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This article is composed from questions and answers from different lectures and conferences, I think it is interesting to collect in one document questions, connected with some given theme.


Question:  Tell about FSC operating principals, how it works through plastic case?

Koltsov S. V.: We solved this problem more than 5 years ago, the question could be put differently: if some materials, able to block FSC irradiation exist ?. 6 years ago we came upon such a material. May be it seems strange, it happened to  be a plastic drinking glass. We poured some water in it, wanted to made some research,  and suddenly we see no response, everything became quiet. I even asked to present us one drinking glass for research, so unexpectable phenomenon it was. We did this research, and this plastic drinking glass had a polarization of narcotic. The plastic itself.  We became interested who is the manufacturer. It appeared to be a Ukrainian production from the Israel material. After two days we found information able to break open this polarization. FSC plastic cases, which were necessary  condition in order to pass certification procedures  are made from medical silicone.


Question:  We are using polyethylene packets in order to  preserve  outer FSC coating, does it decreases the effectiveness of the plates?

Koltsov S. V.: You will never notice it, it may decrease effectiveness by 1 percent unnoticeable.


Question:  It seems that FSCs produced in different years have different effectiveness.

Koltsov S. V.: About FSCs produced  indifferent years; they are working the same way they were. Wary slow rhythms start to prevail recently, it creates an impression that they are working a bit weaker. Yes they work weaker now because outer rhythms take away minimally two octaves. There is nothing I can do, it is an objective reality. Next year we do not expect this slow rhythms and again they will work madly. But we have to bear in mind that every year is different. You can easily return this two octaves, I said it many times, you should connect diagonals between holes at FSC corners, and drill another hole at the center (1.8 millimeters in diameter).


Question:  Is it possible to drill the fifth hole, and how to do it?

Koltsov S. V.: while it is difficult for us to do in mass production, but you can do it on your own, you should draw diagonals via existing 4 holes (not through the corners of the plate). Then you should drill a hole ay the crossing point. The diameter should be exactly 1.8 millimeters.


Question:  How to empower blue FSCs, drilling 9 holes at the central area?

Koltsov S. V.: Do not even think of it!  If you want to empower your FSCs there is nothing to drill except  1 hole at the center. You saw such things, I did experiments for myself wanted to see how it is possible to empower FSC, it appeared that no additional amplification takes place. 1 hole in the center is enough.


Question:  If we cut FSC at two halves, would they preserve.

Koltsov S. V.: They will preserve information, but the power will drop by orders.  In current FSC embodiment synergetic amplification is realized. Nothing was left by chance.




Question:  If we will place two FSCs criss-cross, what amplification we will get ?

Koltsov S. V.: If you place one FSC at the other criss-cross (or in any other orientation) they both get silenced, nothing is amplified. One case if two FSCs are placed at the body, and if they are laid in pile all get silences. It is the safety of the operation.


Question:  How a sea-shell may empower FSC ?

Koltsov S. V.: In great degree, if you have in mind spiral form sea-shells, it creates powerful amplification. If one feels the luck of power search some Rapana sea shell. Simply  place it at the FSC, it will work more powerful. The empowered irradiation will appear in the direction of the shell.



Bigger Rapana shell is preferable, i had only this one in my disposal to make a photo. The ampified irradiation is directed at the viewer.







From a lecture by Merzliaykova Elena: Using computer diagnostic I noticed an interesting effect about FSC triangles. If one assemble 3 FSCs in a closed loop, the field becomes stronger. One may assemble such a triangle using 2 lilac FSCs and 1 blue FSC, they strongly empower each other. If one will place such construction under a chair, and sit down on it, a powerful pumping takes place, try it, gives a good tone. 2 lilac and 1 blue any numbers, the opening looks at the direction of the seat.










Triangles could be made, using different FSCs series:
















From  internet conference by Akselrod Alexander Efimovitch:

By the words of Sergey Vakentinovitch Koltsov any disease has not only physical manifestation, but also an energetic image. Placing an FSC at a problem place poses continuous static influence, aimed at one direction. What I have in mind?  Look, here I open an FSC case, there is in internal plate inside with 4 holes. 





To be exact the holes are the centers of such tiny plates, there are 4 such plates in the FSC device.





By the words of Sergey Vakentinovitch Koltsov they generate such toroid magnetic fields.





When we place FSC at a problem place field have a static influence upon the organism. So there was a recommendation by Koltsov to shift FSC plate form time to time, he said there is now use holding an FSC  at a given place for more than 5 minutes. Of course it could be a nuisance in some situations, but he advised to influence a problem place form different sides. It is better to influence dynamically. So when we move an FSC near a problem place, we create a moving field, i. e. the dynamic influence.



So I proposed to take an FSC in hand and wave near the problem place. Do it in such a way, that in the middle position of the wave cycle, the short FSC rib would be directed towards the problem place. In other words wave with the FSC near the problem place. (waving near my own eye)




Acting so, i. e. applying a dynamically changing field, one may increase the FSC influence by orders. By now I checked this effect in more than 2000 cases at my presentations.




