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Eye problems. Use of Functional State Correctors at eye conditions.

Here is a collection of questions and answers about eye problems from different lectures:

Acselrod Alexander Efimovitch from internet conference at the 7-th of October 2012 Waving:: in case of problems with eyes give a man some text to read, or ask to look at some distant object and define the limits in which he is able to see clearly. After that give him The Clear Vision FSC or FSC no. 9 or any number you have, and let him to wave with the corrector in front of his eyes for a couple of minutes. Waving or dynamic FSC influence lies in rapid movements of the corrector in front of the problem place, in our case in front of the eyes. At that one should do waving movements in different directions for some time from left to right, then up and down, at different angels, while doing waving you near the corrector to the problem place and move it off, the point is to influence from different positions and directions. After the treatment let him look at the same text or at the same distant object, and you ask him what changed?. In 90 percent of cases noticeable changes are observed after the first session, in 9 percent after 2-3 sessions, in 1 percent the problems are really serious and 10-15 sessions is required, if after a number of sessions there are no changes you should look for energy-information influence like evil-eye or damnation being induced at the patient.

Question: How to use new FSC The Clear Vision to treat eyes?

Bozko Vladimir Grigorievitch: First, you may carry it with you, second you may buy artificial tear medicine, structure it and drop into eyes.

Question: Vision drops rapidly

Bozko Vladimir Grigorievitch: You take FSC no 2 and 7, bye two flasks of eye drops - artificial tear put each flask at different plates to structure (the distance between plates should be more than 1 m). Drop eye drops structured at FSC no 2 before going to sleep, and eye drops structured at FSC no 7 at the daytime. Take FSC no 5, tie at the liver area and carry it with you, because all eye problems start with liver. Also you should check the collar area of the spinal column for osteochondrosis.

Question: Blood vessels in eyes burst when using FSC no 9, what should ido? I need this FSC for treating heart problems

Hotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna: it seems that you have too much problems in your eyes, and no 9 is too powerful FSC for eyes at the moment. I think that tiny blood vessels get burst not only in eyes, but also inside other internal organs. Again I want to stress that one should start working with FSCs no 1 and 2, then add no 6 for capillary system restoration, then no 7 for large blood vessels, only after that you can introduce no. 9. In your question there were no information on how did you worked with FSC no 9. If drinking water, structured on it causes such problems with eyes, youd better withdraw from it for a while, restricting the work with the plate to working with cosmoenergy channels. The formula you used to address the cosmoenergy channels is also very important. And generally speaking this is slugs.

Question: Traumatic atrophy of the visual nerve, leading to complete loss of sight. Is it possible to help with Functional State Correctors?

Koltsov Sergey Valentinovitch: No, FSc is only informational influence, and here when we deal with the visual nerve atrophy, the blood flow should be restored. Especial physic-therapeutic devices are required. I had one, but its author Volkov passed to the other world at 90-s. nobody resumed production of such devices, it was a electro-stimulating device with feedback, that used pulse and respiration sensors. You should have stimulate muscles in the face area with electric pulses in order to train muscles and the blood flow.

Question: I had a strong hemorrhage into the left eye, another one a week after, and the third one three days left. I use FSCs for two year: blue, green, lilac.

Hotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna: It seems, that you should work thoroughly with FSC no 16 and Amulet. Such things, which lead to the vessels weakness, are unambiguously connected with program. Pay attention at your surrounding: who or what is blocking your vision, clean it. At the same time restore visual analyzer, using FSC no 9. In an amicable way you need no. 11, for now you may work with 16. Use no 15 in order to strengthen your work on visual analyzer restoration. Sleep with The Amulet.

