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Universal pumping technique by Bozko Vladimir Grigorievitch

Internet conference

Good afternoon, dear friends, who are connected. Again we have a theme which you asked for the last time we met, it is restoration of information field of a human being with the help of Functional State Correctors.

Before starting the main theme Id like to dwell on different FSC series, because I often encounter with a problem that people simply do not understand why we have three series of Functional State Correctors: blue, green, lilac.  You should attentively analyze what information is recorded at them. What is recorded at the blue FSCs ?   Herbs, minerals, some objects of material world which work with human physical body. But a lot of biochemical reactions are continuously taking place  in the human body, and they require some energy. Like an electric bulb that requires pluses and minuses for operation, all organs in our body are supplied with Earth energies and energies from Space. Then, if you take a closer look at the green series, what is recorded on it? Dolmens and places of power, which are situated on Earth, and they give you the Earth energy. And Space channels are recorded at the lilac FSCs, they give you the energy of Space. One should receive the kind of energy, he is missing.

What else should be said ?  The Functional State Correctors themselves are generators of longitude waves, what it is ?   Exactly when Earth energies interact with Space energies and level each other, the energetic longitude wave appears. It is this wave that feeds our physiology bodies, and ensures the normal flow of numerous biochemical reactions. That is, FSC itself is a generator of wave which is helpful for us.

The second very important moment: as soon as Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov recorded at our FSCs such human states as Belief, Hope, Love, Patience, what happens ?  in a very interesting way FSC influences human mentality, relives nidus of encefalopatic activity, relaxes musculation, takes away muscular blocks inside our body, which results in enhanced blood flow, lymph flow, venous flow, energy flow inside our organism. That is, FSC by itself, independently on the information recording on it, due to the longitude wave action starts to correct all physiology states, which does a lot of good to the human organism.

Having all these in mind, we return to the old theme: how it is possible to restore some parameters of human organism with the help of energy influences. You know, there is a Michelangelo painting A meeting of a man and god in which a man and god touch each other. Gee, when they radiograph this picture in UV rays, very simple picture appeared behind the fingertips. This simple picture by itself, described the creation of this world.

So, what happens ?  A very interesting thing happens. As our great academician Vernadskiy wrote, the entire  our Universe  consists of energy and protoplasm. And imagine:  the God came in and with His finger rounded up the energy in clockwise direction, what happens in result ?  It resulted in the center-directed momentum, the energy was consolidated into matter, and the first material particle of our world the electron  - appeared. But since a principle of harmonical equilibrium lays in the foundation of the Universe, a contra- directed whirl appears nearby, and again a force directed to the center appears, and the first positively charged particle the proton appears. But since as the whirl is residual, the quantity of energy in the second whirl will be less, so the mass of protons will be less than the mass of electrons, and their interaction electrical and informational form the next particle of our world, which joins to the nucleus of the future atom  - the neutron. The primerveral element of our world the first atom appears in such a way. It defines the structure of our physical world. The entire our world consists of the variety of electrons and protons. Whatever you will take Earth, Space, air, human organism, the computer everything is built of these particles. And lets look at the Mendeleevs table - what a diversity of substances, of which our world is built, and the quantity of electrons and protons in atoms differs greatly. And lets ask ourselves a question: what makes these electrons and protons to gather in specific conglomerates, which form multiple substances of our world. That is, there should be some organizing principle. Some specific force, that is able to move charged particles in the surrounding space, comes as this organizing principle. And it is the only force that is able to move them electromagnetic field. Everyone played with magnets in childhood. Everybody knows that pluses and minuses attract, and  plus with plus and minus with minus repel, so if we influence a particle with a field of a definite sign, this particle starts to move in space. But we know that the number of electrons in the atom equals the number of protons, and they are balanced (by sign). And there is only one fully balanced electromagnetic field exists in nature electromagnetic light hologram in it all these moments are in equilibrium. That is a specific electromagnetic field  or hologram appears around such a system. and it is this hologram defines this atom construction, this specific substance, and not anything else. And as far as our body is built of electrons and protons from some substances and water then our body has its own electromagnetic field, which we call aura or human bio-field. The human aura has complex architecture. The bio-field of a newborn baby has delicate blue color, and take a look only upper chakra, which receives the cosmic energy, and the lower chakra, which receives the Earth energy are working at newborn child. Little child gets all the other energies  through mothers channel, which is situated just below the umbilical cord. As the child grows and develops, when he reaches 10-12 years, the films at the channels start to open, the chakras start to wind up, and our field starts to acquire the following appearance.

