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Green and Lilac FSC – Merlyakova Elena – from lecture at Sankt-Petersburg, 13-th of January 2013

For better understanding I recommend you to look at previous material by Elena Merzlakova – she speaks about the connection between our diseases and the state of mental sphere.

When I first read the names of these green FSCs, they were^ “Love”  “The Success”, I was perplexed, did they really mean that the one who buys them, wow!  Gets the world at his feet? Their action us a bit different, because as you know our illnesses are related with our character. And our character is an automatic reaction – means how do you respond at given circumstances. I often hear from people: ”I feel such pain, I’m ready to kill the man when he speaks this words, how can I forgive him? For 40 years I I’m in all this, how can I change this?”  But green FSCs bear recordings of such frequencies of especial places on Earth where people came to get this force. You see, they came to special places to get the power to change their character. Very interesting thing. Some unusual irradiation comes out of Earth, when a man comes to such a place, may be for several hours, may be  lives in it for some time, and when he returns he is able to forgive another man. You understand?  The reaction changes. It is a great help to all diagnoses, to all illnesses, because there is obligatory a reason behind them, there is fear or rage – two extremely powerful emotions, from which all other things  grow.

It seems that after creating blue FSCs S. V. Koltsov get interested: what else could positively influence human being. And he starts to collect all these places of power, dolmens from Gelendjik, Olhon, Arcaim. It is clear that it is booth expensive and time consuming to visit all of them. Well, try to go at Lake Baikal, live at the Lake Olhon for a month, it is not all that simple in our life. But with these FSCs you can enjoy these energies at your home.

Or consider another moment: suppose you arrived at Gelendjik, going to a dolmen, local people know this one if for colds, this one – for headaches, can’t get pregnant – that one, there are clear paths to all of them, thousands of people are visiting dolmans. So imagine you are closing the right dolmen. You’ve spent considerable time and money – important resources, and at this very moment a friend calls, and you start to discuss: “he said this, I answered that” and will you act this way? Will you say: “stop, we will speak calmly when i arrive”? I mean that you should be in a calm state of mind when you interact with places of power. And I believe, it is desirable that you lived there for a month, a Moon month, because all our physiology lives in Moon rhythms.

So, when you realize what is your problem, for example what emotion blocks healing process, you read about FSCs, the names of the dolmens, and choose Functional State Corrector for you, and it is desirable that you interact with that FSC during a month time, you may drink water, structured on it, you may take bath with structured water, you may meditate, sleep with it – place the FSC near you when you sleep, you should live with this energies.

Blue FSCs bear recordings of curative herbs. Suppose you will come to Lake Olhon, would you stop drinking tea?  No. That means one does not interferes with the other. In parallel with the blue FSCs, you should use “Love”, “The Success”, “Healthy Generation”, the “Amulets” (men’s and woman’s). and recently S. V. Koltsov produced 3 new Functional State Correctors in a green series, which are more powerful than the previous ones, they are “The Longevity”, “The Clear Vision” and “Harmony”.

As FSCs no. 1 and 2 work well in pair, in pair they maximize each other’s performance, that means if one uses FSC no. 1 + structured water in the first half of  a day, and FSC no. 2 + structured water in the evening, the healing processes would go more actively. In the green series FSCs “Love” and “The Success” reinforce each other in a similar way. Remember the time you were in love. How lucky you were? How smoothly the things go – icicles from the roofs felt at some other place, people helped you, Dean suddenly decides not to expel you from the university, and so on. Here is a fact: “Love” and “The Success” do help each other. It happens sometimes that one wants to get Success in some area, says “give me the Success FSC”, but may be his desire to achieve success in a given area does not coincide with what should he have according to his destination. Love is such a powerful state, in which the fate itself starts to help, so what shell we do with these two FSCs ? We should eat from Love and bath in Success.

