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The introductory lecture about the FSC

We all live on Earth. The Earth has a magnetic field, and we live in this magnetic field. The Earth magnetic field oscillates with a definite frequency. Several decades before it was about 7 Hz, but nowadays it equals 13 Hz! Imagine the fact that the main planet oscillation frequency almost doubled! It is hard for a human organism to adapt to this new environmental conditions, and we all suffer from these changes. We are lucky to live at the turn of the epoch, and we witness the Earth rotation axis drift. At the moment of the recent Chile earthquake the Earth rotation axis drifted 8 centimeters. It seems to be a very little drift, but it influences all the vertebral creatures at the planet. The Earth magnetic field changes result in the generation of the ultralow frequency electromagnetic waves. Look how all the animals react on the ultralow frequency electromagnetic influences. Before the tsunami the become frightened and start to run somewhere. They even do not know where they are running, they are escaping from. The same is the situation with the human beings who also belong to the vertebral creatures despite the development of the second signaling system and verbal communication. the ultralow frequency electromagnetic waves may provoke internal fears and may be a reason of the blood pressure rise, the blood vessels spasm, and even such sing as sudden death. Nobody will want to encounter with such unpleasant things! So we need some adaptation measures to live through the time of changes, to adapt ourselves to the changing environmental conditions. The Functional State Corrector is the adaptation device. In other words it is a kind of crutches we can use to free ourselves from the dependence of the electromagnetic field changes and softly to adapt to the new environmental conditions. What makes the FSC an outstanding device? It works with the use of the Earth magnetic field energy, it does not need any butteries or supply units. The FSC generates a vortex field around it. These tiny holes at the plate corners correspond to the location of the resonators. The FSC contains a record of more than two hundred information based images of curative herbs and plants and some information for psycho-emotional correction. For example, it contains the recordings of the epiphany water, the Masaru Emoto ice crystals photographs, the images of happiness and prosperity. The methods of the information recording and storage are patented by the inventors of the Functional State Corrector. All these positive information prerecorded at the FSC during its manufacture process is transferred to the water structure. We all consist of water by almost 80 % - we are vessels full of water. Water is not mere one atom of the oxygen combined with two hydrogen atoms. This simple state is called the dipole water. In the natural word water is a complex substance. With the help of the weak hydrogen bonds formation the water molecules gather into clusters. All the inner water in our bodies is in the structured state. 16 water molecules form a tiny tetrahedron formation. A number of such tetrahedrons form snowflakes. Is it only a mere coincidence that a human feels happy when he sees a beautiful snowfall? Why children came in rupture? Because it is structured water whish does not carry any negative information. Only good natural water which carries the firstborn information is able to form tetrahedron formations and snowflakes. the firstborn information is always positive, if it were not so the human beings would not be able to live. The same water circulates inside our bodies. Only structured water supports normal biochemical reactions. The water in the dipole state is not suitable for our biology. What an amount of energy should be spent to structure the volume of a human body to support the normal course of the biochemical reactions?

Back to the Functional State Corrector. If we carry it on our body it generates a vortex electromagnetic field that structures the inner water of the organism. It helps human body to save the energy required to the water structuring. All our inner water becomes structured with the help of the Earth magnetic field energy! Our biochemical reactions start to progress smoothly. We do not have negative emotions because positive information based images are transferred on our inner water.

Now remember the fact, that frozen water tear to pieces the vessel in which it is contained. The process of freezing leads to water structuring. The hard water structure has larger volume. It indicates that the relative position of water clusters has changed during the structuring which took place due to freezing. Ordinary water is a media able to store an information by means of the clusters regrouping. They may be grouped in different ways.

Now imagine You are full of structured water and everything is functioning perfectly in Your organism when You encounter with the other human negative emotions. What happens? Everybody knows that a human being has a biological field which surrounds the body. This field starts to deform when it encounters with the negative information. The deformation is handed through the water, which is contained in the air. If the water in the air that surrounds us is in the structured state the deformation is put out. If the water is not in the structured the negative deformation may penetrate into our own field and deform it. The pollution of the environment makes the surrounding water an unstructured one. Everywhere around we have the electromagnetic smog. The electromagnetic smog is the distortion of the water structure, which contains in the air. Such water cannot protect us. But if one has a Functional State Corrector, then his own electromagnetic field is tuned up so well by the inner structured water, that outer fields are unable to damage that person. This is the mechanism of the protective FSC influence.

