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FSC and consciousness. Merzlyakova Elena Mikhailovna

Lecture in the city of Abakan, Krasnoyarsk territory.

Generally speaking, what is illness?  It is known from ancient times that an illness is a character. It sounds often nowadays and official medicine already acknowledges this concept. They start to open the clinical psychology departments at our medicine schools. And what is our character. A child comes into being already with character. There is no two equal people, there is no two equal reactions. And if we will look deeper, we will discover  that a character is deep emotional relations to different situations. We may even do  not realize why something makes us very glad, something attracts us, and we feel good. And something  brings into anger, hurts, awakens emotions. And how to overcome it, because some definite interaction with the outer world  is taking place. We influence the world, the world poses influence on us.

What is our fields? Electromagnetic streams, which we irradiate, absorb, transform they compose specific electromagnetic envelope around us. It is  some frequencies that compose a huge cocoon around us. And of course any energy is information. All our emotions, all our thoughts are just reflected and stored in this fields. And nowadays there are devices which are able to register electromagnetic fields around human being. They are different, I use adaptometry complex, and I will illustrate my lecture with slides.

Here there is emotions, look here the blue outlines is peoples auras, which are in some definite psychological state. This a state of depression, really strong one, You see how fields above the head and under the feet are splitting and closing.

Here is the state of anger, one is in a state of strong offence, in a state of quarrel.

And here is the state of hate, as they say life is suspended on a string. This is absolutely real look how the field is cracked up above the head.

And here is the state of harmony.

Willingly or not, consciously or not, but you see what happens with this fields. And so it comes to our full, complete and absolute responsibility for the state of our health. Because it is ourselves who is doing it. And it is only natural that if a man will stay in some of this states for some time, the changes in the state of health will take place. For example, if one will be left in this state, it will lead to heart attacks, traumas. I follow patients, do recurrent diagnostics and see how at some people long, chronic diseases are healed quickly with the help of the Function State Correctors (literally in a couple of weeks), and at others the process is going on with difficulties, with acute conditions. A patients comes and say: Whats the matter? I do everything accurately, by hours, whats happening with me? The point is the personality structure, the persons relation towards oneself, life, and Universe. It is seen clearly. The FSC healing effect  consists in the fact that our organism exists in a definite spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies. To make it clear we may compare it with household situation. All electric appliances are designed to operate from 220 V mains power. You should have heard that if one will plug in too many devices the voltage drops, bulbs shine poorly, electric stove does not heat up.  If there is voltage surge the devices burn out, and so on. It works the same way inside us. The biophysics and biochemistry of our organism, our physiology exists in a definite  frequency spectrum. It is an optimum variant. Basically we are solutions, all processes are meetings and departures of pluses and minuses. Of course, all this electromagnetic  flows should  exist optimally in a definite frequency spectrum/band. And so it happens that our organs are placed in layers. We do not mix up electrocardiogram with encephalogram. We use different devices, because different sensitivity is required, different physiology and different frequencies. The  healthy organism frequencies are recorded  at the Functional State Correctors. They are divided by systems, and being living objects we are trying to perceive the frequency which is situated nearby. Thats why electromagnetic field poses such destructive influence on us. Seems nothing  dangerous, let the current flow along, we do not disturb it, it does not influence us, but we are designed in such a way, that our organism tries to tune to this frequency. It is not physiological. The frequencies recorded at the FSCs are physiological. As soon one in the FSC field, one starts to tune up at this frequencies. System after system, thats why we have 8 pieces in the blue series, it is difficult to cover the entire spectrum of our bodies.

Where do we take this energies from? The entire world is woven from energies: the light, the heat, sounds all of this are energies, all of this are waves.  People, who are the part of our clan have extremely powerful energies. The relations with ancestors are very important. It is not a coincidence, that  a cult of worshiping the ancestors exists practically in every religion. This are real energies. We come into this world in combination of two energies the fathers and the mothers, we became a part of them. Our children become their part and ours part, it is going on and on. I noticed that interaction with parents, even emotional, even if it is ancient stories is a real thing. I will show you a field now, look at the energies above patients head? It is very little. This man cut himself from his ancestors.

In such situations there could be different sensations, varying from I was born in a wrong family, in a wrong country, at the wrong planetgenerally speaking everything goes wrong, nobody understands me, Im so and so. It does not matter, we are a part of these energies. These man has enormous, three stores high list of medical diagnoses. He has a number of diseases, almost every organ and system is ill, children have serious born pathologies. We may say that if a man cuts himself from his roots, cuts off these energies, he is unable to produce anything strong and powerful further on. on the physiology level it is working as follows: Functional State Correctors, tuning us into harmonious state, start to work with information in our fields, repairing these frequencies, and our physiology starts to react, the illnesses straighten out.  But we should help this process. There is a powerful electromagnetic generator with a large spectrum: from deep minus to high plus. These are frequencies too? So it is important that our own generator would not interfere with what is recorded at the FSC, but co resonated. So it turns out that a man, who is working at his own character, quickly achieves the state of health. That means that FSCs are working with our body, and the energy that comes to us is not spent on the homeostasis support, but it should be aimed  at the work with consciousness, with oneself.


Functional State Corrector no. 1 works with microflora, that means it works with our immunity. Our immunity directly depends on our hormonal system. And our hormonal system directly depends on our moods, that means on our psychic setup. Look, it is really obvious, if one is in negative moods, always in a state of endless grief, laziness, anger he catches up everything. Hi will catch every infection one could think of, he will fall sick from a blow of a wind.

The next FSC is no. 2. It works as detox. Everything that is not  able to exist after the influence of the first FSC, actively tries to quit from our organism. Quitting is a good outcome, we may say, otherwise they die. And if a bacterium colony exists somewhere in the tissue, not in the intestines, it  is unable to quit, and it dies. It is like a dead cat on the road. The sense is the same. It is the decomposition products, it is very strong poisons. The second FSC works with these things very well. That means they should work in pair. One should not offer a single FSC to a patient, because of serious intoxication may take place, a lot of serious acute conditions may take place. I reckon that FSC no 2 should be used in pair with any other corrector. Because when organism gets in a healthy frequency field, the capillaries open, everything starts to tune up well. Imagine Wow! Oxygen! Nutrients! Everything starts to work fast. The same time organism needs to get rid of toxins. Everything should be put on its place, so organism starts to throw all these toxins through skin, kidneys, depending on what is easier at the moment faster and faster. So FSC no 2 works with other correctors. It is very beneficial in case of any specific influence: first the specific corrector is used, then no 2 at the same place. It is very good removal of acute conditions.