There were times when women sat at homes, and men would fight to death for them, they seriously protected them, and the main function of a woman at home was informational protection. They prayed, and first of all they prayed while preparing food. Consecrated food is quiet a special thing, if you tried it you may know. Woman’s  prayer energy charged and guarded all family members. All family members, children, everyone who lived under the same roof and ate the same food got powers from this energy. So when you prepared a bowl of borscht, put FSC “Love” at the table, cover it with wooden stand and place your bowl on it for 10 minutes. Let it stand on “Love”, what can we do with the fact that we have to work nowadays! And it is great to take baths or showers with “The Success” FSC. Use this combination at least during a month, and things will start to straighten out little by little. The one changes emotionally, and what is even more interesting – his aims and plans may also change.

Now a few words about “Amulets”. As I told you our head is a generator of electromagnetic frequencies, and our thoughts, when coming out, first they structure our own field, and then they structure the field of a man about whom we are thinking about. It does not depend on a distance that separate us, the man we think about could be nearby or somewhere in Argentina, there is no distance or time  in the world of longitude electromagnetic waves, the interaction takes place immediately. And our thoughts do change both our bio-field and the field of a man we think about. This is a basis for things, that ordinary people call “evil eye” or “hex”, I think you encountered with such things. Some people believe they exist, others do not, but computer diagnostics (Vlahov’s adaptomery) clearly shows them, and it does not depend on nationality, language, race, the human bio-field may have definite damages due to pathogenic influences. Green “Amulets” create protective background. And one should clearly understand that a person would be affected by hex only in case, there is a similar wave / frequency inside their own field, the similar theme should present – maybe he acted or thought in a similar way. Two waves colliding, fall in resonance, and produce the changes in bio-field. So one should let the hex / evil eye in. it is not possible to put an evil eye or spoil a saint man, he has not such a wave inside, so there is nothing to resonate, so no interaction takes place. So our responsibility upon what we say and think is a really serious matter. When one did have a thought but there was not a deed after that, nevertheless it works the way the event did actually take place. So man’s and woman’s Amulets work in this way. Our most powerful emotions are related with love and money. It is the areas of the heart chakra and the solar plexus. It is also good to carry this Functional State Correctors at the spinal column area. If you suspect that you may have ill-wishers, which may resort to hex.

Both parents and children should use “The Healthy Generation”, because the state of our bio-field is reflected on children and induced on them, especially when they are under 14. If some quarrel takes place between parents, the children fell ill. I may even do not examine a child, looking at parents it is possible to tell his illnesses. “The Healthy Generation” works with it.











“The Longievity” bears the Altay frequencies, this Functional State Corrector works literally everywhere – with both cardiovascular and hormonal systems. We have blood vessels everywhere – in the spinal column and heart, and in the lungs – absolutely everywhere. But first of all it is the head. This FSC quickly relives high pressure, including intracranial pressure. In minutes – very interesting corrector, it helps to people who suffered head traumas of different origin – strokes, brain concussion, craniocerebral injuries. It is very good to sleep with this FSC under the pillow. If some joint aches – place it on a joint, if the spinal column – tie it at the waist.











