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Arthritis, arthrosis, joints.

FSC use at bones and joints diseases.

Hotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna, internet conference, September 18-th, 2014

Good afternoon! Our conference will be devoted to the human skeleton, and widespread diseases of spinal column, bones and joints. We will start with the notion that bone tissue is the most dense tissue of the human organism, and at the level of tissues it holds maximum volume of information. Here I mean exactly the level of tissues, not genome information capacitance. And one of the reasons of the osteoporosis development, is that human being starts to call for information without establishing connection to the outer information field. That is, information from the outer field comes anyway, but human being is unable to perceive it well, so information deficit is compensated “at the expense” of bone tissue information recourses, so bone tissue gradually loses its density. In medicine this effect is called osteoporosis. We know that osteoporosis is accompanied with bones fragility, with higher probability of the bone breaks.

Orthodox medicine names other reasons for the osteoporosis development, and this mechanism also has right to live. In some definite age every human being undergoes hormonal readjustment, when active life gives place to moderate. Normally women should undergo this period at 50-55, men – 10 years later. To our sorrow, nowadays we started to observe the tendency towards rejuvenation of the age-specific endocrine transition. The tendency was noticed approximately 20 years ago, and nowadays it is common-spread phenomenon in the economically developed countries.

What other reasons of the osteoporosis development along with informational and physiology mechanisms, do we know? Banal calcium deficit, particularly it could be observed in some specific geography regions. It is when one wants to eat some chalk. Osteoporosis develops when there is a shortage of products rich with calcium in the ration. Pregnant women could suffer from osteoporosis – calcium could be extracted to the fetus skeleton formation, along with that pregnancy and the process of childbirth are connected with endocrine changes and stress, both could be triggering factors.

What we have to deal with osteoporosis? Let’s start with supplements. Generally speaking, calcium preparations should be prescribed. It is desirable to supplement calcium with silicon, selenium, magnesium. Where could we take all these from? We have “Marbax “ complex, that contains almost all microelements, and “Protetion” number 6.

Speaking about Functional State Correctors, unambiguously the base set (numbers 1 and 2), along with FSC number 10. Number 10 is universal for bones and joints problems. Formerly, when we did not have FSC 10, and did not work with cosmoenergy channels, we used number 7. We used number 7 for water structuring, along with calcium supplements, and it helped to cope with osteoporosis.

What other widespread problems do we have? Curvature of the spinal column. Spinal column is the axis of the human body. Energy axis of the body is protected by the spinal column, this axis is energy-information basis both for physical body and all thin bodies. Energy axis goes through the center of each chakra, connecting them into united system. So in case of any anatomic violations, all spinal column bents will influence energy flow, some energy blocks arise, and such situation aids easy attachment of the alien informational programs. So what are the reasons for the spinal column curvature? Problems may appear in early childhood, sometimes from the kindergarten. When a child learns to draw, to write, to eat without assistance, you should pay attention at the light, that falls at his working place. Instinctively a child will adjust to the best lighting conditions, turning in such a way that his sheet of paper or a plate, or a page in the book, would be lighted in a best possible way. A child starts to bend, spinal column is soft, bones are not that hard as at adults. Here is the root of the problem. The situation will be only worsened in school. Nowadays they returned satchels in schools, maybe it is good. When children carried bags, it caused the shoulders skew and spinal column bent under unbalanced load. So the decision to use satchels is good, many adult people also use satchels nowadays, but be attentive: a satchel should be situated in the middle of the spine. I mean the habit to use satchel, which are carried at one shoulder is not good, thou it could seem convenient. Caring a satchel at one shoulder also leads to the shoulders skew and consequently to the violation of the spinal column axis. There is a separate problem, connected with satchel: overload may cause compression of the intervertebral discs, this may be the starting point for development of the problems, which later will lead to radiculitis.

Any compression of the intervertebral discs, no matter what is the reason, in presence of neurotropic viruses will lead to cartilaginous tissue damage, vertebras start to shift. In case of additional trauma of the vertebra body, for example there is a split, the situation becomes worse, compression between vertebra processes develops in a place where nerves which are going out of the spinal marrow and blood vessels which supply the spinal marrow are situated. A state medics call radiculitis develops gradually – it is inflammation of the radices. Nervation of the correspondent internal organs became violated, gradually they became “problem organs” or inclinable to the development of some disease. Then other factors may serve as triggering, they are: infections, ration, low quality water, genetic predisposition and so on.

The same mechanism, when anatomic relative orientation of the vertebras is distorted, may lead not only to radiculitis, but to osteochondrosis. That is salts start to deposit, and like cement salts bind up nearby vertebras, restricting their motion capabilities. The vertebras start to creak, a person has problems with movements, even has to turn with the whole body, instead of turning a head or the upper part of the body.

What else may happen with the spinal column? Let’s say osteochondrosis or inflammation processes inside the neural canal may lead the narrowing of the neural canal clearance. Occlusion develops. In such a case entire lower part of the spinal marrow may suffer, that could be followed with corresponding clinical signs.

What else? Spinal column hernias is a commonplace phenomenon nowadays. They can develop after trauma, o due to some orthostatic spinal column changes we discussed above, or due to the infection processes when protrusion of the internal contents is taking place.