Lets assume that all biochemical processes in our bodies are in good progress, but a human being is not restricted only by biochemistry or physics, it is an energy structure. It means the continuous process of energy and information exchange with the outer world. All this exchange is put into effect through the water structure. We receive the energy from the outer world through our chakras system. The chakras rotate in a definite way. This energy is supplied by the Sun and the planets. We float in this energy. The question is are we able to assimilate this energy or we are not. We are able to use the outer energy if our chakras rotate in the right direction and the biochemical processes are in good progress. The chakras are the points where the organism meridians are met. Everybody is acquainted with the meridians concept from the Chinese traditional medicine. All acupuncture points are connected through the system of channels. There is no channels map as an anatomic blood vessels map. Nobody was able to find them. But nowadays there is an opinion that the channels and meridians are formed by the structured intercellular liquid. Its molecules are oriented in such a way, that the process of the energy flow and the information propagation is slimmed-down. The life energy flow process in our bodies takes place in chakras. The chakra is a meeting point of two or more energy channels. If by any reason (the illness or trauma) one chakra is fried, the other points start to perform its functions the functions of the energy interchange with the outer world. If a man is even in an unconscious state, when the upper chakras are unable to operate, the additional chakras will definitely switch on. These additional chakras are situated in the joints areas. Big and minor joints. It is where two or more channels are met. Imagine how many joints we have we may have as many chakras. For example both child fontanels can perform the role of chakras, not only the third eye, but both fontanels as well.

A couple of centuries ago a German physician Ganneman spent a lot of time to understand the curative impact of herbs on the human organism and to create a methodology of the curative process. Now we now that homeopathy is a treatment of a similar by the similar. The logic is simple. Lets assume that somebody is poisoned. And the picture of the symptoms resembles the symptoms of some plant poisoning. Everybody knows the herb Paris. The symptoms of the herb Paris poisoning resemble the neuralgic head pains, so in case of such illness they started to use the remedy made of the herb Paris. And it was a success! The same Ganneman tried to define the necessary dose to do this. So if one takes a pill it is an ordinary allopathy treatment and an ordinary dose. But if one starts to divide the pill into pieces, even into very small ones, it is still a pill and it is still a dose of active substance. But if one takes a tiny piece of this pill and solves it in a litre of vater, shakes the solution for some time, and repeats the procedure say ten times one gets a homeopathic remedy. What is a homeopathic remedy? It is information based remedy. One may say that there is no active component in this remedy. There is only information left, stored in the structured water memory. The Functional State Corrector, on which there is approximately 200 information images of curative plants, allows to save our effort on the preparation of these remedies. With the FSC help the it takes several minutes to structure the water and to get the homeopathic remedy. We are going to use remedies opened long ago. Homeopathic treatment of helminth and viruses is opened long ago. Everybody knows that Cina could be used to get rid of the helminth. Cina is prepared from the ordinary wormwood. An FSC has more than 200 of such information based remedies. While drinking structured water one gets all these remedies. Human organism has selective properties, it will take what is necessary at the moment. If it has no troubles there would be no reaction at all. In this case one will benefit from the structured water consumption there would be no need to spend an additional energy to structure it. The water will wash out the toxins. FSC no. 1 counteracts any infection, suppress the detrimental microflora. It has an additional information set that blocks our troubles, and adds some positive mood. All FSC devices have common basic functions they work with electromagnetic irradiations, restore human biological field, protect from the pathogenic influences, including the negative influence of other people.

Now lets consider other FSC devices. Everyone of them has its own function.