Question: How to heal eye dystrophy ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: It is The Clear Vision a specific corrector. Because it is extremely powerful FSC, you should start as usual from water. During first 2-3 days simply drink water, structured on it, in small portions. Then work as with no 6, drop structured water into eyes 5-6 times a day. 1-2 drops in each eye. When you get accustomed to it, you may work with water more actively, actively wash eyes with water. You can encounter with acute conditions of two types. First a sensation of sand in eyes, tears, or, the other way dryness in eyes, red eyes, specks that do not really exist such unpleasant things. Here we should work at elimination of such manifestations, using water, structured at FSC no. 2, do not drop it into eyes, but actively wash them out, fix it on a water tap and wash actively. The acute conditions of the second type are connected with reasons, which cause eye diseases, that is gastro-intestinal tract conditions, liver and large intestine. There could be intestines disorders, or you may provoke some temporary dyskinesia, as a variant it could be stool disorder. Temporary, exactly as an acute condition.

Question: Please what FSCs to buy for a family of three? What disturbs most: Grandpa vision, mother vision senile short sight started.

Merzlyakova Elena (from FSC and consciousness, part 2): Vision problems 1, 2, 6. Structure the eyedrops, you are using at different FSCs (1, 2 and 6) and drop into eyes. Do eye-bath. Structure water at some pipkin, dive into it and winkle with your eyes. And obligatory look at the cervical part of spinal column. It is obligatory to apply correctors not only at eyes, but also at the visual zone at the back of the head.

Question: I see differently with my eyes, what could it be?

Merzlyakova Elena: Vision problems indicate unwillingness to see something. Right side the male half of the humanity, the left female. May be yourself. What FSCs ? 1, 2 and 6.

Question: Can you tell who practically got results with vision, give practice hints.

Merzlyakova Elena: My mother got a result with vision, she has very complicated astigmatism, in general, she saw only the first line of the test table. She seriously does eye pumping. Nowadays she sees 5 lines with one eye, less with the second eye, but in her 71 it is already noticeable result. What she does? Every morning she holds correctors at her eyes for 5 minutes: no 1, then 2, and then 6. She is working this way seriously for several month, or even a year. Every day.

Here is her result. I know that eye drops work. Buy 2 flasks of the eye drops they recommend you, structure them at different Functional State Correctors, mark the flasks as 1 and 2. Drop 1 in the morning and 2 in the evening, watch your condition. But one should work with eyes for a long time, vision restoration is not a simple case. Vision drops when one does not want to see something in his life. Accept what you do not want to see, - your eyes will feel easier.

Question: Cataract ?

Merzlyakova Elena: Cataract is a condition connected with slugs, usually develops with age, it could be eased by eye-washings and dropping structured water / eye drops. But everything depends on the stage of the condition. It is better to use no. 1 in this situation.

Note, that at the time of this conference, The Clear Vision FSC was not released yet, the same is true about the following questions answered by Marina Zaporojets. Everything that said could be complimented with The Clear Vision plate .Also note that Marina Zaporojets discusses only lilac correctors, this does not exclude what was said about 1, 2 and 6.

Zaporojets Marina Aleksandrovna (from internet conference from the 4-th of October 2011): in order to restore poor vision numbers 9 and 14 will fit best of all.

. . ( 4 2011 .): , .

Question: What lilac FSCs will help to get rid of short sighting?

Answer: Try number 9.

Question: dealing with cataract, should we use both The Clear Vision and no 9, or is it possible to get a result with one plate?

Hotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna: In the area of vision The Clear Vision is able to substitute no 9. It is also true when it comes to the eye blood vessels.

Question: How to use FSC when iris cells are dying

Koltsov Sergey Valentinovitch: The new FSC The Clear Vision was created exactly for this: to deal with blood circulation in the eye area.

Question: And what do we have for eyes ?

Hotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna: For eyes we have the following: we get rid of parasites with no. 1; deduce slugs with no. 2, when we are working with no 2 we should abundantly wash out eyes with water, fix no. 2 at the water tap and actively wash eyes. For cataract and glaucoma we have no 6 in the blue series, it is better to use it to structure eye drops, - drop your eyes 5-6 times a day, 2 drops at each eye. More to it: there is a powerful channel, called Ranu at FSC no. 9, which helps to restore vision, especially at cataract and glaucoma. And The Clear Vision the new FSC in the green series includes all eye conditions, you may wash your eyes with water, structured at this plate, use structured eye drops, put it on your eyes.