Another serious problem is a tailbone area problem. When a child learns to walk, it is difficult to watch him permanently, child often falls down on his bottom, and micro traumas in the coccyx zone vertebras are formed. There are four vertebras in the coccyx zone. If the child got some neurotropic viruses from his mother, then destructive processes may develop gradually. This viruses are: cold, herpes, or latent forms of measles, roseola and a number of other viruses. At that, micro traumas at different areas correspond to the development of specific groups of joint diseases. Damage in place of a junction between first and second coccyx vertebras may lead to the development of the hip joint disease with age. Left side or right – depends at what side there was a problem at the coccyx. Problems in the second joint correlates with knee joints diseases. The third joint correlates with ankle-joint diseases. People with weak ankle-joint may use universal FSC for joint – number 10, they should sit on it often, along with that they should open a channel: “I am grateful my ankle-joint was restored”. Subluxations, violations of motion activity, ligaments problems will gradually pass away. When it comes to knee and hip joints, it is important to include the first and the last vertebras in the spinal column pumping procedure, at least in case you are using the basic set of numbers 1 and 2. The first neck vertebra and the last coccyx vertebra. When the FSCs are co-tuned, you may place them to any departments of the spinal column, you should only watch that the distance between centers of two FSCs would not be more than 78 centimeters. When the correctors are co-tuned, the pumping of the entire spinal column will take place. In addition in case of the ankle joint problems, you may put number 10 at the joint, number two in case of puffiness. In case of bone breaks use number 7 contact.

Our nervous system is organized segmentary, and its organization corresponds to the spinal column segments, so it is important to support spinal column in good energy state in order to ensure nervation of the internal organs. The best way is to do spinal column pumping with co-tuned FSCs, what numbers? 10 and 16, it is possible to replace 16 with 14, at that number 14 works well with neurotropic viruses, that is it has universal anti-parasite action.

Bone breaks may pose rather serious problem, especially with age, because regenerative function of the organism weakens. A problem with elderly people is that their bone breaks do not grow together quickly, bones do not restore, often a pin is needed, so a person stays motionless for a long time. We recommend to place FSC number 7 at a problem place in order to stimulate regeneration and restoration of the cartilage tissue. Number 7 works quicker at the physical level than number 10. At a mental level you may also use number 10, by activating its cosmoenergy channels, adding visualization. You can co-tune this pair of correctors and put this co-tuned pair at problem places. In what cases could it be actual? In such cases as femoral neck break, rib break, or other bones breaks, sometimes we encounter with cases when it is difficult to fix broken bones, and medics do with tight bandage. Of course it is desirable to quicken healing process in order to restore patients motion ability and ability to work. We recommend to drink water, structured at FSC number 7, place it contact at the problem place, or use contact a co-tuned pair of 7 and 10. You may drink water, structured at co-tuned correctors and then use them contact. In most cases, when patient works actively with numbers 7 and 10, bones grew together with endosteal callus. It means that peripheral sleeve at the bone - intumescence does not form. At the X-ray picture the sleeve is seen as intumescence, and with FSC it would not form, the bone will grow together as if there were no any brake. At that growing together with FSCs usually takes two weeks less, problems with elderly people come to non-existence. In all cases in elderly age growing together takes approximately the same time. It is better when a patient is working himself, using number 10 in active mode and visualization, in case he can’t work himself but allows you to work for him, you may help.

With number 10 you can also work with the inter-vertebral disks restoration. If the disks between vertebrae bodies start to restore their anatomic form and structure, the vertebrae bodies expand, and if there were nerve strangulation, clinical symptoms start to go away, nervation of the corresponding internal organ restores. The restoration of the physical axis, that is the spinal column itself is taking place. So it is sensible to set a program for the restoration of the spinal column anatomy, using the gratitude energy. In order to live only those bends that should be. Along with restoration, we also have to stretch the spinal column.

At that height may enlarge at 1-2 centimeters, FSC number 13 has this program, it is able to stretch out the spinal column but not able to do anything else with bones. It is the only program connected with skeleton at FSC number 13. The main corrector to work with skeleton is number 10, it has the full set of programs, in addition it has programs for cardiovascular system like FSC number 9, at least the most important ones, so periosteum blood supply becomes restored.

About joints. At the physiology level problems with joints became apparent as inflammatory problems – arthritis, then imperforation of the inter-articular cavities with the connective tissue is taking place. Inter-articular lubrication becomes deteriorated, joints start to crackle, mobility suffers, generally speaking the joint ossifies – such a state they call arthrosis. In other words the joints became rusty. Are we able to do something in these case? Of course, we are, our actions depend on the problem. We can clean out joints, for this job it is good to combine – co-tune number 2 with number 10: structured water inside, spinal column pumping with co-tuned correctors. You may place co-tuned correctors at the problem joint. Remember that you have to pump in energy both in healthy and damaged joints. What for? – I am going to remind you why. Regardless of what could be the reason, if a joint goes wrong, then the other joint a symmetric one takes double physiology load. And in case such situation lasts long, the healthy joint may start to work out. Often we have the following picture: the damaged joint becomes conserved in its diseased state, at that the healthy joint starts to ruin quickly at the background of the diseased joint. So, it is obligatory to pump up energy into both healthy and diseased joints. Here, working with FSC number 5 could be a good variant.

