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Structured water drinking, questions and answers

Question: Is it possible to drink water structured at different FSCs during the course of the day? Or there should be a definite system?

Hotchenkova N. V.: You see, I believe in my own intuition. What plate my hand takes, that one I use to structure water. If do not turn on logic, but believe own inner felling, then the higher consciousness knows absolutely everything. It is important to use definite FSC implementation system at the beginning stage, it is numbers 1 and 2 at the beginning stage, you should take the first portion of water from no. 2, then use no 1 in the morning, again no. 2 after 4 p. m., drinking it in small portions after equal time intervals, gradually increasing the total amount of water until reaching recommended volumes. Then everything becomes much easier.

Hotchenkova N. V.: When it comes to water drinking schemes, - alternate different FSCs during the day time. It is not obligatory to follow the scheme: number 1 before 4 p.m., number 2 after. It is not very effective. Start your morning with number 2 deduce night slugs, then alternate the FSC plates during the day through equal time intervals. Is it convenient or not, you may be in transport you do it for yourself. Then you may think what plate to use before sleeping time. For beginners it should be no 2, for others you may choose what you need.

Question: Is it possible to include tea and herb decoctions into recommended water amount ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Everything you want, but there should be a definite amount of pure water? Everything else is nutrition.

Question: Is there any difference where to place an FSC when you structure water, under the cup, or on it, or at the side ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Absolutely no difference, place it where it is convenient for you. Why do we recommend to place FSC under the volume with water? Because when we place an empty volume at the FSC, and pour water into it, an instant information transfer from plate on water takes place. When the volume is filled, then place an FSC wherever you want.

Question: If I have many FSCs, how to place the volumes with water if the recommended distance between FSCs is 1 meter ? Is it obligatory always to drink water from the FSC we are working with ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: It is true, but not always, when we are working with cosmoenergy channel, it is not obligatory to drink water from a given FSC. But it is recommended to drink water from FSC no. 12, especially at the beginning. At the other cases no. When we place water at FSCs the minimum distance is 15 centimeters. But you should watch that the correctors should not form a chain, that is they should not point at each other with their short ribs. In case of a chain the powerful correctors will block the weak ones, that is the lilac FSC may block the green and blue ones, the green may block the blue ones. And it is not obligatory to place volumes with water at FSCs. If you have to drink water from any given FSC, you simply take it from the batch, place a volume on it, pour water into the volume and drink as much as you want.

Question: At what distance the FSC works ? Does it structure water at a distance of 1 meter or even more ?

Koltsov S. V.: I may say when it will definitely structure if the short rib will be directed exactly towards the volume. In such a case there is no difference - 1 meter or more

Question: Tell please, should I drink structured boiled water ?

Koltsov S. V., from the lecture at Sr. Petersburg , May 23-d, 2013: It is a dead water, from the energetics point of view. When we boil water the oxidation-reduction potential drops dramatically. It becomes worse from this point of view. What is redox potential ? It is a volume of free electrons, which start to work as powerful natural anti-oxidant. Our cellular and intercellular liquids should have redox potential of minus 70, minus 100 millivolts, at mitosis the redox potential should be minus 250 minus 300 millivolts, or even lower, thats why placental preparations are popular. And they contain a great number of stem cells, but the question is: whos stem cells.

From the auditorium: In what degree FSCs vitalize that water ?

They could restore the water structure, but they are not able to change redox potential, because they luck their own energetics. In order to achieve synergetic effect you should mechanically twist water or use electro-chemical activation (along with structuring at the Functional State Correctors).

From the auditorium: Tel, please what water is better for structuring boiled or the raw one ?

Raw water is better, but you should be sure it does not contain much rust and stock water, at St. Petersburg everything is possible.

Question: Does working mobile phone influence structured water?

koltsov S. V.: Yes. It influences, it all depends on the influence length. But if after the influence is over you will shake the volume, strike it a little with a knife or a fork, then you will shake the negative off, the water structure in the volume will be restored.

Question: is it obligatory to salt water? If yes, then how much ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: We all came out of the sea, sea water is our habitat. Amniotic liquid, blood plasma, are close to the sea water by their ion content and PH level. That is an answer to your question. But if you salt your food, it is sensible to think about salting water, should you add some salt into it or no. because increased concentration of salt in the organism will lead to edema. If you do not salt your food, or use reduced amount of salt, then it is sensible to salt water, approx. a quarter of a teaspoonful per 1 liter of water.