How it influences a human being? A human organism is a complex system. If one encounters with the infection of any kind - there is a need to use the FSC no. 1. It works with any infection, starting from the urino-genital infection and up to hepatitis, herpes and an ordinary rhinitis. The FSC action mechanism depends from the implementation method. If one will drink structured water it will work through the gastrointestinal tract. If one will take structured water shower it will work through the integument. Our integument consumes water. If You will weigh Yourself before You are going to take a bath and after You will discover that You gained approximately 300 grams. It means that Your skin drunk a glass and a half of water. The structured water starts to work in Your skin. For example, influenza propagates in a human organism through the blood vessels, and it may stay in ones nails till the next epidemic The use of the shower or bath filled with water, structured with the help of the FSC no 1, will help to deal with the problem. The water will find a place where the treatment is needed. Why is it so difficult to get rid of herpes? Because it may live unnoticed by tests in any tiniest scar on a skin. Everybody had some minor injuries and has some scars. So if one gets cold or subjected to stress, the immune system gets broken for two weeks, and new tests will show the herpes presence. It also stays on the clothes and furniture, so to get rid of herpes one should treat the whole house and wardrobe with the ultraviolet irradiation!

The FSC no. 2 helps to deduce all the toxins. No matter what was their origin. The result of the infection, or spring up from the poison, or as a result of the living process (because of a hangover). It helps in the process of going out of the narcotic dependence. It softens the withdrawal pains and helps to deduce toxins.

To feel oneself in good shape everybody is recommended to use no. 1 & no. 2 Functional State Correctors. They will protect the organism from the number of infections and will help to live through the Earth magnetic field changes.

Now we will discuss the concrete problems, starting from the head.

There may be pathology problems. Children with birth injuries may suffer from the improper brain cortex. They may have epileptic attacks accompanied by the increased intracranial pressure level. Adults who have the increased intracranial pressure level may suffer from the constant headaches. The headaches may be a result of the increased intraocular pressure the glaucoma. With the help of the FSC no.2 one can help the decay products out and remove the edema. No headaches, no glaucoma could arise without edema. The edema is an acid medium and the organism liquid gathering. The FSC no. 2 helps to get rid of the edema. The edema arise at any inflammation process, our organism responds to almost any irritant, with the exclusion of stress, with the edema. The danger of the edema in the head is that due to the increase of the intracranial pressure level the brain press the joint with the vertebra. In this join area centers responsible for the respiration and tachycardia are situated, and their functioning is violated. One should use the FSC no. 2 to take off the edema and to help the kidneys. FSC no. 1 can also do this, but slowly. The withdraw of the edema especially in the head area significantly increases the way one feels. It is reasonable to use the FSC in case of trauma. Any trauma is followed by the edema in several hours, the peak level of the edema is observed after six hours. Any cerebral injury is followed by the edema.

At the most complex situations the Functional State Correctors help to live through the radiotherapy and chemotherapy, when the whole organism is suffering along with the tumour. They protect the whole organism.

We also have the FSC no. 8 at our disposal, which helps to regulate the nervous system with the help of the melatonin and serotonin. These two pro-hormones regulate our unconscious nervous system functions which is worked under the hypothalamus control.

The brain consists of the cerebral cortex, which is competent for the organism motion and verbal communication the things a human is made of; and a subcortex which is competent for all the unconscious organism functions, organs activities. Our unconscious system is not controlled by the conscious system, such control is accessible only for well trained yogi. Then we have a spinal column, through which all the nervous connections go through. At every level or spinal column segment there are steering nervous appendixes which govern inner organs. For example, from the first and second thoracic vertebras diverge nerves that govern the heartbeat. They do not control the heartbeat presence, but rather govern the cardiac rate. And those people who suffer the tachycardia paroxysms or the ciliary arrhythmia paroxysms look for some displacement in the first and second vertebras position and come nerves clamping. Many people visit neuropathologists with the radiculitis. The property of our nervous system is that it is extremely difficult to remove edema on it. Neuropathologists prescribe vitamin C to patients suffering from the radiculitis. They take it in different forms and intravenously as well and they still suffer from severe pains. The FSC no. 2 helps to ease quickly the edema from the nerve. One should place it on the pains area and the pain gradually subsides and one is even able to move a little. The FSC does not fully substitute the other remedies. The device is called the corrector of the functional state. One should differ the function and the structure itself. The function is a manifestation of the structure the way it works.

In order to improve the blood circulation in the vertebra area one can use the FSC no. 7 as well. It topes up the vascular channels. For example, some people, especially recovering after diseases, react to the weather changes. The cloud run over and one falls to sleep. One is so weak that he is unable to unstuck the eyelids. In this case FSC no. 7 will help to slightly rise the blood pressure and to adapt the environment. The FSC no. 7 is called the non- surgery lifting it means that in order to achieve this goal it is necessary to repair a lot of things in the organism in the first hand, and we use these repair properties.

