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Harmonization and cleaning from negative programs

This material is a compilation of questions and answers on cleaning matters: cleaning and harmonizing house or office, cleaning people from negative programs, kin cleaning. They were taken from different internet conferences by various Center Region lecturers.

Harmonization of the “atmosphere” in premises

Question: What if to place FSC “Harmony” on the electric counter ?

Hotchenkova Natalia Vadimovna: Then it will harmonize everybody who is inside the premices.

Question: If we place FSC no. 14 at the electric counter, then thin fields would heal all people inside the premises, should it be considered as an interference?

Hotchenkova N. V.: You will have harmonization of fields at the first place, and cleaning from negative programs. The way one will react depends on his psycho-emotional sphere “tunings / settings”. In this sense acute reactions are possible. But it is harmonization of space and cleaning out the negative programs, the FSC will work at.

Question: Is it possible to harmonize and improve moral climate at work with the help of an FSC ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Undoubtedly. We use it, I will tell you: when I came into auditorium to conduct presentation, I take FSC no. 14 or 16 and direct the short rib towards the auditorium. There are always people who come to spoil a lecture, the corrector forces them to leave the premises, I even do not have to spend my own energy for that – to discover them and to force them to go out on energy-informational level. That is they stand up and leave on their own, because they simply feel uncomfortable. What about working offices, living premises, the implementation technique is the same. If you have only blue plates, then place them on electric counter, at the electric outlets, into which some home appliances are plugged. The point is to place an FSC upon a wire, in which electric current flows. Place FSC no. 2 at such a place, open all doors, and turn on electric lights everywhere for half an hour. You may continue the procedure the next evening, or do it with number 1 instead. This variant is for those who have only blue FSCs.

“The Clear Space” FSC (no. 16) will work wonderfully, not so soft as 1 or 2, it works hard, I would say. There was such a situation with a friend of mine, she came to a new job, into a woman’s collective, and they accepted her badly, persecution started. In order to secure herself she bought FSC no. 16, and placed it at the table. Then the head of the department, who were sitting opposite to her, packed her things in no time and moved two stores higher. She could not sit with the FSC, have in mind that the corrector expelled her.

Question: Shell we open ventlights when cleaning premises ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: As you like.

Cleaning with the help of FSCs

Question: Does FSC “Harmony” cleans premises ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Harmonizes – yes. Cleans in accordance with energies of the Cheka Mountain and the Altar Stone of the site of ancient settlement (both are situated in the Arcaim place of power). It works with fate and human brains.

Question: is it possible to put FSC “Harmony” on electric counter ?

Koltsov Sergey Valentinovich: Always! There will be harmony in this premises.

Question: I’m using FSCs for four years, put one at an old electric counter in order to clean premises, it stopped.

Koltsov S. V.: Examine the mechanics of your counter, because it could not happen, because it could never happen. Another question there is nothing to wind, because of decreased energy consumption. I had a precedent with Starikova Tatiana Andreevna, I made a corrector for her and told her to place it on the electric counter at her village house. She placed it and forgot about it. After two years they came to her with routing electricity check and say “you pay too little”. “I pay what it shows”, she answers, “this is not my question. They look at the counter, all seals are in their places, everything is in good order, they dismount the counter to look what is inside, and FSC falls from it. They forced her to change the counter. She installed a new one, in the course of the premises cleaning procedure it also stopped, she carried it into maintenance shop, - it works, the problem is not in the counter. Simply it is real consumption of the electric energy, you stopped to heat the atmosphere, that’s all. One simply should be a bit more careful with these repair men, that’s all. It’s Chubais’s problem.

Question: Is there any sense in placing Druid calendar pendants and the “Energy of Life” pendant at the electric counter?

Koltsov S. V.: there is a good sense placing “Energy of Life” , but the Druid’s pendants are selective. It could be useful for some family members, and not – for others.

Question: How often the premises should be cleaned with placing a corrector at the electric counter?