Pay attention that we have both front and rear aspects of our chakras, and they turn back to back and balance each other. And these energy centers consume energy from the outer world and pump it inside our human body. But look, the front aspects of our chakras is called the centers of feelings, and the rear the centers of will, why is it so ? If we take a look at the human body structure as at  the physical object, then we know well that a man consists of physical and spiritual origins, and the spiritual origin in its turn consists of soul and spirit. And the spirit us given by mother at birth, it is an ability of a human to perceive, conceive, reflect the surrounding world and communicate with it. And the energy of sacred spirit is given by father, and it is expressed in analytical and will centers, it the ability of a human to reach something in this life. So there is a very good commandment esteem the mother and father of yours, that is when you refuse to esteem your  mother you lose your sole and the ability to understand people, understand world and specific situations, one starts to make numerous mistakes. If one denies his father he loses the power of spirit. It is very difficult to achieve anything in this life, to get some noticeable result. Along with this, a mental center is situated above us, and we are looking at icons, they often depict a golden nimbus above the head of a saint, it is exactly the informational field of our brain, or the mental center, and this field has a golden color only at sacred people those one who fully fit into the Laws of the Unniverce.

This energy centers, that pump energy into our body, form a system of thin bodies of a human being, it looks the following way: The first layer, the closest one, which bends around our physical body, it is the lower etheric aspect, which is called etheric body of a human being. It is connected with energy which one gets through the first chakra, This energy  nourish the entire bone and joints system, it is the basic energy, the energy of the material world, it defines material structure of our physical body. But along with physiology functions every energy center has its own psycho-emotional features.

What do you think is money? Money is the energy of the socially-physical level, it is the energy people exchange with each other. When the lower energy center is not developed properly, that is one has a lack of material energies, then earning money for him will be mated with great difficulties. This center defines how confidently one stands in life, what forces he has to achieve something to move in some direction. It is so called material basis, almost everything is built on it.

The next energy center is emotional body, it is connected with the sexual chakra, and tightly connected with reproductive system and kidneys. It defines the energy of creation, and it is exactly the energy of money, it defines our nervous system and the ability to express yourself in this world. And lets ask yourself an elementary question: in what case one is able to achieve something in this world?  Only if he could be interesting for  other people, can set mutual relations with other people. It is 70 % of success, and only 30 % is yours professionalism. That is if you have sexual energy and able to please other people, if you set relations naturally, it would be easier for you to solve some specific questions, it would be easier to achieve some results and get material goods in this world. Easier to do something valuable for other people. So it is worth giving a thought.

The next center is a mental body, or in other words it is the low aspect at which all our reflexes are embedded (situated). That is the lowest psycho-physical features like fear, the perception of warmth and cold, our joy, - the simplest linear emotions. At that, the same center is responsible for  all our wishes, gives us the energy of wishes, and fully supplies energy to our gastro-intestinal tract.  But try to remember how often are we doing the following thing: coming into a shop, see beautiful blouse, like it, I want it, and what next ?  Oh, Im short of money, I cant afford it What you did? You created a wish and prohibited it. What human body does in result ? It blocks the work of the yellow (the third) center. And how many such thoughts appear? Countless quantity. So we ourselves create what?  Preconditions to the development of the gastro-intestinal tract conditions. Another problem which by 100 % leads to the pancreas diseases, is when one is convinced that he has a hard, bitter life, that they punish him for nothing, do not value him as he deserves. Again it results in breach of his wishes, he wants to be loved, he wants to be happy, he wants his virtues to be valued by other people. A banal thing comes out in result of all this so as a man is not satisfied with his life, and consider it bitter, body organizes a diseased, called sugar diabetes in order to sweeten the condition of his blood. Again it is a result of breach of wishes.

The first three centers are responsible for material energies.