It is even better to influence, waving 2 FSCs when holding one and one in both hands. Change the direction of waves: up and down, then from left to right, at different angels. Imagine that some beams are irradiated from the FSC short ribs, the beams should be crossed at a problem place.


 I will illustrate it: imagine I want to work with someones nose someone is sitting in front of me, while waving I would not hold (the central position is meant) the correctors this way,





But this way, the imaginary lines should cross at the patients nose.





You may wave, holding several FSCs between fingers in each hand





If you want to get even stronger influence, you may wave with triangles, the peak influence is directed along the axis, going through the triangle center. Again, like in an example above with nose, I hold them (center position) while waving not this way,




But give some inclination, directing influence axis to cross at the patient





and wave like me






You may structure water using a triangle construction: place a glass inside the triangle and pour water in it.





The FSC triangle poses strong influence in two directions it is symmetric construction, but we may point the influence power in one direction, closing the triangle at one side with the fourth FSC, it does not matter what number is the fourth FSC, or even what color, its color may differ from the color of the FSCs of which the triangle is assembled. Orientation of the 4-th FSC also does not matters. How do you do this?  Place one FSC (the fourth one) at a palm of your hand





and hold the triangle with your fingers. And wave with the entire construction, pointing it at the problem place.

I,m showung this with green FSC, but you may use any FSC colors as well




You may take closed triangles in both hands and wave with both hands.

Doing all these you should not forget the Functional State Correctors do not abolish traditional medicine, but compliment it. and be sure to drink (give to your patients) structured water, while practicing empowered FSC influences, without water the probability of coming through acute condition is really high, especially for the beginners. People who just bought their first FSCs should try these empowered practices with double care. In case of any acute condition switch to drinking lots of water, structured at FSC no 2.

Despite the fact that one may get instant effect using FSC waving techniques, you should understand, that the work should be continued in order to secure it.

Koltsov S. V. (from internet conference. December 13, 2013)

Now I took two absolutely standard FSCs from a store. Here one corrector is The Success and the second number 1. Now Im going to show how to coordinate them in order to increase overall effectiveness. It is very simple. Everything that is necessary is already factory marked.

Here, I open FSC cases, and you see a label at the inner plate, here it is number 1.

You should orient the inner plate in such a way, that this label appear under the hologram at the outer case. You should do the same operation with the second plate, Here it is - The Success label. I also place this label under the hologram and close the outer case.

Now we may say that our FSCs are marked. The hologram at the outer case corresponds with the inner plate orientation. This is an initial position.

After that I turn over any of these two FSC around the small side. Or the rotation axis is parallel to the long side. Here I turned over number 1.

Here is a position how these two FSCs should be situated at the body.

Now I can place them at the spinal column, preserving this adjusted mutual orientation. The FSC plates should be oriented along the spinal column. (of course at the back side of the body, here Koltsov shows orientation of the plates)

You place one FSC at the 1-st neck vertebrae (the atlas), and the second FSC at the coccyx. 5-7 minutes is enough to do spinal column pumping with such coordinated plates. Any plates will work perfectly when coordinated. Previously we encountered with situations when 2 FSCs does not have enough power for absolutely perfect pumping. It was due to the absence of mutual coordination. When we did pumpings before, and oriented FSCs by chance, the probability of getting cooperative effect was only 25 %.

During promotional journeys Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov showed how to make a circle from 18 FSCs. It is extremely powerful assembly for pumpings and destruction of negative programs or essences. The point is that sometimes people have very powerful negative programs that are hard to disband, and such situation could be solved with a help of such a circle, then 1 FSC could cope with subsequent support and protection function. So at this internet conference they asked a number of questions about the circle, I did a translation of them for you.

Question: Should we simply place FSCs at the floor or should we fasten them to something?

Answer: The best material is aluminum strip, in Petropavlovsk city we used 3 mm. thick aluminum strip, the construction came out robust, you may place such a circle wherever you want.

Question: What if to lay out FCSs in a circle, their surfaces at the floor?

Answer: It is quite different story.

Question: For whom should be done the pumping in the circle?

Answer: For anyone. In the circle made from 18 FSCs I saw situations when a kin damnation was disbanded, and it took more than two hours and a half. We may encounter with different situations. I saw essences coming out of people, women speaking bass, or other things.

Question: Is it possible to place into a circle a newcomer or a person with some dependence?

Answer: Of course, at the first place. There is a lot of people who perceive any FSCs negatively. You should understand a possibility that it might be not a man himself who perceives the corrector negatively, but some essence who lives inside. In such situations it may come to absurd. Do not know what to do in such situations.

Question: These 18 FSCs in a circle should be placed in some definite order or arbitrary?

Answer: First of all you should coordinate all of them. Place at the table in a same position, then turn over every second FSC. Another point: the circle performance depends on the order in which different FSCs are situated. The sum will noticeably vary from the place of items. Here is a place for experiments. I did not checked it myself. The order in which the FSCs are situated makes difference.

Question: Is it possible to place FCSs of different series inside the circle ? To use all three series?

Answer: It is needed. Use any FSCs you have.

Question: What number of FSCs should be in a circle ?