Functional State Correctors no 3 and 4 work with hormonal system. Hormones are  catalyst of all chemical processes. At a given moment of time some of them should flow faster, some others slowly. We have a set of biorhythms inside us. Every organ, and organism as a whole. Depending on the season, on the light day duration, and so on. It is very complicated system. Our mutual relations with the outer world are built on the hormonal and biochemical levels. Mens and womens hormones are alike. But they differ at the same time. Depending on a problem, men could interact with FSC no. 3, women with no. 4. So one should not be afraid even to touch the FSC designated for the opposite sex. One may calmly interact with the FSC designated for the opposite sex. The main thing is that all FSCs set the right rhythms, it is very important. Because we are part of the Universe, we live in these rhythms, you understand? If the Sun rose our organism starts to work. Our thyroid gland is situated directly beneath the skin, it reacts on photons, on the light flux, and it starts up to wind up our entire metabolism processes. The sun rose one should get up! Do not close the curtains, and do not pull up the blanket one should get up! Because all biochemistry already started to work. It is impossible to stop this processes, one should feel friendly towards this rhythms, fill in step with them. Do not struggle with them and spend energy on that struggle. We live under the Sun, in the rhythms of the Sun, Sunlight sets our entire physiology.

The 5-th FSC works with liver and lungs, the organs which directly work with the outer medium. It is possible to say that they are directly targeted by the  outer medium. The liver filters everything we ate, swallowed, wanted or not, harmful or healthy, consciously or not but it should obligatory sort everything out what is useful and what is harmful, and to take something in or to throw out of the body. Our liver produces approximately 160 ferments. Our organism is built from bricks, all of them have different shape. Imagine: iodine and iron two absolutely different molecules. And there is an especial handle in our liver for every brick shape.

In case the activity of the ferments is reduced, one may eat biologically active substances, vitamins, organic products, and nevertheless be ill. Because if there is no handle to take it, it comes and goes. So the liver state is extremely important. Thats why the doctors say that basic FSC set includes no. 1, 2, 5. I reckon that it is 1, 2, 3, 5  or 1, 2, 4, 5. They should work altogether.

And the second organ FSC no 5 works very well with is the lungs. We breath in the air in which there are not only odors. There are viruses, bacterium, fungus in the air as well, all these are coming inside us and fall out on the air paths. It is a serious attack, especially in a city, on a big crowd of people, the whole cosmos is around us, and it is a heavy biological and bacteriological burden.

Both liver and lungs have biological clock inside. One should work with them in the evening time or prior to sleep. If you would drink even a couple of swallows of water, structured at the FSC no. 5 before going to bed, you will feel much easier, because liver and lungs clean themselves at night time. The liver from 12 p.m. to 3 a. m., the lungs from 3 a. m. to 5 a. m., and by setting this water structure, you will enlighten the state of your physiology. It is the energy question, the question of powers spent on solving definite tasks.






Functional Sate Correctors no. 6, 7, 8. I do not like when they call it cosmetology, there is some thoughtless air. Really, they are serious things. Integumentary tissues are not restricted by  skin alone. Blood vessels, organs ducts everything inside is covered with epithelium, and working with FSC we start to interact with it.  Integumentary tissues also include eyes, tendons, cartilages, bones, and their volume is big. One should correctly approach  this issue. FSC no 6 is dealing with vision, the seventh antitumor things. Alone with cosmetology action, the skin tightens.  Like it or not, but the gravity influences us, the face goes down with age, but everybody wants to look young as long as possible. The FSC commands muscular fibers, which hold the skin, to be in tone. And our vessels and ducts are made of the same muscular fibers, the vessels tighten up, the serious varicose problem is solving. So it is far more than just cosmetology.

Look, eye washing is a very good thing, I advise to use FSCs no 1, 2, 6, use water structured on different FSCs. Exactly in this consequence, because both cataract and glaucoma are often a consequence of micro-organism population. No. 1 works with micro-flora, if there is any, no. 2 washes out the tissues, no. 6 structures hyaluronic acid. It could be done all together not only the single eye. Take a bowl of water, put your face into it and wink, it is good for the face skin as well. Great effect.

And now about FSC no 8. The most mysterious gland in our organism is epiphysis, it is absolutely clear that it  regulates everything in the organism and sets the  rhythms for everything. It is enough for the epiphysis to produce several molecules, and entire biochemistry may change. It is extremely important gland, and no 8 works with it. The absence of insomnia and a good sleep it is just a side effect, if it is possible to say so. The main thing is  that this FSC  completely tunes up the hormonal system. That means the immunity tunes up, nowadays it is really serious.

 The Green Functional State Correctors are different. If the Blue FSCs influence our physiology with frequencies of curative plants recorded on them, in case of Blue FSCs the frequencies of man-made dolmens are used. The frequencies of dolmens along with frequencies of especial regions, which are called The places of power, the places where unique irradiation, posing positive biological influence, is coming from Earth, and structure of water, taken from different famous springs. And the Green FSCs action goes deeper, influencing deeper layer of our physiology. I noticed that Green FSCs pose stronger influence on the emotional and psychological state of a human being. It is closer to the source of the problems, to the character. And people become softer, more calm, the relations and climate in families changes. That means the character changes. It is serious; the illnesses go out easier, not only autoimmune, but also with problems where there seems to be no illness. Infertility, for example. A good pair, both passed through all tests and diagnostic centers  one could imagine, everywhere they were told: everything is in order, but there is no children. FSCs work with such hard to understand situations when everything seems to be in order, but things do not get together. Of course we are able to do everything despite the correctors, we may corner ourselves into depression. You should understand, that it is very important not to ruin the tunings, the interaction. The information which lays in our fields  - is our character. This information lays in different chakras. Chakras are energy-informational centers. Their existence is already acknowledged, and turns out that our chakras have different frequency ranges, they support physiology at definite levels, and definite spheres of life. Our interaction with the outer world depends on the quality of this layers. With oneself and with the outer world.

I want to tell you briefly about energy centers:

The first energy center is situated approximately near the perineum. The man came to the diagnostics for the first time it is shown with the  rose color. And look what problems manifest themselves. The blue color shows the field after the FSC influence. The yellow outline is the ideal state. The red line is the critical state. Look at the diagram the rose area is collapsed, the legs are naked, it means the diseases of legs: varicose a lot of problems are connected with it, the small pelvis organs respond quickly. And the main thing that happens is the emotions. When this chakra is opened, that means we are in a state of harmony, the organ which under control of this chakra have normal physiology state. But it is we, who close our chakras by our psychology state. The closed first chakra means fears. Fears for fundamental things like defense, security, reliability. I noticed that these people often have a problem they are not satisfied with their fate something is wrong: it could be a wrong job, a wrong husband or a child, a wrong country or planet, the whole life is a mistake. The first chakra closes.