Koltsov S. V. (from lecture at St. Petersburg from October 6, 2012): Here is an incorrect question, if you lay an FSC at the electric counter, when the light is on, its polarization cleans space in a house, when you turn the light off – it does not. So you may also take “The clear Space” FSC, structure some water on it, pour it into pulverizer, go everywhere and pulverize water in all corners – all over the house – works much better. Yes, it is desirable to walk around the premises in clockwise direction. It coincides with the recommendations of 5 Tibetan exercises, the first exercise is to turn in clockwise direction 21 times. Why clockwise, and not an opposite direction? We were born in the right sleeve of our galaxy, and we have a prevailing direction that is clockwise. The rules would be opposite if we were born in the left galaxy sleeve. Those who made Tutankhamen statuettes, definitely were from the left galaxy sleeve. Because those who made them could not mix up the rules of interaction with light, and they are confused in the statuettes, it means that they could not be made on earth in principle.

Question: A dead man comes in my dreams from time to time, and asks to wash up the flat. A black mould was found on a wall after his death. The woman had a cancer, her son – alcoholic lives in the flat.

Hotchenkova N. V.: The cleaning of the flat is needed, and they give you a hint. If a man lives in it, start from number 2. First clean with no. 2, then with no. 1, after that with no. 5. The way we already discussed today: all doors are open, the light is turned on for half an hour. Then thoroughly work with FSC no. 16, even leave it for 24 hours. Work up the place where the mould exists with water, structured at no. 1, empowered with no. 13. Mould hardly gives up to correction, but try 1+13 is a most powerful variant, then you should watch the situation, if something remains unclean, they will hint you that you should continue cleaning procedures. May be you will repeat the scheme once again.

Question: With what FSCs can we clean the house ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: No. 2 cleans wonderfully, you may also try no. 1. You may also work with any cleaning corrector, the implementation technique will be the same. You may sprinkle a little with water, structured at numbers 11 and 16, no. 16 – “The Clear Space” will work very well here. You may also put FSC no. 16 at any electric outlet, into which any electric appliances are plugged and working. I remind once again: you simply open all doors and turn on lights everywhere, including ground floor, bathrooms, kitchen – everywhere.

Question: We used FSC 16 for cleaning premises, the aggression intensified. How to change the thinking processes ?

Koltsov S. V.: Aggression at a single person or in the collective? Here is a process which could not be done just in 15 minutes. By now our company exists for 4 years, and only now the thinking processes changes in people became noticeable.

Question: After hidden implementation of the 16-th FSC the collective simply becomes wild, but coming closely to a table becomes calm.

Koltsov S. V.: And you do a simple manipulation, structure some water on FSC 16, and sprinkle the entire premises before going home from work. Such things usually take place in women groups, I do not know what they are dividing into parts, but it is characteristic phenomenon.

Question: We structure water to our friend who do not have FSCs of their own. In large 5 litter bottles. If they quarrel, can water acquire negative information again and become unsuitable for drinking?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Well, yes when it stays in a negative field for a long time, it can. If they drink this water quickly – then no. Generally speaking the space should be cleaned. If you want to help – clean the space with no. 2, then structurize with no .1. How to do it ? Place an FSC at the electric counter or at the switchboard for half an hour. At the first time use no. 2. Open all inner doors, turn on all light sources. Half an hour is enough. The next day you may repeat it with no. 2, or use no. 1 instead. What else could be done ? In a pulverizer pour some water structured at FSC number 2, and sprinkle the entire premises, then the next day repeat the procedure with number 1. Good vibrations should appear.

Question: Do clairvoyant people confirm your recommendations on the surrounding space harmonization? The influence of the functional state correctors on low vibrating essences. If yes, then give name, surname of a clairvoyant practitioner. Is it possible to see the results of the experiments ?

Koltsov S. V.: By the way, for obvious reasons the most normal clairvoyant practitioners, do not advertize and do not show out. Of course it is all confirmed. You understand, I openly started to speak that willingly or not but we get involved into a war for our consciousness, our health, and it became interesting to myself – who exactly “covers” the Earth for centuries ? Pay attention at some TV broadcasts on abnormal phenomenon.

