. More to it, we have a new FSC which deals with cardio-vascular system, you will look for this information yourself.

So far as psychosomatic disorders lay in the foundation of all diseases, the next stage, which I conduct with my patients, is the normalization of the brain performance and the psychic setup of the patient. Remember one simple thing: did you ever paid attention that a happy person has no illnesses? Yes ?   A bit later, when well move to the acid-alkaline balance, I will tell You why it happens so.  What should we do in this stage? We use FSC no 1, or FSC no 2, or FSC  Love.  It is very simple. Here we have circles.




We put the FSC circles at the middle of the palm of the hand.







Fingers to fingers, and hold it at the level of the heart chakra for 15 minutes. Close your  eyes, relax, you may put on some relaxation music, and imagine your brain two hemispheres. While your eyes are closed you may hold a picture in your mind. One hemisphere will be bigger than the other. If brain hemispheres have different size, you should level them mentally. Look at the connections which are between them the luminous  strings.






They should go leveled between the brain hemispheres, not by an arc, but leveled. Using our will power we should visualize the same color of the brain hemispheres (make their color the same),  and ensure there is no red or black dots inside them. The hemispheres should glow with homogenous light and color. It is well known practice form the official psychology arsenal, but empowered by the functional state correctors. I may say that 15 minutes of such work with brain result in serious leveling of the left and right cortex, restoration of the psycho-emotional status, full relaxation and withdrawal of the muscle rigidity. The blocks are withdrawn. The body relaxes, one feels easy and well.  Take a look around, most of the people in the auditorium are relaxed, and feel different. Why? I simply translated the image to you, and your brain accepted it with pleasure and instantly started to replay it. you may do the same for yourself. It brings human psychic setup in a wonderful state, which resulted in a simple thing we relieve psycho-somatic tension.



What happens when we get nervous? Did you ever gave a thought to it?  Here is some specific brain area. You get nervous, and  encephalopathy activity nidus appears. Normally human brain produces sine-like signals they are calm. When one is nervous, a peak appears -  a  kind of burst. But every brain area is connected with some specific organ or a specific place of the body through the spinal column and nervous system. This crazy signal goes directly there. What happens? Electric signal causes the muscle spasm, it shortened, and blocked blood and lymph  flow, alone with energy flow. Some part of the organism is denied nutrition, oxygen, energy, disintegration products are not deduced. With your own hands you created the preconditions to the disease development. As soon as we relaxed, we relieved tension, feel yourself easily and light, you did good for yourself: blood started to flow, brought nutrition and oxygen, turned on the immune system components, lymph system deduced the disintegration products. Since  the normal quantity of the oxygen were delivered, the immune system get the ability to use it for the viruses  and bacterium oxidization,  destroyed what it had to. The organism started to work well again. You see how simple it is. And it is entirely our psychic setup. Very often people do not allow themselves to live normally, they drive themselves into the nervous system overload. And what it results in?  Often, when one experiences fear, what is a common reaction? One presses his head into shoulders, neck muscles are always tense, head blood  supply is blocked, it results in osteochondrosis, migraines, pains in the head, oxygen supply of the is suffering, adenohypophysis stops to work normal, hormones are not produced the way they should, hormonal misbalance of the organism develops. Who did it? we did it ourselves. How? I am afraid, I am scared, frightened. What good it make to us? Absolutely nothing.

