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Epiphany water 2013

This year two new FSCs were released. They are called The Natural Antibiotic and The Live water

Now a little more information about the plates. These FSCs will work only one year until 19.01.2014. Then they will stop working, they will do neither no harm, no will be able to cure anything. After that we may use them as a protection from electromagnetic smog, thats all. They made such FSCs last year. They worked well. As you may know on the epiphany night water polarization constantly changes. It could be compared to an announce what we should expect from Earth magnetism in the upcoming year. The polarization of the Earth magnetic field  will repeat polarization which we observed at the epiphany night. And this polarization will induce some states in people.    

On the Epiphany night S. V. Koltsov every 15 minutes takes water samples from a clear spring near Moscow .There always are some positive samples that support human being and friendly bacterium, and there are negative water samples, which stop oscillation processes at all living cells. So Epiphany water is not all that simple thing, it constantly changes, and if you bring some from the cathedral, its properties depend on the time it was taken. The question is far more complex as it seems to be. Such water will help, but during some  relatively small time period of the next year when the Earth magnetic field polarization will coincide with the polarization of your sample.

What S. V. Koltsov does?  He takes all positive Epiphany water samples at one FSC which is called The live water 2013, and all the negative water samples at another, which is called The Natural Antibiotic 2013.  FSC plates contain all positive and all negative samples so they will work through the whole 2013.

Implementation: Drink structured water, use for bath and shower, use structured water to treat skin if necessary. The only limitation is concerned the The Natural Antibiotic 2013 one should not drink more than a glass of this water in two hours. It may provoke powerful colon cleaning.

And a couple of words about how The Natural Antibiotic works. You know that life is a motion. If we consider live cells and bacterium the motion will mean oscillations. The natural antibiotic, or we also call it The Dead Water (you may heard this words in fairy tales), stop all oscillations in all living organisms. Our bone system has a built in mechanism which restart oscillations in human body sells. But unfriendly bacterium and parasites do not have a bone skeleton. No system which will help to restart their oscillations. Friendly bacterium has field structure similar or compatible with the field structure of the human bio-field. Our bio-field will help then to restart oscillations. And unfriendly bacterium have bio-field built on quite different basis and it is incompatible  with human bio-field. There is no restarting mechanism for them.

On the 27 of January S. V. Koltsov spoke at the meeting with the Center Region  distributors. He said that this Epiphany night he observed high frequency energies, there was 6 major polarization transitions.  Compared to the 12 month of the year we may expect that in average every polarization will influence us for 2 month, - it is a long period of time. Because if one given polarization stays for two weeks we have diseases, if it stays 3 weeks we may observe chronic disease, and 4 weeks may induce epidemic. He characterized several of these polarization periods:

Now I hear coughing at the auditorium, the polarization suppressing respiratory and digestive systems turned on nowadays. I advise you to use any FSCs you have as a cup stands, put everything you drink and eat on them, because if  not some illnesses may appear out of nowhere. We should expect a period of the immune system suppression in future. There also will be two periods of influence on psychic in one of them men will be suppressed, in the other women. I express sympathy to traditional medicine. The methods which worked last year simply would not work for the same symptoms this year.