Next coming the emotional center, the center of cardio-vascular system, it is related to the astral body. It is a point in which physical energies are transformed into a spiritual ones, and vice-versa. This center works as a universal doctor of our organism. But look again, how often we suppress  our own emotions. Suppressing them out of wrong motives. One does not allow himself to love someone to much, to be glad, to express his emotions openly, why?  Because once he was told that he should not do it. And suppressing his own emotions, his attitude towards some people and situations, starts to suppress what?  The action of his own cardiovascular system. And if in addition to these in the state of affection he starts to shout at someone, that it is you who drove me into this state, that I do not want to live, what he does?  He strikes his own heart center, it ceases to receive energy, and very often it leads to cardiovascular diseases formation. In some cases it may even result in infarction. On the physical level it is a denial of life. One should not deny life, one should love life all sorts and all kinds of it, whatever may happen in it. one should live in such a way, that to be able to receive pleasure from everything happens in it. They say to me how is it possible to get pleasure when Im swearing? And I answer: you should think I swear, what does it mean? I can allow myself to swear, and if Im swearing that means Im alive and it is my pleasure at the moment. It is my manifestation as a personality in this world.  Again I should understand what Im doing, shell I continue, and what Im doing when swear I harm both people and myself. And if a vise man will understand this, he simply will stop swearing, but at any case one should not course himself, because coursing yourself you harm (block) one of your  energy centers.

The next center is the throat center, it determines the ether body, or the spiritual () center of the human being. Lets think more attentively: Russian word spirit is a derivative from the word -to blow,  means to speak. Now ask yourself a honest question: how often when it is necessary to say NO, you either stay silent or say YES ? and when it is necessary to say the word YES we say NO instead  What are we doing when acting so? We suppress our own spiritual center. We either agree but unable to express ourselves, and doing so suppress the action of our broncho-pulmonary system, throat and nasopharynx, as well as the thyroid gland. That is we destroy our own physiology aspects of interaction with the outer world. We unable to manifest ourselves, to express  ourselves, and this inability tells upon us. If one take a good look at any situation, in the majority of cases, one harms himself irretrievably.

Next comes the mental center it is our heavenly emotional aspect, it is the manifestation of our thinking and mental.

And the upper chakra it is keter body or the casual body. Information from our  previous lives is in this body.

In addition to this energy centers chakras, we have a system of energy meridians which supply human organism through hands and legs. At that we get the Earth energies through legs and coccyx, and the Space energies through head and arms. This knowledge is well known everywhere -  at the East, at Tibet and India and so on. But ancient Volxvy Slavonic wizards and keepers of the Vedic knowledge, did not gave part of the information at the East. And what part they did not tell out, that the ether body is the determinative body of a human being and it is a multi level system. Really the ether body is a light field of a human being, which contains light holograms of everything that is situated in our physical body, these  holograms are woven from the thinnest threads of light. At the first level of the ether body you will find the texture of ferments, enzymes, hormones, chromosome, DNA, RNA and so on, that is the smallest basic parts of our organism. The next level defines the texture of our organelles the parts of which the cells are built. The third level defines the texture of sells, the fourth tissues, the fifth organs, the sixth defines the systems of the organism, and the seventh unites all these into integrated the whole at the end all these is what we call ether body. Now imagine that each hologram at each level is a separate musical instrument, such not little, not tiny orchestra. Can you imagine it will play and pipe without a conductor? Would it play in harmony or you will hear cacophony, and would that cacophony mean a normal work of the organism ?  And all this orchestra is conducted by a governor, ancient Slavs called it The front balk of life and The rear balk of life

They are called exactly the same way Front central meridian and The rear central meridian.  It starts here: in the middle point between coccyx and anus, goes up at the front of the peritoneum, chest, chin, and ends here in lower nasolabial fold. Energy flows from bottom to top. Yin (womens) energy flows through this meridian.