Question: Explain the term polarization

Koltsov S. V., from lecture at the Center Region Office, December 8-th, 2012: It is changing of charge distribution picture at the surface of water associates. Imagine a ball, on its surface charge is distributed in different ways pluses, minuses, and so on. Depending on that charge distribution the interaction with adjacent molecules varies. They show us polarization example ta school, when they take micaceous plate and in one position light passes, and when the plate is rotated, it is not. It is most primitive example that could be thought of. Here we have volume redistribution of charges. Those people who learned physics will understand me, others not. And you should not mix the term Polarization with what chemist mean when they speak of live water and dead water in their terms its ionized liquids. When hydrogen ions prevail they call it the dead water, PH is 2 or even less, in cases when PH is higher than 7 they call it live water. It is not the same as ours Natural Antibiotic and Live water FSC plates. They both do not affect the initial PH value of water, but due to the subtle redistribution of charges on the associate surfaces, they will interact with cells, cellular and intercellular liquids absolutely differently. Here more subtle mechanisms are at work. The same is about water after electro-chemical activation. By rude force, with the help of electricity all the interconnections are broken, but the information is zero. Oscillations power became crazy but we should also define what we want of it, FSCs cope with this part of job.

From the auditorium: And what about distillated water?

Distillated there is nothing to hang to, nothing to build a charge picture at.

From the auditorium: no-water

Yes, because the presence of some quantities of other molecules is needed in order to hold water associates stable. Why physiology solution is a basis of life? Because it is not only 0,9 % NaCl solution, minimally another 4 chemical compounds are present, potassium chloride and others. By the way, Mother Nature created it absolutely ingeniously it is a buffer solution, it is most stable to outer influences. Blood plasma is a physiology solution.

From the auditorium: And after filter?

Of course, filtering removes all dirt, then you may institute informational order. But you should not use reverse osmosis type filter, because such filters gives almost distillated water.

Akselrod Aleksander Efimovitch, from internet conference, October 29-th 2012: I structure water with any FSC which is at hand. Look how to do it instantly: you take a corrector, put a vessel on it, pour water inside, moving water structures instantly, and drink it. In the morning I have number 1 at the kitchen, to give every day anty-parasite treatment to the whole family, and then let it go with any numbers. The question is am I drinking water at all?, not the FSC number I treat it. I tell for everybody: I drink, I try to drink. Im repeating it to everybody, I drink approx one third of a daily norm in the morning, another third portion in the evening, and the last part in small portions during the day time. I try to drink, according to recommendation: 30 milliliters per every kilo of body weight. And Im trying to avoid tea, drinking hot water with lemon.

Question: When jars with structured water are standing close to each other, can the information mix up?

Akselrod . .: What do you mean by mix up? jar with structured water irradiates like an FSC, such property exists, so irradiation will influence the nearby jars, in this sense yes, it can mix up.

Koltsov S. V., from lecture at the Ct. Petersburg, October 6-th, 2012: Many people violate water regiment. Especially during the last year, a year and half, we discussed this problem recently, organism stopped to acquire water in large quantities. I understand what it is connected with, very rapid outer field changes, organism simply has no time to tune, but we should remember: we should obligatory drink a couple of glasses in the morning. Technically it should not be done in big volumes, never! It is better to do three drinks with 10-15 minute intervals, it is an ideal way of water drinking, which was suggested to us by professional doctors at medical conference.

Question: Is it possible to drink tap water after structuring it with FSC ?

Koltsov S. V.: I do it this way in Moscow, but really it all depends on how rusted is the piping system, and on the absence of contact with subsoil waters, in such a case the FSC power Is not sufficient. Generally speaking the time for water structuring is about 3, 4, 5 minutes. The longer it stands at the FSC, the more lower rhythms it will acquire, and it will be more stable. So if you have such opportunity, let it stand for the night.

Question: Do FSCs work without water consumption ?

Koltsov S. V.: Very good question. If you would not drink water, you will provoke intoxication, and a very severe. I have plenty of such examples when people started to frighten oh, what a horror!. How are you going to relive intoxication except water drinking ?

Question: How many water are you drinking?

Koltsov S. V.: Recently not so much as usually, but surely 1 liter at the morning, then add little by little.

From the auditorium: From what FSC ?

Oh, its a separate struggle, to what my hand reaches.

From the auditorium: during what time in the morning ?