Another very important moment, which to our sorrow professional doctors often forget, is a condition of the musculoskeletal  system. What I mean, my dear? How many times in our life did we jumped from a bus, from some hummock, tree, fence, and so on many times. Very often it results in micro trauma  of the feet. Sooner or later, but up to 40 years about 80 % of people develop cross longitudal  flat-footness. Our lower joint works like shock absorber, and it is 9 centimeters, when we jump down it stretches, and one foot becomes shorter than the other. What happens?  Hip crosspiece shifts, the spinal column inclines. How our organism reacts?  So far as we are straight walking creatures, vertical spinal muscles start to straighten us. It results in the  spinal curvature, and  in the bend points  nerves strangulation is taking place. So before solving any specific problem, one should check his feet at the orthopaedist, and level them. Choose correction inner soles. If you are suffering osteohondrosis or  joint  conditions, you would never solve your problem unless you correct your feet. Because there is a load. Look, what happens, say we inclined forward all weight falls on front ligaments of the legs. One leans only at  pollex in result. A lump starts to grow over the bone. Why? Organism tries to strengthen the joint, for the   pollex would be able to stand the load of a whole leg. And we shout gout!  There is no any gout, the lump has adaptation origin, they cut it off, the organism grows it again. Nothing will change until the feet would be corrected. It is the reason of the finger bend. Then another interesting thing happens: so far as our  heel is lifted and do not touches the ground, the organism tries to regain a stand, what it does? It grows skin, but we rub it off with a scrapper, dissatisfied that it grows. Do a bad thing to ourselves. If organism is not able to regain stand this way, what it does next? How much skin does it able to grow? Not more than a couple of millimeters, not more. Then it starts to deposit salt under the heel bone, in order to increase the height of a stand, a spur grows in result. Again we are desperately trying to get rid of it, saying they just cured me, and here the spur is back again, what a shame. And who forgot about musculoskeletal system?  Make an insole and spur will cease growing. Regain the normal feet stand.

Imagine we inclined forward, and what happened? Our peritoneum mowed forward, and since we are not doing morning exercises at this age, everything sunk down and  pressed against the small pelvis. That means organs are hanging on the appendages we develop womens diseases, the uterus falls down, because it is under the press of the peritoneum, urinary bladder suffers, small pelvis blood circulation is violated, hip joints conditions are developed, veins, lower extremities wessels diseases, hemorrhoids all because of we moved forward.


Other people choose to inclined back. The peritoneum mowed back and pressed the kidneys. The kidney and  adrenal conditions developed.




Another man developed shortened right leg, his peritoneum mowed back and right and pressed cholecyst, made it move under the liver, and bent it in addition. As our medics say you have a cholecyst with a bend. No bile outflow, liver is overfilled with bile acids, heptoses develops, probably followed by  cirrhosis and other liver problems. Often liver and cholecyst problems are a consequence of the incorrect musculoskeletal system.







If one inclined left, the peritoneum followed, and pressed the tail of the pancreas, alone with spleen. The disease of the pancreas or spleen develops diabetes, pancreatitis, and so on.



You see, for the last two years I encountered with people having such problems, asked them for the sake of statistics did your doctor advised you to see orthopedist? I have to be honest, there was one such doctor in Moscow, being proud with this man, I may state that our medicine is not completely lost yet. There was a man found who remembered what they taught at the second course in the medical school. But very often we forget such things. But they are basic, our grandmothers knew them. It was called to put the navel at its place. It is important for the peritoneum to be on its place. When you are laying, put your finger into the navel, if you feel the pulse there everything is in order. If not, explore the area around the navel, in order to determine where is the pulse point. If it is right and up, the peritoneum is shifted  left and down, if it is left and up - the peritoneum is shifted right and down. It is seen clearly and could fixed with hands the  bowels is laid as it should, the uterus lifts, kidneys are lift too without any surgery. It takes 20 minutes, and does not shift back. Again we forget the simple things, but we had to deal with the musculoskeletal system state. As it was said by Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov, one should put in order the spinal column. But until you put in order your feet, it would be early to go to the manual therapist to deal with spine, it will return back again. Thats why I accented attention at this question. It produces wonderful, colossal healing results, sometimes even without any additional remedies.

There is an interesting Russian-Israel  firm, which has 87 different insoles and a computer which measures the foot pressure pattern and chooses the right latex insole. They are easily washable, you can put them from pair into another. Use functional state correctors and structured liniments in order to enforce your feet.

Only when these complex of preliminary measures is conducted, I prescribe specific curative FSCs, which are aimed to deal with definite disease. One should use complex approach. My dear, FSC is informational  device, nobody canceled full-fledged nutrition. So it is necessary to take vitamin mineral supplements. When there is a sufficient quantity of vitamins and minerals in the organism, FSC quickly builds up a healthy body from these live bricks. I usually use very well known medicine  Cigopan, which is produced from the deer antlers. It contains the complete set of necessary nutrition in an easily assimilable form. In addition it is a wonderful adaptogen and immune system stimulant.