S. V. Koltsov about Epiphany water 2013. Internet-conference, February 22, 2013

Today I want to give information on different electromagnetic influences, which could be estimated by Epiphany water wave characteristics. It is clear that the effect has cosmo-physical nature, and it changes from year to year. Until recent time it was not clear how it changes, and how it is correlated with previous years. I have hard copies of Epiphany water for last 10 years. While dealing with this question Ive read the works of Simon Elevitch Shnol  ( ), critics on his works, and so on, there is a long discussion on this topic, but it seems he was right  that some cosmo-physical events do exist, and they could not be considered as random. The 19-th of January night of every year belongs to that class of events, when they are showing us what electromagnetic polarization will influence our planet and us during the next year. Now Im making a reserve, because I did not checked if the event belongs to a class of diurnal events, which depend on the Sun position over a given territory, or it belongs to a global class of cosmo-physical events, I cant tell definitely. At least now, according to Moscow decree time the event starts at midnight and until 1 a. m. a phase shift from old rhythms to the new ones is taking place. From the physical point of view the dipoles in water simply turn over, and reorganization of the whole picture is taking place during 1 hour.   The Church men say that it is prohibited either to eat or drink anything during this hour, and they are right in that sense that at this moment the chirality rules (the rules of symmetry) are violated, they are in the wrong side during this hour, but how it could be done  is a mystery to me. The event is so thin, I do not understand how it could be reproduced formally. By all means it is possible to register the mere fact of this event, make a hard copy, and analyze what could be done with the help of this rhythms. Exactly at 1 a. m. by Moscow decree time the picture abruptly changes, literally in a minute the chirality rules are restored. And during the night of the 19-th of January different phase shifts are taking place, and we take a big number of water samples at some regular time intervals. For example, during the first hour, when the water is a Dead Water, the time interval is about 10 minutes. And a bit infrequently during the rest of the night. Otherwise the number of samples would be too big, and we will have difficulties with their analysis.

What was interesting about this event this year? First, it was obvious, the frequency of the oscillations, which took place during the Epiphany night, became higher. Minimum by three octaves in comparison with the previous years. Translated at the normal human language it means 8 times, and even more at some moments.

We conducted an analysis in order to check how many dynamically independent phase shifts were there?  What means dynamically independent? It is phase shifts after which water structure essentially differs from the adjacent ones. It happened that there were only 6 phase shifts of the kind too few. Peak of changes was observed at 1:25 a. m. Moscow decree time, the next phase shift started at  1:35 a. m., but it seems that was only a preliminary stage before next serious shift. The next shift took place from 2:35 and ended at 2:45 a.m. after that time two peaks of changes were observed. We did not came to a final conclusion about these two peaks, if they are intermediate stages - the situation is even worse that means there were only 4 significant phase shifts. Now we formally state there were 6 significant phase shifts. The next shift took place at 3:25 a.m. and the next one at 5:25. We continued to take samples after that time, but they started to whittle away.  The last sample was taken at 7:08 and after 7:30 we could detect only the basic rhythm with a period of 34 seconds.

What is interesting about these moments? Obviously it is non-linear phenomenon, in which we can register only the envelope curve of these outer oscillations. In the physics is such concept as a soliton non linear solitary waves. In this case only the envelope line could be observed. For example, laser irradiation is a current of solitons. They are coherent and though it seems that they could be described in terms of harmonic oscillations, there is a big number of oscillations inside each of these waves, and  we see only the envelope line. All rhythms that come into existence in the epiphany water, are present during the whole year, but at a given moment we see only that  which prevail, which form this envelope line. It is because of that outer world supports the epiphany water during the whole year, the water does not get spoiled.

What is seen?  That from year to year there is absolutely no correlation between these yearly oscillations. What does it means?  That epiphany water of 2012 lost its dynamic attractiveness (positive properties) exactly at midnight of the 18-th of January. It lost resonance with the outer field. At this moment outer field undergo fundamental changes. And what does it means?  That with the same symptoms of different illnesses, they should be treated absolutely differently, because the generative reasons changed fundamentally.

When such epiphany water will work? At the moments when the live system is close to the phase shift, that means to the points where some choices are taking place, to the points of variability. Here the physics of equilibrium process is working. And any living system is non-equilibrium stable. But phase shifts are taking place from time to time. So when they say something like is it possible to give universal method of curing some given condition? No, it is not, because different people have different personal problems, different limiting organs. We should understand in what time the energy of that given organ is at peak. Observing the oscillation in the saliva and blood we checked in laboratory the Chinese table of ( 2 hour ) times of organ activities. It is not a joke. So one should understand, if you know your limiting organ, take an effort and look at what time the energy of the given organ prevails. Different FSCs, including  the epiphany water, would work in these hours most effectively. Because at the energy peaks the switching from negative processes to the positive ones should take place. At other moments the luck of energy could prevent the system from switching (from the phase shift), at these moments the system is closer to the equilibrium state.