After cleaning you may start healing your joints, it is possible to switch to FSC number 10, it has all necessary programs. Thou it could be that a patient already has number 6, for example it was bought in order to work with glaucoma and cataract, and some joint started to crackle, that is intraarticular lubrication is violated, it is insufficient. Joint surfaces start to rub one another, we can use FSC number 6 for this problem either. You can structure liniment at the FSC number 6, you can use ordinary childish liniment or the one, which was prescribed to you for the restoration of your joint. Doing so you add information component to biochemical action. Hyaluronic acid, which is recorded at the FSC number 6, plays important role in the intraarticular lining restoration mechanism, that’s why number 6 helps in this case. If you want to stimulate intraarticular surfaces restoration, then you may also add FSC number 7. Blue series works well with joints. Number 10 will supplement their action and make regeneration processes to go faster.

Problems with joints with autoimmune component are called polyarthritis – it is numerous lesions of small joints, sometimes large joints could be also involved. When the large joints are affected we call it rheumatism. At that the development mechanism of both conditions is identical, organism produces anti-bodies to collagen fibers. Thou the process may show out predominantly at large or small joints, all of them are involved. What could be done here? For example, if only feet or hands are involved, you can do local baths. You choose separate basin for feet, or some bowl for hands, put functional state corrector underneath, it could be numbers 6 or 7. Thou at the beginning period, in order to remove toxins and slugs, it is better to do baths with number 2, or number 2 co-tuned with number 10. After a week switch to rehabilitation program – numbers: 6, 7, 10. You may also work with gout similar, but the most optimum variant of working with gout is number 10, including active mode.

What FSCs should be used in case all joints are affected – both large and small? In this case general baths with FSC 10 are recommended, thou you can also use numbers 6 and 7. “Healing 1” FSC is very effective, in addition you should take water structured at this FSC. “Amaranth” works well with immune-affected joints, drink structured water, structure and apply liniments, take general baths.

Criss-cross pumping are very good for the entire skeleton. You should do both spinal column and criss-cross pumping. At that, for skeleton you may do criss-cross pumping in any position, laying, sitting, standing. The last remark is true namely for skeleton.

We already spoke about spinal column pumpings. Thou there could be situations when it is not convenient to perform them often. For example, one has to sit at work, or has sitting way of life. So it is possible to do spinal column pumping while sitting. Sit down at one FSC, and put two others under the feet. At the beginning period you put numbers 1 and 2 under the feet, and sit down at number 5, later you may use any correctors which are working with joints, we already listed them.

In case when a knee hurts, you may sit down at one FSC, for example number 5, and put the other FSC you need at the knee. You can do it in way which is convenient for you: at the outer knee surface, under the knee, and so on. You may work similar with other joints, this mode is called sectional pumping of extremities.

It makes sense to consider induced negative program in case when some joints at one side of the body are suffering constantly. That is when there are no problems with brain and blood vessels, but for example right foot gets slipped often, or one knee hurts constantly, or hip joint hurts at the right side. It could be a negative program or come coding, directed at the left hemisphere, then right half of the body will fall out, at that the first system to fail will be the weakest one. Weak systems are individual, one may have problems with blood vessels, another person may have problems with bones or with specific joints, or skin problems at one side of the body. So in this case you should work with golden FSCs which are able to disband negative programs. Undoubtedly it is number 17, 21 and 24-th in case of magic influence. And it should be more than one session. I remind you once again, one should work with golden FSCs 2 or 3 times a week, some people – once in three days. It is really difficult to disband a program in one session, programs are induced by people, and many are able to monitor the situation with their programs, so you may have some phone calls or other influences at the information level, which would renew the program and oppose your work with golden FSC. That’s why you have to repeat sessions periodically.

What about intervertebral hernias? In case one is having hernias, then FSC should be placed at the hernia projection prior to the spinal column pumping. One should hold it for 10 minutes at the hernia projection. It is better to begin contact work with hernias with number 2, it withdraws perifocal edema and reduces pain in any situation. In case number 2 do not help, you may try to use number 1 – it will deal with infections and ensure some rehabilitation, number 5 restores energetic locally, number 7 – in case some regeneration is needed, and finally number 10 in active mode with gratitude affirmation, for example: “I’m grateful the hernia between this and that vertebras have being disbanded” – you may give exact targeting. After that you add spinal column pumping. The most powerful variant will be to use co-tuned “serious” lilac FSCs: 10, 14, 16.

Musculoskeletal system conditions are often followed by some psycho or mental aspect. Official medicine pays little attention to it, but the problem exists nevertheless. Luzginova Svetlana Vasilievna spoke about it at the 6-th scientific conference: in real life we sometimes encounter with people who are too unbending or inflexible, too straightforward or literally numbed. This character features are projected at motor performance and the state of the musculoskeletal system.