Approximately during an hour, because I started to observe the rule, suggested by medics: you got up, started to wander, did 2-3 drinks, wandered a bit more, another 3 drinks, and the jar ends quickly.

Question: Does boiled water structures ?

Koltsov S. V.: Of course, it structures, but you should understand, when you boiled water, its energetic is low, I mean oxidation-reduction potential. Why boiled water is worse than the raw one, because free electrons hardly form in it.

Question: Does structured water pose the same action if one drinks it with honey, and so on.

Koltsov S. V.: For Goodness sake! But search a natural honey, its a big problem. Because if they treat bees with antibiotics, you can guess what will be in the honey. We checked it long ago and with different people, if one will place number one near the hive, or close to the bee entrance, and also to structure additional feed, the bee families became stronger, do not fly away, several times more fruitful. Because bees struggle from different ticks, and so on. It is enough to feed them from number one, or place it between the hives, not under the hive, putting it close is quiet sufficient.

Question: If we fasten an FSC at the incoming water pipe, will all water be structured ?

Koltsov S. V.: Of course! But a separate problem is that the device power should be increased. Now we are experimenting with combinations from several FSCs or ring construction, assembled from a number of small active elements, so it is possible to tie it on the pipe and forget about it.

Question: What time is needed in order to structure properly 3 liter jar with water ?

Koltsov S. V.: 4-5 minutes at most, really much quicker.

Question (continued): If the FSC effective radius is 2.5 3 meters.

Koltsov S. V.: But it is not a continuous coverage, FSC action has discrete spectrum, so you may place it in such a position where there would be no FSC action, so we recommend to place a jar at the FSC in order not to play chances.

Question: How to preserve the information from The Live Water plate while transportation of water during a day and a half ?

Koltsov S. V.: You should not worry, the polarization has resonant property, even if it will catch up something, you should strike/shake the jar several times at a destination point. Unstable foreign polarization will fall out. Only the information you imposed with FSC will be left.

Question: Is it obligatory to filter water, or just structuring it is enough ?

Koltsov S. V.: Of course, it is desirable to filter water.

Question: Is it possible to give water structured at lilac FSCs to pets?

Koltsov S. V.: Why not, our little brothers are clever, and children are too. We do not need to teach them to use FSCs, they know better, they feel this fields. Not long ago I visited a friend of mine, several FSCs are laying in the kitchen, little daughter comes in the morning: give me a glass of water from the Natural Antibiotic, another time, she comes and asks water from another plate. Why from this one? Because! They see them.

Question: Is it possible to structure water, using several FSCs simultaneously?

Koltsov S. V.: Nothing horrible will happen, but different FSCs bear different functional themes, I would not recommend to mix. Well, I have an FSC, attached to water pipe, sometimes I forget about it, and additionally structure water at another one. Nothing terrible.

Question: I cant drink warm water, what to do ?

Koltsov S. V.: Generally speaking, water should be structured, and it is desirable to take water, which was not boiled. It is possible to boil, but you will spoil the main characteristics of water redox potential. The water that pours out of our water taps is not the best anyway.

Question: Is it necessary to drink structured water continuously? Or some breaks in water consumption are possible?

Koltsov S. V. from the lecture at the Magnitogorsk city, in 2010: You would not do without water. What do you mean by a break? Generally speaking its a normal way of living. Another question, it is difficult to get accustomed to water drinking. But when you do become accustomed to water, you perceive it naturally. 30 milliliters per kilogram of body weight is a serious volume, and you should salt your water. Many times in the vicinities of Moscow I saw reversed osmosis filtering systems, they give salt-less, almost distillated water. I would not drink such water for free. You can if you want a short way to osteoporosis here it is. Nowadays similar thing takes place in Saudi Arabia, they do not have fresh water at all. No fresh river, neither a lake, and distillation plants were installed by Americans. All of them of reverse osmosis type. It is the reason there could not be healthy people there. Another question is if they would add some salt. Nobody watches over the next important water characteristics the redox potential. Recently I was in Orenburg at water bottling plant. Initially it is normal artesian water, then they strike it with ozone, with ultraviolet light, pass through numerous filtering columns, and at the output is a Live Water brand. The owner himself asks: Is it possible to revitalize it? He understands situation well.

From the auditorium: and what salt is the best?

Yours- Yeletskaya, three years ago it was acknowledged the best relict sea salt. It is a salt from ancient relict ocean, its origin dated 250 million years ago. Trace elements of the sea salt are very important. Despite their small content, they are critical for holding / preserving information in water.