Now about frequencies. Different esotericists  like to speak about some rising frequencies, epiphany water says the same, they are really rising. It is not good for the ordinary people. Why? Because with the same symptoms, some remedy which could help last year, may not work this year due to the frequency spectrum rising, and healing remedies simply may have insufficient resonance. So the remedies which helped last year may not work during this year.

Our chief sanitary inspector speaks about prevailing H1N1 flu virus, which is going to start an epidemic,  but it is not the same virus which was the last year or the year before, I even do not mention 2009. Because it is virtual boneless formation, without solid basis, it is obliged to adapt quickly to the outer field changes. Of course this year we will be dealing with absolutely different, mutated virus, or is it a virus at all?  The spectrum of the field changes is very diverse, and we could not say that viruses stay the same. There are two precedents among my friends medics; they were talked into making flu vaccines. Both say we would better not do it, because they had severe flu and it took a long time to heal. We should understand the phenomenon that we fundamentally depend upon the outer field. They would better did not even let me to make some vaccination against flu, respiratory virus or some other virtual formations, which are changing every year. It does not mean that we should not do some meningitis, cholera vaccinations and so on. It is quite different things, but they also are obliged to mutate under the outer field changes. And a question arises when the vaccines are not corrected, and why should they bother with corrections? I have this question about vaccination for a long time.

Now about different characteristics. At a given moment the disturbances which started to show themselves at 23 rd of January, did not have significant changes, thou they were stronger at full-moon and new-moon periods. But basically the spectrum of these disturbances did not changed. If take into consideration that there were only 6 phase shifts, that means that each one should be active about two months (in average). It is really bad, because under the lasting   disturbance, that means structural changes everywhere: in tap water, in produce, meat, milk and so on, there is a high probability to fell ill. Even people who use FSCs are catching outer field dictated disease now. Plants are more or less persistent to such disturbances, they form their own wave interconnections with the outer world. Thats why in case you want to avoid catching field dictated disease, you should eat a lot of live vegetables and fruits. What complicating factors do we have now? Due to the fact that now we have quite unusual disturbance, which influence different organs and systems. For example, the disturbance acting now, corresponds to the epiphany water which was from 2:45 to 3:25 a.m.  What organs are affected? Most of all peoples consciousness is affected, you see many professional drivers are saying: what happened? Guys on the road gone mad yes they did, and we were not even asked. Lung system is under the pressure. The same is with the cardio-vascular system. And at the same time gastrointestinal tract is affected.

I have an additional remark on the gastrointestinal tract, I practice cleansing for a long time, and measure field in the period of fasts. Last year the rules of the game started to change, that means there was not outer field gastrointestinal tract suppression during the Advent fast (from late November till Christmas). But the polarization which suppressed  cardio-vascular and lung systems was acting instead. So people catch some strange colds from the end of December.

At 19-th of January the rules of the game suddenly changed, the spectrum of frequencies changed, and the pressure at organs also changed. As I said in the beginning, from the 23-rd of January, head, cardio-vascular and gastrointestinal systems were affected. Many people encountered with unmotivated  gastrointestinal tract disorders. People started to think what did I ate?, I only had some tea!  The disorder could be induced by an ordinary soup, if you cooked it without preventing wrong polarization by placing an FSC at the gas pipe or electric power cord. This minor influences finish us off with time, and it is only a question of time, when the undesirable phase shift will take place.