The rear central meridian starts at the same lower point of our organism between sexual organs and anus. And goes rounding our bottom, back, head, goes down through forehead, nose and ends at the upper nasolabial fold.  You see, the energy in these meridians flows in oncoming directions. The energy starts to flow from the first moment of your body formation, and till the last moment of your life. While the energy flows in these meridians, the man lives. If the energy only stops to flow by these meridians even for a minute, the human could die. It is the governors, which comprises all thin bodies of a human organism into united system. And human body energy centers (shakras)  lay at this meridians. Now imagine: what is a meridian ?  It is a tube, in which the energy flows. If the tube is good and passable, the energy flows freely and chakras work well. But this tube is surrounded by a great number of muscles, you got nervous, psych out, the activity pesthole appeared in your brain, and through the nervous system activity is translated into specific place of your organism, and muscular tension arises in this place, which shuts down the blood flow, the lymph flow, and the energy flow. That is the energy flow through the meridian is shut down. So what is necessary ? It is necessary to relive all these blocks, to relive encephalopathyc activity of the brain, muscle tension, and restore energy circulation at the meridian.

So, after long 2 year research, on more than 170 patients, this system of universal pumping was developed, and I give it to you. It is very simple. You take any blue Functional State Corrector, and place it here. Pay attention at the FSC orientation: the long rib should connect the sexual organs and anus. The second FSC should be placed here at the yugalar pit, doing so we start to pump the front central meridian. As a rule we do it in sitting position, sitting at one FSC and placing the other at the yugalar pit. Why here?

Because this zone is a sensor zone of our organism, it is better not to get into it

The pumping lasts 7 minutes, only blue FSCs should be used. The following complex of pumping should be done during 2 weeks, once in three month.


So what happens? This FSC creates longitude wave directed downwards, and this one  - upwards. That is we do not speed up or prevent the flow of energies through the meridian, we simply clean up the pipe. After 7 minutes, we take the upper FSC and move it at the forehead chakra, and during the next 7 minutes we pump up the rear central meridian.











Many people ask: Is it possible to pump both meridians simultaneously? or  is it possible first to pump the rear central meridian then the front one?  No. First we pump the front central meridian, and then the rear central meridian. Why it should be done exactly so ?  The point is that human being constantly uses the emotional centers which are situated at the  front central meridian, and rear centers, which are the will centers, are used from time to time. So the biggest percentage of malfunctions is observed at the front chakras, and the manifestation of all malfunctions of the front chakras are most noticeable, because they are working almost all the time.  So, the front central meridian should be cleaned first, its energy should be set to maximum, and then we may use one very  interesting effect. Many people experience the lack of will. But when the front central meridian is working on its maximum, the rear central meridian will start to restore, until its energy will become strong enough to balance the energy of the front central meridian. The front meridian is easier in cleaning, it is easier to set its energy to maximum. And all this system will start to develop and restore, and we get a really stable system in result. So we are starting to put everything in order.

But it happened that along with all that, the front and rear central meridians govern the work of the other energy meridians. They alter: one meridian (yin) goes from bottom to top, and  the second (yan) goes from top to bottom, and they level each other and energy balance in them changes during the day time. This balance is governed by the work of the front and rear central meridians. And when you start to do this pumping, you set all these in good order. You see how wonderfully it comes out ?

But look what happens if a trauma appears at  this place. Energy, that flows in this meridian, comes to the place and turns on it. That it the rest of the meridian is denied of normal energy supply. Could that be ?  No.  Three circles of life are  provided in the organism for that case. One of them is situated in the hip joint area it is the circle-shaped energy channel, the second goes around the diaphragm surface, and the third one in the thorax area. So, what does our energy in this case ? It rises up the meridian, then goes by the circle of life, which crosses the front and rear center meridians, goes up, returns by the other circle and splits up and down here. This bypass system ensures energy supply to all parts of human body. But muscular tension areas may arise here as well. So, in order to set the reserve system into good order, we should pump up the lower, middle and upper circles of life. In the Chinese tradition they are also called The three heaters.

So the next pumping will be the following. One FSC should be placed at the center of the chest, and two others should be placed at the bases of the shoulders, orienting them at the angel of 45 degrees. Why ? Because the meridian of lungs goes here, and there is a rule, that should be always observed, that a long rib of the Functional State Corrector should be oriented along the meridian. So the FSCs should be placed this way, in this position the pumping should take 5 minutes. And the next positions for pumpings, I will  show you later, should be performed for 5 minutes each. It is just enough to get a result. Many people ask a question, so there is already no FSC at the bottom of the bode. As soon as you are through with the front and rear meridians pumping, the FSC under the coccyx should be removed.