Sibatov Nariman Alimovich Tibetan Lama: It is possible to charge water with different FSCs, but most perspective is no. 2, even Koltsov said so. You take big enameled teapot and warm water till 80 centigrade, small bubbles should appear, it is 80 centigrade. You should not boil water longer, then it would be called dead water, only till 80, in order to preserve salts and trace elements you should try to preserve everything. But there are people who boil the same water three times a day, it is a dead water! If you want your water to cool down quickly, you may put the teapot into a basin with cold water. Then you take FSC no. 2, put a 3 liter jar on it, if the jar slides aside, you put some fabric by the side to prevent sliding, and pour water inside a jar like a little stream, this way it takes 7-8 minutes to structure, otherwise it takes 15 minutes. This way you structured a 3 liter jar, slightly cover it with a cover. I mean slightly covered, not tight. You also do not know how to drink water: you take enameled mug, pour 250-300 milliliters, and pour water from one mug into another and back in order to saturate structured water with oxygen, then pour at enameled mug and put it at gas oven for 10 seconds, wright it down for 10 seconds, in order to make it slightly warm. Room temperature water is regarded a cold water. And only now you pour this warm water into a glass. Take this glass in hands, water has ability to record information, and you say in your mind: Kind water, good water, healing water, heal me out of (name condition), Im grateful for help. And start to drink. Make a sip, but do not swallow, hold it in your mouth for 3 seconds in order to give it a chance to mix with your saliva, only then swallow. You should say only one affirmation at a cap, you do it only once, and you should not mention several illnesses you will mix information. After two weeks you may name another condition.

From the auditorium: Should we hold in a mouth only the first sip?

Of course every sip, why only the first one?

Question: Will water, structured at FSC loose its properties after passing through sand filter, after boiling, ultraviolet treatment?

Koltsov S. V.: After sand filter there will be slight degradation, because one way or the other the silicon has polarization of its own, but boiling and ultraviolet irradiation destroy it. Boiling destroys everything. If you did not put FSC at electric wire during the boiling process, the electric current will impose the polarization of outer field.

Zaporojets Marins Aleksandrovna, from internet conference , October 4-th, 2011: Now I will give you a more precise scheme: Before structuring water (on lilac FSCs at the first place) you make a plan what you need. For example cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, then you also should clean out premises, the way I told you before. You may place a bottle with water at FSC, you may place it nearby, because when cosmoenergy channels are opened, the energy passes through the water. You look at the object and energy passes through it, activating informational component in water. About 15 minutes, with affirmation (as an example): Im grateful my hypertension has being healed, or substitute the condition with what you need. For example, if you say Im grateful my buds, adrenal glands have being cleaned and healed you will get a specific water in result of such structuring. If you say Im grateful my gastrointestinal tract has being restored resulted water will be different. Creative approach is possible. In wide sense say gratitude for your thin bodies have being healed, or you may also specify some meridian.

Water filters, using FSCs with water filters

Koltsov S. V.from internet-conference, November 15-th, 2012: Coral water is alkaline. Again we are returning to question what water is alive and what water is dead from the chemistry point of view. They say that if PH is higher than 7 - it is live water OH- groups prevail; when hydrogen ions prevail, then PH is lower than 7, such water is acidized and regarded as a dead water. Functional State Correctors do a different job, the do not change PH of water, they induce charge distribution patterns on the surface of water associates, which consist of 912 molecules of water.

Question: Is it possible both to magnetize water and simultaneously structure it at the FSC ?

Koltsov S. V: What do you mean by magnetizing, this magnetic nozzles through which you pour water? So what if you place an FSC underneath? For Goodness sake! FSC will restructure water by its own rules anyway.

Koltsov S. V.: You mean static magnets? They are muddle-headed in the sense of information. They pull apart dipole structure of water, and nothing more. So if you will structure water and magnetize it afterwards, you will spoil water structure. If you will magnetize first and after that will structure it with an FSC, it will be like just structuring it at an FSC.

Question: Water is ozonized and , passed through correctors, is it enough for consumption? Tap water is chlorinated at our place.

Hotchenkova N. V.: Both ozonized and chlorinated waters are bad for inner linings of our organism, its destructive. Correctors neutralize both molecular chlorine and ozone, and make water suitable for consumption.

Question: My attitude towards water ozonators ?

