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Braking through FSC technology a gift from the stars

Functional State Correctors is a frontier technology which is not perceived by many people, due to the comprehensive influence on the main human systems, which is not convenient in an ordinary life.

It is the resource files, which preserve the constant volume of multi-dimensional knowledge in the human field, building connections inside its levels on a different, inconvenient  background.

It is a gift from the stars, alternative, expanding possibilities, which are going on ahead of time. Somebody perceives them intuitively, others are unable to reach for and cover.

With time people will be able to form and support such capsules in their space, grounding on their uniqueness, use similar systems, synchronizing with them and draw the spectrum needed for themselves from the common reservoir.

The given outer devices is an alternative to the structured accumulator element which supports and forms, builds the balance, interacting with 4 lower bodies and creates embedding into the rhythms of nature, having different spectrums. Pulls out from the chaos, that means out of the outer worlds misbalance.

The depth of this system contains the Heavenly spectrum components, symbiotically connected  and amplifying each other.

It is a sensor, which constantly tunes up our wave, holding us in a definite spectrum. Due to the spectrum retention, the movement directions are marked more clearly, the life path is straightening.

If a man, even without understanding the depth of possibilities, perceives the system as a gift, he opens wide to the possibilities, voluntary letting into him and establishing the steady supportive relationship.

Functional State Correctors are a spectral line-up a complex of holographic codes, working on many levels, including the DNA level, which with time straighten out the chains and free the human out of the distortive programs (collective, ancestral, individual). They are able to mend structures, completing them and starting them up into the working state, which creates health at all levels? Including the  view of the world the way it is without  patterns, turning inside more and more, preferring inner guidelines in relation to outer ones.

The building up of sharp boundaries of a human being is taking place here, with checking out and admission of only friendly energies into the inner field, constant checking and supporting of the potential, that is leading to health at all levels.

Someone may say that he is supporting high potential due to the tuning and energy practices, but there is no contradiction in here. On the contrary, an additional potential of acceleration in processes, connected with practices, and in results. A consciously set pulse in the direction of ones own development aims attracts additional recourses from the world, constantly emitting the signal, and every second declaring into the Universe the ones decision, gradually forming the likeness of the inner quality in the outer world.


This is a channeled information given through Latuya the 17-th of May, 2012


Latuyas FSC testimony:

On my own side, I want to ad that I knew and respected FSCs for more than 4 years, and I thought exactly this way: that will cope on my own with the help of a prayer, with intention. And I often see that people who are able to do something, start to display skepticism and alertness, but this skepticism might be built on patterns, and this systems may pose priceless support to the physical body and thin fields.

I use - water filtering device. The output water parameters are extremely high, but it tasted like a half-finished. Holding this water on the FSC I discovered that the water become  pleasant to drink, because it become tasty.

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