During the last week the disturbance which influence kidneys were added to all these adventures. Now we dont know exactly weather it influence only kidneys or the adrenal glands as well. Booth is not well, because it means depression to the majority of people. I do not remember such a combination for all the time we register outer field disturbances. Wary complex one. What helps? We must watch what FSCs have sufficient degree of resonance. 7 octaves (which is about a 100 times) is required. What is most interesting that under such circumstances the stopping factors work better than stimulating ones. Natural Antibiotic  (or the Dead water) stops all these processes in 3 days, then our bone system restarts all oscillation processes in the organism. And bone system restarts oscillations by our own rules. Now it becomes clear how it works.  The integral should be accumulated in order the phase shift to the state of illness take place. And Natural Antibiotic  nulls it in a moment. So we have relatively fast recovery. I observed it at my family members: those  who neglected the shower with the Natural Antibiotic   - everyone fell under this influence, but those who took  shower with water structured with Natural Antibiotic  (stopping effect) did not fell ill, they had some minor indispositions during a day or two at most. Those who were lazy suffered for 3-5 days with leakages from all holes. The main thing is not to allow the process to go into lungs,  if the process is neglected the pneumonia may develop. Ordinary doctors in regions, not knowing this situation with the outer field, started to feed patients with antibiotics, which could worsen the situation. It is a very hard situation for the  official medicine, and it will go on the same style during the whole year.

What else should we expect?

I analyzed the phase shift whish started at 5:25 a.m. it is not interesting, because the stimulation of the rhythms was still high, but it is not seen what concrete organs would be affected. But it is possible to make predictions in connection with other periods. There will be a period when the immunity in all systems will be suppressed, again there was nothing of the kind in previous years, when simultaneously head, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, adrenal glands were suppressed. People will have difficulties getting out of such situations. The only thing that is clearly seen is that the influence which broke the connection of the human beings with the Earth magnetic field has gone. That means the connection of the first chakra with Earth never would not be suppressed. The connection with Earth would not be lost. It is good. It is another confirmation of the fact that the Hartmans greed has gone. It is understandable that if it is gone, and they show us this fact, the outer interference is obvious.

There will be a period with a strange combination of influences aimed at the head and at the adrenal glands. It is strange because such combination means emotional sphere influence, and a strong one.

There will be combinations of simultaneous influences at different organs, so standard cures for ordinary conditions, described in medical textbooks, would not work. The situation with the dynamical influences of the outer fields for this year is strange, if not to put it harder.

I have a feeling, that all people awaited apocalypse in December, but we will encounter with natural selection instead. Those who quickly learn to think with their own head, and understand what is going on,  will live. It is not the market economy, which is responsible for our difficulties, simply due to the outer rhythms changes, which we have this year, the rate of changes in the outer fields dynamics incessantly grows, and that means that allopathic medicine methods become obsolete on the fly. Here we see the crisis of the classical medicine, stimulated by the outer fields.

I did not had enough time to look what FSCs compensate current changes of outer fields better than the others, but there is one particular FSC I felt an urge to check. It is FSC Love from the green series works brilliant in all  spectrums of the outer rhythms. It seems that they (who are outside) give us a hint, that the time of harmony and love has came instead of wars.

Other moments are not too strange, I would rather call them expectable, those people, who  regulary use Functional State Correctors do not have a right to fell ill. But on the other hand those people who did fell ill, will have difficulties recovering with a standard combination of no. 1 and 2, much higher degree of resonance is needed. Green FSCs work better in this aspect, and the lilac ones even more.

Thats all I wanted to say about Epiphany water, and I want to add that it is necessary to start direct sales of The Live water and The natural antibiotic FSC plates (in 2012 these plates were distributed only via promo-actions between partners). Because in this year (2013) one may seek remedies for a long time, and these two FSCs have all the answers.

People start to toss questions, ask to comment in what time we had a Dead Water in Moscow

Answer: from 12:01 p.m. till  1 a.m. by Moscow time. From 1  a.m. until 7 a.m. it was Live Water, after 7 it rapidly blew out.


Question: What FSC should be used at rapid blood pressure jumps?

Answer: About blood pressure jumps and all the rest these dynamic shifts are immediately followed by vertebras shifts in the  spinal column. The disturbance we have now at first provoked  shifts in pectoral section of the backbone in the area of 3,4,5,6  thoracic vertebras, and recently the neck and lumbar sections were also affected. So nowadays the main problem is to protect the spinal column. Not only protect, but people who do not deal with their backbone systematically should not be surprised if they will encounter with disease, because shifted vertebras mean disturbed informational conductivity in related sections of the spinal column, that means that outer field won battle over related part of the organism. After some time some micro-flora will  settle in this area, it would be some viruses or some aliens no miracles.