Let’s start with what we are talking about recently: problems of other people pulled over at yourself. What suffers when we draw somebody else’s problems, or work? The shoulder zone – shoulders and upper part of the spine, what we call rucksack zone. The more problems one takes at his own shoulders, the more he enters into somebody else’s position, the greater is the burden of problems pulled onto one’s shoulders. Like Mykhailo Zhvanetskyi (famous Russian humorist) says^ it is easy to go into somebody else’s problems, but not every time you are able to go out. This burden of other people’s problems starts to press, and in this case FSC number 22 is the best choice. At that, one may be even unaware of what is happening when this burden grows – hands may start to work poorly, in some cases hands became cold, or fingertips loose sensitivity, with time one may even become unable to do such as simple thing as washing potatoes, carrots, apples – fruits and vegetables, problems with joints start to develop gradually. And initial problem is sitting here – at the rucksack zone, only later it goes down. So every human being should live his own life, and there is no need to wipe snot to your grown up children who are in their forties and fifties. Generally speaking children should start living their own life in 18, but we get used to protect and nurse them till the old ages. More and more often we see situations when people get accustomed to the situation when they can draw something out of you, if not the money, then at least use as a shoulder to cry on. In result you get into vicious circle, when neither medicines nor anything else is able to help. It is because the burden became unbearable, so the only solution is to shake it off. In situations that require a good shake off I remember my own dog when she goes out of a river and intensively shakes off odd water. You should do the same trick at the mental level. Did not reach complete success with shaking off – take in hands FSC 22 and work with it. Hold it in hands for 10 minutes or sit on it approximately the same time. 10 minutes is enough, repeat the procedure after 2 or 3 days. Or it is possible to place it (any golden FSC) at the top of the head. It is a good variant, why? Because all golden FSCs work via the crown chakra. So sit on it or hold in hands for 5 minutes, then place at the top of the head for another 5 minutes. In case the headache starts during this procedure, then there is no need to remove the corrector immediately. It is possible to last 10 minutes. In case headache continues after the end of this 10 minutes session, then you may work with some other FSC from the blue or green series, it will be disbanded quickly. This burden at your back should be removed.

Knees often are a problem place. Along with the tailbone zone problems, coming from falls in early childhood when we were learning to walk, knee problems could be connected with such character features as egoism, arrogance, pride, internal fears – with everything that prevents person from bending or standing on his knees in life. What it means? The absence of ability to acknowledge and sincerely thank, not in indulgent way we often see nowadays. It means exactly learning to forgive to give thanks; it is to express compassion instead of pity, it is tolerance. If one starts to develop this character features in himself, then the solution of knee problems comes quicker.

Problems with hands can be connected with a fear to put one’s hand to something new, to take new decision, to start new activity. So one should let go this fear. Hands are connected with such a notion as “to grasp” or “catch” something, to attract anything to yourself. When there is an internal barrier, connected with these notions, then at the thin level hands stop to perform their function. And in case some organ is no longer in need or in work, it starts to became ill or atrophy. The way it happened with our epiphysis. Our ancestors had enormous epiphysis, it worked as a an eye, but as superfluous it became hidden inside the human brain – under the crane in the limbic area, and nowadays it is only able to give us some responses in the form of intuition, and we often even not listening to it.

Legs depict our fear of the future. It is a kind of problem human beings create with their “own hands”. Future implies going to something new. The fear of going into new areas \ situations lays over in our sub-consciousness. So FSC number 17 could help to some people, some situations should be investigated deeply. For example, man lived an active life, but in this life he missed the sensation that he is loved. Where this sensation is originated from? – it comes from inability to love himself. May be the man experienced deep devotion instead of true love. Emotional burst to the opposite gender partner is not love either. Love is some definite state of the soul and spirit. Love enlightens absolutely everything in space, and not the specific person. And if a man is in love, the notion of jealousy is unnatural for him. You see what am I about? Nowadays we see a lot of jealousy around, that is people are not able to love. Add some stiffness in life principles, and the restriction of motion abilities in general starts to develop. When a human being sits at the table all day long and do not want to go out at the street, when he does not even want to go to the kitchen to prepare some food, does not want to water flowers, to clean out premises and wash dishes. Bed and table, and with time the luck of desire for going out of the bed. All these is transferred at the state of bone system, and other organism systems as well – it is clear, so called senile immobility develops. It is sheer psychosomatics. In this case stereotypes should be broken down or changed. One should learn to adapt to any changes of the surrounding world, to restore interest in life, then the immobility will go out as well.

Arthritis. From the psychosomatics viewpoint arthritis is connected with the luck of love to oneself. Malice, bitterness, faintheartedness in combination with naturally weak joints will lead to gradual arthritis development. In order to be able to cope with arthritis one should learn to love himself. We are returning to the same point, from which we started 6 years ago: one should learn to love himself, learn to forgive, learn tolerance, flexibility, compassion. All these we have at FSC number 1.

Arthrosis is essentially a deep arthritis. Generally speaking, arthrosis is a development of rust inside a joint. Then at the background of these rust cement forms. It is too literally, but the point is that joint moving ability becomes restricted. In such states they start to use surgery, they install artificial pivot spindles and artificial joints. It is also very important to learn to change internally n order to get rid of arthrosis. It is important to get rid of habitual stereotypes, judgments, social behavior modes, then the motion ability will start to increase.

We spoke about all this problems in our previous lectures, this time I tried to unite it into a system.

Questions and answers from different internet conferences of the Centr region lecturers


Question: Arthritis of joints at hands and feet, which becomes painful at cold. What FSCs can help apart from no 10 ?

Luzginova S. V.: In case of arthritis and arthrosis we are also using FSCs 6, 7. “Apple of Youth” also works here, “Danilovo Lake” works well with the bone system.

Question: Polyarthritis. I am doing baths with water structured at number 2 in the evening and number 1 in the morning, I also attached number 2 at feet fingers joints for a night time, felt warmth. Is it possible to use two FSCs simultaneously?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Really in the initial period baths with numbers 1 and 2 are good. I would add “Amaranth”, “Healing” or “Danilovo Lake” – both will work well. Plus number 10 in the active mode.

Question: A girl is 13, suffers with joint arthritis, what FSCs will help?

