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"Harmony, The Active Longevity, The Clear Vision new FSCs in the green series

Hotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna internet conference, august 2012.

The information from the Places of Power is recorded at the latest Functional State Correctors in the green series. There are three of them? They do not have numbers like other plates, we differ them by names. They are called: Harmony, Active Longevity and The Clear Vision.

What is recorded at the FSC The Clear Vision? polarization of water from the stream Eye. The stream Eye flows out from a spring Eye which is situated at the Alanhay nature reserve. Alanhay is an ancient volcano, which is situated at the foothills of the eastern Sayan Mountains in Nransbaikalia, its height is 1662 meters.  Permafrost, which depth is 20-30 meters, surrounds the Eye spring territory, it is fed by water which produces from the permafrost melting. This melt water is carried up to the surface, it is rich with rare trace minerals. This territories are balneology resorts, people from all over the world came to this places, they drink water, take bath in it, wash themselves. There are different springs at this region, and the Eye spring is one of them. It heals any eye diseases, not only cataract and glaucoma, but also the retina and the cornea and the crystalline lens anything. Have in mind, that accommodation malfunctions like long sight, shortsightedness, astigmatism are implied in connection with the crystalline lens. The Golden Pyramid Cosmoenergy Channel is recorded for the protection of the information which is recorded at this FSC. Information from another harmonizing Dolmen from the Gelendzhik district is added. There is a place called Phada near Gelendzhik, and 7 groups of Dolmens are situated around Phada, one of the Dolmens with harmonizing energies was chosen for the FSC The Clear Vision.

The FSC The Active Longevity is a Functional State Corrector which turns on the rejuvenation program. We made an inquiry into the Information Field about this FSC plate, and we were shown on old face which started to rejuvenate.  Polarization of water from a spring, which normalizes the brain blood vessels at the first place and the cardiovascular system functioning, is used for this FSC. The spring is also situated at the Alanhay nature reserve territory, and the information from another Dolmen complex situated near Phada is also added.  The complex consists of a karstic cave called The Skull and a horseshoe shaped Dolmen, which is situated in front of it. This system gives us an information which tunes up the blood vessels in the brain. The polarization of water from The Skull karstic cave gave very good results in restoration of the post-insult conditions. Again the Golden Pyramid Cosmoenergy Channel is added for the information protection.

FSC Harmony has polarization of water samples, which were delivered to Moscow from the Arcaim in 2011. First we should mention the altar stone from the ancient settlement. Straight in front of the ancient settlement which is unearthed now and declared a monument there us an altar stone, with a site around it, and when one stands in front of this altar stone with his hands up, the heaviness of the Cosmic Energies which comes from the Space pull the hands down. The most powerful harmonization, cleaning, co-tuning with the ancient energies of this city of the ancient Aryans. It is not just a city, the ancient name of this place is Arkama, the root Ar means Earth, the root Ka means The Spirit, the root Ma means womans energies. This root is present in modern words like Mama, Matter, these words bear womans energies. It was an ancient cultural center. Empresses were brought up at this place, that means the highest priestesses they were all women. And we are getting all this energies from the ancient city center.

Then the eastern slope of the Shamanka mountain. We climbed the Shamanka mountain at the night of the summer solstice of the 2011. Tatyana Gusarova, Tatyana Pavlova from the  Gorno-Altisk city and her daughter Ksenia were with me. We climbed to the middle of the road, at which all people who visit the Shamanka mountain are climbing, and they stopped us and prohibit to climb at the top and ask to go round the slope, the way it would be on the right side, but they prohibited to go to the top with the crowd. So we sat at the slope, both Tatyanas fell asleep, and me and Ksenia took photos. On the photographs a pair of tadpoles was seen which floated at the feet of the people who walked at the handmade Shamankas spirals. The Tadpoles had a classical shape, such black blots with tails and with glowing bright eyes. A week ago, reading Muldashevs book about his first  Tibetan expedition, I stumbled upon a place where it was said that such tadpoles appear above sacral places, it is a defense. They did not carry any negative, but defended the information, which is stored at the Earths subsoil, as you see all answers do come sooner or later. At the Sunrise, when the Space at the Shamanka mountain was renewed, and the mountain started to work as a source of positive information tuning, the permission to collect information was granted. And we had to guard our bottle? Because several times it was a chance it would be overturned by people passing by, because everyone wanted to greet the rising Sun. As you know this mountain carries definite co-tunings, they are: realization of ones predestination, the cleaning and restoration, the harmonization everything is present on the Functional State Corrector Harmony