What is myocardial infarction? At first it is a blood vessel spasm, then the malfunction of the supply of the tissue area, then the necrosis of this area and the edema of the integument at the end. What can we do in this case? We can to ease the edema. We can do this with the help of the no. 2 FSC (or with the no.1 but it is less effective for that purpose), we should not put it on the heart area. We can give a man to drink some structured water while waiting for the ambulance, and ensure some rest. We can render some help with a simple method known from the Chinese traditional medicine to massage the little finger on one hand or the other, it does not matters.

Going down to the lungs. We should point out that most diseases are not restricted by the area of one definite organ, most have the system character. First we will discuss the inflammatory diseases. The pneumonia and the tuberculosis. We use the FSC no. 1 to fight the inflammation, and the FSC no. 2 to remove the intoxication. It is empirically supported that it takes 21 days to cure the pneumonia. During this period due to the respiration restrictions a reflex is gets formed to protect the definite lung area. One get used not to breathe with full breast and this mode is memorized by the subcortical control centers. If one will use the FSC no. 8 in addition, it is possible to shorten the recovery process to 15 17 days. It could be used in several ways: it is possible to put it under the pillow for night time, for a structured water shower at the evening, as a cupstand or a dish stand for the patients supper. And will be able to speed up the recovery due to the nervous system regulation. We have interesting observations in respect to such lung diseases as bronchial asthma and the bronchitis, the smokers suffer from. If along with the FSC numbers 1,2,8 one will use the FSC no. 6 in addition he will get the easy breathing. The FSC no. 6 along with its cosmetology purposes works extremely well with the blood vessels, removing the sclerotic plaque. I would recommend the use of the FSC no. 6 to a patient suffering atherosclerosis, to improve his blood vessels shape. FSC no. 6 will help a patient suffering from lung diseases to breathe.

A few words about worms and parasites. An FSC does not directly kill them. It is useless to put products on it in order to get rid of parasites. You should subject raw fish and meat to the proper thermal treatment. The FSC anti parasitic action is based on a different principle. It provides a powerful support to the human organism, so the micro organisms, viruses, bacterium and parasites simply cant survive in this conditions. They die or try to escape. The duration of the FSC use has a major importance. Water structuring and the information transfer take place almost instantly, but the organism reaction is stretched in time. So it is a human organism who did the parasites suppression. The energetic of the organism is able to cope with this task due to the methodical FSC use.

Lets move to the gastrointestinal tract and liver diseases. We have the FSC no. 5 with the unique properties. It will help to deal with the hepatitis, pancreatitis and inflammatory diseases cases. A hepatitis virus vanishes from the blood due to the implementation of the FSC no. 1. But the hepatitis is dangerous by the secondary lesions. From fatty hepatosis to liver cirrhosis. What is it? It is the excrescence of the connective tissue or in other words the scar formation in the place of the damaged cells. The FSC no. 5 helps to restore the liver cells structure. By the way it will help to restore the pancreas and in less degree the stomach. It poses positive effect in case of the ulcerous. Again the exposition plays a big role how long are we using the device. It was said in connection with the FSC carrying in the affected area. In cases of the liver diseases resulted from the osteochondrosis the situation could be relived with the FSC no. 6. The same fatty hepatosis may result from the liver supply malfunction and enervation. With the help of the FSC no. 6 little by little the troubles with the backbone subside, the pain syndrome subsides, gristle tissue rehabilitates. By this moment it is established empirically. In liver pathology cases it is obligatory to use the FSC no. 2 for the toxins deducing. Nothing will come out without the toxins deducing. The toxins are constantly produced in an organism it happens due to the immune system mistakes, or due to the formation of the peroxidates everything should be deduced.

Now its the turn of the kidneys. In the traditional Chinese medicine the kidneys are reckoned to be the reservoir of the firstborn energy. Firstborn energy is the energy received from parents. The human body gets this energy from the reservoir when there is a lack of the outer energy. In case when the chakras are not working well, or something extraordinary happens. In the traditional Chinese terminology the chakras are called the seas of energy. And the Chinese doctors mastered this energy. They place a needle into the energy center and direct it to the affected area. And the energy flows where it is needed most. The FSC devices not only pump up the chakras but help to redirect the energy flow as well. The FSC no. 6 works wary well with the nonspecific diseases. Exactly with the diseases that are hardly curable by the traditional methods. The FSC no. 8 could be of great help. The diseases should develop and get fixed as a reflex in brain before they could pose a real danger to the patient. The anomalous metabolism pattern should be fixed in hypothalamus first. It is the area of responsibility of the no. 6 and no. 8. They pose the unique action in this case.