First start with the spinal column. Second you should constantly stimulate cardio-vascular system, you should always have no 9 at hands, and no 2 as well, you should wash out all that.


Question: Someone says that collected Epiphany water every 15 minutes, will it help in curing diseases? All water is in one bowl.

Answer: It will help in such case, but how much are you able to pour? 20 liters at most. And here we made an FSC and we may get a tank.


Question: Can you say anything about Epiphany water at Catholics.

Answer: It is not connected with Christening, it is Cosmo-physical phenomenon, so I am not in course what is going on in different confessions.


Question: What FSCs may help to restore cardio-vascular system? The rate of strokes rose.

Answer: Not only strokes, I started to speak about powerful pressure upon the spinal column, absolutely any system may fail due to the bone system malfunctions.


Question: Why FSC no. 1 acidulates, and FSC no. 2 alkalizes ?

Answer: How did you checked this? Generally speaking neither works on PH shift, that means very small PH changes. Another question is that chords collected on them preferably should work at corresponding times of day. It is connected with a question, what phase shifts are closer to them. The first FSC is closer to the morning phase shifts, and the second one to the evening ones. It is known that our PH changes in the course of the day, acidulation is  going on in the morning, and we can eat whatever we want, and in the evening restoration processes prevail, alkalization starts. Human organism does everything on its own, FSCs only help to switch this functions more actively. But if to look formally at the water solutions, FSC does not change PH significantly.


Question: Is it possible to use The Live Water and The Natural Antibiotic Functional State Correctors in the garden, working  with plants?

Answer: I would not recommend to use The Natural Antibiotic for plants, they do not have bone system and it is a stress for them. I do not do this. Why it is recommended always to put a glass of water on such FSC ?   Once, 3 or 4 years ago there was a precedent, such a plate was forgotten at the windowsill close to the flowers. The Mistress says: I do not understand a thing, I water them regularly and add fertilizer, and they fade on and on. Ok, the eye catches something laying over there, what it is? Ah, there.  I take a closer look, and it is the Natural Antibiotic. It created a bulk field, which stops any oscillation processes in plants. So they started to fade, because slow but constantly applied disturbances will work sooner or later. But it is possible and necessary to water plants with The Live Water FSC.


Question: How often should we use The Natural Antibiotic  during the day, and how to implement
The Live water ?

Answer: Dead water is The Natural Antibiotic.  In case you already fell ill, drink a glass of water not often than every 2 hours. And also use shower and baths for 10-15 minutes at a time. The Live water could be used without limitations. Carry it with you, structure drinks and food, do whatever you want. Yearly practice showed there were no complaints. If one uses The Natural Antibiotic with his head on his shoulders no consequences.


Question: Im using FSCs starting from 2010, at 2012 stomach ulcer was discovered.

Answer: And I have simple counter-question: are you doing something with your spinal column on a regular basis? Because if one looks at FSC as at panacea, you will run into  some chronic disease. Do not forget that you should constantly keep your bone system in order. Constantly!  It is like tooth cleaning. You should regularly visit osteopath. Because with the stomach ulcer you probably have excessive weight, and a couple of vertebras in the  pectoral area has shifted. Thats enough you would not be able to solve the problem with FSCs no 1 and 2.


Question: Im an Apple tree by the Druid horoscope, but I feel irritation with pendent, uncomfortable, take it off after 10-15 minutes, maybe there is some incompatibility, thou I was born at 23-d.

Answer: No, it fits exactly, here is another question connected with the spinal column. You may try to restore the rules of the game with the pendent, but vertebras may block the process.


Question: an interesting question comes about different nervous states, people have recently.

Answer: It is objective reality. I myself observe this phenomenon at my nearest surrounding. The state people characterize as the roof has gone. It is an objective picture today. And the man does not understand what is wrong with him. We have to think it over. If a lot of people will use FSC Love, the picture should stabilize.



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