The pass made from Functional State Correctors works very well with the emotions of anxiety and fears. We perceive electromagnetic torrents with our bone system the  cortical bones in legs. You should place FSCs on the floor at the step distance in an arbitrary order mens, womens, anyone you have, it does not matter, every FSC has its own frequency band. Stepping over them you shift bands with every step. It is enough to walk for 10 minutes, you should force yourself to walk in an anxious state, and it is hard to stop at the end. Because legs become light, and it is very pleasant. And here is my personal side effect: If I am planning something not sitting on a sofa, but stepping through FSCs, the plans easily came true. I noticed it with time, not at once, the state of tranquility, calamity, confidence, your relation towards the world changes.


 One should live in a rhythm, which is pleasant for him, do not concentrate on something. Do not make plans laying on a sofa, if something occurred into your head write it down, and walk more. I recommend to walk at least 15 minutes a day. We constantly interact with some outer electromagnetic fields, take the metro trains, trolleybus, trams, and so on. We are walking through a great number of other humans electromagnetic fields. All of them are perceived with our bone system.

About varicosity there is a very good bone system pumping which includes large joints. FSC # 1,2,6,7 work very well with the bone system, it could be done while laying down, sitting, in standing position as you wish, simply to lay down all FSCs on large joints: on  the hip joint, under the knees, on the ankle joint the calceneum or the ankle bone. A joint is a round thing, whatever side you will put the FSC on it everyway it will be OK. But about the knee joint namely beneath the knee, our blood vessels go inside the hip muscles alone the bone, anatomically they go along the joint under the knee, then they hide again between the big and small shinbones. And FSCs affect liquid mediums, so if the FSC will be situated under the knee, it will directly affect the blood. Women should start from the left leg (performing the pumping during 10 minutes), then work with the right leg. On the contrary men should start with the right leg, then with the left. Feet baths work very well. After hanging around during the whole day, put the FSC no. 2 on the floor, put the bowl with water on it, and put your legs into it. If you have to stand up, wipe the legs with a towel, do whatever you have to, and return back, It works perfectly with tiredness, edema, veins, restores veins blood circulation. No 2 influences unstriated muscles and blood vessels, the capillary system, the edema recover very quickly. One quickly recovers after tiredness. If there is bone structure deformation the wrapping works very well. They told about wrapping at the medical conference, I started to use it and tell people about it, and obtained very good results.

For water wrapping use a cold water structured at the FSC no 1 or 2, soak a natural (cotton or flax) fabric in the structured water. It is important to use natural fabric, not allowing the static electricity to interfere with the water structure. The synthetic or half-synthetic fabric would not do. Only natural fabric. The fabric is soaked in a structured water, wring out, and you wrap the problem joint or the entire extremity, put the shawl or plaid above the fabric and hold it for 20 minutes. The wrapping gives very good results. But do not mix it with a compress, there is no polyethylene. One day you may do a wrapping using FSC no 1, another using FSC no 2, the next day number 6.

Why do we need FSC no 1? Often our joint problems are provoked by the anginas we had in the childhood. And those microorganisms which caused those anginas, very often, independent on weather our glands were removed or not, sit down on the joints or in the pericardium and with time, in case the immunity decreases and the slags are accumulated, they start their inflammatory activities. They choose a proper moment and start to propagate themselves. So it is good to use no. 1 from time to time.

FSc no. 5 works well with the spine and the small of the back, put it on the sacrum or on the 7-th cervical vertebra. Greatly works with the entire spinal column. Do you know when the spinal column hurts? When one does not performs ones own predestination in life. Think about it. Why did you came into this world?  What brought  you joy in the childhood?  Very often a child comes into our world already with a predestination. You may read about it in a Vedic literature. What is a predestination? Five millions of professions, how to come to understanding on who I am? It is a really serious matters.  But you see, there are only 4 predestinations. They are energies with which the human comes in. This energies provide four characters, 4 abilities. And when one gets close to his predestination, his life becomes easy.

Here are these 4 predestinations: The teachers people who are able to take, proceed and return information in such a form in which everyone is able to perceive it. For one man you should tell it scientifically, for another one it should be put simply. The administrators, administrative staff, people whish preserve laws in this world, the main virtue of their character is adherence of ones principles. The next category is business The merchants the ones who see peoples needs, who has a feeling what and where should be delivered, and they gladly will purchase the goods, and say many thanks. It is trade, something which is in a human from the birth. And the next predestination is The creators, the one who do everything with their own hands.

How one may find his predestination? Suppose one already has a profession, but one may realize his predestination inside ever profession. Take for example a hospital: Here is a very good chief physician, a lot of dissertations are produced under his supervision, good collectives, they perform some scientific research here is a very good administrator? The man who sees what people will work well together and understand each other well, will work wholeheartedly, were there  will be good relations. It is possible to say that such qualities were given by Lord from the birth. It is an energy, he sees how the people with different characters will interact it is an administrator. Another example is a physician, say someone comes to him with the gastric ulcer, and he does not simply makes a prescription and says good bye to a patient, but starts to dig inside: what makes you nervous?  what happened with you? goes to the roots it is a teacher. It is important for him to dig to the problems roots, to investigate the essence of the matter. The doctor who immediately fetches a handful of pills you need this and that it is a merchant. Another example is surgeons, stomatologists  -  they all are craftsman, they work with hands, they say: why would you suffer? Lets cut it out, and thats all !

From the auditorium: What about the warriors?

The warriors are the administrators, it is lawfulness, they watch out the legality, it is adherence to ones principals. The problems arise when the predestinations start to mix.

For example, the Merchant it is a definite attitude towards life, you see it is not prohibited in trade to claim my goods are the best and so on, and on, my prices are the lowest. It is not prohibited, it is not punished by God. But when the predestination start to mix up, when Merchants go into The Administrators there are no breaks. So what is in result? It is the principal which is important for the  Administrator, but the Merchant needs profit. So if today I was swindled a bit, then tomorrow I swindle somebody else, we all are normal folks, it is business, it is profit. But for the Administrator it would be like a knife in the heart if someone tricked him, it is hard for him to cheat on other people, because the Administrator sits inside it is the energy. He is an administrator, he should be in charge: what and how should be done by the rules. It is possible to say that we may notice this features in men, how they show out like the character features, show out in their relations with others, with parents, neighbors. If one understands these matters it is like signal bulbs, if one will put attention to such refinements, a lot of things will become clear.