In the sexual sphere again we may use the FSC no. 1 & 2 to dial with all kinds of infections, so lets move to the hormonal background. Female hormonal background has a stage of normal development and a stage of the climacterical period. In case of the FSC no. 3 using with the pelvic area, all the systems connected with the sexual sphere start to function better. The level of the female sexual hormones rises a little, but what is very important, in the right proportion. The problem is that the female hormones level does not fall with age, but on the contrary it even rises a little, but the proportion changes. The FSC no. 3 returns the hormonal balance into the optimum configuration and the climacteric syndrome goes somewhere far away. What is the consequence of the climacteric syndrome? It is the luck of calcium, our sexual hormones regulate the calcium assimilation. The calcium is indispensible for the spinal column. Along with the hormones balancing the osteoporosis and osteochondrosis are gone somewhere far away! If we additionally use the FSC no. 8 to balance the hypothalamus, which governs all vegetative functions, and balance it together with the sexual system, we will get the rejuvenation effect! We are able to reinforce the effect by means of using the FSC o. 6 which will help to rejuvenate the skin and the blood vessels.

The FSC no. 7 works with the muscular system. I experimented with sportsmen, I gave the FSC no. 7 to a long distance runner. You should see a man after a long distance run! He simply lays down and rest, unable to move a finger! My beloved sportsmen after the distance run somewhere else on his own needs. He had to buy something, and bring it somewhere else When I asked him how he feels, that he does not lay flat after the distance, but had an energy to go somewhere else He replied: It is interesting, I do not feel tired! We started to measure the muscular force after that, and noticed that it raised in two times! And what is the sense of the the non- surgery lifting? It means that the muscle stays in tone and it is not harmful. On the contrary at the training process there could be situations when the muscle is in hyper tone and this kind of tone harms the muscle. In case of the FSC use the muscle tone is harmless. We should take it to the Olympic games! I hope there would be some enthusiasts before the Sochi games.

Men encounter with the climax syndrome a lot of time after the women. Due to this fact some pairs encounter with difficulties at the age about forty. The FSC no. 4 helps to balance this situation. It slightly balance the male hormones emission in the period previous to the mens functions extinction. At the state of climax men also encounter with the osteoporosis. Many of them are burdened with the excessive fat tissue and it helps to shift the hormone balance to the female side. Female sexual hormones differ from the mens ones by the only radical. When the male sexual hormones break up in the liver they chip off one radical and turn into the female hormones the estrogenic hormones. So in the pre- climacteric period men could be even whining, unable to watch horror movies and even may become looking like dames. The FSC no. 4 helps to avoid these hardships. It helps to balance the metabolism. In this period men should also use the FSC no. 5, because their liver metabolism is not good. There is almost no such men who did not drink any alcohol. So their liver metabolism is damaged in some degree. Alcohol poses a strong destructive influence at the liver functions. Alcoholics often suffer from a number of liver diseases. Early liver functions restoration helps to improve the male sexual hormones break up without the excessive estrogenic hormones level formation at the pre- climacteric period to come. The FSC no.5 prevents the withdrawal pains. Nowadays the psychiatrists and surgeons are not able influence the connections between the cerebral cortex and the subcortex. By now they learned only to destroy the joy center in order to help oneself out of the drug addiction. The FSC no. 5 along with the help of the FSC no. 8 help to avoid the withdrawal pains and reject the drags. The same way they may help to get rid of the alcohol dependence. They help to avoid or to ease the abstinence syndrome and to stop the alcohol consumption. The FSC implementation does not substitute the patients will. The correctors are working with the functional states.

The FSC no. 5 is the only one which is able to correct a structure to restore the liver and pancreas structure. For example, there is a serious disease called the pancreatonecrosis, not many people are able to survive it. During this disease the pancreas loses its original structure, the tissues are melt. The FSC no. 5 helps to stop this disease at any phase, and to restore the patient with the proper traditional treatment. The cells that are dead already would not be restored, but those cells that are only slightly damaged would be rehabilitated.

