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“Amaranth”, “Anti-cataclysm”, “The Beauty Factor”

These are exclusive FSCs which are distributed only through “Center Region” promotions, this way the company encourages people to participate in FSC distribution. So you cannot just order them. But you may contact me with the inquiry about current promotions, and we will think over what could be done. Nevertheless I decided to publish this material, because my people / partners need it, and it shows more opportunities opened by the FSC technology.

This material is a collection of questions and answers from different lectures about new exclusive Functional State Correctors, released at the end of 2012, their names are “Amaranth”, “Anti-cataclysm”, “Beauty Factor”. There is no any “official description” from the Center Region Company, or especial implementation recommendation on behalf these FSCs, so I had to pick information from different materials, hope it gives the idea.

Amaranth FSC

Merslyakova E. V. ( January 18-th , 2013). Amaranth is a substance which suppresses fungi reproduction, polyps. About 20 years ago polyps were found only inside intestines, nowadays they are founded everywhere: kidneys, liver, gynecology – everywhere. These polyposis mean that organism is inhabited by some mould. Like FSC no 1, “Amaranth” FSC is to be carried at the place of a problem organ. They recommend to carry no. 1 not less than 5 hours, I think it is possible to carry the “Amaranth” FSC for a shorter period of time. Water consumption is obligatory. If you are using some medicines: gels, suppository – structure them at the “Amaranth” FSC. Works well on lungs, when there is a congestion in lungs, chronic bronchitis, asthma. Phlegm in lungs serves as a favorable medium for such things, and “Amaranth” is good for a cleanout. If a polyposis in the intestines is diagnosed put this FSC at the polyp projection.

Koltsov S. V. (from internet conference at November 15-th). Now about the “Amaranth” Functional State Corrector, I think everybody did a lot of reading and can imagine what it is. Remember that we already have amaranth oil polarization recoded at the FSC “Longevity” – there it serves as a main gerontology theme.

Koltsov S. V. (from lecture at the Center Region Office by December 8-th, 2012)

Amaranth oil is one of the most gero- and onko- protectors. Generally speaking it is a unique product. When I was in Germany I attempted to find it in their healthy-shops, where they sell biologically clean produce. I was not able to find amaranth oil. Only 30-40 different derivatives: grinds, additives, cake, but not oil. I do understand what a problem is to produce good, adequate amaranth oil. You know that amaranth oil is recorded at the first FCSs, so I’m acquainted with this product for 15 years. UN comity included amaranth into the list of 21-st century products. Really it would be enough to add 10-15 % of amaranth flour into any bread products and population will stop falling ill. Simply they will stop to fall sick. A question arises: will market economy allow to do this? Thank God, some farmers in Novgorod district started to do it by initiative, because nowadays nobody is going to ask any permissions. What is the problem? The main active substance in the amaranth oil is unsaturated fatty acids, so it is very delicate product. It should not be heated, if you heat it to 40 degrees – be sure - you’ve lost half of its value. It should not be kept at light, only dark place is OK. I understood all this long ago and amaranth oil, that I recorded at first FSC numbers, was amaranth oil extracted on corn oil, the percentage of the amaranth oil content was not more than 8 %, that was strictly prophylaxis dosage. This year I addressed specialists from the Institute of organic chemistry, and they produced for me 100 % amaranth oil, using their own complicated technology, observing all the rules of the game. It got out well. It is this sample from which I recorded the polarization of the true amaranth oil. Then we tried to look if it is possible to pull up the quality of amaranth oil, produced by simple technologies. It appeared that it is possible. The most common technology of the amaranth oil production nowadays is a cold pressing. By the way, it is a problem by itself. Amaranth seeds have a size of poppy seed – that is very small, and one should mill them, but not too thin, otherwise we will lose some organic compounds, and not too thick, because in that case we would not be able to extract some other organic compounds. There is a plenty of nuances here. For half a year I’ve searched for the amaranth oil from which it would be possible to copy polarization, and did not find one. I had to place a special order. Because when we looked at some samples, produced by the cold pressing methods, the “level” which was pressed out, was the one that supports gastro-intestinal tract, Generally speaking, what “holds” stereoisomerism in the organic compounds? The wave guides, the cellular tissue, and we press and destroy it in the cold pressing process. It is a reality, when they press oil, they destroy exactly this level. Amaranth oil itself acts as a very powerful onko-protector, especially at the gastro-intestinal tract. And when you take cold pressed amaranth oil, not correcting its polarization with the “Amaranth” FSC, it surely would not work. It is exactly the point, this FSC was made for. You should put any cold pressed amaranth oil at this FSC at least for 10 minutes, and it will restore lost stereoisomerism of the organic compounds.

