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The human organism regulation levels and the implementation of the FSC

Pathology states are the states of infection, viruses and helminthes diseases. Additionally it may the result of the pathogenic influences, and a negative influence of the other people. There is a kind of people who like to shake You and suck You dry, and You are heading to a quiet place to lick You wounds after that. These pathology states are cured by the FSC no. 1. Also it has a lot of useful additional information recorded on it.

Human organism has different regulation levels. The first regulation level is the regulation at the level of organs and tissues. The next regulation level is the organism systems. The third level is the regulation at the organism level. At this level we have nervous and endocrine regulation. The endocrine regulation is responsible for our internal secretion and the thyroid gland. And what is a thyroid gland? It is the organ responsible for our awakening. It makes us up in the morning, makes us walk around, work, and do our businesses. If somebody has troubles with the thyroid gland he does not able to get up from the bed. He has to gather himself. But if we consciously force ourselves to get up and go on the thyroid gland does not switch on. The adrenal gland switches on in this case. But it is a different regulation pattern. It is the stress pattern like an animal running for life. The switching of the thyroid gland is a complex process. The next regulation level is the nervous regulation. Two systems perform this job the sympathetic system and parasympathic nervous system. The parasympathic regulation is the non conscious activity. It does not matter if You are thinking about it or not, You can do nothing about it. It works independently from our consciousness. And only the last and the upper regulation level the so called cortical regulation is subjected to the conscious regulation. For example, You can stimulate Yourself by saying affirmations. Everybody encountered with situations when You had to gather all Your powers and do something quickly. In such situations only the adrenal gland is switched on and the thyroid gland does not. The thyroid gland subordinate only to the unconscious commands. The thyroid gland is connected with the body temperature regulation. There are people whose temperature does not rise in the state of illness. Their thyroid gland does not switch on as well. In most cases there are women who had an illness on their legs and had to perform their job (especially the physical one) in the state of illness. The Functional State Corrector number 1 manages to regulate all these problems in a soft and careful manner.

The FSC no. 1 poses powerful influence on the viruses bacterium and helminth. It works in any situation. Then we also have the FSC no. 2 which influences all levels of regulation, activating the deducing of everything we do not need. So one should not use only the FSC no. 2 alone. The misbalance into the deducing may be even unpleasant. But do not worry all the necessary things will remain only the unnecessary products will be removed. It is better to use the FSC no. 2 for the water structuring. Anyway it is recommended to switch between the use of the no.1 & no. 2 in accordance with the diurnal rhythm. One should use the FSC no. 1 in the first half of day, and the FSC no. 2 after 4 p.m. The FSC no. 3 & 4 are tuned to support the balance of the sexual hormones. They regulate our inner metabolism processes. They are designated not only for the weight loss, but also to pose help with the impotence and with female problems.

Now we are approaching the liver problems. The Functional State Corrector number 5 works on several levels. The first one is the functional state of the liver cells. How we should get the functional state of the liver cells? The liver disorder may result from different reasons. The first one is a viral hepatitis or some other bacterial disease. The viruses and bacteria affect the cells and they cease functioning. When the cell dies it is substituted by the connective tissue. The same thing happens in the case of the alcohol abuse. In result the liver is substituted by the connective tissue. It is called the hepatocirrhosis. The official medicine cant stop this process. The FSC no.5 can! It is already proved that the cells of any kind (including neurons) could be restored in ninety days period. So if we are going to restore the liver, we need to use the FSC no. 5 at least for 90 days. We should have in mind the fact that in case of the cirrhosis or the bacterial liver diseases the great amount of toxins is produced, so the FSC no. 2 will be a good addition. Now we are speaking about the processes at the organ level regulation. We are dealing with the liver at the organs level. We are dealing with cells and the intercellular interconnections. To do this one should almost constantly carry the FSC no. 5 at the liver area. The liver is an organ that regenerates vary rapidly. The liver relieves any intoxication. It is the des-intoxication station of the organism. All toxins go through the liver. The sexual hormones are disintegrated in the liver. Together with the spleen, the liver is cleaning our blood. The liver closes all the metabolism circuits. The FSC no. 5 helps to balance all the metabolism processes at the condition of the effective intoxication removal. So if we are dealing with the liver restoration it is obligatory to drink water structured on the FSC no. 2. It is not the end of a story about the liver metabolism because the liver obeys all the nervous system commands. The liver regulation is connected with the hypothalamic-hypophysial regulation level. If a patient was ill for a long period of time, or drunk for years, and his liver started to be substituted by the connective tissue, the biorhythms are subjected to change, his liver is not able to switch on in due times, he ceases to endure food normally. What else? Do You know the medical term the alcoholic child. It is a child which is conceived in a state of drunkenness. If a man drinks long enough his liver ceases to decompose the sexual hormones, and the lust shows up. The lust is so strong that such people are hard to cope with. The sexual hormones are broke up in the liver. In such cases it is not possible to do without the highest regulation level. Hypothalamic-hypophysial level is regulated by the FSC no. 8. The Functional State Corrector number 8 poses the unique action. I do not know any other remedy able to regulate the melatonin serotonin balance in such a fine way. Do You know about the melatonin it is reckoned to be the hormone of sleep. And what is the serotonin? You should have heard about the adrenalin. This hormone is produced at the adrenal gland cortex, and it makes us move, run, or may be to save our lives If the adrenal gland function start to prevail in the organism the man becomes jerky, constantly irritated, or even a bit angry. The ager is a prerogative of the liver malfunctions. In case of the constant adrenalin excess the human psyche changes. The adrenalin influence is counterbalanced by the serotonin. It is the hormone that makes a person too calm down, to weight his actions, words and thoughts. It slows us down a bit. On the other side it makes us glad a bit. The felling of joy and calmness arises. The FSC no. 8 contrives to regulate all these! The main thing is that melatonin and serotonin are the two major regulative factors, that through the hypothalamic-hypophysial system switch on all the other regulative factors. Their balance is an obligatory condition for the other hormones balancing. Without activation of these level it is impossible to restore a human being. The only alternative to restore the melatonin serotonin balance is the use of the acupuncture method.