FSC “Harmony”. My son is very sensitive, he “feels” all this FSCs, I bring them at home, going to a trip tour, and there was a “Harmony” among them. And he has extremely “explosive” character, he is a child who grew behind the computer screen, he belongs to a generation of people who has difficulties establishing social relationships. To say the truth it was convenient when he used to sit with the computer, making no disturbance, but later on it appeared that this generation of children is not able to bear any contradictions, they have strong reaction of rage may be reaching  strong aggression, because when they communicated mostly with electronics they had the possibility to erase what they disliked in the computer game. One click of a button and the situation you dislike is deleted – no problem. But you cannot erase a teacher, cannot erase parents, and children who behave differently, and they show strong aggression, they really do not have any idea on how to build relations with society. The generation of the 90-s is so-so, but nowadays the problem becomes more demanding. The FSC “Harmony” works pretty well with these things, I saw it on my own child, who had exactly the same explosive character, unable to bear any objections. So he takes different FSCs  at hands and says something like “this one tickles”, “this one is so and so” – it is a kind of amusement for him. Every other FSCs he took and put away, but this evening he takes “Harmony” in his hands, “the computer hang”, he sat with it for half an hour shifting it from hand to hand and then said: “May be you will leave at least this one at home for us?”.  When I returned from a trip three weeks later, I talked to his wife, to say sincerely I thought he would play with it for a while and put it away, many men, independently of age, need to be  advised all the time: “Remember to take it with you, where are you going?”  So I asked her: “What happened with that green FSC ? do it lays somewhere?” She answered: “He sleeps with it, takes it on his job, and carries it at home with him everywhere” And she tells me that my son became softer, started to treat other people more calmly, able to speak with them. “Harmony” helps to calm the wave of rage when one encounters with some objections. Our children, who have to sit at home while their parents are working, need this Functional State Corrector. If your child is little and you are afraid he may lose it, make some pocket inside his schoolbag, let him carry this FAC with him, it will remove a lot of problems, which may grow as a snowball. It is easy to spoil the relations, but how to mend them later on?

And another green FSC is “The Clear Vision”. When mentioning the clear vision, I associate it not only with cataract and glaucoma and myopia, but the third eye level in the first place. It means the ability to differ good from evil, useful from un-useful. This Functional State Corrector really works well with the retina and the eye nerve, but also it influences the state of a man, when he is in his wisdom. When it is not the emotions which pose him, not “I want this or that”, but intelligence – the ability to tell good from evil. The method of “Waving”, introduced by Akselrod is very good for eyes. Generally when we encounter with some acute conditions, the  “Waving” works well, but we should remember that we also need to work later in order to consolidate the results. Here a woman came to me, told me that her sight recovered from myopia in several month, she held “The Clear Vision” FSC for half minute at both eyes, at the thymus area and at the liver. Try it this way and tell me about your results. You see, I collect recipes this way. As with “The Longevity” it is good to place “The Clear Vision” under the pillow – to enter into the state of wisdom. Brain structures are restored quickly. Post stroke conditions are restored quickly. What is interesting, there is a definite face deformation in post stroke conditions. When you came to patient, you may tell by his face if he had a stroke. This deformation goes away with the Functional State Correctors.





Now a brief review on the lilac Functional State Correctors and their consonance to the blue ones:

Number 9 “The Healthy Heart” is a remarkable FSC for heart, it  is the best from the entire row. And also for blood vessels, we have vessels everywhere. Like no. 1 and 2 which act as spasmolytic – they enhance capillary blood flow, FSC no 9 is a far stronger  spasmolytic. And we have vessels everywhere: in joints, in skin, absolutely everywhere. So no 9 is not only heart but also all blood vessels.