It was not for nothing that in ancient times, when a child just started to crawl, they put a cross or a prayer book, some coins, a sword and a hummer in front of him. A child does not understands the meaning of the items, they all look beautiful, but the similar is attracted to a similar, a child is attracted to a definite item. Doing such a test several times, it was possible to define the predestination of the child, and start to help him to realize it instead of breaking his nature. Because in every profession one should simply to fit his own nature. The Lawyer cannot lie and play double games, it is punishable, it destroys him, it breaks his character. And the character is an energy structure. The Teacher is prohibited to say a lie, he should speak put only truth. The lies will be punished. The Merchant is a bit free. But a merchant should poses his own virtues, he need generosity. Because it is he, who feeds everybody both the teachers and Administrators and the Craftsman. They supply everybody with goods with generosity, and the generosity always return back tenfold. For the Craftsman it is important to be accurate, to be bound by, he should do everything as it is required. There are some people who say: why should I bother, from 8 to 5 and Im free, and you continue as you wish. But other people like when everything is done correct.

The second center The Inguinal Center, urino-genital system, the small pelvis organs. I will comment only the changes in the structures, which are related to the center we are talking about. Here  is cystitis, the patient came with acute cystitis. And what are the psychology problems? This chakra is reckoned to be insatiable, it is enjoyment. It is the enjoyment with everything: food, sex, attraction, entertainment, it is such substances as nicotine, alcohol. different chemicals on which one could be hooked on. It is insatiable chakra, it requires more and more. In a state of harmony one psychologically gets satisfaction from everything one has. When one has everything and gets enjoyment from everything he has, everything is wonderful. But if it becomes hyper it turns into lust, one wants more and more it is the state of insatiability. Took one thing and wants more and more. Give yourself a time to enjoy what you have. This endless greyhound racing is exactly the thing which destroys us. FSC no. 1 and 2 work in this case. At the FSC no 1, along with the anti-parasite programs, the state of harmony with world, the state of happiness is recorded. It is the state of joy from everything one has. The creativeness and art is born in this chakra. And here, if something provokes the endless greediness, the man should be switched into creativeness. It means not to hold on the flux, but redirect it on the giving back. Some unrealized painters, handwork, anything

Another important moment do not hold two FSCs together at the same area.  If you put two FSCs at the same surface simultaneously, the minimum distance between them should be 40 centimeters. There should be 40 centimeters or some bone between them. For example, you may put two FSCs on the sacrum on front and on the rear. But at one surface, say at the kidney or liver area no. first one organ, then another one. It being known that women first heal the left side, then the right. The correctors should work at least for 10 minutes. It is recommended when holding an FSC on some organ, to take a couple of sips of water, structured at the same corrector, in order to give the same information both from inside and from the surface. The results would be very good. And do it in cycles: for 10 minutes hold FSC no. 1, then no. 2 for another 10 minutes, then again no.1. Do several such cycles at the same place. The restoration begins quickly, the physiology responds well.

The next center The Solar Plexus, liver, the pancreas. We all know the diseases, all the diseases of liver and stomach and pancreas really great variety. You see, the pink curve goes out of the boundaries.

And you see? After the FSC use, the curve is more stabilized. It is the confidence in oneself that lives at this chakra. Along with Independence and the ability  to influence this world.  It is the inherent ability to influence this world it is the feature of character which allows one to go through negative situation calmly and turn it into the positive one. It is the inner force, the sureness, firmness. The Solar plexus. It is the self control that also lives at this chakra. It is the ability and might to refuse something which is harmful. The Will. When this chakra is balanced one is in a calm, self-confident state. The intuition works only in such state. What happens when this chakra is misbalanced?  First, the digestion organs suffer, the spleen, the intestines, the material abundance closes. Yes, on the Solar plexus. It could be closed very simply, for example: in case of argue it is important to one man to prove his rightness, one goes to his principal. Doing this he is busy with closing this chakra. A calm state is much better, when one allows his opponent to have an opinion of his own,  when one is calm about the argument. Self-assuredness, fortitude in tough situations. Because life could not always be a soft road, there are tough periods, and there are easy periods. We live on such a planet, where different energies do coexist. Both destructive and creative, and the producer says smile, pull the  legs higher! You see, the Fate loads a log upon a man, and says carry it on, and no need for tears at the moment, maybe there is no need to smile and pull the legs higher either, but one should calmly carry this burden until some moment in time. And then the Fate will lift the burden off. But doing it calmly you will save your energy, you see. When a man goes through the hard times calmly and with a smile, as a rule he experiences a colossal rise after that. Because he saved his energy. He did not wasted it on moaning and complains, but consciously gone through his hard times. Everything passes in this world, and the hard times as well.

The liver diseases are caused by rage. Men express this emotion as rage. Women feel it as a strong offence. Energetically it is the same. The immunity decrease due to such psychological states may lead to catching hepatitis.

I wrote down from the Vedic literature those character traits that provoke the liver diseases. The liver is the will, it is the truth, and the longevity is a derivative. Do not ever lie, it destroys liver at once. If you cannot do something, better say it strait I am not able to do it now, but do not lie. There is no small things and sheer luck, there is no way of doing something and forgetting every time there is a trace left in the information layers. The field structures at once, so never lie. Hepatitis is connected with such character trails as falsity, cruelty. It could be a brutal truth as well. If one tells the truth to the other man with an aim of hurting him it is harm.  The truth should be told only  in a soft voice, in order to keep of hurting the other man. Liver diseases arise at people who like to terrorize others, dictate ones will, who require that everything would be as they like. It is about argues. I observed biliary dyskinesia almost at every patient. The reason is intrusion. And do you know what takes it off very well? Unselfishness, disinterestedness. Unselfishness withdraws biliary spasms. Do something disinterestedly. For example, there is a childrens playground in every yard. Collect some garbage and throw it out walking with your dog in the morning, you will withdraw a lot of problems, the world would respond in a moment. The World is a living tissue, it responds in a moment. Another good example is cholecystitis, they occur when there is such a  acrimoniousness in a character. It means to say the truth, but with a bite. They call such people an acrimonious men, it seems they speak the truth, but in an unpleasant form.

Malice is destructive in any case, it destroys the heart. One should choose such a form that would not hurt, first one should reach the state of calamity. First the state of calamity, one should calm down himself. All emotions are energies. And people who possess the clairvoyance, they see emotions in different colors, they structure the outer field in different ways. But rage is really unstoppable thing. It is a pity to waste such energy, It is destructive. It destroys both the source of rage and the person on which it is aimed. And it destroys the World fabric (structure, thin fields). There is an interesting thing: as soon as you name the emotion, it disappears the same moment. In the Buddhism they call it the awareness technique, it is a mood i want to understand what Im felling at the moment. For example, the face is burning, the hands are trembling, ready to reach for the knife, what am I feeling? Rage. And the man calms down at once. The rage disappears the moment you name it. It is like a dark attic, when you turn up the light, there is nothing horrible left, no rustling, it is clear what things are standing in the attic. It is enough to name the emotion, to name what you are feeling, in order to separate it from yourself, and it would not have the destructive effect.