Koltsov S. V.: Standard answer is numbers 2, 9, 10. In case it has parasite origin, then also use number 1, one shall check.

Question: Suggest an affirmation for cleaning plates at Behterev disease, rheumatic arthritis.

Hotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna: By the way, number 10 may work well with rheumatic arthritis. When we work with cleaning plates, say “I’m grateful my physical body was cleaned deeply, my thin bodies were cleaned and harmonized” – it is an affirmation for the physical body. By analogy you may also work with consciousness: “I am grateful my mind / sub-consciousness was cleaned deeply and harmonized”.

Question: A woman 48 years old diagnosed rheumatic polyarthritis, all joints and spinal column are affected.

Hotchenkova N. V. From internet-conference from august 13, 2013: Numbers 1, 2, 5 for the beginning. Along with drinking structured water, baths are very good. Then FSC “Amaranth”, no. 10, and something from cleaning series, that is 11, 14, 15 or 16. FSC “Healing 1” will be good here, “Healing” plus “Amaranth”, they will amplify each other.

Question: What FSCs to take and how to work with shoulder-scapula poly- arthritis ?

Hotchenkova N. V. From internet-conference from march 27, 2013: Here we would not do with a single FSC, because any inflammatory process, including joints inflammation comes through several stages, and at every stage a specific FSC may work better. Say, you begin with no. 2, if there are some edema occurrences, they will go out and the joint will stop ache. FSC “Amaranth” can help very well, especially if autoimmune campaign will be added. FSC no 10 is most universal here, it will work for joints cleaning and for reliving the inflammation, you can also program it to activate restoration / regeneration processes. You may choose the desired option yourself.

Question: Rheumatic polyarthritis, with severe attacks during the last 10 days, so I had to increase the prednisolone dosage. How FSCs will help ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Here FSC “Amaranth” may be of a great help. Numbers 1, 2, plus “Amaranth”. Contact use and water inside. “Healthy Generation” may also be of help, but I would prefer FSC “Amaranth”.

Question: What FSC to use in case of reactive arthritis ?

Bozko Vladimir Grigorievitch: Here you should use FSC no 10, which is aimed at the articular system, and protective medicines we talked about – (some Russian name here -«Àðòðî») and pineapple ferments.

Merzlyakova Elena Vladimirovna: Joint issues and arthritis is a strong discontent with one’s own destiny.

Question: Please tell about methodic for arthritis treatment. After significant improvement with FSC plates, acute condition started.

Merzlyakova Elena Ivanovna: Do wrappings. FSCs 1, 2, 5 – by turns, in courses. What courses? Courses of wrappings with water structured on 1, 2 for 14 or 21 days. And after that a course of 2 and 5. At that, number one at the beginning, then number 2, and when you will come to working with number 5 – first number 5 then number 1. It is better when you will do them mornings and evenings. Cold water is structured at the FSC, soak cotton or flux fabric, wrap the joint, and wrap something woolen on top of this. Hold for 20 minutes.

Question: 5 year old child with arthritis, what FSCs should he use ?

Koltsov S. V.: Nonsense. You should select. One and two, where from an arthritis could come to a child ? Well, anything could have happen, got pricked, contaminated with some infection, and it started to show out.

Question: Man 28 years, arthritis of elbow and knee joints of autoimmune origin already for 4 years. What is curative scheme ?

Zaporojets Marina Aleksandrovna: Here is another question, will you be using only blue FSCs, or the lilac ones as well ? Everything that is connected with joints, knees, along with autoimmune origin is recorded at Functional State Corrector no. 1 “The Healthy Joints”. Everything like before: structured water, and regular cosmoenergy sessions, which you conduct for yourself. Watch your condition. I want to point out, that work with lilac FSCs implies your inner work, turning on of your consciouseness. That is you should spare some time for yourself, pay attention at yourself, analyze your inner situation. Just imagine bright and beautiful sunlight and simply direct it at the problem place. “I’m grateful my immunity system has being restored”, “I’m grateful all my organs and systems has being restored”, and after that switch to joints.

Question: Arthritis of the jawbone joint, aches, we have FSCs 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, how to help ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: In order to relive pain place FSC 1 or 2 at the problem place, you will obligatory need “Healthy Generation” FSC, and number 10 is even better.


Koltsov S. V.: Arthrosis of third and fourth stages of knee joint, of only one joint, they are proposing artificial joint but I do not want. This is correct. How to help myself?

Here it is not possible to give general recommendation, one shall look for the primary reason. It could be banal Chlamydia.

Radkova L. I.: It could be kidneys as well.

One shall look, no possibility to say anything in general here.

Radkova L. I.: FSCs 1, 2, 7, 10.

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, FSCs one and two.

Question: Is it possible to cure coxarthrosis in neglected stage?

Koltsov S. V.: If I only knew! It is possible to cure everything, but it is doctors who shall write the procedure. Here a doctor is hinting me: “Healing 1”, “Healing 2”, “Danilovo Lake” are needed for this. Really at the S’ezjee Lake (“Healing 1”) there are many precedents of recovering with loco-motor apparatus problems, but one shall investigate every specific case, it is not possible to give general recommendations.

Question: Arthrosis, what FSCs may help? I have 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 11 for two years.

Hotchenkova N. V.: 1, 2, 10 – is what needed in this situation. It would be good to add either “Amaranth” or “Healing 1” here.

