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Distant FSC use

Here is  a collection of questions and answers from lectures of different authors, regarding distant FSC use:

Question: in case of oncology is it possible to treat this condition with the help of FSCs distantly ?

Koltsov S. V.:  The question is senseless for me. The main problem is intoxication, and how are you going to do detoxication distantly ? It is a complete mystery for me. Because at any case, one should initialize the process himself. And preferably under the supervision of medics, who understand what to do.


Question: At what distance we can distantly influence a man with FSCs ?  In case of serious conditions such as tuberculosis, liver, kidney problems.

Koltsov S. V.:  I would hardly be able to do that, especially in case of tuberculosis, it is a very long wave infection - fungus. And fungus are close to animal world than to plants, yjey demonstrate specific behavior, I cant imagine how to fight them distantly.


Question:  Is it possible to place hair of two daughters at the same FSC ?

Koltsov S. V.:    Of course, it is. The main thing is that they were blood sisters. In case one daughter is yours and other is adopted, it could turn out differently.


Question: Is it possible to use an FSC, when biomaterial of another man is laying on it (or inside the plastic case) ?

Koltsov S. V.:    You should not do it. in this case mutual correlation appears, which may result to God knows what. And what for are you going to structure water for yourself with hair of another person laying inside the FSC.

However it is possible to remove hair or another strange biomaterial from the FSC, use it for yourself, then place the material back.


Question: If some hair is placed on the FSC plate, how long could it be kept?

Hotchenkova N. V.:  Until it dissolves. Hair dissolve at the FSC plates. Hair is a Akashi  link. What it is?  It is connection with our previous lives, with our bank of data. It is like in hospitals, they acquire  individual case histories for each patient, in the Akashi chronics  all previous lives are recorded. May be my words are unacceptable and new for someone, they will understand me in a year time. Work with hair could be empowered with a photograph. But a photograph should be black and white and fresh. Why? Nowadays the chakras colors are changing, vibration characteristics are subject to changes, so the photograph should be black and white. Why fresh? Because Earth electromagnetic fields changed, one should not take his photograph in a young age and try to do something with it, it is possible to corner an organism into a shocked state.

Probably you would not be able to find an old camera, let it be a digital one, but colorless. By the way, when they work with photograph on FSC no. 2, it may become green and crack. Such photograph should be replaced by a new one, it indicates that a man has really serious problems. And often it is karmic problems. And this is despite the fact that the whole humanity was relieved from karmic problems at 2009. But we pull them back with our memory, we get used to hold on to the past and see hope in the future, not many people are living in a state here and now as we should do, as ours higher I lives. We constantly recollect and dream of something we want in the future. It is ours ego, ours outer fields, that works recollecting an dreaming, but internal field of a human being and his consciousness should work here and now.  And many people returned their karmic problems, they were relieved of, with the help of their memory. And start to struggle with them, it will last until one will change his tunes. The space works with us in this way.

The next question from this note is whether it is possible to use other plates when hair lays at another one ?   Why not ?

From the auditorium: Hair of one man is laying at / inside the FSC, and whether it is possible for another person to use the corrector?  If you mean this, yes, it is possible to use the FSC by another person, simply it will work weaker. Another question is when you clean your money at the second FSC, or charge them at the first one, everyone should do it strictly for himself. If you will help somebody else to solve financial questions, you will lose your own financial stream. Everyone should work with his own wallet. When you bring money at home, it is desirable to clean them with the help of FSC no 2. Sort them out, straighten, place face side to yourself and put the whole roll at the second plate, in order to get rid of the negative. After that you can reinforce your money streams, you do it the same way but with FSC no. 1. But you should not do it for your neighbor, or you might lose yours. The money and FSC plates should belong to you. We had such cases, as far as we touched this theme. So if you brought money in the evening, lay  them for a night at the second plate, and place at the first one in the morning for half an hour. The one who earns money should work with them.

Is it possible to structure liniments on a plate at / inside which there is a hair?