Gallstones and problems with the gallbladder are originated from avidity, hard-heartedness, rudeness, and so on, evil thoughts give birth to the stones.

Pancreas means offences to the loved people, strong claims he is not the kind I want him to be.

Small intestine means work, some occupation. If your activities are calm, you get enjoyment from your work you will never experience any problems with the intestine. If there is some fussiness, you jump from one thing to another, there would be chaos inside the intestine as well.

Duodenal ulcer is aggressiveness. Means to get anything from the World at any cost.

The large intestine problems arise due to the negative, malevolent moods. Many people suffer from constipation, they blame the lack of motion. Of course, the lack motion also counts, but it is mainly a lack of courage. Women suffer from constipation more frequently. Courage, may be some hard-heartedness of the character. Disinterested activities relieves such problems very well. Disinterestedness gives birth to the feeling that there is everything one needs in his life, everything that is needed is attracted. It is not terrible to give something away in the state of the  disinterestedness. It is not obligatory meant that one should give away money or some goods, you may give away your mood or an advice.

During rides to work in transport I observe what people are doing, they dive into past, it is clearly seen by the faces. And the energy instantly goes after the thought into the past, it is some fears, old memories or something like. Wish happiness to everybody instead. It is enormous powerful energy. Every thought is energy. Entering the subway train simply wish happiness to everyone. This energies are real, they are electromagnetic fluxes. They are frequencies, those cosmo-energy channels, youve heard about. They do exist, they pierce us, you see the fluxes are like rainbows, it is an inherent mood. Generate it yourself, we generate this energies ourselves, we start to resonate with them.

Every problem is connected with frequencies. What FSCs to use with liver? 1, 2, 5. Make a diagnostic if you have such a possibility. Because liver is a big organ, and some diagnostics shows were exactly to place the FSCs. Such dents in the field happen sometimes, when it is seen clearly what process goes on: dystrophic or inflammatory, it will be easier with the diagnostics.

The consequence of the FSC implementation is also important. The order should be: 1, then 2, then 5. The logic is: if there is a micro flora, and to say the truth the micro flora exists everywhere, we are warm and tasty so why not to populate. No 1 fights with micro flora. We have to  take out what will come unto wreck during this 10-15 minutes, we have to do a  drainage. No 2 enhances the lymph drainage. The frequencies which regulate the lymphocyte work algorithm are recorded on the FSC no. 5. It means the optimum variant. A cell is a micro chemical factory. It is not only necessary that everything would be on its place, and be in a clear state, nothing  odd, there is a need to turn on the button which will start the whole working process, and the conveyer will start to roll. FSC no 5 does exactly this turning on.

For pancreas use no 1 and 2. It is better to work with pancreas from 9 a. m. to 11 a. m. Simply place consequently FSCs no 1 and 2 on the pancreas area, hold 5-7 minutes, then change. Take a couple sips of water, structured on the FSC, you are holding at the moment. The same information from the inside the same from the outside.

And watch your emotions, because a human can do everything, it is not a good thing when correctors pull him one side and his emotions in the other.

The next center is the fourth it is thoracic cage. Here is the ischemia. Here is the ischemia of the heart, the field is tied up, here is the stabilization. Generally speaking, malice strongly affects the heart. It is so powerful emotion, and we generate it so often, that the most widespread disease of our civilization are the heart diseases. This are serious things. In the information aspect, this chakra is responsible for the belief, the belief that there is a harmony in this world, the faith in God, the feeling of protection, the safety in life, the calamity, the generosity.

The misbalance in this sphere gives birth to mastopathy at women, and mainly it is offence on men. In case of the misbalance in this chakra the senses are closed, because we obtain 90 % of the information about a person by scanning his fields. It could be seen clearly in offices, say there are several men in a room working, then another one walks in, not said a world, but after 5 minutes everyone becomes nervous, it is reading from the field. In case of misbalance in this chakra, other people would sense some danger despite all the smiles and cozy talk. Sometimes we meet such people, they are so nice and pleasant, but one wants to run from them after 2 minutes of talking. Because you would never deceive a field. Support the mood of generosity, make gifts, they should not always be material, they could be virtual.

I have a diagnostics of my own. We obligatory match to what surrounds us. With our own emotions, definite thoughts, we build some specific density around us the energy-information structure. There is an analogy with physics the float it can lay on water in one surface, it could not dive into water or fly. But change its density and it will go into some other layers. The same is with us. We all have our densities. There are no casual people even in the subway carriage, in which you are riding, they correspond to you. This float may only meet with the same float. And here is how we may regulate it. Going out of the house in the morning I watch the peoples faces. It happens when everybody smiles, I meet pairs it is a very good day, if I manage to preserve such a state everything goes fine. Everything: other people are cooperative, something wonderful happens, everything is fine. If I see gloomy swearing people I turn attention at myself, something in me might be wrong, a bad thought, a quarrel with somebody, or said something abruptly at home that means I restructured myself into this density. Who did came to me? The same ones. But do not forget that we are able to change everything. Im riding and visualize roses. I like roses very much. You know there are such Nigerian roses, the big ones with long stems. I give this roses to people. Not just imagining like I approached, gave roses, and they said thanks, or something like.

I just imagine the human fate, it is often written on ones face once worries. I simply visualize like Bang! such a rose appears in hands, how one reacts. Everybody reacts differently, some frighten, some feel joy, somebody even shocked. It is a mind game. You see, in 10 minutes the conversations themes around change. It is really big energies that we poses, enormous. We influence each other.














It resembles physics: put two bodies near one hot, and another cold. Even not contacting, the hot body will start to cool down? The cold one will start to warm. We penetrate into each other the same way. Suppose I mended myself, and I understand clearly: I will have a perfect day.


 The squeezing of the heart means that you drifted into stinginess. Or that adherence to ones principals started to climb. One should handle this emotions very cheerfully.








Put FSC no.1 on a left shoulder like a shoulder strap. You will cope easily with magnetic storms and other weather changes, put it on a shoulder, it may lay there all day long if you wish so.