Question: After a surgery connected with glaucoma, tears constantly flow out of my eyes, how to help?

Hotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna: I would recommend to take The Clear Vision and wash your eyes often and thoroughly.

Question: Eye retina dystrophy

Hotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna: It is The Clear Vision FSC with the background use of 1 and 2.

Question: Man is 61 years old, retina exfoliation.

Koltsov Sergey Valentinovitch: If we are dealing with exfoliation, only laser weld in. No FSCs could help here.

Question: My mother undergo operation, artificial crystalline lens was installed, is it possible to use eye drops, structured at FSC no. 6 ?

Koltsov Sergey Valentinovitch: As a matter of fact use any FSC number, you will do only better.

Question: How to work with FSC plates in case of glaucoma ?

Hotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna: Glaucoma is a rise of the intraocular pressure. The same way as in case of a high intracranial pressure. These things are connected. It is FSC no 1. But you should have in mind that no. 1 does not work without no. 2. You ahould understand that these plates always should be used in pair. And more to it: the rise of the intraocular pressure could be connected with excretive blood vessels occlusion. Then you have to clean the blood vessels, it is FSC no. 5.

Question: When Im looking at homogenous light background, the dark sport are jumping in the field of vision, what could it be ? What to do to get rid of them ?

Hotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna: You should restore vitreous body of an eye it is FSC no 6.

Question: Black dots in eyes, what to do ?

Zaporojets Marina Aleksandrovna: Try to work dissolving these black dots with The Clear Space (no. 16), or The Healthy Heart (no. 9), they are connected with blood circulation malfunction or senile degradation. And turn on the rejuvenation process. You may use especial eye drops. Eye drops with aloe help. Everything in complex could help.

Question: Woman 38 years old, congenital cataract in the left eye 5 percent of vision remained, is it possible to help?

Zaporojets Marina Aleksandrovna: I always dive the same answer at such specific questions , concerning complex cases: lets try. Powerful cosmoenergy channels are recorded at the lilac FSCs, their task is to heal and harmonize, so we always may have a try. That is, there is a great probability that they will help. When it comes to eyes, we should use our common sense. Blood vessels, veins and eyes it is FSC no. 9 The Healthy Heart. The same way, as I told you before, you take an FSC, co-tune with it for a couple of minutes, after that tune to healing. You may also lit a candle and place it nearby. Then you pronounce the password and formula I am grateful the cataract was dissolved, or I am grateful the glaucoma was healed, and hold the FSC near the left eye for 15 minutes, holding in your inner vision the mind-image of absolute health, visualize the healthy eye. You may take a look into anatomic atlas beforehand if you do not know how a health eye should be built. But even you will simply say I am grateful for healing being done the work would be done. But if the organs are paired, you should obligatory work with both. If you are healing the left eye, obligatory work with the right eye as well. Im using the world healing in context of harmonization. It is always welcomed if you are working in tandem with a doctor, any methods are elevated with the help of the Functional State Correctors. Even if you use ordinary eye drops, put them at the FSC to structure, saying Im grateful that side effects are neutralized, that useful properties were activated, and the remedy was adapted to the patient. Only then you drop them into eyes. At the same moment it is good to drink half of a glass of water, structured at the same FSC plate. Prepare this water beforehand. Along with that the cosmoenergy session, which you started with the gratitude formula is going on. It is good to combine FSC influences in such a way. I will call the work with lilac FSCs a cosmoenergy session, and the man who is working with himself a patient. A number of sessions (Marina names 10 to 20) may be needed, everything depends on your efforts.

Question: Strong watering, ii have all FSCs, how to help ?

Hotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna: Either there is an eye cleaning process on its way, or some reaction (of an allergy type) at cold. If it is allergy again no 1and 2 and Healthy Generation. Drink water structured on this plates. It should help.