No. 10 “The Healthy Joints” –is a very good rehabilitation, in this sense it could be compared with no. 5, 7, 8. FSC 10 restores the bone structure, which is the structure, being solid is most difficult to restore. Soft tissues could be restored relatively easy. I want to tell you a story about my first experience with the lilac FSCs, and it was number 10. I did not knew a thing about Cosmoenergy until the Koltsov’s  lecture given in Moscow in the “Cosmos” hotel on 7-th of July 2011. I listened to him and it was strange for me. I am a practically minded person, skeptic, metaphysic made me cautious, especially when it comes to things that are difficult to measure. So I decided not to buy them at once, but wait for some time and see what will happen. Then a month passes. And I have patients a family who arrived at our country 14 years ago with a religious sect, they live in Taiga at the Lake Tiberkul  - no other people around, no electricity. The lake is very beautiful, some tourists come to visit in summer, they serve them and live on this money through a year. Booth are retirees, have a number of diagnoses, generally they use Functional State Correctors, you see there are no drugstores and doctors around. And we call each other from time to time, I seldom give my private number, but here is a special case, you would not climb a mountain just to  chat about the weather. Usually he calls me with a prepared list of questions: “Lena, we have this and that problems…what shell we do?” and we quickly think what could be done with the help of the FSCs. But this time he says: “I have a result!”  “What happened?” – I reply. And he tells me that they visited Abakan 2 weeks ago, bought lilac FSCs. And I think “wary interesting, and what it is?” And he was a mature man, short haired en brosse, grey haired. And he says: “My hair is black and my potency is like in 30 years”.  I say “slow down, at greater length from this moment, what are you doing”. You see, the living conditions are tough at the country, not favorable for meditations, the summer lasts only 3 month, one should use the time to chop firewood, and do a lot of other things, necessary to survive. He says: “I take FSC no. 9 at hands, hold it opposite the chest and say “I am grateful for complete rejuvenation of my organism” and FSC no. 4 I place at the second chakra, and go working”. The situation does not dispose to meditation or to visualization of organs, like they often recommend to do with the lilac FSCs. Only 2 weeks and a combination of the blue FSC and the lilac one – what is also not recommended by other speakers. But what is very important  is the serious mood of this man, he needs a young physically healthy body in order to survive in taiga. His emotional state is very important, he does not think with his head, no time for doubts “will it work out or no…”, he has to go to work, and his moods are really serious. I was so impressed with his example, because it was difficult to pull out diseases from them, living conditions are too heavy, serious physical load. And I thought “why it was no 10 which worked? ” and I came to a thought that it is rehabilitation action of this plate that showed out. It is rehabilitation FSC.

The next FSC is number eleven – “The Health way of living” – it is consonant to no 5. Addictions, dependences.  Energetically dependences “live” at the second chakra level, at the liver level and at the level of the third eye. So you may carry this corrector or sleep with it. It poses interesting influence at liver – does not substitutes number 5, but poses help.

You may carry all lilac FSCs with you, structure water, bath with them.

The 12-th FSC – “The Healthy Sleep” is consonant to number 8.  Also poses very good rehabilitation. They say that if you will place it at your feet for a night and think of a wish, the wish comes true. You may try. Sleep is very important, it is really restoration and regeneration of tissues, and the sleep should be deep, without nightmares and sleepwalking. Both no. 8 and no. 12 have soothing action

FSC no 13 – “The Healthy Intellect” deals with the spinal column. I myself have problems with the spinal column, and when I tie it to my back, I feel that I’m able to hold my spine all day long. You know, at some moment there could be a desire to stoop, but with no. 13 it is easy to hold the spine. Gynecology, carrying of pregnancy, and head – quick grasping, especially in the time of sessions, exams, some reports. It is good to sleep with it, not only a deep sleep but also a quick grasp, clear thinking process.

Let’s talk about FSC no. 15 first, Koltsov called it “The Light of Life” and it is consonant with no. 7. It greatly helps to improve hormonal  system functioning, because rejuvenation is first of all the hormones and blood vessels. This FSC is for blood vessels, hormonal system and also it is cytostatic agent, stops division of mutated cells. In combination with no. 3, 4 and “The Longevity” it works well with infertility and potency. Nowadays they say that 50 % of infertility – is men’s infertility.

FSCs no 14 and 16 are the ones which protect us. As I noticed they calm down our emotions. Because all problems come up from fears. It is informational protection – I mean from the thoughts of other people. I travel a lot myself, and noticed that I became more calm with these correctors. Even if my own fears are born, but nobody will attack you from the outside.

Now I will give you several implementation techniques.

FSC Pass. One should place functional state correctors at a step distance, and one simply steps over them. It is desirable not to mix FSCs of different colors. The energies are different. It is like 12V and 220V – I am overdoing but the energy really differ. Use separately the blue ones, and separately the lilac ones. I did not tried the green series for that – at my opinion people do not jump from dolmen to dolmen, or from the Olhon lake to Arkaim, here a more prolonged influence is required. The one simply steps over the FSCs. Good blood vessels and joint restoration is taking place, this procedure enhances immunity. 10 minutes is enough, but you will find that it is hard to stop. Place the blue FSCs then the lilac ones, any numbers you have. If you are working with affirmation, doing it  while stepping over the FSC pass enhances the result. It is also good to use the FSC pass when you are building some plans or thinking over some problem. Try it.

