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Alcoholism, drag adiction

This material is comprised from questions and answers, given by different Center-region lecturers.

Question: FSC implementation in case of alcoholism and smoking

Koltsov Sergey Valentinovitch: First one should want to quit, then FSC will help effectively? And our research at Voronez center chowed that one should start with number 2, not 5. When inner energetics came to balance, roof comes into its place, then they started to add number 5, and it all comes to an end. That is very long remissions, many people completely quit. The situation with smoking is worth, because there is very strong psychology dependence like with narcotics. No direct recommendation, thou many people did it successfully with some lilac FSC. But at any case the patients will is needed, you would do nothing without that.

Bozko Vladimir Grigorievitch: My dear, there are several types of alcoholism. There is an alcoholism like a psychological problem when one gets away from life, that is he buries something of his own in the alcohol, and it is hard to get a man out of it. There is an alcoholism like an induced program the result of some witchcraft. And there is an alcoholism as an intrusion of some essences, that lead to it. In an ordinary life it is difficult to tell what kind are we seeing, people with clairvoyance may help with it. In first two cases FSCs help well, remove negative programs, and healing process goes easily, in the third case the man wants to drink, and you would not be able to force him to quit unless he decides to do it. In my practice 90 % of alcoholics come to code out of it because their family insists on doing so, not because they want to quit. It is wasted time without his own decision, the same with smoking. The one should consciously take this step.

Question: Man 52 years old, complex hemorrhoids. Acute condition induced by alcohol, how to help?

Hotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna: It is numbers 7 and 9 which will help with hemorrhoids. It is good to structure liniments, and use liniments, especially when there are inner ganglions. In case of external ganglions you can sit down on FSC no 7, drink structured water inside. All this should be done, using numbers 1, 2, 5 as a background. The same plates will work with the alcohol. If you would not be able to cope with the alcohol problem with 2 and 5, add FSC 11. How to work with alcohol dependence? Drink water, structured at FSCs no 1, 2, 5 in a daytime, do pumpings, use 2 and 5 at night. Place one of them under the pillow, another one under the sheet under the liver.

Question: Hair lay at FSC 11, it does not help with alcoholism, what to do?

Hotchenkova N. V.: You should work more actively here with what interferes you curative process. That is with that essences the man has. May be photo or hair is not enough, try active work with cosmoenergy channels in active mode. Point the eleventh plate at any liquids what he drinks: tea, coffee, milk, anything. Point 11-th FSC at him in a night time (maximum influence is coming out from the short ribs of the plate), let it work for a night. Do all these, using numbers 1, 2, 5 as a background. And add Healthy Generation to put brains into its place.

Question: Drunk husband was aggressive, FSC raised it all

Koltsov S. V.: Well, a standard picture. A serious organs addressed with a request to make especial FSC to erase information component, which is present at all alcohol beverages, especially at strong ones. It really has such stuffing, and if one does not know how to erase it, it is better not to drink.

Question: What is alcoholic agent?

Koltsov S. V.: Information agent in alcoholic beverages. All imported beverages have it, take Whisky for example, and it is hard to guess the meaning of it. It could not be erased in 2-5 minutes, one should work for a long time. Why when one drinks without measure, the roof flies out? it is the information component, which sits in it starts to work. When it all erased, the one is tender and caressing even in a drunk state.

Question: Women are afraid that FSC will withdraw anti-alcohol coding

Koltsov S. V.: They will, here I can do nothing.

Question: Here is an interesting moment, someone is trembling with FSC no. 5, his relatives start to misuse alcohol.

Koltsov S. V.: Here, it is necessary to work with the lilac FSCs, because it is obvious that some information agent is present. It might be essences, or something of the kind. You should work with numbers 14 or 16, then return to number 5 again. We did experiments in the narcology-clinic, they started not with 5 but with no. 2, in order to balance energetics, level it up.

Question: Would there be any effect from passive implementation of FSC no. 11. The young man refuses to activate it.

Hotchenkova N. V.: For Goodness sake, let him drink water. If he only will use this FSC, you may put his black and white photo inside. Let him work this way, it is a passive work. And it will be his personal corrector. Another question is if he allows you to work on his problem, using functional state corrector. You may activate cosmoenergy channels using his photograph. Anyway he will encounter with slugs deducing, so use numbers 1 and 2 as a basis (background).