Question: Arthrosis of the hip joint, how to help?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Numbers 1, 2, 6 from the blue series, “Amaranth” from the greens,

Bozko Vladimir Grigorievitch: First thing you should do in case of arthrosis is to visit orthopedist, to check for transverse- longitudinal platypodia and select corrective insoles to ensure correct feet position. After that to heal liver and gastro-intestinal tract, take cartilage protective medicines, bromeline and calcium at the evening time, at 19. Place FSC rectangles at the aching joints. At the hip joint three FSCs should be placed – one on the front side, second at the rear, third at the side. And pump each joint for 20 minutes.

Question: Gonarthrosis

Hotchenkova N. V.: Obligatory use first and second FSC plates as a, the fifth plate, “Healthy generation” and number six can help (at the beginning). FSC no 10 is needed from the lilac series. It is possible to structure liniments at numbers 1 or 6, and rub them into joints. Say number 1 at the first half of the day, and no. 6 at the second half of the day. Criss-cross pumpings are obligatory. As well as pumpings of chakras. When you start working with FSC no. 1, first work with the joint cleaning, that is toxin deducing from joints and from the entire organism – activate these programs at number 10. Otherwise use no 2 for detox. The reasons could be different, it could be heavy metals, fungus, tuberculosis, or some chemicals, FSC no 10 will cope with everything. If lubrication is affected – it could be restored with number 6, and again with no. 10. Activate cosmoenergy channels at restoration of the joint lubrication, restoration of the inner joint surfaces.

Question: Mama is 84, arthrosis, no liquid in the knee joint, what FSCs will be better?

Merzlyakova E. I.: Numbers 2 and 6, wrappings. First use number 2, then 6. It is possible to use number 2 in the morning, number 6 in the evening.

Question: Women has deforming arthrosis, has difficulties when moving, uses crutches, tumor at the bud, what FSCs you will recommend?

Zaporojets Marina Aleksandrovna: By the common sense, we have FSCs “The Healthy Joints” (no. 10) and “The Healthy Heart” (no.9). Programs for all vascular conditions, capillary, nervous system, brain functions, buds, adrenals are included into no. 9, that means when using this corrector you can say “I’m grateful tumors have being dissolved”, “I’m grateful blood formula have being restored”, “I’m grateful all brain functions have being restored”, do it step by step, using mind-images.


Question: What FSCs are best for joints?

Koltsov S. V.: Not possible to give unambiguous answer here, depends on the problems. It could be infection, thou one shall check what exactly. Nowadays we are seeing situations when knees start to ache, starting to look for a reason, and there is lot of chlamydia there. In such a case one shall start with number 1, in case it is “mechanical” problem – then with numbers 7, 10.

Koltsov S. V.: (reads question) here is some total break-down: problem with joints, osteophytes growing at small joints followed with appearance of ulcers. We are not able to stop inflammation process. Big edema, deforming arthrosis. Are you planning to release an FSC for this case?

In case osteophytes continue to grow then one does not drink water! Actually everything that could be needed here is already available, one shall only, as some my friends are saying, to start soaking the individual. At that with the use of most banal FSC 2, add zeolites.

Luzginova S. V.: Also FSC 6 - hyaluronic acid, and FSC 20. When looking at the thin level, it is seen, there is a tie between the knees – entities. That’s why obligatory add number 20.

Koltsov S. V.: That is entities may block not only first and seventh chakras, but also “hide” at any joint.

Luzginova S. V.: In paired organs. There is always pumping off of energy in paired organs.

In more details about joints?

Koltsov S. V.: One shall find a reason why joints started to ache. Some three years ago outer field influence was of such a kind, that people fell ill with the same diseases – joints started to fall to pieces. Then some 2 month later it all disappeared. What is interesting that at that moment golden FSCs helped.

Luzginova S. V.: There were distortions in the outer field….

Koltsov S. V.: The outer field was a kind of strange. Now there is no influence of the kind. Most probably that when they are asking questions about joints due to presence of chronic problems.

Question: Iin case of what spinal column damages it is not allowed to use FSCs?

Koltsov S. V. (22.03.2017 in Krasnoyarsk city): I am not able even to imagine such contra-indications. My younger son broke a leg, he drives cross-bike and he fell from 8 meters height. He broke shinbone and his heel bone cracked. So I had an opportunity to see how FSCs are working in case of bone-break. It turned out that they did not became silent until the bone grows together. Exactly because of this it grows together one and half- two times quicker and without any complications.

Conference leader: One should not take FSCs off?

Yes, tie to the place of the break and do not take off at all.

From the auditorium: Is it number 7 ?

7, 10, Generally speaking – what there is at hands, all of them will work.

Question: I damaged knee, visited doctors, they found nothing. I hear rare clicks when walking, fell minor pain at palpation, what FSC to put at the knee? I tried 1, 2, “Danilovo Lake”, 10.

Koltsov S. V.: Well, 10 is good choice, “Danilovo Lake” may work – simply tie it for some time. In case ligamentous apparatus is damaged, this would not be healed quickly.

Koltsov S. V.: Is it possible to do pumping of hip joints with “Danilovo lake’ and “Lurking Lake” simualteneously?

Koltsov S. V.: Well, do, there is no limitations here, choose FSCs so that they would remove pains.

Bozko Vladimir Grigorievitch (January 12-th 2015: when working with hip joints it is possible to use 3 FSCs, additional one is at the sacrum.