Vision. Internet conference by Luzginova Svetlana Vasilyevna from the 10-th of January 2013

What is our eyes? It is a part of our brain that comes to surface, and the state of eyes strongly depends on the state of the liver. A tight connection of inner and outer organs exist inside the human organism. So at a physical level our eyes are tightly connected with liver. But human being posses not only physical body, but also thin energetic bodies, everyone of us is like an energy cocoon, with the physical body inside it, and according to general energy structure our physical body is at maximum 5 percent, and the rest 95 percent is our energy bodies. When we start to pose influence simultaneously at the physical level, at the energy level, and at the information level and our Functional state Correctors work at the information level, then such complex influence gives good result, and it is possible to obtain healing effects.

Why formerly people had better vision than now, and few people wear glasses? A hundred or two years ago. Why? Because people looked into the distance. Technocratic development gained the upper hand over the human existence. Spending a lot of time in front of TV, computer, young people constantly playing games with their mobile phones, people overstrain their organs of vision, naturally it leads to vision dysfunction. As early as in 1901 an American ophthalmologist William Horatio Bates proposed a bold theory that human vision degrades due to the weakening of muscles which surround the eye. That is without proper load oblique muscles of eye and rectus muscles of eye weaken, and vision becomes weaker. Unfortunately Bates theory did not find proper response in the official medicine. Why? By the WHO data, world spectacles industry gain 50 milliards USD profits a year. It is a tremendous sum, so it is not in the interests of spectacles industry to propagate Bates theory. Ophthalmologist are taught by Helmholtz system, and they pretend that Bates system has nothing to do with the eye health. Nevertheless we will borrow some exercises from it and modify them with the help of the FSC.

In order to achieve healing effect we should eliminate its reason. Unfortunately, our official medicine fights against consequences, without eliminating the reasons. Fighting against consequences is like watering leafs of exsiccant flower, paying no attention at the root. Today we will consider some reasons, which lead to vision deterioration:

The first and the main reason of vision deterioration is stress. It is a reason of development not only eye conditions, but of almost any diseases. There is a saying: all diseases come from nerves. What happens at stress? What is the reaction of our body at negative emotion? Muscles produce their own reaction. The first reaction of the body is a muscular one. Muscles start to clench. Clenched muscle squeeze blood vessels and capillary which pass via it, resulting at necrosis of some area in the muscle or at the body. Spasm of the shoulder-griddle area takes place in the first time. It is here. So called points of stress are situated here. When doing massage, you might noticed that something rolls under the skin, it is spasmed muscles. It is important not to experience stresses at all, but we cant prevent this. Most important is how one reacts at stress, if your reaction is adequate, more or less calm, you will save your muscles from spasms, and prevent a number of possible diseases. As you know, Functional State Correctors really help to react calmly in stress situations. Violation of the capillary circulation at the eyes area due to spasm of the eye muscles and shoulder-griddle area muscles, may directly lead to vision deterioration.

The second reason, which may lead to the development of vision diseases, is slag in colon and blood. Any healing process should be started with detoxication. And detoxication should be started with colon. Take FSC no. 2, structure water on it, and this water should be your first drink you have in the morning when you wake up. Water should be warm, in order to intensify the intestinal absorption process. Combine this with other cleaning procrdures.

The next reason, which could lead to vision deterioration, is poor nutrition, and vitamins and minerals deficiency. Many people underestimate this moment, but deficiency of some vitamins and minerals may lead to vision deterioration. First, it is vitamin A, in liver it turns into beta-carotene, it is also vitamins C, E, B2 riboflavin, its deficiency causes itching and burning pains in eyes and consequently poor vision. Main microelements are selenium, silicon, calcium, magnesium, which we use for our invigoration.

The next reason, which may lead to low vision is inhibition / control over natural desires and tears. First of all it concerns men, there is even a saying men do not cry. But I will tell you the opposite: strong men cry. Control over natural desires and tears leads to muscle overstress. Everything depends on you, you should not control everything.