Now I want to dwell on our next question -  acid-alkaline balance, which is very interesting. Often the problems, that could be solved at the level of acid-alkaline balance, is a last chance to help a patient with a serious disease. What is the essence?  Biochemical reactions lay in the basis of the human organism  performance. What are biochemical reactions? Lets remember biology. Element A is combined with element B, the energy E and catalyst K are required for the process. In result element C is produced, with some OH leftover. Look here, the energy us decreases with age. We may want it or not, but the energy resources decrease. What our organism does? It increases the catalyst content. Our organism uses hormones as a catalyst. They often say, that there is a smell, coming from old folks. It is because a big amount of hormones is produced, it is even possible to judge by order if there is a hormonal misbalance in the organism. If the sweat has no smell, that means everything is normal. If a smell appears, it indicates the increased content of some hormone in blood.


Half of the day our organism is in the slightly acidized condition. What processes prevail during that period of time? The processes of dying prevail. Why there is dying processes, what causes them? Old and diseased cells are utilized with the help of acids. Toxins and poisons are decomposed by the acids, they are prepared to the  removal from the body. Our organism cant live without this process. At the second half of the day we are in a slightly alkalized state. Due to the alkaline reactions organism builds  up new cells, creates new substances, builds and repairs itself. What is health? It is dynamic equilibrium between the processes of dying and rebirth, and the rebirth should slightly  prevail over dying, then we are in a state of health. What defines our acid-alkaline balance or PH level? It is the state of our blood and the state of our tissues. Blood is always stable. Blood PH equals 7,35. If it changes by 0,1 the man gets seriously ill, if it changes by 0,2 man falls into coma, if by 0,3 the one dyes. We have a lot of buffer systems which allow to stabilize the blood PH. We have a number of buffer systems which allow to stabilize the blood PH. But it does not concern the cells. The cells may accumulate both acid and alkaline substances.

It takes at the level, we spoke about before: electrons come into cells from lungs via blood flow. And they alkalize the cells.










And mitochondrion produce protons and acidize the cell. And our health depends upon the equilibrium of this two streams. Look, what is going on, doctors would not let me to lie, practically if we take blood tests on major electrolytes  (potassium, calcium, magnesium )  from people over 40,  the proportion of this elements would be violated at least at one element. Nobody practices metabolic medicine. What it results in? The PH balance shifts. Because blood conductivity changes with electrolytes. Suppose the content of magnesium and calcium reduced. The lack of calcium results in the blood conductivity changes, the quantity of electrons, which are supplied to the cell drops. But cell mitochondrion keep on working as before producing protons, so the acidizing of our tissues is taking place. The processes of aging, inflammation and dying start to prevail, the acid type diseases start to develop. Most people after 40 have acidized organism.





The second problem which leads to the same result. The active lung volume drops with age, want we or not. We suffer from colds, subfractal tissue damages, reduce subfracts (centers which gives electrons into our blood) active area. Of course we have compensatory systems in blood which level this loss, but it is only good until this buffer systems are able to cope well. Why they often recommend elderly people to take aspirin and bioflavonoid, because it helps to level the balance.

But there could be opposite situations when the balance shifts the other way, and the number of electrons, which are coming into the cell starts to exceed the number of protons, produced by the mitochondrion. What happens in result?  Electrons start to dominate and suppress mitochondrion? And the latter start to die. Mass process of cell division starts, which are controlled by the chromosomal apparatus of our body. But it is able to control strictly defined chromosome number. Due to the luck of acid medium old and diseased cells ceases to die, the ballast unable to perform its function grows, and what happens?  Metabolism is completely violated, all regulation fails, chromosome become unable to control  the cells division, and mutations occur, all these results in the alkaline type oncology  process.

And Our functional state correctors regulate acid-alkaline balance, it is especially true about no 1 and 2, because this program is recorded on them. But you should not expect quick results.  The program is made very weak, with low regulation potential, because if we change the balance rapidly, you will get severe acute condition, you will lay down and say doctor killed me.  In order to avoid such a situation, the program is designed to work during a year, a year and half, and it gradually levels the PH balance. In addition I recommend food changes to my patients. There are tables, which I give in my book and lectures, where products are divided by the acid-alkaline balance influence. There is food that acidizes organism, and there if food that alkalizes organism. We change diet and in addition I prescribe polyunsaturated fatty acids to those who is an alkalized state, because this acids acidize organism and bring into normal state. And  I give sterols and amaranth oil  to those who is in reversed state.  Amaranth oil contains 18 sterol acids. It quickly brings the state of the organism into norm, and I may tell you that I am happy last week 3 messages arrived during internet conference. The first one from Siberia, I do not remember the city, I think it is Omsk, a woman expressed gratitude for my recommendations, which I gave on the matter, in 3 month adenohypophysis brain tumor resolved. The second case a man from Kursk bruin tumor disappeared, not malignant, but disappeared. And a woman form the North, do not remember the city, also expressed gratitude for the  thyroid gland nodes dissolving, she used polyunsaturated fatty acids , and simultaneously FSC no 3 at the thyroid gland area. The third corrector has a program of dissolving fibrocystic conditions, it could be applied directly upon the problem place at all non malignant processes.  Fs You may see, I always use complex approach. 