Question: With what FSCs to work in case of problems of hip joints?

Koltsov S. V.: One shall select. One shall look at the situation. Often people are about hip joints only and forget to check lumbar department of the spinal column. But the primary reason could be exactly there. Yes, it could be the sacrum.

Question: Pains in knee joints, with what FSCs to block pain?

Koltsov S. V., March 18-th 2015: You know, it is very hard to guess. I know a case when a married couple had joint pains and it was blocked with the golden series, thou it has absolutely different destination. For joints, by common sense, one shall use Numbers 7, 10.

Question: Tell please in more details about informational influence at joints.

Koltsov S. V.: In case they are making the same diagnosis for man and wife, it is worth thinking about. Owing to the fact that people have different dynamic stereotypes, similar manifestations are not possible in principle. In case they appeared one shall look for informational reason. There is no use to try chasing consequences with the help of pills.

Question: A woman in the age of 79 has hip joints pains.

Koltsov S. V., March 18-th 2015: You know, at many people this year pains were cut short exactly with the golden series, with the combination of 18 -20 -24. But it is not obligatory that it is the only set, some other plates from green or blue series could be of help.

Question: What FSCs are helping in case of legs joints breakage?

Koltsov S. V.: I can make a long list now, but one shall investigate the reason due to which it all started. I saw good results when one started to eat zeolites with the addition of some metals in molecular form, at the chemical level it is ionized medium, which restores electric picture inside. FSCs are also influencing as electric process via chakras or biologically active points, but it is weaker, so more time will be needed. Of course, one shall combine organic and informational components. If we are talking about FCSs, I would propose the set of 1, 10, 7 in order to stimulated regeneration, with the obligatory use of number 2, because one will have to wash out parasite stratification in any case. In many situations it is seen that the most effective way is when they are doing some supportive droppers, with vitamins, normal saline, it is not important with what content the droppers are, if they are doing them with FSCs, if they are structuring the incoming solution, their effectiveness increases by orders. There was a precedent in Magnitogorsk city, one had diabetic foot, gangrene started from the knee, they attached number 1 at the dropper as a gesture of hopelessness, and three days later board of doctors said: “and now there is no need to cut off the leg”, patient walks normally now. By the way, one shall understand that half of second type diabetes cases has virus origin, the other half – parasite.

Question: Pains in right hip joint, right shoulder, how to help? I have no golden series, only blue, green and lilac.

Koltsov S. V.: Start with visiting manual therapist, because the reason is clear – You either made a foozle motion or felt somewhere, consequently you have a spinal column skewness. Set vertebras into place then see what will be left. Or small pelvis bones may be standing in a wrong position in case you landed unfortunately. At least, from the question it is seen that the problem is mechanical.

Koltsov S. V.: (November 12-th, 2014, internet conference): Well, here is a correct replica from Ulyanovsk city – zeolite baths with water, structured at FSCs are of a colossal use for joints. It is clear why. Because zeoliyes, being silicon-organics, work as catalyst for calcium assimilation, plus structured water. The process is double here: chemical – the water is ionized and plus it is structured. Of course it will bring good. The only question, and a serious one, is where to get zeolites, medical bureaucracy stands firm in order to prevent their release into masses, you see, they have nothing to compare them with, the product is unusual. May be it should be classified is biologically active substance or to some other category. In Yakut hunters noticed long ago, that stags are coming at some deposits and start to gnaw some minerals. It appeared that they are gnawing zeolites – silicon-organics, they manage to gnaw 20 kilos during a season. After that they start wedding games, so all joints and everything else works pretty well.

Question: Big toe joint at the left hand swelled, with what to work?

Bozko Vladimir Grigorievitch: In case your big toe joint at the left hand swelled, then it is podagra starting, my dear, and first of all you have to relieve acidulation and deduce the urine acid from the organism. It all starts with excessive acidulation of the organism. What else could be done? Assemble a triangle and wave with it over the joint. Alternate field empowers blood circulation and aids salt crystals disintegration at components, it is known long ago, it is called healing with alternated electromagnetic field.

Question: Are FSCs needed after the replacement of the hip joint with the artificial one?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Generally it is up to you to decide, because the problem is not only in this joint, there is also a second one. Of course I understand that modern medicine tends to turn us into some bio-robots: artificial joints, artificial vessels, they are talking about artificial lungs, liver and hart. And where is the Human. Who’s image and likeness it would be? As long as it happened, you allowed to place an artificial joint, at least you can fight for the second one and prevent its disintegration. There are people who coped with the problems in joints and escaped surgery.

Question: Yesterday a woman visited me, she complains at the joint inflammation in the ankle area, or maybe it was pains in tissues. I put an FSC 16 at the place of pain, she felt warmth and leaved home, today pains are harder than usual.

Hotchenkova N. V.: Acute phase started. You’d better use some blue one instead of lilac.

Question: A woman is 62 has sever pains in the knee joint when walking, she has FSCs 1 and 2, how to work and what to add?

Hotchenkova N. V.: With 1 and 2 she shall take structured water inside and do criss-cross pumping. It is possible to place blue 1 and 2 at the knee joint, but numbers 6 and 7 will be more effective, later she can add “Healing 1” and number 10.

Question: A woman is 80, has stable edema of legs, feet fingers curvature. Knees were operated, metal prosthesis were inserted. Is it possible to use FSCs and with what to start?