In addition if one has diseases connected with meridians in hands, and in hands are meridians of the heart, pericardium, lungs, the large intestine, and so on, one should pump up the meridians of hands. We remove the central FSC, leave at places these two,  and two others place at  palms. And do the pumping during 5 minutes.

I want to warn you that there is no sense to combine my universal pumping with criss-cross pumping, and the pumping of chakras, because if you perform this universal pumping all you chakras will be opened by 100 %, and minimal opening of chakras at 1 procedure is 80 %. So there is no need to pump what you already pumped. You may return to the criss-cross pumping and the pumping of chakras at intervals, when you finish my two week course.










As soon as we did pumping of the upper heater (the circle of life) and shifted the energy down, in order to remove it back we should pump the lower heater. Here is the position of the correctors. The middle FSC should be placed 4 fingers below the navel at the middle line of the belly, this point is called Tan-tyen, it is point at which they concentrate energy in the combat arts, and two other FSCs shold be placed by sides at the projection of the hip joint. The places where bones are situated directly under the skin, you can pulp it with your fingers. We place FScs and pump this system for 5 minutes.  Here an additional energy system exists: two channels are going from the Tan-Tyen point directly to the hip joints, and this energy supplies all organs of the small pelvis, all our gynecology, as well  vessels and joints in our legs. If you have only two FSCs, you may do this pumping the following way: you always pump the left side first, then the right side, this rule should be observed undeviatingly. You can pump hands and legs both in standing and in laying positions, as you like.

If you have diseases, connected with meridians of the legs, that is the diseases of liver, gallbladder, pancreas, small intestine, kidneys, urinary bladder, then you should do pumping leg meridians. For that we remove the central FSC, leave this to at side positions, and add two under the feet. Look at the diagram, the lower FSCs are under the feet, and the upper two are staying at the side places (on the hip joint projections)  in vertical positions.

In case of various  fractures of the hip joints, in case of conditions, connected with the bone head, one should obligatory perform the pumping of the lower heater and the leg meridians. It considerably easers the process, and improves the state of the organism. You can do it both in sitting an d laying positions. Of course when legs are straight, leg meridians are pumped better, do this pumping once or twice a day.








As soon as you did the lower heater pumping, and returned the field to its place, then you should pump the middle heater. The central FSC should be placed at the solar plexus in a vertical position. How to find a solar plexus. Find the ends of your ribs, draw a line between them, the solar plexus is situated where it crosses the central line of the belly. Side correctors should be placed horizontally. It is the only position in which FSCs are placed horizontally and not vertically. Why it is so important & Because a wonderful meridian goes here alongside the diaphragm, and FSCs should be placed along it. And, my dear, this pumping also takes 5 minutes.





Basically, it is the whole complex, which should be done in order to completely restore symmetry in the energy-informational field of a human being, activate the performance of his energy centers chakras, improve condition at every disease, that is at 90 % of all known diseases this complex improves physiology state of every patient. I will simply bring several examples. I already had several interesting situations when these pumping gave great healing effect. My two pupils, which are learning at my school, and work in our company had a case when they were in the country without telephone connection, and  medical assistant was in the neighbor village, grandmother, who suffered from cardiopulmonary decompensation, had a severe attack, and they already thought she will die, and she was already blue. They remembered about this iniversal pumping, started to pump her, after 7 minutes she started to breath, this cyanotic shade disappeared, heart rhythm restored, and when they finished the pumping even blood pressure came to norm, and she had not such pressure for the last 12 years. Now they are doing this pumping regularly, and her condition improved greatly, and at angina pectoris and cardiopulmonary decompensation, the improvement is really good.

Another example: a patient came to me with a trauma of a hip joint, automobile trauma, he is a biker. Necrotic changes already started, the operation on the joint replacement was scheduled, the man could not step at his leg. At one session we did an FSC pumping of the lower heater, and restored the field. After that he got into a hospital, they were preparing him for the operation, which should be done next week. He told we that he awoke at Friday night from itching in the joint, such a severe itching that he could not neither sleep, nor lay or sit down. He said I rise, gently step at the leg, the itching passes. That is regenerative restorative processes has started. He suffered this way the Saturday night, the entire Saturday day, night from Saturday to Sunday, Sunday noon and night from Sunday to Monday. At that, as he told me, at Sunday evening I even throw out the crutches, such a struggle it was. When his case doctor came in Monday morning and asked him a question how do you manage to do without crutches ?, he told him the whole story, and they were shocked when they did X-ray photograph of his bone. Complete restoration of the bone head took place during these two days. What happened?  There were no miracles, energy supply was restored, cells received the sufficient amount of energy for regeneration reactions to take place, and that is all. And I have a number of such examples of restoration in serious, complex situations. It gives a lot of positive results by itself.