If you are working for a long time it is good to place 2 FSCs under your feet or in the top of your boots at the outer side of the legs. Any numbers. If you have problems with the spinal column and joints, you may place additional FSC at the sacrum – the place where all energy channels meet. Use any green and blue plates, “The Longevity” has good effect. Now I will tell all FSCs that work with legs: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, «The Success», “The Longevity”, both “Amulets”, “Harmony”, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16. If you are dealing with information lesion, people collect negative information with their legs, use numbers 14 and 16.

Wrappings. Soak natural cotton or flax fabric in cold water structured at any Functional State Corrector, wring out well, and wrap the fabric around the crura or any other joint. Wrap over with natural wool. At the second medical conference this method was given by chief physician of a rehabilitation  sanatorium for bone pathologies. At that time (2010) it was the only sanatorium for disabled persons with bone system conditions. It was the method, introduced in the 19-th century be an Austrian monk Sebastian Knaip, it works much better with Functional State Correctors. It is a cold water that stimulates blood circulation. To say the truth our organism “gets frightened” and through a lot of hormones. No salt in water. Use ordinary water. If you can find hay dust, the dust that is left after hay, boil it, then cold – works even better.

The Sun. It is when you place several FSCs around a chair, and one sits calmly in that chair for some time. You can use blue or lilac FSCs. With blue FSCs one should sit for half an hour, with the lilac ones – 15-20 minutes is enough. Bio-field restores very well. One may have some sensations. Minimally you should use 3 FSCs to make a closed loop, or you may use more. Imagine some strong stress, stones started to fall from the sky, or something cardinal happened in life, one man told me his story – he had pressing problems connected with busyness, so he laid all his FSCs around a sofa – all kinds, blue, green, lilac – and lays on it to sleep. I think “my god, it is good he has a healthy heart, because even with 3 FSCs unprepared men could have cardiovascular system reaction”.  And he wakes up with a  ready solution, but the night before he was absolutely broken-down. He awoke  with an understanding that he should do this and that, cheerfulness returned, with psychology burden relieved. It was an extreme example, because the FSC combinations are very individual, and it is dangerous to use them in such a mix. So you take a chair, lay minimum 3 FSCs around it, if you have more FSCs of the same color (blue or lilac) lay more. If you are using the blue ones it is good to place no. 1 under the coccyx, and if you are using the lilac FSCs, place no 9 under the coccyx. All the other numbers (of the same color) are laying aside, and sit aprox. 20 minutes. If you want to start health improvement process to strengthen immunity, begin doing “The Sun” at the period of growing Moon and it even number of days. In case you want to relive from some exposure, to get rid of something, it is best to start at the falling moon and repeat the procedure uneven number of days. Do it at any time of the day, I think you may spare 20 minutes for yourself. Being in low spirits, with decreased immunity, in a state of some hassle – do “The Sun”. Can you imagine, once they told me about a case when a voodoo doll with needles was found in one flat in Bratsk! Where is Africa and where is Bratsk! Any miracles are possible. “The Sun” relives all these influences, if you suspect any magic exposure – then the falling Moon and uneven number of days - 5-7-9. It is important to start at the falling Moon.  If you unable to scramble out of some tedious state, unable neither to sing nor dance, then it is better to work on the growing Moon even number of days - 4-6-8.  If you find it hard to sit for 20 minutes, use “FSC Pass”.

Water. If you have several lilac FSCs, you may do the following: take any vessel (3 liters for example) and place lilac FSC around it like a camomile  petals, or un other words like the Sun, and pour  water into a vessel. In result you get very unusual water. If you used filtered water – you may drink it, you may use tap water for feet baths, you may rinse yourself with it after bath – very good unusual effect, use any lilac FSCs you have.