A question: Is it possible to restore the cartilaginous tissue, the rehabilitation of joints, and the intraarticular liquid, to regulate the blood pressure?

I will start from the end. The FSC no. 7 slightly increases the blood pressure. The FSC no. 1 balances it. In my practice there were no cases of the cartilaginous tissue restoration or the joints rehabilitation. It means that I did not try to do these. I may say that FSC no. 6 works well, but I do not have properly documented cases yet due to the lack of time. I mean the cases when the X-ray photographs were made before and after the treatment. But judging by the clinical presentation, there are positive shifts in this direction. In passing I want to tell You that the FSC no. 6 works wary well with the thyroid gland. Almost two third of all women and one third of men suffer from the antigen-induced thyroiditis. The use of the FSC no. 6 along with the FSC no. 8 wary well balances this situation and restores the thyroid gland function.

A question: after the heart attack.

One should look what the heart attack it was, and at the liver condition. The liver obligatory suffers in the heart attack cases. One should obligatory restore the liver condition. It could be done with the FSC no. 5. You should obligatory work with the head to use the FSC no 8. After that You should look how to use the FSC no. 1. This was related to the case when a man who suffered the heart attack did not have a pathogenic micro flora. Nowadays there is an information that 80 % of our diseases depend not only on the pathogenic micro flora, but on the helminth as well. How would You like some helminth in the heart? There is a question: if the man did the helminth check-up?

A question: How to work with prostatitis?

In case of prostatitis one should balance the sexual sphere and the govern centers in the head so one should use the FSC no. 4 & no. 8.

A question: How to help a drinking man?

You know what Lay the FSC no.8 under his pillow, and use the FSC no. 5 in the following mode: put everything he eats and drinks on it. You will help. Look at the effect, it should be extremely interesting. It is good to relive the intoxication, so add the FSC no. 2 as well.

A question: How to use the FSC in case of the chronic leukemia?

An interesting question. What is chronic leukemia? It is blood formation process error. We may use the FSC no. 1, because it contains the recordings that influence these things. The leukemia is accompanied by the intoxication, so the FSC no. 2 should be used as well. In addition You should treat the liver with the FSC no. 5. There are observations that leukemia closes the loop at the hypothalamus level. To make the disease a chronic one, the formation of the pathology pattern should take place at the hypothalamus. It occurs unconsciously. So, the FSC no. 8 should be used in case of any chronic disease. It is a unique device. There is a medicine, which until recent times was produced only in USA. It is called melatonin. All knowing doctors prescribe melatonin in case of any chronic disease to all their patients. Despite the fact that the patient did not have problems with sleeping. When the patient started to take melatonin, his world-view changed and little by little he came out of his disease. The FSC no. 8 allows a patient to balance his own melatonin secretion, witout affection of the liver. The Meloksan which they sell in drugstores upsets the balance of hormons and disturbs the liver function.

A question: What FSC may help in case of the right kidney cyst?

At first hand You should use the pair no. 1 and no. 2. I would recommend to undergo a diagnostics and to pick up a homeopathic remedy which will resolve the cyst.

A question: in case of the shoulder break?

In the case of the shoulder brake You may speed up the break consolidation simply by winding the FSC no 1 at the broken place. It contains the recordings of curative herbs which pose catagmatic effect.

A question: After the heart bypass surgery?

You should pay attention to Your blood. Your liver should be in order to ensure the normal blood supply and coagulability. It is extremely important. So the FSC no. 5, and no. 8 too.

A question: How to implement the FSC no. 6 to treat and clean the blood vessels?

First of all You should take a course with no. 1 & 2 to get rid of the intoxication. You should obligatory drink water, structured on the FSC no. 2. The FSC no. 6 You should carry on Yourself, but not at the heart area. Put it under Your meals and water, You drink as well.

A question: insulin-independent diabetes.

I want to point out that the insulin-independent diabetes may have a parasitic nature. Nowadays the endocrinologist sat that two third of the insulin-independent diabetes correspond to the parasitic diseases and prescribe anti parasitic therapy, so it is the functional State Correctors no. 1, 2 & 5.

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