From the auditorium: Any oil?

You should not tangle here. If there is no corresponding organic compounds in the oil, for example such powerful antioxidant as squalen, where from would it come into ordinary sunflower oil? What you will restore in it? It is possible to restore this stereoisomerism in water, but never in the other plants oils. The water is more suitable for this structure transfer.

From the auditorium: So it is possible to put water on this plate and drink water?

Of course! It is recorded at the FSC “Longivity” but with a special function to support cardiovascular system, it works a in bit specific way. Generally speaking, amaranth oil is a very harmonious theme, we conducted different measurements with amaranth oil in our laboratory, we have a lot of different spectrum images recorded, and we were surprised to observe that amaranth oil spectrum almost identical to the spectrum of mirra (ritual oil in church). It becomes clear that amaranth also has some sacred significance. When we learned to work with cosmoenergy channels, it appeared that an amaranth plant on its own is connected to some cosmoenergy channel.

From the auditorium: Sergey Valentinovitch, in 80-s they produced amaranth oil in Kharkov by vacuum cold pressing.

Any particular technology method has its own disadvantages, extraction on ÑÎ2, extraction on light organic fractions, and so on, taken separately every technology has its own weak points, so it is a serious headache. We tried to muster the technology in our laboratory, but abandoned all attempts when understood all details.

From the auditorium: FSCs structures water medium, but what about pure oil?

Koltsov S. V.: There is a lot of stereoizomers in any oil, including amino-acids and so on, it is they which get structured

What heals FSC “Amaranth” ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: We are working with the Functional State Correctors, so the question is not correct, nevertheless “Amaranth” hinders rapid sell division, which accompanies cancerous degeneration and tumor growth, assists regenerative processes, works as a powerful immune modulator, restores cholesterol balance in the organism, including its biosynthesis in liver. It is the amaranth oil which highly showed itself in healing main gynecology ailments: cyst, adneksit, myoma. There are positive clinic results of Amaranth oil implementation in healing Parkinsonism, enuresis, and in cardiology, it is heart muscle tone, rheumatic carditis, atherosclerosis, pressure.


Merslyakova E. V. ( January 18-th , 2013). Very interesting FSC, it is a corrector which disband mind-images. What is mind images ? Psycho-emotional state of our brain forms some electromagnetic pack, and this pack exist in the biofield of this human being, it could also exist in the field of a city, in a field of some group of people, it is exactly the things, that FSC “Anti-cataclysm” disbands. Along with fears. Imagine when a child is late from the school, or did not phoned at time, even if the child is already 30, we have a scenario, that leaves Hollywood far behind. I understood that we are the country of unrealized scenarists, America is whooping without us, because with no reason we can imagine such a series in our heads – something most horrible soul-tearing, tragic. “Anti-cataclysm” is very good for people who wind themselves up. To have it somewhere nearby. One could walk with it or sleep on it. And another moment: “Anti-cataclysm” influences well at women’s gynecology. Frankly speaking, attracting much attention to the body destroys women’s biofield, destroys field structures. Men’s mind images, which are generated with respect of these woman, destroy woman’s biofield, men’s psychology is designed this way. There is a lot of chronic gynecology cases, including infertility nowadays, which could not be cured by medicine. So if a woman understands that she is attracting too much of men’s attention to herself, it is good to carry “Anti-cataclysm” FSC at the bottom of the belly. It is good for public people, for the ones who appears on stage or podium.