Dehydration of the organism and lowering of the hyaluronic acid level is one of the reasons that leads to vision deterioration. Do not forget about the fact that crystalline lens consists of hyaluronic acid by 100 percent. And hyaluronic acid level in the organism decreases with age and with dehydration. But we have wonderful FSC no. 6, which has a program of increasing the hyaluronic acid level in the organism. And thou there is no specific programs for crystalline lens restoration at that FSC, but I see people who are actively using it for 3-4 years, and their hyaluronic acid level rises. This people do analyzes and tests and doctors say with astonishment that hyaluronic acid level in their eyes rises. It is noticeable even visually, because it is the eyes which tell peoples age at the first place the eye volume decreases with age, eye-sockets become hollow, there is even a saying senile eyes, senile glance. When you are using FSC no. 6 and drink structured water not only from no.6, generally you drink water from the same FSC you carry on you the restoration of hyaluronic acid level in the entire organism is taking place, along with general rejuvenation. It will help a lot if you also create an intention like Im grateful my body / eyes are rejuvenated, Im grateful the hyaluronic acid level in my eyes / crystalline lens / organism is restored. I also noticed that people heavily concerned with rejuvenation, doing coasty surgery procedures or some Botox injections, who are working solely at the physical level, do not get good results despite all the money they spend.

Now I named you FSCs no 1, 2, 6 as necessary for eyes restoration, what other FSC numbers could be also necessary? First of all it is no. 5. As I already mentioned eyes are tightly connected with liver, and our vision would not improve until we would not restore and clean our liver, and this could be done with the help of FSCs no 1, 2, 5. Some people do not pay attention at this moment, working solely with eyes, and they do not get desired result. Liver meridian is active from 11 p. m. till 3 a. m. it is desirable to use this correctors at a given time interval. If you do not have a big quantity of stones in the gallbladder, you may tie FSC no. 5 at the liver area ( right hypochondrium ) for the whole night. First thing in the morning change it with no 2. And carry it until 9 a. m. we recommend doing so in order to activate detoxication processes in the liver and gallbladder . No. 5 restores liver cells at any etiology (cirrhosis, hepatitis ), but detoxication is also required. Liver and gallbladder are connected tightly with each other, by Chinese Traditional Medicine system they are a pair of dense and vesicular organs. Then carry no 1 at this area till 4 p. m. and again no. 2 till 23 p. m.

Why do we need FSC no 1. For eyes healing? Because one of the reasons, which may lead to vision deterioration is parasites. Herpes, Chlamydia, Trichomonas, streptococcus. They could live both in the brain and in the eye, and lay down their slugs at oblique and rectus muscles of eye. Then eye gets slugged, grows turbid, eye cells die, and this dead cells form falcate coating at the eye, which is named cataract. Cataract coating. In this case you put FSC no. 1 on each eye, in several sessions of 2-5 minutes at each eye, do it until dinner. After dinner the same with no. 2. You may wave with FSCs near eyes instead of just laying them, alternate waves will give stronger effect. And pay attention at lambliasis, when they live in liver, the liver is not able to produce beta-carotene, despite the amount of vitamin A, you take. Lambliasis blocks beta-carotene production, so you would not do without FSCs no. 1 and 2.

We also need FSC no. 9 for eyes restoration, it helps to restore capillary system, and at such conditions like cataract and glaucoma, the use of this plate gives very good results. What should we say, while using this plate ? Im grateful my (or full name of the person whom you are working with) vision is restored, Im grateful my cataract / glaucoma is healed, Im grateful my capillary blood circulation is restored.

Another reason, which could lead to vision deterioration, could be the spinal column. I consider it as very important moment. Particularly, strangulation of the nerve ending in the second cervical vertebra area. But everything starts from the first cervical vertebra. Start to restore your spinal column In parallel with the FSC use. Because the connection of the brain with each organ is exercised through the nerve endings which are coming out of intervertebral disks. Nerve pulses into eyes go via the second cervical vertebra segment. Find a good osteopathic doctor and correct entire spinal column.

By the way, the retina exfoliation, takes place in case of myopia, some people get puzzled: why, what is the reason I have the retina exfoliation? Look what happens. At the thin level information about alien agent - infection inside the eye comes into the lymph system of the eyes, a specific ferment for its disintegration is produced, and unfortunately the proteins which form the eye structure are also disintegrated. So it is very important to eliminate the reason, use no. 1, 2 and Healthy Generation.