Unambiguously if one has diseases  of vessels, extremities, joints, gynecology, rectum, urinary bladder, then it is necessary to pump the lower heater in addition to the main course of healing. If one has conditions of gastro-intestinal tract, it is stomach at the first place, duodenum bulb, liver, gall-bladder, pancreas, spleen, small and large intestine the middle heater should be pumped. If one has diseases of the broncho-pulmonary system, heart, vessels, thymus gland, thyroid gland, antrums of Highmore -  the upper heater should be pumped. And very often it leads to good healing results.

Now about defects. First of all, before doing this pumping, you should drink a glass of water, structured at the Functional State Corrector. Because despite the fact that pumping of first and rear center meridians normalizes arterial pressure, but in two weeks complex if one performs this pumping and do not drink water, it may result in  10-15 millimeters blood pressure rise. As a rule it does not happen with structured water drinking. The second moment: you should use only blue FSCs, be3cause the influence power is calculated here, I mean physiology. When I introduced this pumping for the first time, it was three month ago, a woman called me with a question: Vladimir Grigorievitch, I feel great,  energy is overwhelming, but I cant sleep during the second week. Finished all my deeds, do not want to sleep, palms and feet are burning. I ask a question what you did ?  - I pumped with green FSCs . What does she did ? Green FSCs  are 4 times more powerful than the blue ones, she over-pumped her nervous system, it resulted in the excess of energy, with which she could not cope. All this is called wrong implementation. So I ask you to listen attentively, and think what you are doing and how. Thats why we repeat this lecture several times. You see, someone shares results: my friend got rid of an edema at the thyroid gland after two weeks of your pumping. And we have a lot of similar results, including even oncology.

Surely, its impossible to think out some universal pill, it does not exist in nature, but as long as energy plays a major role in vital activity of the human organism, this system, the system of correct energy restoration, allows to get a result in the physical body.  

The time of pumping has no significance, the fact is that front and rear central meridians and the three heaters are active 24 hours a day, during the whole our life. If the flow of energy through them will be stopped, the man will die, so the time of pumping has no importance.

If you performed the pumping for 5 days, then make a break, you may continue.

Below are my answering at questions of users:

1. Is this technique of pumping still good to use for opening all chakras?

No, one shall use pumping of chakras in order to open chakras. Universal Pumping activated front and real middle meridians at the first place. Probably this involves chakras in some degree but better to work with them separately

2. Can it be used to replace regular pumpings?

No. Better if one would activate other meridians with criss-cross pumping and pump chakras.

3. Can my wife still do this type of pumping and still shower with the FSC's ( I read that showering with FSC's is also a kind of pumping)

One can combine any pumping with showers and baths, this is not prohibited. You know, it is better do both (that is shower with structured water + pumping (varios)), especially in serious cases.

4. I read the article about this pumping tecnique and it says that it needs to be performed for 2 weeks, once in a 3 months period. It doesn't say how many times/day you can do this pumping. Once or twice?

I think once. But you see, in serious cases doing more would be beneficial. In case one feels normaly, then why not. FSCs would not overload, Organism would not react more than necessary.

5. It also doesn't say if the FSC's need to be co-tuned or if they need to be placed one up ( numbers facing) and the other down (rings facing) - like in spinal pumping with 2 blue fsc's.

Good question. In the time this lecture was delivered we did ont use co-tuning of FSCs yet. Co tuning was introduced ny Koltsov later. So the universal pumping does not require co-tuning. I think that it will be good to c-tune FSCs if you can.

6. How does step 2 and 3 from the pumping tecnique work with 3 fsc's in terms of facing the plates? Which ones are facing up and which is facing down?

Field, generated by FSCs plates is symmetrical. According to Koltsov there is no face and back (they ar e equal). Thou some lecturers insist there is difference. I would listen to Koltsov.

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