Zaporojets Marina Aleksandrovna, from internet conference, October 4-th, 2011: And of course I will repeat again how to clean premises with the help of FSCs. Use no. 16. Even if you will place it on electric wires, on the electric counter, first you have protection from harmful electromagnetic irradiation, second, the Golden Pyramid cosmoenergy channel activates, which cleans, protects and partly forces out essences. When doing cleaning, it is better to activate the program: “I’m grateful the premises have being cleaned”, do it for 20 minutes. The next 20 minutes say “I’m grateful the premises have being consecrated”. What is consecration ? It means you activate additional programs for Light, Love and Health. You can take up to any 4 topics , you like. And with the gratitude. That is you clean your premises for 20 minutes, and fill it with Love and positive energies for another 20 minutes. You introduce positive information you need. Doing this way, you may clean and consecrate a car, an office, when you will acquire some skill, you will be able to do a distant cleaning. When you feel sure, you may clean some children’s garden, a school, in order to avoid epidemics.

You may also clean your premises through the mind-imaging. Take FSC no. 16 in hands, or simply look at it, it activates as well. In addition you may light up a candle. Say: “I’m grateful for defense during the cleaning process” , “I’m grateful the premises have being cleaned”, and in your mind watch over entire premises, do this for 20 minutes. Visualize like dark or grey picture becomes lighter. Another 20 minutes consecrate it for Good, Love, Well-being, Health, Harmony. Choose 3 topics you like, and use wide, highest categories as “Heavenly Love”, “Harmony”, “Heavenly Light”, “Heavenly Power”, and all the rest will come on its own.

Expressing more gratitude to the thin world energies you become more and more opened to healing, transforming energies. It is very important.

Question: How many days should we clean the house, using FSC no. 16 ?

Zaporojets M. A.: It depends on how thoroughly you will do it. If you will do it with perfect concentration the way I explained, it takes 20 minutes for cleaning, and 20 minutes for consecration.

Question: When no. 16 was on the electric counter, I felt like crying, what was it ?

Zaporojets M. A.: It was cleaning of the soul. Usually it takes place at a cosmoenergy session, even when working distantly one may start to cry.

Question: Please, tell how to define the level of clearness or muddiness.

Zaporojets M. A.: It is better not to evaluate, but simply to do cleaning. Because truth is always relative, and we are moving from one truth to another according as we deserve it.

Question: In many Russian regions people live poorly, drink a lot, the consciousness is low. Is it possible to clean space for them, to help people in regions ?

Zaporojets M. A.: Yes, it is possible, you would not violate the law of non intervention, because their souls wants pleasures anyway, but seeks them in a wrong place. Of course you may work with space with “The Clear Space” FSC , or with “The Golden pyramid” , structure water in a region. We tried it with Sergey Valentinovitch – it works. That is for a considerable period of time in Moscow and some regions literally Epiphany water literally poured out of water taps.

Question: Is it possible to add water, structured at FSC no 16 into water for floor washing ?

Zaporojets M. A.: The point is that Sacred Heavenly energies are recorded at this corrector, it is not good to mislay them in a “wastebasket”. It would be much better to structure some essential oil on FSC 16, and then add a drop of oil into your water, Information will work via oil excellently, Lavender or Wormwood oils are good.

Cleaning out the kin

Question: Are golden FSCs removing the influence which is diagnosed as ancestral damnation?

Koltsov S. V. (June 5 2018): It is hardly so, there are special channels that are working with ancestral problems, but I am not able to record them formally, because generally speaking one shall work with genealogic tree. I do not understand how to formalize this.

Question: How to cope with grievance, connected with estrangement of a son? We are living in the same city but do not communicate, as if strangers.