The next common eye problem is astigmatism, when the vision is distorted. Why it happens? When different eye muscles work differently. The same muscles at different eyes work differently, then the curvature of eye refractive surfaces (particularly the cornea) is disturbed and the vision is distorted. The correct affirmation for this case would be Im grateful the correct curvature of eye refractive surfaces / the cornea is restored, Im grateful my vision is at norm

Cataract, in translation from Greek means waterfall, it affects the crystalline lens. Why ? Due to the slugs accumulation in the eye lymph nodes, and generally speaking due to the slugging in blood. Blood washes eyes and slugs get into eyes with blood, and suppose there is additional infection, which takes place in such disease as myopia. Altogether these factors lead to cataract with age, that is slugs accumulation in eyes. At infection eye cells die and become white dead cells. This white film-like deposit of dead cells covers crystalline lens, and at the beginning stage of cataract, especially at parasite form of it, Functional State Correctors help very well. If your cataract is already in advanced case, then I think you would not do without surgery. But at early stages FSCs work very well and quickly. Picturesque visualization of the healing process is very important at cataract. You take an FSC (no. 6 or 1, 2, 9, Clear Vision), put it on your eye (or wave with the FSC near eyes) and visualize the process: your eyes are like windows you are cleaning, you pull put the film from this glass / your eye / crystalline lens, you clean it in any possible way: scrape it off, pull out, tear off. The point is to visualize the process of the white film removal. You can structure water and drop it into eyes, even better if you will prepare comfrey decoction. Two pinches of dried grass at the glass of water, cool it, structure at FSC no 1 or 2 and drop several times a day at each eye (two drops).

Glaucoma. The rise of the intraocular pressure leads to the glaucoma development. And why it rises? Due to the violated blood circulation. Due to the necrosis in some specific area of the brain or the eye. Leads to blindness, because high intraocular pressure causes optic disk damage, due to the violation of the blood flow to the optic nerve. It helps more or less at early stages, but a difficulty is that glaucoma does not show itself at early stages. A man already having glaucoma does not even suspect about its development. Early glaucoma has no symptoms. The first symptom, which exists at glaucoma is deterioration of vision in the darkness, when you see well at sunlight, and not able to read in the absence of bright illumination. There is a form of cataract whish declares itself as fogged vision, especially at the morning, you awake with foggy eyes. Sometimes glaucoma is accompanied with pains in the eyes and also vomiting and diarrhea. There is a kind of glaucoma which develops with normal intraocular pressure, but the optic nerve is damaged. Medics came to a conclusion that stress could be the reason. One does not lift anything heavy, organism is not slugged, but glaucoma exists, it is because one had some stress, some eye muscles were spasmed, which resulted to necrosis of some area and blood circulation violation. The other reasons could be: wrong diet, deficit of vitamins, glutamine accumulation in the organism in this case Resveratrol helps well, and collagen deficit. So, in case of glaucoma you should add FSC no. 7 with intention Im grateful collagen fibers in my organism and in the eye area are restored. It is collagen which increases eye tissues elasticity. Collagen is activated with the help of FSC no. 7, you can hold it 2 minutes, or wave with it, you may do a compress, take cotton tampon, structure water, soak tampon in water and place it each eye, it poses healing effect. Next reason which may lead to glaucoma is clogging of drainage lymph paths.

Tie FSC no 2 at hands (with rubber sircle)

and stimulate this lymph points

Retinal degeneration is a widespread eye condition, characteristic feature is a blind spot at the center. Symptoms: difficult adaptation in the darkness when coming from a lighted room into darkness, lessening of the color richness, difficulties with recognizing people, fog in the eyes appears, blind areas appear, when a man looks at straight line and sees it as wavy line. At early stages of retinal degeneration drop eyes with water, structured on FSCs I named above, you may wave with correctors and add picturesque visualization of healing.