Sometimes people ask me what to do if the words of different lecturers contradict each other. I think there is no contradiction, simply Functional  State Corrector work very individually. If you think that different approaches exclude each other, try both and see it for yourself, what would be better for you. And you should obligatory experiment on your own. If something comes into your head, take FSC and try it. Watch your condition and remember what helps. I remember one woman, telling me that she used a kind of sandwich made of FSCs no 1 and 9. She tied it with rubber circle and told me that when she carries the correctors tied in such way, she feel excellent. She simply carried this sandwich with her. Regardless of what Sergey Valentinovitch Koltsov says, she felt very good.

Use your logic when choosing FSCs. If you have some problems, then you have capillary blood flow malfunctioning, so it will be logical to use no. 2, 9, and “The Longevity”. If you are dealing with some informational influences, then it is the “sphere of responsibility” of no 1, 16. You should build logical schemes. Usually we know our diagnoses very well, all names, which end at “itis” (bronchitis, otitus, cystitis) are inflammations, so you have to use FSC no 1.  When you are using no 1, you should obligatory add no 2. Use them at least for 3 weeks even if you feel improvements earlier. When the agent, which caused inflammation is suppressed (may it be microflora, may it mould, fungi), you should obligatory use rehabilitation correctors (at least for 2 weeks) – those ones which restore normal cellular structures, normal cellular metabolism, they are: 5, 7, 8, “The Longevity”, 10, 15

If you have changes in tissues, some cyst, tumors, erosions, the FSC no 1 is obligatory needed. After that use cytostatics – no. 7 and 15. Use them at least for 2 month, and during that time drink water, structured at no. 2. Only then you may switch at correctors which restore, it could be no 5 or 8 (no 8 is not only for sleeping).

If the disease  is connected with structural changes in tissues – varicosity, osteoporosis, some changes in cartilages, you need long treatment, lasting for 4-6 month, and in courses. For example, the bones, if you started doing the wrappings, it is desirable to do it not less than 14 days. Or some joint  inflammation – again not less than 14 days. I did not took it out of the head, I had a patient, a woman, she weeded grass at her vegetable garden at the pose of a ballerina, one knee bends, the other is not. It is very painfully because the changes in joints are taking place. But she is an engineer engaged at space sector, she takes everything seriously, she decided to do the wrappings and she showed me her notebook, where everything was scrupulously written down: date, FSC number, exposure time. And she comes to me with this notebook and tells that she is doing wrappings, changing FSC numbers – one day no.1 and the other day no 2. Two week passes, she goes to visit her mama, comes to her vegetable garden, see the grass and start to weed. She says: “Suddenly it strikes me that I am sitting in the squatting position, not at the ballerina pose, I’m rushing home to my notebook, and look – exactly two weeks passed”. You see there should be such minimum as 14 days. If there is such an inflammatory process, and even if you feel ease, it is worth to continue, in order to prevent the return of the inflammation.

If the joints or bones are modified, then 14 days would not be enough, in 14 days you may only relive acute process, so after 5-7 days break repeat the course, it is desirable to include Functional State Correctors that  intensify blood circulation, because “building materials” should be delivered in order to help the restoration processes. It is the capillary system which delivers the “building materials” – use no 2, 9, “The Longevity”.  Then use FSCs which regenerate tissues:  5, 7, 10, 15, “The Longevity”, “The Clear Vision”.   “The Clear Vision” is also a rehabilitation corrector, so far as  it  restores the retina, I think it will  cope easily with other tissues. It is desirable that the whole process took several months. From 3 to 6 months. It is a struggle. Serious condition developed for 20-30-40 years, and then we want to get rid of it easily in a couple of weeks.

These principal may help you to understand the logic of the FSC implementation. And do not forget the procedures that improve immunity like “FSC pass” and “The sun”.



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