Koltsov S. V.: Not very good, it is not much better than chlorination, you should read works of professor Voyekov, he wrote a lot about oxygen active phases . The process you will initiate with ozonation may continue for a long time, it include different metamorphoses of numerous combinations of peroxide and protoxide forms of hydrogen and oxygen compounds . it may last for days and even weeks. The process is long and FSC would not stop it. If you really want to ozonize water, i would recommend to wait at least 24 hours before using it, in order to give it time to relax or settle down.

Question: How will change the redox potential of electrically activated water after treatment with FSC ?

Koltsov S. V., from the lecture at the city of Kiev: It would not. Very slightly, not more than 30-40 millivolts. At that, at different ways, depending on information. We checked it long ago at spirit tinctures. There were really amazing samples, when PH of the drink changed at 4 points. You should note it is a logarithmic scale, it is 10 in forth order. Chemists could go mad, it was only due to water structuring. We published an article in a specialized trade journal, no one was interested.

Question: One drinks water after Izumrud filter (the one with electro-chemical activation), after that structures at The Live Water FSC, would not it be like saying salt is salty?

Koltsov S. V: No, it would not, I will explain why. Any water that comes out of with electro-chemical activation is totally unstructured, that is water dipoles have enormous oscillation power, redox potential is reduced, but information load is zero. So we recommend to use any functional FSCs after any electro-chemical activation device, and you will get not salt in salty, but enormous synergetic effect, because you will apply information at energetically prepared structure. That is you take not assembled structure and build it for yourself. I do it myself, because I use Izumrud filter for a long time.

Koltsov S. V., from lecture at Rostov city, 2010: As far as I can remember they use reverse osmosis effect at Nikken filters, here twisting the water clockwise or counterclockwise would not be sufficient. They are trying to create a mechanical imitation. I do not like membrane filters, because nobody likes to write energetic characteristics of water in passport. Show me at least one with the oxidation-redox potential characteristic. The only exception is electro-chemical activation filters. It is Izumrud brand, it is not important who produced them: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Izevsk. Yes, it works, it is an ordinary electrolysis. They disrupt connections with a static electricity. At one end hydrogen ions H+ will prevail, at the other OH- groups, one part will be acidized, the other alkalized. They say, one should drink alkalized water, where there is high OH- content. But one should do it with understanding. Redox potential of cellular and intercellular liquid in a human organism is minus 70 MilliVolts. And many filters give at output minus 600-800 millivolts, so you should think twice about such water drinking scheme. We had such experience in our laboratory. If one will drink such water without measure, hemoglobin rapidly stops to transfer oxygen, it becomes inactive, there is nothing to transfer, and one falls ill. Mechanical cleaning is good. And I would recommend electro-chemical activation filters. I myself use Izumrud, and Im satisfied. More to it such water Is necessary in borderline situations, the way Aleksandr Aleksandrovich from Yakutsk does. In borderline situations, when the organism is totally acidized, for 2-3 weeks, when healing process is going on, it is necessary to drink considerable amount of water with extremely low values of redox potential, structured at FSCs. The best way to fight free radicals, is water with low redox potential value. It relaxes into water. When it has excessive number of OH- groups, they will collect all radicals. Search through the web, they will deliver it to you, it is a military research project started at 80-s in Moscow. Such installations are used in medicine for disinfection of premises, and it is absolutely correct. After pulverizing with a solution, which has PH about 2, every living things will die. Everyone has to go out of a room for two hours, and after that time you can calmly return, everything has relaxed into simple water. No side effects.

From the auditorium: What is your relation towards melted water ?

Koltsov S. V.: it is very good, because in some sense freezing process structures water by itself. Tetrahedral structures form, and when frozen water starts to melt the redox potential drops dramatically. And it is already useful from this point of view , Redox potential drops by 50 70 milliVolts, so it becomes more energetically saturated and starts to work as an anti-oxidant, Functional State Corrector will help to impose information on it. So it is very good if you structure such water.

From the auditorium: And what about Extremely High Frequencies ?

Koltsov S. V.: Do you know any EHF which improves water structure ? All these EHF is very dangerous thing. What they call EHF comes up to 6 HHz, in Nizhniy Novgorod they produce installations capable to produce up to 65 HHz, but it has no relation with informatization


Question: A question about filters, is it possible to use 5 stage filters before FSCs ? Any filters?

Koltsov S. V.: Let it be even 10 stages! The main thing is that they would not produce distillated water at the output.