And in addition to all this a spring at the foot of the Cheka mountain is added. The Cheka mountain in 70 kilometers aside from the Arcaim  complex, they also call this mountain The mountain of wealth and power, and like with all the other Arcaim mountains if one climbs on it from idle curiosity or in order to satisfy the needs of his physical body, the mounting tries to prevent such visitor from climbing at the top, to the altar stones, to the main information source. Particularly with the Cheka mountain, if one climbs on it for power to master ones own ego and seeking spiritual wealth, one could climb on it in minutes, thou it is 1,5 kilometers climb. If one seeks material wealth and power above other people, the road would be hard and very long.

The Green Function State Correctors, whish we have nowadays work very seriously, we may use them for bath and shower, for pumping, for water structuring use them as you wish, as your intuition tells you.


Question: Is it possible to give The Longevity FSC to a person in the old age? And how to use it correctly ? start only with structured water, or we may put it on the solar plexus along with water drinking ?

Answer:  We already spoke about this plate, one should start with FSCs no 1, 2 and 5, especially if the person is in an old age, only after that we should introduce The Longevity use. And one should start with structured water, after that it is possible to use it in contact place on the body, and use in pumping.


Koltsov Sergey Valentinovich (from internet conference at 15-th of November 2012):

 For the first time I conducted an experiment is it possible to protect FSC programs with Cosmo-energy channels and initialize them automatically. It happened that it is possible. So we have two FSCs: The Clear Vision and The Longevity which automatically adapt to the given patient, so one should not think out anything. More to it the short practice of their use by people showed that the The Clear Vision plate quickly relieves such conditions as intraocular pressure, what was very hard to achieve with the help of chemical drags. And it is clear why because this year outer polarization jumps are really enormous!

The goal which was set during creation of The Clear Vision FSC was to activate blood circulation in all cellular structures connected with eyes, and the implementation technique of this two new plates may differ from convenient implementation of the blue FSCs. It is enough to place to hold The Clear Vision for a minute, or a minute and half at the projection of one eye, then at the other for the same time. In this case an interesting phenomenon starts: outer Cosmo-energy channels turn on automatically, and after that they will work for different periods of time with different people. So use them periodically, it is not necessary to hold them at the eyes for a long periods of time, it is also no need to carry them with you on the body, but we recommend to repeat this short procedure 3-4 times a day if you have problems with eyes.

What one should not expect? If by any reason the eyeball is deformed, one have some dioptre, one should not expect that the eyeball form would come to norm quickly and the sight would be improved rapidly under informational influence. But in cases of minor malfunctions, for example which are caused by the dynamical  harmonization malfunction in case of the  right or left eye prevail, - here  the focus takes place quickly.

When I had to work with on-board computer programs we had to sit round the clock in front of blinking green screen the monitor, of course my vision was deteriorated, about one half of dioptre. This FSC helps to focus vision quickly, 10-15 minutes is usually enough. In such cases the focus restores quickly.

So, what could be expected from such FSC?  The Alanhay Spring water polarization is recorded on it.  Hundreds of years People who have problems related with eyes come to the Alanhay Spring. And a number of rejuvenation themes were added, ayurvedic preparation Maharaja which accelerates cellular structures regeneration, Cosmo-energy channels which activate stem cells were added, so the main function of this FSC plate is to rejuvenate cells in order to deal with degenerative changes, such as glaucoma and cataract.

The Longevity is based on the karstic  cave The Skull which is situated at the Pshada region. We had several opportunities to check that polarization of water structured inside this cave helps to deal with post-stroke conditions, and more to it do not allow them. The polarization of Amaranth oil is added as a main geronto-protective theme. At the information level this information helps to clean blood vessels and prevent cholesterol sedimentation at the blood vessels walls, mush the same way as FSC no1 does. That means a deep cleaning of the whole cardiovascular system, which would prevent strokes and heart attacks. You should remember that it is a means of prophylaxis at the first hand, so if one deals with serious condition, one should understand that it is hard to mend in two weeks time.


Question: How to implement The Longevity FSC ?

Answer by Koltsov S. V.:  The same way you use the blue ones but The Longevity is a bit more clever. It starts automatically in a minute or a minute and half when you put it near your head or somewhere at the body. Then you may remove it, drink some water, structured on it, but the Cosmo-energy channels will work on their own for a long period of time. So you mast repeat this procedure several times a day.

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