Luzginova S. V.: Exactly what we were talking about now: “Helps working through deep layers of interaction with other people”, more to it, this is your son, “and difficult situations in all spheres of life”. Sometimes this happens, why? Remember we mentioned situation when at the energy level woman pockets / corrals her child at the thin energies level. When she reckons he belongs only to her. Saying: “this is my child, I gave birth to him, I breaded him, invested everything I had into him, gave him education!” It is only she who did everything, you see?! That is Sacred Spirit conceived this child, Universe did not took participation in anything…. They are showing at the thin level that mother’s chakras are tightly connected with the child’s chakras and she is pulling him as if a toy-car. And so children are struggling to get free out of mother’s biofield will all possible ways. So he run away, probably this is your reason. That’s why start to send blessings to him, work with FCSs “Reboot. Cleaning”, “Reboot. Filling”, activate your ancestral channels, start to ask you parents for forgiveness, non dependant on where they are living, we had lectures about this. I gave this practice and I told how one shall bless own parents and children. One shall do this every morning. You see?! Our mother’s blessing is everything for children! It is very important, because various troubles and misfortunes may happen with them without our blessing. When we are giving blessings, then at the thin level we are directing them at the life-road which we desire for them. This is very important. As soon as FSCs “Reboot. Cleaning” and “Reboot. Filling” were released I called to my spiritual guide, we were talking some 3 hours in skype, she tested these FSCs and said: “Look, use every morning”, and she also gave practices, said: “Let mothers give blessings to their children every morning!”. One should not say “my child”, but “our child” then relations would improve. In addition work with the “Altarnaya Mountain” FSC. In case you have DNA samples (haircut) or recent black and white photo of your son, put it at FSC “love” or at the “Altarnaya Mountain” and send your blessings to him every morning.

Question: Is it possible to bless own sons in law?

Luzginova S. V.: Of course possible. Say not “mine” but “ours” and call him not “son in law” but say his name, surname, father’s name.

Question: What it means “to go along the ancestral channels”?

Luzginova S. V. (19.02.2017): I have to remind you where ancestral channels are situated. First zone are channels of mother and father – these are left and right hip joints. That is you are going to put FSCs at the hip joints. You have to hold “Reboot. Cleaning” at one hip joint for 3-5 minutes, then another 3-5 minutes at another one. Right hip joint is father’s ancestral channels, left hip joint – mother’s ancestral channels. Additional mother’s and father’s ancestral channels are the left and right navel chakras – they are situated at the horizontal line, that goes at the navel level, 8 centimeters aside from the navel. So you may hold an FSC at these points too. Channels of grandfathers and grandmothers are at the knee joints. Right knee – grandfathers and grandmothers at your father’s line, left knee – grandfathers and grandmothers at your mother’s line. You are going to hold “Reboot. Cleaning” under the knees. When you are putting FSC under the feet, in this case ankle joints are pumped – there are channels of all your ancestors up to 7 knees down. It is important to work with ancestral channels, their karmic programs are switched on now and we are working out these programs. Next areas at which one shall put FSCs is our shoulders – there we have ancestral channels of our children. Elbow joints, at the internal side of elbow joints channels of our grand children are situated, we are holding FSCs there too. And radiocarpal joints, we always orient FSC along radiocarpal joints, you are going to put an FSC at both joints – this is our future – all our grand grand children and generally speaking all our future. In case you want to live long this channel should be opened. Hold FSC both at left and right radiocarpal joints, first hold “Reboot. Cleaning” there, then you may use any other ones.

Look, polyarticular rheumatoid arthritis is a very commonplace disease, where it originates from? Closed ancestral channels, future is closed at the individual. Here, in the radiocarpal joint the ancestral channel is closed, and so energies of the kin are not coming. That’s why in case if we want to live long, then we shall open ancestral channels, then we shall work daily with FSCs “Reboot. Cleaning”, “Reboot. Filling”. That is you worked 42 days with “Cleaning”, then 42 with “Filling”, made 3-4 days break and start again, this is lifetime work! There are so many ancestral programs! You would not do with a month. You are also using “Reboot. Cleaning”, “Reboot. Filling” in criss-cross pumping – put them under your feet and take in hands two green FSCs.