You may do whatever you like, the only thing is that there  should not be information about different people in one plate. Only about one person. And if you want to solve some question, in such case you put a note on it), there should be only one intention in it. The intention should be formulated in a present perfect time.


Question: Is it possible to conduct a session via skype? And how to  orient the FSC ?

Zaporojets M. A.: Place at yours Cosmic point, or at the person on the screen. If you are translating for someone, direct at this person

Question:  is it possible to write notes and place them at the FSCs?  Does it works?

Zaporojets M. A.:  It is not the note that works, but your mind picture. When you write you concentrate. Of course it is useful. More to it, it is possible to charge simple pencils, - put them at the FSC plates and charge them via gratitude password and make them magic pencils. Then you consciously write your gratitude notes with this pencils. Gratitude is a key that allows to open closed doors and enter beautiful healing Gods space, in which your soul and spirit would be activated, it is a primary step, in relation with the same health problems.


Question: Daughter cant get pregnant, she has no FSC plates, can I help her distantly and how?

Administrator: Buy plates and send her by mail.

Answer: Why FSCs, what it is, generally speaking? It is not just a product of some technology. Compare it with water, charged by healers people drink it and it comes to end. Those people who have Functional State Correctors, actually have an instruments for working at home. They can translate energies, charge water,  at that regardless of distance, and pose help in much the same way. But if you are not sure in yours abilities, then bye and send by mail.


Zaporojets M. A.:  A Cosmic law is fulfilled here|: how you act, the same way they treat you. If you heal someone via FSC, the same yours problems would be solved. For example if you help to heal someones feet, then if you have your own problem at the same place, it would be healed as well. Healing  Cosmoenergy  channels would be open for you automatically.


Question: Marina, is it possible to work distantly with the lilac FSCs , put hair, she is laying in the hospital with diabetes, there is a threat of leg amputation

Zaporojets M. A.: I will repeat once more, and will continue repeating  hundreds of times, that what a complex condition it is, it  is possible to try. It is not possible to harm here. Different combinations of plates could be used, but as long as this technology is connected with consciousness, you  should sit down and think it over, make a decision on whether you are going to take it seriously, then you should to take a notepad and a pen and write down a program, for example for this woman with diabetes. Diabetes has energy-informational origin, it means chakras are not in good order, the patient should be cleaned, restore chakras performance, then restore  pancreas and spleen it is no. 9. If you do not have no. 9, then use 15 The light of life it has  a lot of programs, which works with all organs. You may use numbers 14, 15, 16 simultaneously. If during such a session an information comes to you, that you should  put them together into a triangle, or place them at some specific places, then do it. My primary task is to teach everyone to master Cosmoenergy session basics. Remember the time when first computers appeared, and you were afraid to touch buttons at the keyboard. I was afraid myself, I imagine it will explode if I touch the wrong key, the mastering of computer technology was not easy for me. The same situation is with Cosmoenergy, my own way to it was hard and challenging, through mastering a lot of knowledge, development of picturesque thinking, working with my own character and spirit.  In case of FSC implementation it is much easier.


Question: Is it possible to place hair from two different people at one FCS ?

Answer: it is undesirable.  First work with one person, then with another. It is quite another matter if you are going to transmit information for several people simultaneously,  using only one FSC, if you can do this. It is important not to translate your own state at them. So initiation at least  at one Cosmoenergy channel is welcomed, it will give you introduction into this space, and you will know a lot of things and would not be afraid to make a mistake.


Question: Is it possible to help another man distantly ?

Zaporojets M. A.:  In case of strong will and ability to hold a correct mind image. If you are shore that you would not look aside and think about rancid herring in a fridge, and will think exclusively about the man, and you sincerely want to help him, and sure you are able to do it. So you place this person near your FSC and thank/express gratitude for  healing this patient. It could be a photograph or a phantom of this person. But the main task now it to help yourself, even not knowing about channels. That is many people are afraid so many channels. Even if one is not initiated, and summons some specific channel even if he read about it in the web, the channel will hear him, but one should work strictly with himself.

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