In order to regulate the functioning of any organ it is necessary to balance of the hypothalamic-hypophysial system. It is the function of the FSC no. 8. Like any other organ the liver has its own blood vessels. The majority of blood diseases nowadays is connected with the atherosclerosis. When the vascular metabolism in the liver is malfunctioning the portal hypertension appears. It is a liver vessels pressure rise. A big belly appears, accompanied by stagnation and swell. The patient is almost unable to breathe, to move, to live In order to restore the vessels we may use the FSC no. 6. It may seem strange, that the FSC plate which is responsible for beauty, some lifting and pilling also ensures some pilling inside the blood vessels. The atherosclerosis is wary well cured by the FSC no. 6. All the vessels are repaired and the vessels regulation is restored with the help of the FSC no. 6.

The FSC no. 6 balances the hormonal background which is connected with the thyroid gland. The disease that the traditional medicine is unable to cope with the regulation of the thyroid gland functioning. If the thyroid gland functioning is excessive they extract it, if it is shortage they prescribe a medicine and do not care about the consequences. The function shortage is compensated and thats all! The FSC no 6 regulates the thyroid gland response to the pro hormones secreted by the hypothalamic-hypophysial system. The FSC no. 6 forces the cells and tissues to restore. It happens due to the information based image of the aloe extract which is added into its information block. Lets return to the liver example again. For a good liver restoration we should obligatory use the FSC no. 5 and no. 6. Because no.5 regulates the balance at the organ level, it works directly with the liver cells; and no. 6 helps to restore cells of any kind, including the vessels cells. The liver vessels should be restored as well. So we need to use all levels of regulation in order to restore the liver.

Now a few words about the FSC no. 7. It s primary task is cosmetology, it ensures the non- invasive face lifting, and a lot of women successfully use it. But in addition it restores the muscular system. Ive checked it with sportsmen. If You have sportsmen in Your family give it to them for a try. Ive checked it on a runner. His results improved greatly. He was not only the first, but he did not get tired after the run. There are a lot of diseases connected with the muscular tissue malfunctioning. We have the muscular tissue everywhere in the organism. We have it in our vessels. For example if one is filing jaded or in a state of the lack of tone, or in case of the meteorology dependence one should use the FSC no. 7. In these situation the patients vasomotor center is unable to cope with its functions the center that makes the vessel muscles to work. So one needs also the FSC no. 8 to regulate the vasomotor center itself. Number 8 regulates the center, number 7 makes the muscles to work.

In any situation it is good to understand at what regulation level a failure took place. For example, a liver disease connected with the biliary dyskinesia and peristalsis malfunction. In this case we should deal with the muscular system the FSC no. 7; the higher nervous activity - the FSC no. 8. If it is the alcoholic syndrome, so it is the FSC no.5, no. 2, no. 8 in addition.