Question: Will work with ancestral channels cleaning improve the state of the parents?

Luzginova S. V. (19.02.2017): Naturally! You see, the state of all kin members improves.

Question: At the last lecture you said that it is not good to give children names of passed relatives, what to do if they already did so?

Hotchenkova N. V.(24.05.2016): Then nothing could be done already! Thou could be that they are giving additional name at baptizing, and one can use the other name. What could bring the name of passed relative into one’s thin level? We do not know what karma this relative left, thou we have correctors with which we may try to clean all this out. Generally we do not know our ancient Vedic traditions, we reckon that we salute passed relative by giving his name to newborn child, but actually this is not so. Not good to name a child in honor of some killed person or the one who died in accident. Previously people knew these matters. Nowadays we hardly know our grand grand parents. One shall know this. Name carries energy trace of who was this man, what he did in his life, name as if gives reflection of this previous life. So on one side one shall try to clean own ancestral roots as good as possible, use for this purpose “Energy of Life” pendant, “Reboot” pair.

Question: Feeling of guilt towards passed parents, with what channel to work?

Hotchenkova N. V: No such a channel at the time, you may work with FCS 15: «I am grateful for spiritual goods…» first work with mother, then work with father. About feeling of guilt – one shall check – maybe work with Yaklel channel (FSC no 23).

Hotchenkova N. V. (may 15-th 2014, internet conference): Affirmation formula is a kind of a church candle for the peace. For use with FSC 15 it is: “I am grateful for spiritual goods for (name passed relative). No matter what problems could arise between relatives during life-time and were not solved during life-time, it is possible to work with them with the use of this formula.

Question: One has fears and languishes after mother’s death, a strong tie exists, how to help?

Hotchenkova N. V.(March 31-st 2014, internet conference): Of course, one shall let free the deceased person, use FSC 15. “I am grateful for spiritual goods for my mother, (name her)”. I would combine this corrector with number 11. Because it removes coding. It is coding, mother tied her. This is what you can do now. In near perspective there will be an appropriate corrector in the golden series.

Question: May be one shall give this daughter FSC 16 to carry for a while because in her dreams she fights with her mother?

Hotchenkova N. V.: It is possible to try, why not? FSC 16 works with disbandment of karmic ties. I have a feeling that no 15 will be better here. We will announce when golden series will be released.

Question: How to ask dead parents for forgiveness?

Zaporojets M. A.: Imagine them mentally, you may even “make them sitting” inside FSC ring, and sincerely ask their forgiveness. Send them energy, may be from all FSCs, and they will be grateful to you, this will help their evolution, grace in the thin world. I used to do this and my relatives were grateful. Why it is so important? Because we are as if standing at their shoulders. Even relatives who brought pain to us, tortured us, they were our teachers. We shall send them our blessings and they, when receive enough energy from the thin world, will start to help us.

Question: How to restore connection with dead parents?

Hotchenkova N. V.: This is to be done with FSC 15. «I am grateful for spiritual goods for….» then name one parent and work out the problem with him, then name the other parent and also work out the problem. In turn. You see, it is hard to tell how many sessions would be needed for each parent, it depends on the problem.

Question: How to create a mind-form for the kin matrix cleaning, especially by mother’s line, with what FSCs it will work better? at what depth it will work?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Of course, you should formulate it for yourself somehow - “I’m grateful my physical body and all my thin bodies have being cleaned in accordance with healthy / correct / good quality kin matrix”. May be add “especially by mother’s line”. Think yourself how to do it better, I cannot formulate for you. How deeply should you work? Start from the seventh knee, sometimes it is necessary to start from the ninth knee. Simply draw on a sheet of paper 7 knees in depth, and 7 virtual knees up into the future, starting from yourself. Like genetic schemes in biology textbooks. When you do not know the name of your relative - simply draw a circle, if know – write a name inside. Of course, future generations are all virtual. You may draw two children from any future offspring. And place this drawing, let’s say, on the FSC no. 15.