Hotchenkova N. V.: In such a case I would recommend to start with numbers 1 and 2 and also add number 5. If, for example, she also has problems with cardio-vascular system, then “Longevity” is also needed. Here are four correctors that she needs. And later, in order to emphasize the work with joints, “Amaranth” is needed, it works very well with joints, number 9 and “Healing 1” as well. What about metal prosthesis, in order to avoid rejection, they are using inert metals that do not cause allergic and immune reactions, so correctors are working normally. At least many people in the Company are using correctors with prosthesis and nothing horrible happened.

Question: What you would recommend in case there is no liquid in the knee joints and their disintegration takes place?

Hotchenkova N. V.: It is simple here, in case you have number 6, you may place FSC number 6 at the joints, it aids restoration of the intra-articular lubrication. Properly number 10 is needed, it cleans out joints and restores intra-articular lubrication, that is in perspective it is a universal corrector for you.

Question: Prolonged pains in the knee joint, may “Helaing 2” help?

Hotchenkova N. V.: It is more likely that “Helaing 1” is indicated here. Number 10 could be of help, “Amaranth”. Also numbers 6 and 7 from the blue series may help. One shall check.

Question: Man 60 years old, knee aches, joint swells, they diagnose gout, how to use FSCs ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Use numbers 1, 2, 5 at gout by an ordinary scheme. Then unambiguously no. 10. Because no. 10 assists to the deducing excessive salts from the organism. It is better to start FSC use on the background of the painful syndrome, then acute conditions will look smoothed. And use general water procedures as shower, bath, leg baths, do bath at the affected areas.

Question: In what cases to place men’s and women’s amulets at the leg joints?

Hotchenkova N. V. (march 27, 2013ã.): Do you mean ankle-joint? Nowadays in those people who remain behind in the Space Tunings , the lower chakras are equipped along with the crown chakra, resulting in crumps and burning sensations in shanks. In this case such pumpings may help: you fix yours amulet (corresponding to your gender) at the right leg, and the opposite gender amulet at the left leg. Carry them 24 hours, during this period simultaneously replace correctors from inner surfaces to outer surfaces.

Question: Surgery of the knee joint was performed, what FSCs to use?

Hotchenkova N. V.: I would use no. 10 on the background of 1 and 2.

Question: Knee joint bursitis , is it possible to use FSC ?

Bozko Vladimir Grigorievitch: You should, and do a “rectangle” over the knee.

Question: A man has an oncology, goiter is removed, spasms arise in the ankle area. Has FSCs 1, 2, 5, 7, 14, 16, what would you recommend ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: It is hardly that ankle spasms are connected with the extracted goiter. A question here is when it all started. We already had such experience. You may tie up FSC plates to the joint, do pumpings, do baths for legs with any of the above mentioned plates. It is connected with “tunings”, my legs also grew numb and became paralyzed for two days in a row, and then I restored little by little. So make a try.

Question: A child is 6 years old, for the second year in a row all joints are aching, daily pumpings relieve pains for a while, “Imago” (computer diagnostics) showed nothing, have all FSCs.

Hotchenkova N. V.: Here baths are needed. Give structured water inside from 1, 2, 5-th plates and “The Healthy Generation”. Say at the first half of the day do baths with FSC number 1, with number 2 or “The Healthy Generation” in the evenings. You may add number 5 from time to time. The complex influence is needed here. The fact that “Imago” says nothing points out that it is reconstruction on the energy level. So try to work this way: water inside, water outside. If you have water consumption meters installed, you may pour a bath for a day and dip the child into it from time to time. For example, structure a bath with “The Healthy Generation”. Nothing will happen with the structured water, it will hold the polarization.

Question: What pumping should be done when legs ache and I have an edema of the ankle joints ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Criss-cross pumpings, and baths for legs. You should drink water with small portions, and more often. General recommendation is a criss-cross pumping 5-6 times a day.

Question: What to do in case of ankle joints cartilage abnormality ?

Koltsov Sergey Valentinovich: Generally speaking we created number 10 for situations of such kind. Number 10 will also work well at different bone breaks, sprains, and so on.

Question: How to use FSC no 10 for joint prophylaxis ?

Koltsov Sergey Valentinovich: During last three weeks I carefully analyzed number ten. It activates lymph flow, blood flow in all areas. No we are thinking about adding organic-silicon polarization. The plate works well due to acceleration of the blood flow dynamics.

Question: I have hard pains in a knee, can’t bend it, something crunches when bending, pain is unbearable, what to do, I have FSCs 1, 2, 3, 5

Merzlyakova Elena Ivanovna: Revise your relations with children – you wield power over your children, in case you have them. And use FSC 10 “The Healthy Joints” along with 2 and 5.

Question: A boy is 2,5 month old. A month after birth a crunch in the knees appeared, then when he stretches himself – a crunch in the tailbone. Doctors have difficulty in putting the diagnosis, the child is very anxious.

Zaporojets Marina Aleksandrovna: Here FSCs no 10 “The healthy joints” and no 15 – “The Light of Life” will help.

Question: Man 65 years old has gout, big deposits in joints, how to help ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Water, structured at FSCs no. 1 and 2 - inside, obligatory leg baths with FSC no. 2, and work with number 10. Deducing of excessive salts from the organism. It does not matters what is salt name. deep joints cleaning, restoration of inner joint surfaces, restoration of lubrication – all this is number 10.

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