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FSC - pendent

There is another variety of Functional State Correctors small devices, called pendents. While standard FSC has 4 magnetic informational elements, situated in the corners of internal plate, and forming a kind of phased lattice, the pendent has single magnetic informational element, placed in decorative case. Nowadays there are two types of FSC pendents, which differ by information, recorded on them:

1. Druid tree calendar pendents;

2. Energy of life pendent.

Druid tree calendar pendents appeared first, so we will start with them. As you know all people are different by energies and character and other subtle features, and in some degree this specific differences are determined by the date of birth. While FSC embodies principle of leveled influence at different people, FSC pendents are thought to work in resonance with individual energies of a given person. Powerful influence  is ensured by resonant matching of thin energies , so no phased lattice is needed and single information element is enough. More to it, it is recommended to carry FSC pendents at the thymus area a place where energy enters human organism.

S. V. Koltsov, the author of the Functional State Correctors, uses samples that could be find in live nature, as informational content for the correctors. So it was logical to pay attention at an ancient system of Druid calendar, which states the connection between different people (whos energy characteristics depend on the date of birth) and trees.  Polarization of samples, made of trees was easy to copy and use for pendents. So there are 22 FSC-pendents for each tree in the Druid calendar. And one should look at the table and check what pendent number corresponds to his date of birth. These pendents are individual.

Here is a Druid Calendar table with pendent numbers:

No1.  Apple tree. 23.12-01.01;  25.06-04.07

No2. Fir tree  02.01-11.01;  05.07-14.07

No3. Elm tree  12.01-24.01;  15.07-25.07

No4. Cypress  25.01-03.02;  26.07-04.08

No5. Poplar   O4.02-08.02;  05.08-13.08

No6. Cedar  09.02-18.02;  14.08-23.08

No7. Pine (Siberian pine)  19.02 28-29.02;  24.08-02.09

No8.  Willow  1.03 10.03;  03.09 12.09

No9. Linden  11.03 20.03;  13.09 22.09

No10. Hazel  22.03 31.03;  24.09 03.10

No11.  Mountain ash 01.04-10.04;  04.10 13.10

No12.  Maple   11.04-20.04;  14.10 23.10

No13. Nutwood   21.04 -30.04;  24.10 - 02.11

No14.  Jasmine  01.05 14.05;  03.11 11.11

No15. Chestnut  15.05 24.05;  12.11 21.11

No16. Ash tree  25.05 - 03.06;  22.11 01.12

No17. Hornbeam  4.06 13.06;  02.12 11.12

No18. Fig tree  14.06 23.06;  12.12 21.12

No19.  Oak  21.03  - spring equinox.

20 Birch 24.06 summer  solstice.

21 Olive tree  23.9 autumn equinox.

22 Beech  21-22.12 winter solstice.

Note that first 18 numbers correspond to two time intervals (if you would imagine a year period as a circle, they are situated on diameter), and the last four for 1 day only, very unusual people are born at these special days! Pendents could be in "gold" and "silver" cases.

After such introduction, it is time to quote some questions and answers from  lectures.

Question: Is it possible to harm someone by misuse of the Druid calendar pendents?

Koltsov S, V.:  There is no contradicting trees in the Druids calendar, but the influence amplitude will differ. It is like in music: some resonate better, others worse.


Question: In China and Japan they count age not from the date of birth but from the moment of conception.  Embryo is is exposed to all aspects of   being

Koltsov S, V.: I see, and what to do with the Druid calendar? But Druid tree calendar is tied to the initial conditions of independent appearance. It is like borderline conditions in differential equations. Embryo may sit inside for some time but the cutoff point is when it starts to live independently.

Question: Tell please, what are your own results with the Druid pendent implementation?

Hotchenkova N. V.:  I want to remind you once more: what for they were made. The Druid pendents are individual harmonizers of human thin bodies. I stress it again individual harmonizers. When they are used? When the response at the FSC implementation is slow. One carries FSC on and on, but nothing changes in the state of health, neither improvement nor acute condition, as if one do not use them at all. It may be due to the hole in the energy field. In such cases it is enough to add pendent, it patches the hole in the energy field, and changes start to appear. It is what the pendent is needed for, it is not an amulet, not a healing remedy, it is such tiny FSC, which support bio-field. Individual harmonizer of human thin body.