Question: Please, repeat the scheme of the kin cleaning.

Hotchenkova N. V.: Generally it could be done both with blue and green FSCs, I did it this way, the scheme was recommended by Tatiana Pavlova from Gorno-Altaysk, and we disbanded our kin damnation, thou there was several problems. We had to work. Do you know that kin damnation affects 7 generations ? that is you have to clean 7 generations “down” and 7 generations “up” - future ancestors, it is a minimum. So it does not matter if you know a man or not – draw circles like in genetics schemes, the Space knows all details and fill up the empty spaces. So you draw such a scheme on a sheet of paper, and put at the center, that is at the place where you depicted yourself, the FCS no. 2, let it lay for 24 hours. Then place no 1 for another 24 hours, then change the first 5 green FSCs, the consequence does not matter here, use “Love”, “The Success”, “Healthy Generation”, “Man’s amulet”, “Woman’s amulet” – each FSC should lay 24 hours. And then place no. 1 again for 40 days. If it would not help, you should add another two levels – the eighth and ninth generations up and down. Ancestral damnations do not work longer. Draw another two lines of your ancestors, and another two lines of future generations. That is like in a famous movie “Back to the Future” – rewriting the future, you may look into the past.

I do not know how to include lilac FSCs into this scheme, may be simply lay it at the kin tree. Because no 15 works with kin damnation. I think time interval should be 40 days, remember the tradition of 40 days prayers.

And the new pendent – “The Energy of Life” – it is from the Altai region from the “Valley of Ancestors” – it should work as well – try it.

Question: You told about cleaning of your kin by walking at water – 40 steps up and down, this method would be acceptable for me.

Hotchenkova N. V.: Z did not talked about such things, it was about a bit different things. This procedure should be done in a bit different way. You should walk in the running spring against water flow. That is you could stand at one place, but water should quickly wash everything downstream. One should do 108 steps, lifting knees high. In this case the cleaning takes place. Generally speaking it is possible to do it in a bath, in case you model a stream, water pours from one side, runs down from the other. Turn your face to the upcoming stream, and do exactly 108 steps with high knees lifting, be precise, it would not work if you mistake.

Question: Is it possible to clean the kin program with FSC no. 12 ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Nobody said about FSC 12 ability to clean out kin problems, but no. 15 is a good choice, it is the only corrector, that cleans out kin problems. “Anti cataclysm” is also at question here, because it cleans out destiny as well.

Question: Is it possible to ask for healing relatives with the use of the gratitude energy, using FSC number 12, during the time of sleep ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: It is possible, but it would be better with the relative will ask on his sake. The program of not only health restoration, but restoration of the physical and emotional health is recorded at FSC no. 15.

Question: I wonder if new FSCs will aid to the solution of kin the problems?

Koltsov S. V.: Obviously yes, At “The Active Longevity” and at “The Clear Vision” – they are of such a kind.

Question: Tell how to clean out karma, kin with the help of the plates or the Druid pendent ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Druid pendent does not clean at all, especially kin. Kin damnation could be disbanded by the 15-th FSC. What about karma? Last year all karmic debts were relived from humanity, but of course people could create new problems with their offences, wrong behavior, their mind-forms. Consciousness could be cleaned with the help of lilac FSCs no. 14, 15, 16, 11, at night time you may work with no. 12, and with FSC “Success” from the green series. “Success” restores the triangle of consciousness, it harmonizes the work of consciousness itself, sub-consciousness and super- consciousness. Then all other plates from the green series will also clean out consciousness, especially FSC “Harmony”. And we did not mentioned this little pendent, that I wear, it is called “The Energy of Life”. I do not know whether it would be in a wide sale, they presented us with these pendent at the fourth Center Region anniversary. The pendent bears energies of the Chulushman river basin, the river falls into the southern part of the Teletskoe Lake, along with springs and rivers around the Beluha Mountain, including the upper stream of the Katun River. And let’s put it this way: the Achelman stream (translates as Guardian), or so called Blue Spring – which activates the sacrifice tunings – that is the ability to give yourself into serving other people. The energetics of these rivers bears the “tunings” of the ancient Altai territories – it is energy of our ancestors, it is spirits of Altai (region) – cleaning and harmonization. If it will appear in wide selling – this pendent is for everyone, it is not the Druid’s pendent. Say, if you will drink a little amount of water, structured at this pendent, you will have powerful flood, you may feel fever. Restores clockwise rotating torsion around the spinal column. Restores and distributes energetics to all organs and systems, quickly restores bio-field. Altai is amazing in all its manifestations. And this pendent may help with ancestral problems.