There is a separate lecture by Bozko Vladimir Grigorievitch, devoted to the PH deviations and the FSC implementation:


I can produce several curious examples from my practice. I would not mention the surnames, because it is not convenient, they brought to me the deputy of the director of the medicine institute, MD, she listened to a lecture, comes out, we started  subject a talk with her, of course she started to ask different medical questions. After that, if to put it short, the resume it could not be, because I do not know it.  it took  considerable effort to talk her into trying the FSC no. 1. Here it is, take it for 10 days, and have a try, more to it your sponsor gives it to you for a free trial. She said: OK, I will take it. I say: but you should carry it on yourself.  At the seventh day, again I had a lecture at the Center Region Company, she comes and says: Vladimir Grigorievitch, I have an urgent need to speak to you.  I was wondering what could happen with her, after the lecture we went to a cabinet, she opens her folder, brings out photographs. On the photographs there are helminth on the slides, classified by different types. Now, she says, I do believe you, here is everything that come out of me.  Being a normal doctor she classified and photographed them. Now I will buy all FSCs, now I see it works.  I really had a shock. What a curious case, it was!

Second curious case: They brought to me a really serious man, he had three personal doctors, he is our Russian magnate,  several still factories, own private  hospital, and so on. But they were not able to put a diagnosis. He experienced weakness, sluggishness, nausea, indisposition and other common symptoms. They inspected him several times, nothing. Do not know who send him to me, from my serious Moscow patients, first his security arrived, turned out everybody from my office, our girls said My Goodness, what happened, is it a police?  Then the man appears, says they advised me to see you.  I ask him What for you harried everybody  out of my cabinet?  It is security  Well, I did Oberon computer diagnostics, I have a latest model with up-to date programs, we sat and examined him. Oberon shows helminthes. I hardly talked him into taking functional state correctors. He took them, three weeks passes, a call comes on my mobile, a trembling voice: Vladimir Grigorievitch, you would not believe  What happened? I reply. A snake came out of me!  I say what do you mean by snake? I also get frightened.  Just imagine? A helminthes 40 centimeters long came out of him! When they discovered it, his doctors prohibited him to twitch, they sat a waited until this damn did not came out naturally. Imagine how it is to sit more than 3 hours at the toilet sink, waiting something is coming out of you!  He feels excellent after it came out.

The third case was most outstanding of all!  You know that women represent the  most active part of our population, they  take care about their health, pay more attention to it than men do. So one grandma came to our company and bought FSCs no 1, 2 and 3. And her daddy happened to be an interesting man, she came home told him everything, while grandma was treating herself, he overhead that FSC no 3 cures fibrocystic diseases. He approaches his grandson and asks please search in the web, I have an adenoma of the prostate gland, is it a fibrocystic diseases?  Being a clever guy, the grandson typed  prostate gland, of course he found  that it is exactly fibrocystic disease.  Dad secretly put the FSC no3  and sits on it. One day, the second, the third, on the fourth day something started to pop out with urine, wild pains appeared, then bleeding started, and big pieces started to fly out. Dad suffered 3 days more, after that he came to his grandson and said look, I did something wrong, I need to see a doctor Grandson get startled, put him in a car and drove to the urologist. They did what should be done, but what was most interesting: with the help of the third FSC he completely destroyed adenoma  of the prostate gland. What he did wrong? Why the program is separated between FSCs no 3 and 4? Because of different hormonal peculiarities of mens and womans organism. Using third functional state corrector he did not relieved inflammation, but increased it, bringing to such a condition when adenoma  simply started to destroy, which caused bleeding. The inflammation process was enormous. What a dad!