Question: Heat-spots appear at the body when carrying the Druid pendent, what could it be ?  Continue carrying or take it off ?

Hotchenkova N. V.:   You see, the Druid pendent is only a human bio-field harmonizer. The  appearance of the heat-spots indicates slugs, it means slugs are deduced through skin. In order to avoid this do not forget about water from FSC no. 2. Surely there is endermic infection, that means you should use no 1 and 2. We should obligatory deduce slugs when we are carrying pendent, being a harmonizer, it is as also a Functional State Corrector, so it starts toxin deducing processes in the organism. One should remove slugs, then the hart stabs will stop, and the dirt would not come out, and heat-spots would not form.

If you put it on your neck at once, and would not take it off, the acute process will provoke slugs deducing in one point where the pendent hangs. What do we get in such case. The pendent case becomes dark, some spot or even heat-spots or even furuncles appear at skin, what should be remembered is that one has to adapt to pendents gradually, the best way to adapt is through structured water or wear them fractionally. Carry for an hour, then take off, after some time repeat again. The main task of the Druid pendents is to harmonize human bio-field, they work excellently in cooperation with our blue functional state correctors, and they are indicated when blue FSCs themselves do not give noticeable result for a long time. It could be a result of some hole or block in the energy field, so one should use lilac FSCs in order to perform deep energy-field cleaning with the disbandment of negative programs, or supplement blue FSCs with a pendent. It is for your choice. It is hard to tell what is better, because everything is individual.


Question: Tell please, do you have results on the Druid pendent implementation?

Merzlyakova E. I.:  Pendent harmonize immune system vary well, people rarely had colds, there is such statistics.


Question: How to wear the pendent correctly ?  During the day time, at night, and so on.

Koltsov S, V.: Every pendent, every wooden sample, makes emphasis at reproducing the basic information coming from Earth. By this reason they may seriously overload, especially at the beginning. So if you feel uncomfortable with them take off for 2-3 days, do not carry them on. If carry they should be in the middle line of the chest at the thymus projection. I experienced this effect myself, after carrying it for a month or two, I felt that I do not want it any more. I took it off for three days, then wear again felt wonderful. I checked its action at bio-resonant diagnostics, all bunch of local problems it detected, my resonant tree suppresses by 100 %.  Of course, in case of chronic problems different variants are possible, one should look at functional problems.


Question: What is sense in the pendent use ?

Koltsov S, V.:  I check from time to time how disturbances change. And how my resonant piece of wood responds. Brilliantly!  It is best for the thin energy pumping. Then, if some problems were left at some specific places, it is easy to  select functional themes (FSCs), which should be hanged at problem places. Have in mind  that our thymus is  shagreen leather that works from bad to worse with age. The pendent hangs in direct projection of thymus gland, helping it to perform its functions.

Polarizations of trees, recorded at pendents, reproduce the same relict irradiation. It seems with one music chord added. Formally it was shown by Uriy Mikchailovitch Ermolaev  6-7 years ago. He learned to construct transducers and detectors  of longitude waves. And when he checked the trees in spring, in the period of sap flow, it appeared that in the millimeter band they reproduce the spectrums of frequencies that correspond to music chords. So the phrase Harmony of Spheres is not a joke.

Another question was to choose samples from which to copy polarization, because names are the same, but the effectiveness differs. When I prepared Druid calendar pendents I had 5-6 different samples of trees with the same names. I had to choose from most clear areas with maximum resonance.


Question:  Can a man carry Druid pendent in the shirt pocket ?

Hotchenkova N. V.:  I repeat once again Druid pendents are harmonized with the heart chakra.  I do not think your pocket is at the heart chakra.


Energy of Life pendent

Unlike the Druid tree calendar pendents, this pendent is a universal one, suitable for everybody. I prepared a collection of questions and answers from different lectures, which gives the idea what it is:


Question: They ask to comment on Energy of Life pendent.