And look how it is possible to understand that one is misbalanced in life. The one either unable to open with faith or is unable to say no. Harmony is harmonious, calm mutual relations with the outer world. Sometimes one should be able to say no, but it should be done absolutely calmly. One should be able to define necessary things from unnecessary. Mastopathy develops at this very level. FSCs no 1, 2, 7 work very  well with mastopathy, one should place them at the problem place and subsequently change during the day time. The best time is from 11 a.m. till 1 p.m. You should place them and subsequently change: number1, then no. 2,  and then no. 7, and again no 2. Because if there are some hardenings, they start to lyse, and the lyse products should be obligatory washed out.

Lungs, similarly to the liver, are cleaned at night from 3 a.m. till 5 a.m.  When one awakes at nights at the same time, it indicates that something is wrong with lungs or liver. Hold a glass of water, structured at the FSC no. 5 nearby, and drink it you will feel easier. Because if an organ is heavily defiled one should clean himself, metabolism activates, cells start to work actively, the temperature is rising and one awakes. FSC no. 5 will help. Here our bronchial tree diverges. Here is thoracic cage, you saw it on the fluorography X-ray photographs. At this very area place subsequently FSCs no. 1, 2, 5. In the evening time. Hold each FSC for 10 minutes if you have a problem. In the morning, when you awake, use FSC no. 2 for 10 minutes, because there is expectoration, spitting. If expectoration goes uneasily use FSC no.2, it thins expectoration very well. Carry it on yourself, drink some structured water and you will feel yourself easier.

Lung problems indicate emotional melancholy. It is melancholy, aimlessness. One should obligatory set some goals. Despite any conditions, despite any age. One should have goals. We did not came into this world as amoebas, we are humans. We really are able to do a lot of things.





The next center - Throat, Thyroid gland, The cervical spine, Larynx. Energetically it is the place where our inner voice lives, which tells what is wrong and what is write. We should listen to it, at least from time to time. Harmony is an ability to understand truth about the man. It is very important. You see a breakdown here, the criticism gives birth to the breakdown, independently on whether it was said aloud or silently. I do not mention the abuse, it goes out of boundaries. Criticism. When one criticized others. Considering the thyroid gland portions it is possible to say whole does this person criticizes most: men or women. If  the left portion criticizes women. Skirts have the wrong length, heels have the wrong form, why did she dressed that way? The right portion the criticism aimed to men. If both everything is wrong. It does not matter whether you say it loud or think silently. The thought is energy, it acts. Look what emotions destroy the thyroid gland. Thyroid gland hyperactivity: restlessness and conflicts, vulnerability. What is vulnerability: one has great ambitions inside, but few of them are realized. And a sense of offense when encountering any smallest obstacle. Hypo function the lowering of the thyroid gland function is coldness, sluggishness in emotions. Tumors when thyroid gland grows in dimensions is distrustfulness, fastidiousness, and exactly the criticism. There are character features when one sees only shortcomings, in this case the thyroid gland definitely would suffer.

It is known from the Vedic books that there are two types of consciousness: The consciousness of a fly, and a consciousness of a bee. The bee seeks honey. People see only good things. Everything is mixed up in every man, so there is something good in everybody. But a fly has another consciousness: it flies and sees a pile of sheet, it should stop and sort out whats the matter, it might stop for a while, settle down and acquire some kids. You see, you tune to the frequency which corresponds with what you are paying attention at. When you criticize somebody, you give this person good pure energy, and acquire his bad energy. You acquire his character features, start to work them out. Be cautious in critic, wish good things to people, wish them happiness, try and find something good in them. Even if your neighbor comes to you and says: you are so and so, but try to see that she loves her children, or that she is so accurate. Switch out this field, do not live in it for a long time. Switch out your consciousness. It could be done by the willpower, it is working on your own character.

 How to deal with people who complain constantly? You should not allow to cry on your shoulder more than 5 minutes. Not more. Someone comes and speaks out his problem, everyone has a big life experience and you see possible outcome from the situation. You immediately ask your visitor: I understood everything, want an advice?  if one does not want an advice stop the conversation, if you are near, your fields penetrate each other, and information virus starts to transfer. The one who complains start to feel better information viruses had gone, but the one who listened is squashed, he has no power, why? Because he starts to proceed this information, his fields are structured with all that negative problems. So you either give an advice, or announce we are talking only about good things. It does not matter if it is relatives, including the closest ones. It is really important. You see if one is laying in a dirt, you would not lay down nearby, you try to lift him up instead, you are acting. The energy should not be aimed into pity but into compassion. And the compassion seeks the exit. It implies action. It is what differs the compassion from the pity. It is important. I understood everything, I understood your case, your mood, lets search for the outcome, what shell we do? In such a case the energies would be quite different.

Our frequencies change under influence of our thoughts and actions. They are electromagnetic fluxes. If the frequencies has changed at some level the pluses and minuses at our cells do not meet normally, it is like low voltage electric stove ceases to heat normally, the errors start to pile up, they are piling up for a couple of years, and then they show up clinically as symptoms. It goes on gradually. If some acute condition shoed out, youd better think what was before.

You should work carefully with the thyroid gland, in order to choose the action mode it is important to know in what state it is: hyper function increased, or hypo function -  decreased. In case of hyper function one should not place FSCs no 3 and 4 on the thyroid gland area. Work with it in the morning time, as soon as you wake up. Because it is the thyroid gland, that sensed  the flux of light and increased the hormones production, and the metabolism increased, you awake because of this process. Work only for 5 minutes in the morning, use FSC no. 2 in case of the thyroid gland hyper function, or FSC no. 3 in case of hypo function. And obligatory do manual therapy on the cervical spine. One should physically put it at place.  Blood vessels and nerves, which penetrate into the thyroid gland could be clamped in the cervical spine area, so if there is some physical malfunction and they are really clamped, the insufficiency will naturally influence the physiology. So the manual job is a necessary component.

Antritis  results from stubbornness, absent-mindedness, distraction.

Irritability and fastidiousness cause the throat diseases the anginas.

Another interesting example: the larynx the voice goes down, the low voice is dissoluteness, especially sexual. Notice what voices are popular today!

Stammering is constraint and lack of self-confidence, stammering heals very well if one communicates with a big auditorium, tells something.

Nose problems rhinitis, all this colds and so on,  are well healed by resignation there is a Gods will for everything. As a rule responsive, courteous people, who feel moods and take them into account in their behavior have a fine sense of smell.

I did not tell you about asthma yet. Vedic literature recon asthma not as lung disease, but as a malfunction of the respiratory center in the brain. Asthma is a lack of foresight, extreme straightforwardness, sturdiness, it could be extreme punctiliousness as well. What makes the respiratory center  to work well? Courtesy, restraint, kindness, diligence. Diligence is when one gets pleasure doing something.