We are running out of time, lets move to questions.

Question: Vladimir Grigorievitch, say please, information in the FSC is recorded at the magnetic carrier, is it possible to do pumping, if the operation was performed and hip joint was replaced with artificial one?

Answer: Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov said that it is possible. Though I know it is not allowed by standarts. They do not recommend to implement  magnets on  artificial  joints.  Let us suppose the joint is not steel, what joint is standing?


You may calmly do pumping with titanium, nothing terrible will happen. Titan is not subjected to the electromagnetic  pick-up. Why they do not recommend to use magnets?  Because still is magnetized, and it may produce electric pulse, the muscle may shorten. Thats why they do not recommend.

Question: an interesting question what is the meaning of long hair, or of a short hair, beard, moustache?  Is it a defense?

Answer: You see, it plays no role, really. Look what Cossacks did? They shave off entire head leaning  forelock osolobets an antenna for receiving energy.  No other big sense here. What is hair, generally speaking?  A rudiment, left from animal part of a human being. It matters what is inside the head, not what is on it. Thats all.

Question:  How FSC is related with religion, is not it a sin?

Answer: I may say that in Kursk, in Omsk, and do not remember the name of another city, the city rural dean gave blessing to the FSC use. It is not a sin. To the point, I get  blessing from Church to cure people. I may tell You one simple thing, being involved in spiritual practices Ive read and learned a lot, I read more than 40 sacred books of different confessions, and I may tell you that the same things are written in all of them, may be just in a bit different way. Really, it is people who invented different confessions. There is the only God. When I came to confession to a Father, and he says you are living in the Gods fear, I reply Father, have mercy, nowhere in the Bible it is written that God is fear. I live in love, I am Gods son, not his slave. I love God, consciously came to His  recognition, in mature age. I came through christening at the age of 33, you see, I did it consciously. Father Anatoliy talked with me for 6,5 hours, he told me about every item in the church, when I asked  him afterwards, why he did it, he replied: I do not know, may be at the end of life you will serve in the church, and go ascetic. I said, Father I do not know myself,   I am a man who cant do without service to people. I serve people all my life, a have a need to help others, I came with it. Father Anatoliy from  Vladimirs  region is a unique Holly Father, he has 14 children, only 3 of them are his own, the others are fathered, he is a wonderfull men, really Gods  pastor.

Question: If every man has an FSC, how they will interact?

Answer: They interact quite normally, I will explain it to you. Long ago I conducted an experiment on my pupils. I took 4 Valls devices, knowing  their problems  put them on specific points,  and put an FSC in between them, and watch the readings changing.  FSC started to cure the person who had most serious problem, then switched to a lesser one, and lesser, finally it cured a man with the smallest problem. It works by maximum. First it cures the one with highest  deviations. Then it will cure another oerson the same way.

Question:  Another interesting Question examples of the FSC implementation for sport results improvement.

Answer: What I can tell here, it is extremely interesting thing for sport. Why? The fact is, when sportsmen use FSC no 2, their results significantly improve. Why?  FSC  no2 alkalizes organism. Imagine a sportsmen, running a distance, his muscles work, the  lactic acid is produced, it leads to the acidulation of the organism, and to the oxygen consumption decrease. Tiredness appears. When one uses FSC no 2, it  withdraws these processes, increasing sportsmens endurance and his results.  There is a famous long distance runner in Moscow, who  is engaged in long distance sport walking. Ye is 65 now. He was an Olympic champion in due time, then run on long distances and performed sport walking in commercial sport. And now he is in considerable age, it become difficult to him, and he decided to  withdraw from the race, and met Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov, and he presented a pair of functional state correctors. And so he said: I came out in the morning, one FSC in one pocket, another one in the  other, run 10 kilometers, did not get tired, run 15 kilometers, still did not get tired, run 20 kilometers, and again did not get tired, after that I run 30 kilometers and said: No, I would not quit commercial sport yet, I will keep on running with the FSCs. 

This Moscow sportsmen is Aleksander Ivanovitch Stepanov. Photos were taken at anoser S. V. Koltsov's lecture.


Question: How FSCs are protected from the penetration of negative programs ?