Take a look at the “FSC and consciousness” for a method of ancestral tree cleaning

Question: How to clean out a negative from our kin ?

Zaporojets M. A.: You have to gather altogether – those who are alive. And also place into the circle those who are not alive, use photographs or do it in your mind, all job is to be done in mind. Then place FSCs at the outer perimeter, activate them with appropriate gratitude affirmations: “I’m grateful the negative, which was imposed on our kin has being disbanded” and obligatory specify what for: “for evolution, for good deeds”. Because cleaning out is only half of the job, you should fill up what you have cleaned. “For eternal harmonious development” – is most powerful program which covers all other programs. Eternal is that we are continuously in the state of health. Harmony means it is beautiful, it evolves, the beauty will save the world.

Cleaning out yourself, other people

Akselrod Aleksander Efimovitch, internet conference from October the 7-th, 2012: In case of evil eyes and bedevil the pumping with FSCs no. 14 and 16 is enough. In this case drowse and yawning appear, and influence disbands in 20 minutes. In case when one has an essence, it is seen clearly by patient’s behavior, by his sensations – he feels badly, the lump appears inside, it starts to move inside, the patient may have fever, he may try to stand up, you would not mix the case. In such a case we do two triangles, one triangle should contain FSC 14, another one FSC 16, even better would be to put one triangle at FSC 14 and another at FSC 16, and then influence with motions, I told you before, standing behind the patient – 5-7 waves up and down along the spine, then move hands crisscross crosswise the spinal column, starting above the head, going down to coccyx and a bit beyond it, then move waving hands up, doing 5-7 cycles. Repeat this scheme of motions for 2-3 minutes. Then do the same motions, standing in front of the patient, then again from the back side, from the front side, and so on. If some painful feeling arises at some specific place – work with this place with similar crisscross motions, the amplitude is less, that is we do not tend to cover all body, but working with this specific place. Practice shows that essences are eliminated – a kind of vaporize at green triangles apron. at 40 minutes. Blue triangles do not destroy essences, just drive them out, so working with essences you should place FSC no. 16 on your solar plexus for defense.

Question: Why no. 16 and not 14 ?

Akselrod A. E.: it is number 16 that disbands essences, and any number defends. I consulted with Koltsov S. V. and Marina Zaporojets on that matter.

Question: How to understand that the thin body is cleaned?

Zaporojets M. A.: Due to this spiritual technology, that you have at your hands now, with every cosmoenergy session little by little every man would become a wizard. Everybody will learn to see. The same way as you see with your physical eyes, the vision will develop in accordance to your spiritual growth. And you will be able to answer your own questions. You see your thin body grew strong, intuition sharpened, you became able to give correct advices, foresee, forecast situations, and more to it you will come to controlling clairvoyance. That is the clairvoyance will develop, if you will work on it, and the ability to control. That is when you will see some negative situations, you will be able to direct the light of your spirit and consciousness on them, and the situation will transform harmoniously.

Question: With what FSCs is it possible to clean out a man, to relieve him from kin damnations ?

Zaporojets M. A.: All FSCs clean, say gratitude (affirmations), send blessing and healing energies to relatives, for their spiritual growth.

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