Hypertension, for example, is a strong inherent mistrust to life. It is the scourge of our times. We live in such a time when media incessantly provoke us at the longing for something this is what you need. Intuitively one feels that it brings him out of the balanced state, out of harmony, that it is too much. It is the mistrust to life that gives birth to the hypertension. So I started to recommend: when taking shower  place one FSC above you, not at the water hose, not at the belly level, but above you, above the head. The other one at the floor. If you have a shower cabin, wrap tightly the FSC into cellophane packet and put it at the shower cabin floor. Nothing will happen even if you step on it. And stand for 10-15 minutes under warm water, feel comfortable under different frequencies produced by different correctors. What numbers? Any. Stand calmly under the warm shower for 10-15 minutes, it should not be the contrast shower, not too hot, not cold, a pleasant one. Sit for a while after the shower and measure the blood pressure then. It reduces the pressure even from 250 to 170, the one starts to feel normal. It is very important to meet the drinking regimen, because hypertension is an illness of dehydration.






What is also good about the shower: when the flu season begins, place FSC no. 1 on top, and when you are standing under the shower, gargle throat with this water. Here is 9 tonsils. It does not matter if two of them were cut of good lymph drainage is going on anyway. No 1 above you, you are standing under the shower, open your mouth and rinse it , the immunity rises very well. Generally speaking, good immunity is benevolence. If there is a flu season, put FSC no 1 up above, it does not matter what number at the bottom. If there is no epidemics, use any number, use cosmetology FSCs. Wash out your eyes, take bath and shower, it keeps veins and all blood vessels in tone. Use bath with salt for joint treatments. FSC no 6 works with collagen, and it means the  joints and cartilages. Use no 6 and 7 for flexible ligaments.

If a man lives in the rhythm of the Sunlight gets up at 5 a. m., then approximately at 7 a.m. the large intestine meridian starts to work, it disgorges calmly. Everything else, so called syndromes are inventions aiming to excuses. Get up in time, live in this rhythm, you would not stop the physiology by pulling up the blanket over the head and closing windows with heavy curtains. The physiology will work anyway, one simply has to fell in rhythm. Go to bed at 10 p. m., get up at 5 a. m. and you will  comply with the light rhythm and energies, and the physiology will respond.


The sixth center the third eye. It is more the feature of ones character than energy it is the view of the World. The view of its unity. When a man lives at this level of comprehension, he does not have good or evil, everything is united and interconnected, one thing gives birth to the other, one thing transforms to the other. At this world-view one sees God behind everything and everybody. The manifestation of God in everything.

Here is a diagnostics of a women, who healed psoriasis. What are the skin diseases? It is enormous ego. Extreme egoism. Calm, harmonious relation to life helps to deal with the diseases of the skin. Of course psoriasis requires FSCc no. 1 and 2, 3 or 4, 5 for tail system, and obligatory no 8 for the hormonal system to receive harmonious information right from the start. Epiphysis regulates everything. You see the state of the field on the diagram the third eye area is tightened. And here the criticism became lighter at this patient, and the psoriasis had gone. There were such enormous plaques all over the body, it was horrible.











And the seventh center is the highest spiritual values. It is already holiness. At the beginning I showed a diagram of a patient with a tiny field above the head uneasy relations with ancestral energies, this energies help us to live. All our plans, hopes, all our realization in life are fed from this energies. And if one think out something different, for example decide that he was born in his family by mistake, and cuts himself off his own roots psychologically such a person starts to try to walk through walls instead of using doors. It is both painful  and ineffective. It is very hard to struggle against life. And the fates builds up hardly, life like an endless combat, or like on the enemy territory.

Here is a field of a very harmonious man. When one has such a field, everything comes true easily. Here is western psychological data: psychology state influences opportunities for activity, it could be that 20 % of ones efforts will accomplish 80 % of work. It is a state of harmony. We all have roots, and these energies strongly influence our fate, define it. When a man is in the state of illness, it is impossible to change the fate, because all energy goes to the homeostasis support. It is exactly the thing in which our Functional State Correctors are very good they perform this job, they support homeostasis with their frequencies. Want it or not, we perceive this frequencies, somebody else put this FSC under us or we are using it consciously,  but we acquire these frequencies, we are trying to acquire any frequencies whish are around us. With the help of the FSCs we preserve enough energy to be able to influence our fate.






Astonishing results could be achieved combining modern psychological techniques with the FSC use. How to restore these channels? Our emotional relations are electromagnetic frequencies which stay in our own fields forever. As they say they are piled up during many  lives, and they influence us. We start to hear and interact with our parents in the intrauterine period. We may even do not suspect what happened during that  time, what emotions prevailed, how we felt, what we were aware of during that period, but nevertheless these emotional states, remaining in our field, may create a kind of background emotional mood, like some noise in the radio, and somehow inexplicably the relations just do not put together. They say that our brain uses 4, 5 up to 10 % percent of its power to be aware of our World, the rest is sub-consciousness. It is these fields which are the sub-consciousness. Dealing with our physiology FSC allow to direct our energy at the work with the sub-consciousness.

I want to give you a technique of working with the sub-consciousness, which is aimed at the beginning. But where to get the energy? There are people who undergo a lot of psychology trainings, trying to find an escape from some situation, an escape from some swamp, and they go and go, read a number of books, the whole libraries, but nothing changes. Not many people have energy to get up at 5 a. m. and go to the Yoga classes. No powers, no opportunity. It is an endless process of collecting information without any result. When the information is important?  With some accumulation the information should turn into transformation. All this information about how wonderful it works, and how it is organized it should transform into the character features. Then it works. But where to get the energy for the transformation? The harmonious state helps, look it is a technique of modern psychologists.

And it is the forgiveness, forgiveness of your own parents. If you are a right-handed, then you take a pen into the left hand. You know that one brain hemisphere dominates, and the other is, lets say a guardian angel of our sub-consciousness. One should work with the hemisphere which is a guardian. If you are a left-handed use the right hand, if you are right-handed - use the left hand. And write down a text, 3 sentences addressing your parents by name (use the full form of the name, no nicknames and shortcomings allowed). My father (Name), please forgive me for everything. Then again My father (Name), I forgive you for everything and My father (Name), Im grateful to  you for everything. First forgive for everything, then I forgive you for everything and express gratitude for everything. Then put the pen aside, stand up, and do the earth bow. What is the earth bow? It is when the head is lower than the heart. Again sit down and write.  Look what happens, small motor function works, you are very  concentrated when you are using unusual hand for writing, you pronounce it, you think about it. When you stand up and do the earth bow, you change the position of your body in these gravitational field. All this changes the neurons connections in brain.  So you write it three times and do the earth bow for your father, yes, 3 times. And you do the same 3 times for your mother. The state of the fields on the right side is ones relation to his father, the state of the fields on the left side is ones relation to his mother.