Koltsov S, V.: It is one of my favorite themes, which I had in mind for some time. I have in my collection polarization of samples from about 20 more Altai rivers, which were not published yet. 9 water samples were chosen for the Energy of Life pendent. 3 of them are in the outskirts of the Teletskoe Lake. By the words of local shamans they are connected with washing out of the ancestral problems. Others from the outskirts of the Beluha mountain (White colored  mountain), including two rivers I visited myself. I always remember with piety that wonderful rafting through Bashkaus, Katun  and sacred rivers around the main mounting of the region - Beluha mountain. By some legends it is the center of so called Land of White Water ancient nature land of our ancestors. What is wonderful about this place? Comparing polarization of water samples, taken from local rivers in different years, I was extremely astonished by their complete identity, which is not possible by the common sense considerations, but here is the fact. The whole Altai region is a large place of power, where one can seriously pump up his thin energy. The energy is very enlighten and powerful by many orders, one should not expect any dynamic incompatibility. To put it  roughly, it is a universal Functional State Corrector for thin energy pumping up for everybody.


Hotchenkova N. V.: (from internet-conference from November 21,  2012)  Im trying always to carry it with you, especially when I visit crowded places. Even before we read in the magazine what springs are recorded on it, we simply held it in hands, we were presented this pendents at the fourth Center Region anniversary. This pendent starts energy torrents rotating in right hand  direction. The first such torrent goes from feet and goes up, dragging into work micro-lepton column an energy channel which is situated in front of the spinal column. Micro-lepton column is well protected by the body architecture by the backbone from the back side and by the thorax. At the upper side this column is opened with upper collar zone through  which enters cosmic energy from the outer space, at the bottom it opens with the bottom collar zone through  which enter the Earth energies. Energy centers (chakras) are situated along this column, through different intervals, which correspond to the golden ratio proportion. Energy exchange activates, and energies flow freely with the help of the first energy torrent, activated by The Energy of Life. And the second energy whirl generates five end star around human body, right hand rotating energy whirl around hands, legs and head.

Energy of Life pendent prepares us to the new world, which will require different settings / tunings from us, because we are going to live in different energies.


Koltsov S, V.:  Why there is no instructions to the Energy of Life pendent ?  There is no need in any instructions, from my point of view it is most stable and enlighten energy. Youve heard  about mysterious Land of White Water here it is  the energy of this land. Not everybody is ready for it, because we are living in contaminated ecology, and hardly perceive clean energies.


Koltsov S, V.: I see a lot of questions about new pendent. I should point out that not everyone is able to adapt quickly to the Energy of Life pendents. Water samples which bear energy which is higher by average by 3 orders are recorded on them. Not everybody is able to endure it. So if you have some bursting sensation, take it off for several days, give time for energies to calm down. I said that one man can wear this pendent for an hour, another for two hours, the third eight it is individual. I can use it round the clock, it is my native polarization.


Question: Can you tell in details about Energy of Life pendent ?

Hotchenkova N. V.:  Nine springs from the Altai region are recorded on it. Mainly it is the Land of White Water. It is the upper stream of Katun and Bashkaus rivers, it is springs that fall into Katun, their names are Kukuya, Ursul, Koksa, Sacred spring, The Golden spring. And two brooks that fall into downstream of the Shulushman river, which in its turn falls into the upper part of the Teletskoe Lake. The names of the brooks are Achelman, which could be translated as guardian, and  Kulerge, which could be translated as Blue brook. Here the water was taken from a Blue deep place, the brook was named after it.  The valley of the Shulushman river is called The Valley of Ancestors or The Valley of Altai Spirits, because powerful harmonization is taking place. Right rotating energy whirls are generated around the spinal column, around hands, legs and head. It is a five ended star symbol directly associated with the human body structure. Five ends are hands, legs, and head. It is god to drink water, structured at this pendent, carry it on any place, I even managed to connect to the Altai spirits through the Zdravi point in the middle of the chest.


Question:  is it possible to carry both the Druid tree calendar pendent and Energy of Life pendent at the same time?  At what distance ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: I  did not tried it myself, but the Druid tree calendar pendent should be carried at the heart chakra projection, and you may put Energy of Life pendent wherever you like, put it into the pocket.


Question: If one will carry Energy of Life pendent all the time, would it be a 100 % warranty against penetration of the negative programs  ?

Hotchenkova N. V: Energy of Life pendent restores energy, it is not an amulet.


Question:  Shell we take off pendents when doing pumping ?Hotchenkova N. V.:  As you like, my pumping work normally  with the  Energy of Life pendent.

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