Question: Say a couple of words about “Anti-cataclysm”

Hotchenkova N. V.: these functional state corrector causes sheer rapture. When it comes to global cataclysms, it works in automatic mode, the plate was designed in order to prevent accidents at nuclear power stations, for neutralization of radioactive wastes when radioactive waste tombs break open. For minimization of losses and possible disbandment of climatic cataclysms, such as hurricane, tsunami, tornado, earthquakes, drought, flood and so on. More than 20 channels are recorded on it – booth cosmoenergy and numerical. With this FSC we can work on prophylaxis of global catastrophes, and if something of the kind will start to happen, it will turn in automatic mode. Along with this, nowadays I always carry this FSC with me, it works very well as a defense, as prevention of energy attacks – turns on automatically and protects.Take this functional state corrector if you have such possibility.

Question: Do you carry “Anti-cataclysm” on the body or somewhere nearby?

Hotchenkova N. V.: I carry it near myself, place on the body when necessary

Question: How water structured at the “Anti-cataclysm” FSC influences the organism ?

Cleans and protects very well, restores internal defense reserves.

Question: Is it possible to place oneself inside the Golden Pyramid, using “Anti-cataclysm” ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Yes. In this FSC this channel works independently.

Question: How Anti-cataclysm helps during flu epidemic ?

Koltsov S. V.: These FSC action is quite different, for no other scandals arise during the epidemic.

Question: How Anti-cataclysm works for drivers ?

Koltsov S. V.: For drivers “The Clear Space” is better, it is already statistically confirmed.

Koltsov S. V. (from a lecture by January 27-th, 2013): I want to dwell upon the “Anti-cataclysm” FSC. If people think that it is over – we outlive the December 22-nd, and everything is over – really it only just begun. Look at the statistics: last year there were 300 hurricanes in the U.S. Never before they had so much, almost every day. And it will only rise. It seems that the Planet population reached the critical value, and we behave in a wrong manner – violate Cosmic laws, so They will start to teach us little by little, and those who will guess how to behave properly will live normally. I think that functional state correctors help to give a good thought to “where are we living in? How do we live? And what for?”

FSC ” Anti-cataclysm” has a board spectrum of action, a great number of cosmoenergy channels connected with the Sun is concentrated on it, it is because the global change of rhythms is taking place.

Here we had a spiritual impulse, by Marina Zaporojets at the first place, and I also was tuned to it, we did it right after Fucusima. Because we understood, if we would not start to compensate such events, they will disentangle the consequences for a long time. Because it is only the beginning, it shook them not less than Chernobyl, so we tried to do such a “mix”.

From the auditorium: and the action radius?

Enormous. The great number of channels are recorded on it, and scaling function is one of them. That is you may look at the map, and simply imagine that it should work over some territory – it is enough for them to attach to the specified territory. You even should not say anything – everything will be done automatically, you may simply think about it, everything is made on autopilot. The necessary channels will be activated. For example if it is laying somewhere at the table, it not only guards the flat, but a huge territory around. It is ”Anti-cataclysm”, you know the saying that God guards the one who guards himself, so we did it a bit in advance, before the December 21, now it is spreading along the Country and we can sleep calm. Even if it will strikes, took a drink in the evening, arise next morning – everything is over, everything is normal.

