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FSC Healing

Exclusive Functional State Corrector Healing reproduces  polarization of water from the sacred lake near a place Sezjee near Samara city. This lake is one of the most sacred and esteemed sacred places in the Samara district. The sacred water of this lake heals joints, spinal column trauma, returns vision, and especially good for paralyzed people.




From Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov speech at the Center Region Company event from 27-th of January: 


We already have a number of themes, that do not fit into previously released Functional State Correctors. Today you were given an FSC, which was called Healing, it is a result of our last journey to Samara. Natalia Vasilkova organized for us an excursion to the suburb of the Samara city, there is a legendary lake  in 100 kilometers apart from the city, which formally is called Sezjee, but people call it Mother of God Lake. Really unusual. When we took a sample of water from it and looked at it, - absolutely unique structure of water. It is one of the places of power. Out of gratitude local people gathered money and put a beautiful chapel, a new one is standing on the hill, and what surprised me most, is a Vedic Cross on this chapel. That is a straight cross in a circle no relation to Christianity. Fine men!


The history of healings starts in 1958, Mother of God appeared there, and  10 people in nearby village constantly are constantly in a prayer. Crowds of people come to visit this place, water really helps. Helps with spinal column problems, helps in situations when one wants to get rid of bad habits smoking, drinking, helps in cases of different psychic conditions, and contains a component, that I would call informational, because it tears off numerous informational problems.

I had a personal chance to be convinced in the power of this water. A friend of mine phones at the beginning of January, says: Sergey, I do not know what to do, my granddaughter is dying.  How old is she? Seven month, four month spent in the intensive therapy department, that is a child was born, but liver does not function at all. Due to the liver malfunction blood plasma does not restore. She suffers from total acidulation. Blood Ph should be 7,5 and there is an acid medium instead. Doctors put it straight: if it would not be restored in a couple of weeks, be prepared for the worst. At that, they even were not able to formulate a diagnosis. Did some genetic tests, what they did not tried, the last proposal from doctors was lets inject stem cells. I would tear their hands off for that!  Inject them to yourself! Not to the infant. Unable to swallow, tube in the throat, horror. I saw a lot in my life, but nothing of the kind. We start to analyze carefully, the thorax department of the spinal column is switched off, from the fourth till the sixth vertebrae. And it is exactly the enervation of the liver, so the commands do not go through. In seven month there is no real spinal column yet, infant is a  bag with water, no hard structures. We guessed to look at her mother. The same vertebras are switched off, but she was more steady, started to ask her: if she had some stress situations recently. It appeared that during two last months of pregnancy, that is 8-th and 9-month, she complained  at spinal pains. We worked a little, pressed with fingers at the vertebras and restored it. We already had the prototype of the Healing FSC, we put it on her spine, and she  straightened up at once. After 10 minutes she says my spine does not hurt any more. We are looking at a child, and everything vanishes as well. Start interrogate her: What is the matter, what stress situation was around you?. It happened that grandfather a General left heritage. Two grandsons divided the heritage a cottage in  prestigious place, and some of the relatives send compliments to mother. The department of the spinal column was switched off at mother, and automatically at a child. Here is a visual aid- what a classical medicine would do ?  I sympathize, because formal diagnostics would not find it. It is simply unreal.  Now three weeks passed, the fourth is going on, they are going to undergo tests, but it is already visible, that a child returns to life. She was always in sluggish state, now alive and quick, bath with pleasure.

Here is a picture of  Sezjee lake.

On the fifth anniversary of the Center Region Company another FSC was released, it is called Healing 2.

Functional State Corrector Healing 2 has a polarization of Sacred water Zam-Zam.  In order to get an impression on its action, you may simply look at the internet on Zam-Zam healing stories. Now some materials on this FSC form the Center Region Lecturers start to appear. Not much, but I will put here what comes to my attention.


Question:  FSC Healing 2

Hotchenkova N. V. (from internet conference. August 22, 2013):  Healing 2 as well as Healing 1 restores adaptation reactions of the organism, immune reactivity at the first place. That is you may work with infectious conditions, that is: structured water inside, baths, pumpings. Extremely powerful  effect of FSC Healing 2 is observed in oncology cases. The implementation is the same. Predominantly restores the work of upper chakras: the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra. That is heart, lungs, bronchus, trachea, throat, eyes, hearing, sinuses, higher nervous activity psycho-emotional sphere. That is what is known by now, and so as we already started to work with it, we are expecting results to appear, we will  summarize and give additional recommendations. The plate is extremely powerful. It finishes off that parasitic virtual programs, which other FSCs could not cope with, including Healing 1. Note that Healing 1 brings out of depression, stress, and relives possession / diabolism.

Question: Please, tell about properties of FSCs Healing 1 and Healing 2.

Hotchenkova N. V. From internet conference from august 20, 2013: Both Functional State Correctors are a mono-products. The polarization of the Sezjee Lake is recorded at FSC Healing 1, polarization of the lake Zam-Zam is recorded at FSC Healing 2. Both waters restore organism adaptation capabilities, and, respectively, the performance of the immune system. Both will stop inflammation processes. Healing 1 helps out of the state of depression, stress, removes diabolism / possession. When disbanding possession one should dip into structured water with his head, and it is better to do 7 dips in a row. Restores musculoskeletal system, helps with spinal column problems. We have reports form our users that when they included Healing 1 into the scheme of disbandment alcohol dependence, such hard patients who have difficulties with quitting drinking, this FSC helped to improve situation quickly. That is 1, 2, 5, 11 plus Healing 1. That is what we know about this FSC by so far.

The main and most important feature of FSC Healing 2 is oncology, including malignant blood diseases. But we also should remember about another factor spiritual settings of a patient, that is one has to change his world view outlook, attitude towards outer word, go away from offences, because any oncology is unforgiven offences, and learn to rejoice at every day, the life like it is. In this case the plates also work quickly.

Healing 1 predominantly works with upper chakras, beginning with the forth chakra, that is respectively the problems with heart and lungs, bronchial tube, the throat chakra throat, nasopharynx, thyroid gland, the third eye chakra vision and hearing, and the crow chakra consciouseness, thinking process, higher nervous activity.

Those virtual negative programs, with which other correctors could not cope, including Healing 1, are removed at Healing 2. These FSCs are not interchangeable, they are like separate programs.

Question: Is it possible to use FSCs Healing 1 and Healing 2 in pumpings ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Yes, it is, but do not use them together in one pumping,

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