Answer: The quantity of FSCs in the circle should be even, that is 10, 12, 16, 18. And never 14. Previously Sergey Valentinovich said that the number of FSCs in a circle corresponds with a definite chakra. You know in Chinese tradition they say that the 3-rd chakra corresponds to 10 petal lotus, 4-th chakra the heart chakra corresponds to 12 petal lotus, 5-th the throat chakra corresponds to 16 petal lotus, and there is no chakra with the number of petals equal 14. I, myself, do not know why Koltsov recommends to use 18 FSCs, later during the conference he says that for especially unfortunate city a circle made of 36 FSCs is recommended. The point is that such a circle improves energy in an area a size of a city.

Question: If there is no sticker at the inner plate?

Answer: The sticker could be missing at early or exclusive FSCs, but in any case there should be a soft-tip pen mark, it is situated exactly at the place, where they glue stickers nowadays. Use a soft-tip pen mark.

Question: What is the circle diameter ?

Answer: We made different circles, having diameter of 1 meter or less, the most interesting result was when we made it 78 centimeters in diameter. That is a resonant diameter for a sound wave of la music note, very interesting resonant amplification takes place. The more exact is a circle diameter (the more close it is to 78 centimeters) the more is a co-resonant amplification. Remember, that the FSC size is 78 millimeters one tenth of the same note la wavelength.

Question: At what distance the FSCs should be situated in a circle

Answer: I remember the distance only for 78 centimeter circle of 18 FSCs, it should be 13,6 centimeters between FSC center lines. You may calculate it yourself, dividing the strip length by the number of FSCs.

Question: How the FSCs should be oriented in the circle?

Answer: always in vertical position. The way you place it along the spinal column. First all FSCs should be coordinated. The way I told you before, first you place along the table, all holograms up, then turn over each second FSC . If you want to empower FSCs performance even more, you may drill the fifth hole at the center of each inner plate, the same diameter of 1.8 mm. The point where you should drill the fifth hole is the crossing of the lines drawn via already existent corner holes. Cause it could not coincide with the geometry center.

Question: Suppose we assembled the FSC circle, then whats after?

Answer: Climb into it, and you will be automatically pumped up everywhere. You may place a chair inside and meditate.

Question: Is there any risk when another person stands near the circle ?

Answer: None. All irradiation is localized inside the circle. More to it, if there were essences at a person who stands inside, they are not able to jump out.

Question: How long should one seat / stand inside the circle ?

Answer: An hour for the first time, after that 5-7 minutes will be enough.

Question: What diameter should have FSC circle above the head?

Luzginova S. V.: The same. There is 78 centimeter circle above me and another circle 78 centimeters in diameter under me. Two circles should be the same and the should be one opposite to another. Circles shall have the same quantity of FCSs in them. There should be symmetry.

I want to share my own experience of FSC circle assembling.

I used information which Sergey Valentinovich gave during the Tunis journey. He recommended aluminum as a best material, but if you do not have aluminum strip, you may take any material you have, the effectiveness will be a little less. He explained that diamagnetic properties of aluminum are important. When Koltsov showed us the circle assembly at meeting with Company members, he used pendulum to check its performance.

During the internet-conference he explained FSC coordination technique without the use of a pendulum, during the journey explanation he used it, so I checked with pendulum the mutual coordination of FSC pairs, the overall coordination of all FSCs in a strip when they are simply laying in a row prior to mounting them at the aluminum strip, and the overall circle performance.

I took inner FSC plates out of outer plastic cases. Placed the outer cases close to each inner plate in a same orientation. The way holograms were oriented in the same way. First the inner plates were laying in the same way stickers up. Then I turned over each second inner plate. I took each pair (first and second, third and fourth, fifth and sixth, and so on.) and checked coordination with the help of a pendulum.

When two plates are coordinated, the pendulum should turn in all 5 positions: right above the FSSs, and some distance aside in points situated along both horizontal axis. Note that FSC (both single one and a coordinated pair) produces an energy beam along the both axis and above the plate center. These is a kind of standing wave pack with a period of 78 centimeters. You should expect maximum energy at a distance close to 39 centimeters, then a minimum at 78 centimeters, another maximum at 117 centimeters, and so on. No energy could be detected in diagonal directions.

I did not tried different FSC sequences. Placed all Golden FSCs from 17 to 24, also added  Fortune, and other FSCs with mayan Channels, for example "Apple of Youth", also used some new Collection FSCs. I prepared an aluminum strip beforehand. I had a thin aluminum strip at my disposal. I used Velcro strips for FSC fastening. I glued the hook-like part at the aluminum strip, and the fleecy part of Velcro at the back of the outer plastic case. Velcro holds well, and it is possible to take FSCs out of a circle when you want to work with a specific plate separately. Fleecy Velcro strip at the back side of FSC case does not interfere with FCS use. I used  20 mm Velcro tape with glue layer.  So you may make marks at the aluminum - where each number should be placed, and then you will be able to assemble and de assemble your circle. Of course any other solution will be suitable. During Tunis journey Koltsov used ordinary Scotch tape to fasten FSCs around circle-shaped bar chair - what was at hands at the moment.

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