The first question at any eye condition, you should ask yourself before going to psychosomatic and moral reasons, is what am I afraid to see in this life ?, at what am I closing my eyes ?, what I do not want \ afraid to see in my life ?, or what qualities am I trying to hide\ not to see inside myself. It happens that a man sees a mote at others eyes and do not sees a log in his own eyes. That is we do not notice our own disadvantages, and pay little attention on them, but we should pay a lot of attention to them. In order to heal the disease the man should want to see the truth in his life. When one refuses to see the truth, it is extremely difficult to heal one or another eye condition.

What psychosomatic reason could be at glaucoma ? it is when a man is afraid to see the truth, as I already mentioned, afraid to deal with surrounding people timidity, shyness, afraid to contact other people, feels unable to fulfill his designation in life I lived my life in vain \ for nothing, sometimes one even does not what is his destination. It is blindness to what happens around this man, everything goes wrong around this man, and he prefers not to notice. Fear of how other people perceive you, you know there should not be such a thing because how many people - so many opinions. We could not be good for everyone, for some people we are good, for others not. It is your own opinion which should be important to you how you perceive yourself, and not how others perceive you. The feeling of own inferiority may lead to glaucoma and other eye diseases.

I have a table of psychosomatic reasons of different diseases development, including eye diseases. I would like to quote from it. Eyes personify the ability to see clearly what one had at past, what will be in the future, and what is at present. That is they personify visibility of the past, present and future. Positive healing affirmation should be: I look at life with love and gladness.

What common problems are connected with eye conditions? It is when one dislike what he sees with his own eyes. So called domestic magic when one says in hearts to his households Id like my eyes never looked at you!. But nevertheless this man has to look at this same daughter or son of his, or at the husband, to whom this appeal was addressed. And this also could be a reason of vision deterioration. So think twice what you are saying. Words have great significance in our life. Here is a positive affirmation: I create my life now, I like to look around and at everybody Repeat and repeat it constantly as a mantra, as a prayer. Affirmation, repeated 7 times rises some sense inside us.

Change your thinking pattern if your thoughts are constantly depressive, if you do not have belief in your soul, if you do not believe in anything, then listening to classical music, especially Mozart, provides healing and rejuvenating effect. By the way, thoughts are started with sounds, music. If you are in low moods play a good classical music, feel like the flow of your thoughts will change to positive.

If a man has wall-eye, what psychosomatic reason could be ? It is fear to look at your present right now. What positive affirmation should be used I love and approve everything here right now.

The main psychosomatic reason of cataract development is inability to look forward with joy, future is covered with shadows. Why cataract develops at people in senile age ? Because fear of the future exists, they are not clear in their minds what will happen next, in the future. All these as if fogging their eyes at physical level. The correct positive affirmation may be: Life is eternal and full of joy, Every minute I look forward to meet every event in my life.

Stye another widespread condition, stye is looking at life through rage. Eyes full of rage. When one have rage in his soul, he is angry, and stye appears at his eyes. Positive affirmation: I look at life and surrounding people with eyes full of love.

How do we work with Functional State Correctors in general ? No 1 before dinner, no 2 after. 2-3 sessions (5 minutes each) with each FSC, at intermissions you may use no. 6 for 2 minutes. Place on the eyes, or even better wave. Then eye muscles strengthening exercise by Bates: Take in hands any FSC you are using (6, The Clear Vision) and draw 8 in front of the eyes. Eyes should track the corrector. Then draw 8 above, then down, left, right. You will simultaneously strengthen eye muscles, and get FSC influence. Continue drawing and tracking, say, with rectangle, circle. Draw figures first in clockwise direction then in counterclockwise. Triangles, waving lines. I like 8 most of all, because such movement harmonizes bio-field in the eyes area by itself. This exercise is good at astigmatism.

In case of severe conjunctivitis you should drop in eyes water, structured at FSC no 1 and 2. It is obligatory to use both correctors.

Here is the channeling information, which I asked to give in connection with my own eye situation, and decided to publish some part of it, because I think it has value for other people. At least people, who have problems with eyes may use it as a checklist, trying to analyze their own situation, and there is several good healing techniques as well. Well, I came upon information that problems with eyes indicate the reluctance to look at something, to see something in your life. Think of it thoroughly as well it is one level of understanding and you also should pay attention to it, work on the problem, but this material shows the root problem may lay much deeper.