Answer: My dear! Would you know how FSC is recorded, you would not ask such question.  It is possible to record a program when a magnet (magnetic rubber is used for the FSC active elements) is remagnetized with a strong outer field. Human brain is unable to implant any program into standard FSC, there is nothing to be afraid of. I may say, that in order to damage an FSC, you should place it into a transformer, which has a 5 kilowatts power, if you  would be able to find one. Such a transformer is able to introduce a slight breach into a functional state corrector.

Question: Vladimir Grigorievutch, I have a long time sleeplessness, FSC no 8 does not help. More to it on its background I have bright flashed in the head.

Answer: Lyudmila, I will give you an advice, go to the drugstore and buy Melaksen it is a form of melatonin, created from natural amino-acids. It would not harm you,  but regulates sleep brilliantly. Take a pill of this medicine 30 minutes before sleep, and you will sleep well. If you would take it for 5-6 days, the circadian rhythms will be normalized, and the normalization of sleep will follow. What is important? You may experience sluggishness, sleepiness the next day, you may sleep up to 16 p.m. the next day. Because you  accumulated tiredness. So you should start before holidays in order to avoid problems, because you will need a lot of rest. You may also implement this method when you will shift time zones, it helps to normalize sleep.

Question: Is it possible to use FSC in order to help with Parkinson disease, even a little.

Answer: What I can tell you about Parkinson disease.  Both with Parkinson disease and Altzgeymer, FSC stabilizes  the state  of a patient. It is not able to produce a curative effect, but I will give you an advice: recently most serious clinics in Germany, Italy, Spain, USA  use high doses of bioflavonoid medicines in curing  Parkinson disease, because strong oxidation processes take place in human brain. Our resveratrol is indicated for such patients, it gives good results.

Question:  My dear, here it is written, that a chip is embedded into FSC.

Answer:  There is no any chips in the FSC, it contains 4 magnetic elements, made of magnetic rubber, similar to that, from which magnetic stickers on a fridge are made of. These magnets are remagnetized, and during the remagnitization process, with the help of a wide band laser, a holographic information from curative herbs is put down. The information from herbs, minerals, crystals, which really exist in nature is used. Not a single artificial element is used.  A spring water is recorded, a spring water from Your region, from your sacred spring, Holly water from Sarov is recorded, Holly water from the vicinities of Moscow is recorded, the energy of the Resuscitating Gods Cross, and so on. There is a plenty information from the Russian sacred places, they pose good curative action by themselves. There is no connection to any chips or modifiers. If it was, I would stay a thousand miles away of it. Why? I take it really seriously. There is a Gods law: One should not force a man to do something against his will. No exemptions. Even God Himself does not violate this law the law of free choice. When they give a nickname to a human, or, what is the same, a number or a chip, it is against nature.


Question: In case there are paunches on the duobenum, is it possible to put an FSC and remove paunches?

Answer: First of all, the second FSC is indicated in the paunch process, definitely you should put it on the paunch area, but nobody can guarantee that they will be removed completely. There were cases when paunches dissolved. I may tell you you may work with visualization. I will bring you  an example showing the power of visualization.  A lot of ancient statuettes  of beautiful women were found in Greece. Where do you think they were found in big quantity?  They were found on the territory of the temples, where they breaded hetaeras. Who were hetaeras. They were amazingly beautiful women, who were to inspire heroes to accomplish feats, actors, painters on achievements in arts, and so on. They enrolled these girls into temples and prepared them till they reached 21. At the age of 14, they brought girls at the highest priestly council, undress naked, and school teacher discussed all advantages and disadvantages of her figure. After that school sculptor curved a statuette of the girl, not the way she really was, but the way her teaches wanted to see her. At the sunrise and at the sunset, the  girl looked at the statuette for 15 minutes, and imagined she is like a statuette. A wonderful transformation took place till 21, she acquired almost all features of the statuette. A man is able to mend a lot of things in himself with a power of his thought, and there is a lot of cases when paunches dissolved, and so on. But remember, you should believe in what you are doing. As Jesus put it you will get in accordance with your faith. In this life man gets not what he wants, but what he believes at. Because the belief  (in Russian it sounds vera) is true knowledge. Be believe in something, in what there could not be any doubts possible. It is the Highest Knowledge  (Ve Ra) is the vision of Ra, recognition of the shining of the truth of knowledge, as ancient Slavs put it.

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