Any pathology could be viewed in terms of the regulation levels. For example if the pathology is connected with the sexual hormones, one should use the FSC no. 3 or the FSC no.4. I call You to consult the doctor to understand the damage level. A therapist will tell You what troubles and at what level You are going to deal with. And try to hollow the FSC implementation nuances. It is not recommended to carry the FSC no. 2 all day long, it may even lead to negative results. Everything should be done with good sense. For example if the cholecyst is extracted, the patient is suffering from the bile outflow difficulties, because the bile discharge regulation is malfunctioning. Instead of the bile discharge after the meals, the bile constantly drops into the gut. In this case the intermittent food introduction is prescribed- little portions several times a day. The constant bile flow off resulted in the hunger feeling and other unpleasant feelings. In this case the use of the FSC no. 5 will increase the bile flow off. One should go from the other side to use the FSC no. 7. If the patient will use the FSC no.7 during half an hour before meals, the ducts will contract and some amount of bile will be discharged into the gut, the normal gastrointestinal digestion will be restored in result.

In order to get rid of the liver stones, one should start from a diet and the FSC no. 2 implementation. In case of the liver stones the bile pressure rises from time to time, and the liver cells function is violated, so they should be restored with the help of the FSC no. 5. There is a lot of remedies which help to break and remove the stones, one should use them. One should obligatory consult a specialist.

An example of the hepatitis B treatment. A young boy arrived here from the Urals. He was in a bad condition, he looked yellow. Nobody knows where did he catch the hepatitis. After laying in the Botkins hospital for some time, he was discharged from it. His parents brought him to me. We looked at the FSC no. 1 effect. The liver functioning increased by 70 percent at once. This fact tells that there is still a lot of the hepatitis viruses in the blood and it should be cleaned. He carried the FSC no.1 and used it as a dish stand, also he drunk water structured with the help of the FSC no. 2. After a month the testing was not able to detect any viruses. The tests were repeated at the Botkins hospital and they did not found any viruses as well. After that he was given an FSC no. 5, and after another month all his liver functions were fully restored. All his tests were ideal. Now we are working on the hypothalamic-hypophysial system regulation. It should be restored to complete the treatment. Because when one is ill the wrong reflexes and the wrong metabolism pattern get fixed at the sympathetic parasympathetic relations level. So the FSC no. 8 should be used for a final balancing.

There are two types of diabetes. The insulin-dependent and the insulin-independent types. The pancreas produces the insulin in the first case and does not at the second. At the second case there should be a reason, because the insulin is not produced. And the first reason is helminthes. They live in a raw fish. Sweden and Norway do not buy our rifer fish despite the fact that they do not have such fish of their own. All our fish is infected by helminthes and nobody is going to tell us about it. All sushi sold in Russia are made from the Lake Ladoga salmon, which is totally infected! All fish should be subjected to the thermal treatment. So if the diabetes appeared not long ago it probably has the helminthes nature. Even we, the certificated therapists do not know all the helminthes types. The new spices are opened or reopened from time to time. I do not think that there is a mutation process. Rather there is a lot of parasites we are not acquainted with yet. One patient even brought to me some in a can. And I was not able to define them, never saw anything of the kind! But it were surely the helminthes. All of them like to live at our gastrointestinal tract. A big warm place well supplied with blood. And extremely difficult to reach for the traditional treatment methods. One should use the FSC no. 1 in these case. In case of the inherent diabetes it is probably the insulin-dependent type and it is connected with the pancreas malfunctioning. However it is possible that a newly born baby is suffering from the helminthes, inherited from his mom. It also happens! If one has a second type diabetes nothing really could be done. The adult patients free from the helminthes may also suffer from the diabetes, especially after they have an inflammatory illness on their legs. Any infection likes to choose a safe place. For example the streptococcus affects heart, joints and kidneys. The pneumococcus is the ugly infection that is located inside the cells, it likes to settle down in the lingular bronchus. When I hear the crackling in this area I am almost sure that Im dialing with the pneumococcus. The tuberculosis likes the upper corner of the right lung. The adenovirus likes the pancreas. After the adenovirus infection endured on the legs, the pancreas may suffer. But it is an epithelial organ in any case. We are able to restore it, both the vessels and the cells. For these purposes we may use the FSC no. 6 and no. 5 respectively. And it would be nice to use the number 1 in addition in order to kill any viruses if there are any left. The FSC no. 1 is able to suppress all the parasites spectrum, both unicellular and multicellular. But the time required may vary.

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