Question: Is it possible to work with an alcoholic with FSC number 11 ?

Koltsov S. V.: Of course, it was created for this. What differs no 11 from 5, especial complex of cosmoenergy channels for psychic regulation is recorded on it. Separate story. Why is it difficult to do it at home? Because the quickest way to change patients perception and behavior is to place FSC on a medicine dropper. This way we may directly address necessary areas. Through water it takes much longer time. You should understand it and be patient.

..If it is not possible to do in another way, and the question is pressing

Another moment, concerning the use of the lilac FSCs, and how to communicate with them. Cosmoenergy practitioners know it very well. If a man did not asked for help yet, if he is not ready, do not intrude upon him with your good wishes. You would not receive a good answer.all things should be done consciousely.if a man simply says: yes, I want it, I need it, - go ahead doing what you want. Otherwise you exert all your powers but never will see a result.

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, they may break loose, but it happens rarely than usual. In case of a break, in some medical institution arrange some droppings with FSC no 5 on it. It should directly go into the blood. We did research in two medical centers that specialize on such patients. Doctors created the methodic, and it is a correct approach when doctors do it. It appeared that it should be started not with no. 5 but with no. 2. First energy in the organism should be balanced, then psychological nuances should be dealt with. Such a report is in the materials of the Fourth Medical Conference on the FSC implementation. The remission duration becomes much longer, breaks occur more rarely. Breaks do happen sometimes, that is life, it is difficult to tell why one fell into a glass again.

Koltsov S. V., from the lecture at the Magnitogorsk city, 2010: DO not start with 5, Professional narcologists showed it to us. They conducted clinical tests in Vladivostok, they observed aprox. 70 patients. The same was confirmed at Yakutsk. Their situation is more complex, because norsen people do not have a specific ferment which decomposes alcohol. And if Yakut falls into a glass, he could do nothing on his own, such national specific. And there was some social service where they do not even have medical droppers. They both independently came to the same methodic. At first for a month or 1,5 month they hold people on water, structured at FSC number 2, and only then carefully switch to number 5. Using different diagnostic methods they formally see that inner energetic should be balanced first? Then gradually introduce number 5. Yes, there are relapses when some people break loose. But what amazed Vladivostok narcologists is that people who break loose, came out of dipsomania on their own at the 3-4-th day, a phenomenon which was never observed before. It should be understood that it is a long road, and experience comes with time.

Question: How to help the drinking man, it is impossible to make him drink water?

Rusak Irina Yurievna: You know, it is possible to help, put FSC no 8 under his pillow, and use FSC no 5 the usual way, put everything he eats or drink on it, make it yourself. By that you will already help the man. Try, look what will happen, effect is very interesting. It is desirable to relive intoxication, so we come out with numbers 2, 5, 8.

Question: Son is 33 years old, encoded from alcohol for the third time. Is it possible to wrk distantly with him with FSC no. 11 ?

Zaporojets Marina Aleksandrovna: It is.

Question: Chronic alcoholism, what lilac FSC to use ?

Zaporojets Marina Aleksandrovna: Consequently use The Clear Space (no. 16), The Golden pyramid (no.14), then No 11 according to its designation. Conduct sessions 2-3 times a day.

Question: Is it possible to withdraw alcohol dependence working distantly ?

Zaporojets M. A.: Bn bp very difficult, it is a long and complex process. When you are working with a man, some influence definitely takes place, at any case. But in what degree you will be able to help it depends on yours efforts, and on the man, you want to heal.

Question: Alcoholism and narcomania are scourges of our time. How to save a young man from alcohol, is it possible to do it distantly? What to start with?

Zaporojets M. A.: The Light of Life (no. 15) , The Golden pyramid (no.14), and No 11. And an important remark: you should work with parents and all relatives too. Anyway it was in the childs program from the early age, you over-indulged him, or he was deprived of your attention, or was given to suck a babys dummy too much, his soul was not trained. So you should work with mama and papa, grandmothers and grandfathers, with grand-grand-parents. Do it all in your mind, imagine them, use mind image, and the influence will take place.

That is to work with the young man, with the alcoholic through the mind image as well ?