Question: Why water from reverse osmosis filter is harmful ?

Koltsov S. V.: Well, it is banality. Because you will drink distillated water and organism needs salted water, reverse osmosis installations deduce salts from water. I do not mention its energetics, they never paid attention at that. Their redox potential. Pay attention, that such characteristic is absent at the documentation, the only exception is electro-chemical activation filters. All membrane filters destroy water energetics. I do not even mention different micro vesicle filters, where they pretend the thinner are the vesicles the better. I was shocked when I learned that they use micro vesicle filtered water for working with stem cells, this water is dead by definition. Who will differentiate this cells after that ? Energetics is required, and they kill it with their own hands. They are bio-physics, it seems they should understand.

I also want to share my own water drinking experience.

 I pour filtered water into a bottle, froze it, then let it melt at the Functional State Corrector. When some portion melts, pour it into a cup and let it warm to the room temperature, then drink. No need to drink cold water, it should have room temperature. When the portion gets warm, at the same time another portion melts. I use ordinary plastic bottles, do not bother to delete some part of water when reading about melted water preparation we may find some recommendations to delete some inner part of the water volume, at pretext that there is some heavy water inside, that freezes last. I think it is generally true, but the effect does not worth the effort.

Id better explain what is the sense of melted water drinking. Everybody knows about the necessity of filtering water for drinking, Physical and chemical purity is well understood. Less known is the information content of water this part is straightened out with the help of FSCs. It is another important parameter of water. Note that both purity and information content are important one should ensure both requirements are met, and they do not substitute one another. Physicists call such parameters independent. And there is another important and also independent parameter of drinking water, that characterize its energetics the oxidation-reduction potential. It is a characteristic of a number of free electrons in a given volume of water. The oxidation-reduction potential is measured in millivolts, the devices for measuring oxidation-reduction potential are available and inexpensive.

The point is that human being is an electromagnetic creature in addition to well-known biophysics. We need free electrons for normal operation. We get them from air and from water, and from antioxidant supplements like resveratrol as well. Along with gas exchange process, the ion exchange process takes place in our lungs when we breathe. Human organism consumes free electrons and exhausts positively charged ions. Free electrons are in the fresh air. Thats why we breathe easily in the periods prior to thunder, the air is saturated with free electrons. Russian physicist Alexander Chijevskiy invented high voltage installation which saturate air in the premises with free electrons, his installations are known as Chijevskiy chandelier.

The situation with water is similar. Water from a spring usually is reach with free electrons. Usually natural spring water has negative oxidation-reduction potential. It dissolves when we are trying to put the water into bottles. Thats why bottled natural water loses some part of its healing effect.

Inner liquids of human organism have negative oxidation-reduction potential, its value about minus 100 200 millivolts, the higher value is at cells division process. Mothers milk has oxidation-reduction potential value of minus 70 millivolts, freshly squeezed fruit juice minus 50 millivolts and this charge dissipates in half an hour. Tap water has positive oxidation-reduction potential, it is plus 140 millivolts? And up to 300 millivolts in some places. Carbonated water has +480 millivolts. It is another harm of carbonated beverages, no one mentions about. When the water for drinking has positive oxidation-reduction potential value, then the organism has to fill up the deficit from his own inner resources. Without that water could not be assimilated. In our city life water consumption became energy-deficit process, thats why people ceased to drink water nowadays! Melted water has oxidation-reduction potential value of minus 70 millivolts, almost exactly what is needed for our body. And there are electro-chemical water filtering installations, which are able to produce water with negative oxidation-reduction potential values. For example, the Kangen water. Or in Russia we have our own brands like Izumrud filtering system.

Both melted and electrochemically activated water have the same major fault the water after both processes is mad its information content is zero. Electrochemical process damages water associates structure. Freezing and melting, that is phase transfer, erases all information in water. And we already spoke about the fact that water in nature is a universal medium for information storage and transfer. Human organism needs structured water! Thats why many people started to drink melted water, then abandoned the whole thing. Melted in electrochemically activated water is cognizable by our senses as undone, unready.

The situation could be radically improved with the use of Functional State Correctors. Structured and activated water becomes one of the best possible choices. All three independent parameters should be in norm, only then the water is good. It is synergetic effect. Thats why melting water at the FSC is one of the best possible choices, being an economy solution at the same time.

I did not mentioned the forth characteristic of water the PH level. One should also watch it level.

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