Koltsov S. V. (from an internet conference by November 15-th, 2012): Some people send me questions by the e-mail: “what is the difference from the Golden Pyramid?” It is approximately like “The Clear Space” differs from “The Golden Pyramid”. The function of the Golden Pyramid cosmoenergy channel in “The Clear Space” FSC is strictly guardian, it protects the information from outer intervention. In the ”Anti-cataclysm” FSC, the Golden Pyramid channel performs the same service function. This FSC appeared directly after Fucusima events, it was mainly the soul impulse by Marina Zaporojets, I would not comment on details, our aim was to gather a set of cosmoenergy channels, which solve global tasks: prevention of accidents at the nuclear stations, disbandment of terrorism threats, prevention and extinguishing of fires due to the cosmoenergy channels control, weakening the tornado threats, , that is the thing Nikolay Levashov dealt with in his time. Prevention of floods, weakening and prevention of earthquakes and tsunami, transformation of the radiation into useful for plants, animals and humans irradiation. Along with the Golden Pyramid channel, there is about 20 cosmoenergy channels, including “The Technology of Light”, “The Fifth Element” – that is a control over four elements plus Heavenly Love, “Peace to Earth”, a magic channel of 4 elements – “Midi”, “The First Magic Channel”, and a great number of channels, connected with the Sun activities. So it would not be right to say that it is the same as a “Golden Pyramid” FSC (no 14). It is far from that. More to it, we had a time to practice, I have it ready for 1,5 years, it really works very well especially in extreme situations. Particularly, some our partners were during the events in the Krasnodar district, directly near Tuapse city, witnesses start to tell that when having these FSCs – the car should not go, but it goes, and everything was carried out, and without any losses lived over these extreme events.

The implementation technique is rather simple, everything is done by automatic, you should not even talk to them, the main thing they will crawl over different regions in time.

Another interesting point is that if you turn on mind scaling, you understand what I am talking about, you may shift this settle of channels at every territory. Generally speaking, “Anti-cataclysm” is a global FSC, which action scales and you alone or in some group may work with any territory. There is nothing to add to this, I told everything about “Anti-cataclysm”.

What is scaling? It means that mentally you can move this channels at any territory, If you do nothing it will work over a place where it lays.

Should an ordinary man have these FSC ? Not at all, but if this FSC will crawl over different regions, there is a good hope that we will be shook less.

The Beauty Factor

Koltsov S. V. (from internet conference by November 15-th, 2012). We have another FSC ready, which was recorded from the organic substance “Epidermis growth factor”, it was discovered at 1962, and they learned to produce it for 40 years, it is short protein compounds which work as starters for own stem cells activation. We have such cells almost in every cell structures, not only in skin. So it took 40 years before they learned to produce it by 2000, and it costs a fortune, absolutely out of reach for ordinary people. But copying its polarization on hard copy - on a functional state corrector, we are able to use its “starter” properties. Using ordinary liniment for children, or simple water, it will work as a “starter” on a field level. It is proven for decades, starting from the works of Kaznatcheev and Mikhailov, and others.

“Epidermis growth factor” FSC works (as well as an “Amaranth” FSC) as a most powerful gerontology theme. First, it speeds up the cell structures regeneration processes. Second, it aids activation of own stem cells. The process is not quick, it will take a month, two, three in order to see changes. When we checked it on liniments, the serious changes were noticeable after two weeks.

“Epidermis growth factor” is closer to the plant forms, due to its extremely high dynamics it starts cell structures.

Question: Is it possible to use it for people after oncology surgery ?

Koltsov S. V.: I would previse. There is no statistics yet and very few oncologists, who implement it in a complex therapy. It is the sluggishness of thinking, I could do nothing about it. It is really a prerogative of doctors, they should develop methodic on how to cope with such borderline situations.

Merzlyakova E. M.: “The Beauty Factor” FSC is made especially for skin. Our skin is the largest excretory organ in our organism. We live in an aggressive environment, eat some food with colorants, conservants, oxidants, E-s of different kinds, the point is that this synthetics does not build up in any biological structures, this molecules could not be used in synthesis, biologically they are not suitable for that, and it is important for an organism to get rid of them. As a rule this molecules have a big size, our kidneys are not able to cope with them, and all these starts to go out through skin. Nowadays we have a lot of dermatitis, psoriasis, simply enormous quantity of cases. More to it, scientists may speak a lot on the topic why the Sun is not good for our skin, nevertheless we like to go somewhere to roast ourselves. We have a lot of skin cancer. “The Beauty Factor” FSC withdraws all these risk factors, it bears serious frequencies that stop oncology processes. If you are going to the vacation, take this FSC with you, place it on the shower in the morning and in the evening, take shower or bath at least for 10 minutes in order to restore the balance. 

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