What gives the harmony of these fields?  Paternal energies power and money come to ones fate. It is possibilities. When one think about something, things come exactly that way. People which could pose help and necessary influence turn out at the needed moment, at a certain place, they may help even more than you hoped for. Motherly energies is intuition and ability  to build and adequate defense, that means a normal sense of danger. One may build a hyper-defense and spend too much energy on it, and in case when insufficient energy were spent at the defense, one may get a strike. This energies interact, they build up a fate. Ideally one should do this practice 108 days in a row. Every day, two month at minimum.

What happens when FSCs are added? This energies influence at our field structure, and the frequencies of different layers of our field are recorded on the Functional State Correctors. Laying FSCs around yourself  at approximately  0.5 m.  radius, and with the distance between them of the same 0.5 m., you create a closed curve of the FSC devices with different frequencies, it greatly reinforces the impact of this practice.

Once gain: Around yourself when you are writing, or around the place where you do the earth bows, you may lay out any FSCs you have. Observing one condition: you are in the center, and the radius should be about 0,5 m.  it is required for the FSCs would not silence each other. Minimally 3 FSCs are required equilateral triangle around you. When writing or when taking bows, you enter this closed curve  comprising different frequencies. It strongly affects the fields. The effect reinforces tremendously.  The fate really changes. At the second, the third day some strange conflicts start to develop. People come and tell sone soeaks to me with a different voice. Serious things start to take place.

From the auditorium: Only Mother and Father?

First, obligatory Mother and Father, because it is possible to say  there is no personality at the frequency level. There are frequencies of a man and frequencies of a woman. And our relation to parents starts to translate at our relations with each half of mankind. You see, somebody due to the conflicts with mother cant build relations with women. Neither at work, nor with neighbors, some conflicts always happen. The same with men. As soon as this harmony is achieved, it all comes to norm. Later on, using the same scheme you may write at anybody. You may improve relations with every person at whom you know you were resented for a long time, and apparently overdo.  Resented, or experienced fear, or some other negative.

Work with consciousness is a very interesting thing. Today we know a lot, read a lot, and so on, but it is hard to turn on, to start doing something. When I stumbled upon this practice I thought, I should do it, but at the same moment I noticed a dirty cup which requires washing, some dust which I had to rub. I said : stop, in a moment it started to lead away anything, but not what is necessary. You need simply to take a sheet of paper and a pen, and force yourself to do it. You see, it is you, who is doing this step, you take responsibility for your fate, for your illnesses. You do this step, and later you will interact with it.

Fate is enormous energy-informational field, in order to influence fate one should  fit this frequency range, step inside this rainbow, and if it produces some noise in your sub-consciousness, nothing will happen. In order to influence fate one should be clean inside, and doing the cleaning of your consciousness, you start to work from the roots. You do not just wipe the leaves of a tree to give it a pleasant look, but you tender the root, and the tree will blossom out itself. It is very important.

From the auditorium: is time important?

Time is not important. It does not important what you will do with the paper or a notepad afterwards, it could be paper napkin, anything. It is the action and your state which are important. Moon quarters do not matter as well. It is very interesting, people tell later, complex conflicts float up, different fates. At the beginning one could do it mechanically, forcing himself, then offences come to mind, and the feeling is I forgive you anyway, and only then the sense of gratitude comes.

From the auditorium:  does not matter if the person is alive or passed?

Independently. This energies exist, there may be no physical body but the energies exist. The gratitude comes later. It is no question that our fields are translated to children. What sits inside the parents head defines the life of the children. You see, when you are changing, children change also. It is so powerful practice, especially in combination with the Functional State Correctors, because they do the job of the physiology support. You can use the blue ones, you can use the green ones. Use your intuition.

From the auditorium: is it possible to mix the green and the blue FSCs for this practice?

No, you should not mix them up. They are silencing each other when the distance is lower than 1 meter. They start to work normally only when the distance exceeds 1 m, but at smaller distances they start to interact.

From the auditorium: shell we address parent, or can we include a child either?

First address parents, and only after them you may add a child. Then you may add anybody, may be you felt offence to a lot of people, you may write a whole library that way!

From the auditorium: shell we work 108 days specifically  with Father and Mother?

Yes, first you write to father, then to Mother, you do it at once, there will be 6 earth bows.

From the auditorium: we are writing these papers and keep them?

No, do whatever you want with them, it is not the papers, that you are changing, you are changing yourself, rumple them, throw them out. It is the process that matters.

Here is a short remark about green FSCs. First they work with the emotional background. It is a different matter than physiology, than a blue FSCs. FSC Love works at all levels. It could br felt different ways. Be sure to place it above the waist level, place it higher. The illnesses that are forming on the right side are male, on the left side female. And there is a good pumping: place FSC Love at the left shoulder, FSC Success at the right, and the Amulet at the Solar Plexus. Try it.

Another remark on working with joints, when the  field is strongly deformed, I showed the diagram at the beginning. Strains arise, the shoulder joint is strained, hip joint is strained, also the knees, legs, ankles. Large joints pumping effectively stabilizes  organism  and releases tiredness. Use different FSCs the numbers do not matter here. You lay them down: women first the left side of the body, men first right then left. Humeral joint, hip joint, under the knee and feet, if you have enough FSCs also place them at the ulna joint and hand. 10 minutes is enough. Any large joint is a chakra. We have 49 chakras,  but 7 of them are the main.

A lot of people have immunity problems and enlarged lymph nodes. In this case, when doing the large joints pumping, try and place the FSCs  at the armpit. If the hip joint at the groin area. Under the knee. First one side, then the other, women start with the left side, men with the right. It works well with immune-deficit conditions. You may also use this system to work with any extremity which is ill. Hand work with humeral joint, ulna joint, hand. Leg work with hip joint, knee feet.

It is better when the FSC numbers, which you put at some definite place, were not the same from session to session, but change. If today no 1 is at the shoulder, tomorrow let it be under the feet, the day after tomorrow at the hip joint.

If you have enough correctors work with both sides of the body simultaneously, 10 minutes is enough. It works well when one gets psychological strikes, has low moods, immunity decreases after that. Do this pumping in order to avoid bronchitis, antritis. You may do it in a laying position. Do pumping in a times of crisis, when the load is high.





Any illness is a signal of our mind that we are doing something wrong, a signal that our reaction, our behavior is harmful to us. It is sub-conscious defense from some destroying behavior. Illnesses protect us from even larger harm, which we may inflict on ourselves.

I thank you for attention.

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