Eye. Pay attention that it is not only a system of supervision an monitoring the surrounding world, it is also the mirror of a soul, the ability to express out of yourself, out of your depth what you really is. It is an ability to transfer your true nature, your true essence into the surrounding space. What happens when such situation arises? The window for the transfer of your soul inner depth into outer world is blocked. It is also an ability to perceive through the state of defense. That is, it is a creation of some barrier, which divides what is inside you and what is outside. It is some kind of unconscious, subconscious blocking and dividing to pieces: one thing what is outside, and quite another thing is inside and these parts have no contact. Maybe it really worked at some moments in life. Now there is a time, a moment to pay attention at creation of a free pass way from the inside to the outside. That means to give out and express what you are in your depth, it is called: to stop lying and building to. Stop lying or be in your truth, get rid of all lies, white lie, no matter what lie, everything that is not truth, or half-truth, keeping back is exactly the lie, that some time ago helped to round some corners and create the ability to interact with alien medium. Now it is important that everything what is inside you, to have an ability to flow freely into outer world through sincere and veritable truth. What you see is the way you name things, you give names to things. And you may think and decide that people are not ready to hear and listen to the truth, that they could be unhappy and indignant, but you should not take decisions for them, but fulfill your part of the mutual process, in any situation with anyone, do with maximum quality what depends on you, and people able perceive and understand on their own do exist. Others, and they are the majority, are able to take only from collective consciousness, they are able to choose only from available models, so there is a need to widen this available spectrum for them, it is possible when you honestly and truthfully bring in your deep essence into the collective medium.

There was a time when this collective medium influenced you. Then a moment comes when you start to influence the collective medium, and this influence helps it to change. Nowadays it is exactly the moment. And a moment comes when the collective medium ceases influencing you, and you bring nothing into it, and this situation is like two worlds which are close, but have no influence upon each-other, which are alien to each-other, which live in different dimensions. It is not the best way of mutual existence, in such case a man becomes invisible among others. Nowadays, everyone who is able to conduct through himself the ability of clear understanding, and you are one of such people, is obliged to be opened to the collective process of life, to the collective medium, in order to introduce new abilities, your own correction, expressed through himself. One can say here: who am I to influence the whole with my correction? But it is exactly so, why not you? And a habit to think that it is not you, that you are unimportant, that someone else is better We can say that nobody will do it better than you, because it is you who should do yours part of job in the whole process. Others will do it differently, in their own way. And a fraction of people who will resonate with yours spectrum and life-perception do exist.

Eye. A mechanical influence is possible, not in the sense of some motion or hit, but mechanical in the sense as if some laser is present inside the eyeball, and bringing the internal eye space into some ideal state, when everything foreign and unnatural, what disturbs, breaks into pieces, dissolves, vanishes. This observation could be combined with deep breath. As if you see a fine laser instrument in an invisible hands, feeling that some elements of transformation are taking place at inhalation, and that it takes and feels at home at exhalation. So you may train yourself to breath deeper and exhale with some effort, When you get used to such breath mode, you will be able to change \ shift internal state.

More. Acupuncture points exist in the inner corner of an eye. You may focus your attention at eyes, touching this acupuncture points. There are four points around each eye, you may work with both eyes simultaneously.

More. Morning Sunlight. Early morning Sun, when it rises over the horizon, you may look at the Sun, even through the window, and invite its rays fingers to penetrate into your body, and your eyeballs, as if these golden fingers regulate the balance of the whole eye system, in order to free it from useless peel, disturbances, to make it ideal, clean everything in it, wipe the crystalline lens, fasten everything that requires attachment. As if live real Sunny fingers appear to be inside and start to contrive, create. This procedure should take from 5 to 10 minutes, combine it with deeper breath, including your belly.

Generally, you may address to the Forces of Live Nature: Moon, Stars, Wind, plants everything may create healing and transformation.

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