Zaporojets M. A.: Yes, you may imagine him standing nearby, or work with his photograph. You activate the FSC program, imagine like channels were opened on this man, expressed gratitude to the channels and thats all. It is as simple in implementation.

Is it possible, along with doing all these, place The light of Life on the photograph of this man ?

Zaporojets M. A.: Yes.

Question: How to work with people with alcohol dependence and inveterate smokers ?

Zaporojets M. A.: With The clear Space (no. 16) and The healthy way of Life (no.11). The essences could be disbanded at functional state corrector no 11, very often alcoholism is induced by essences, it is the essence which makes the man to drink, not himself. Say I am grateful the essences / negative programs have being disbanded.

Question: Trophic ulcers at drug addicted ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Work with FSC number 7 with ulcers. And use FSC 11 if the man wants to get rid of it, you should show him how to work in order to disband this addiction. Or in case if he does not want, resists, work yourself with FSC 15 with the following affirmation I am grateful . Names mental and physical health have being restored - it is if the drug addicted person is your close relative. Jr one of his close relatives may do it. You can do this.

Note: In cosmoenergy healing there is a rule: the patient should ask for healing. And lilac FSCs could be considered as a part of cosmoenergy practices. The rule have an exclude: close relatives can work without patients permission. Parents may work with their children and children may work with their parents.

Question: Healing drug addiction at young people

Koltsov Sergey Valentinovitch: Healling of any drug addiction is a purely medical question. We did it in tandem with osteopath. It is required to hold him for a week, when some breaking, propensity is possible. I hardly can imagine how it could be done at home.

Question: What FSC should be used for working with drug addicted person ?

Zaporojets M. A.: It is elevanths FSC, it has a lot of programs, wisely selected. More to it, it burns out energy-essences, because in majority of cases it is not the man who drinks, but the essence forces him to do. After some time liver mutates, along with gastro-intestinal tract, and then one needs alcohol just to survive. This FSC has programs of gastro-intestinal tract restoration, more to it reliving of the depression, stress, acquiring grace, and receptivity of the harmonious information. We even added some euphoria energy, in order to allow to receive euphoria not from alcohol, but to receive energy of joy from creation, which is very important.

Functional State Corrector no. 11, The Healthy Way of Life

Zaporojets Marina Aleksandrovna, from internet conference from September, 20-th 2011: The Healthy Way of Life plate is designated for cleaning of all thin bodies, chakras, aura, for defense, deducing and destruction of all negative programs, for their disbandment and burning out of essences which force the patient to drink and to smoke. Leading out of attachment to bad habits, turns on the spiritual component the energy of forgiveness, helps the one to forgive. FSC 11 gives energy for the forgiveness, helps to change consciousness for sincere forgiveness out of generosity, open heartedly. Gives Energy of Life, supports and restores central nervous system, cardio-vascular system, gastro-intestinal tract, psychic, restores out of mental disorders, attachments. Aids cleaning at the genome level, programs which correct genome to the eternal, harmonious development were used. Cleaning out of aggression. A number of Heavenly Channels give one Joy from Heavenly Energies instead of drugs, this trick helps to see the difference. It is possible to activate the clean space around and defense. It gives a chance of complete healing and transfer at a new spiritual level. It is often when good people are drinking, the distortion of the Heavenly Information takes place. This could be solved with FSC 11. If a man is not able to work on his own, then his relatives have to help with translation, holding the mind-images. It is like in prayer when one asks for his relatives body and soul healing. In Functional State Correctors technology is combined with Heavenly Thought, in order to return a man his man-likeness, and later on his God-likeness.

I will briefly repeat the practice of working with FSC 11:

Im grateful all negative programs have being removed \ negative coding erased \ have being freed zombie;

Im grateful stress \ depression has being relived;

Im grateful the essences have being burned;

Im grateful my gastro-intestinal tract \ liver have being restored liver often mutates under dependences. Then Im grateful my cardio-vascular system have being restored \ the Spiritual Heart was activated.

Im grateful for Heavenly energies, for Heavenly consciousness, Heavenly Thinking, Im grateful for the Grace received from the Source, Im grateful for the creativeness which arises at me.

If you want, you may detalize each topic even with more details, and you may co-create these details. If you are working with some relative - specify name.

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