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FSC use for children, during pregnancy, in case of sterility

Question: Is it possible to work with 1 year old child?

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, no limitations here.

Question: Child will be 2 years soon, from the moment of birth he does not let FSC “Healthy Generation” out of hands.

Koltsov S. V.: Fine.

Luzginova S. V.: Feels intuitively.

Koltsov S. V.: (reading question) In case one takes it off when he sleeps, be awakes immediately and demands it back. I said many times, probably children are seeing these energies. No need to change anything! They will abandon this FSC on their own, because it works up to 12. Yes adult people can use it too, but for children below 12 it works in a special mode.

From the Auditorium: Are there some recommendation for infants?

Koltsov S. V. (23.09.2016): Yes, we made “Healthy Generation” – from the moment of birth and up to 12. When a child is informationally attached to mother. There is another important thing: in case child becomes thick, one shall heal mother first, otherwise it will be useless to treat a child.

From the Auditorium: A woman I know has an infant granddaughter, diathesis did not give way to treatment. I did not gave my plate to her, but structured water for her in 5 liter volumes, she gave her water to drink and used for baths. Approximately three weeks later everything disappeared completely.

Luzginova S. V.: You see, work with correctors helps. In case of diathesis use FSCs: 1, 2, “Healthy Generation”.

Question: Is it possible to pump children during sleep?

Koltsov S. V.: What for?

Vorms I. I.: Lay FSCs around them? Possible, we are practicing this.

Koltsov S. V.: Well, it is similar at my place, there is always some FSC laying in a bed of both grandson and granddaughter, “Healthy Generation” at the first place.

Question: Infant is 10 days, sleeps not well, mother has enough milk, we have “Healthy Generation”, how to help?

Luzginova S. V. (February 6-th 2015): In this case it is possible to work with FSCs 1 and 2 – give some water to drink similarly like we do ourselves – no 1 at first half of the day, no 2 – at the second. Children, especially so little ones, are reproducing the state of mother. Mother shall drink some water, structured at FCS “Love”. Let mother work with love and let her structure water to a child at the “Healthy Generation”, bath baby in this water. Mother shall have internal harmony of conscience. In case she has internal accusations to her husband, to the man, she shall obligatory ask for forgiveness - internally, silently and say “I thank you my bellowed husband for all these energies of love, which I am receiving from you”, that is internally send love to own husband, and in case there are some accusations – remove them. Or it could be accusations towards some other person, that is mother may have internal disharmony of consciousness and child is suffering from this. One shall check the situation, hard to say definitely. Is the husband is a first man in a life of a woman, or not the first. If not the first it could be so called cliché of the first man, child may have astral body from the first man and physical body of the biology father. It could be connected with telegony, one shall remove this with FSC 23.

Question: What FSC to put into the schoolboy’s bag as a defense ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: You can use the “Amulet”

Question: Is it possible to start with “Healthy Generation” for a child 9 years old, who previously did not use any other FSCs ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Well, you will provoke a toxin deducing process anyway. Nowadays there is no healthy children, so numbers 1 and 2 should be used as a background.

Question: Is it possible to structure a bottle with baby-food at FSC no. 5 in order to avoid colic ?

Hotchenkova N. V. –internet conference, march 20th, 2013: Generally, it is possible, start form numbers 1 and 2. And check the food, it could be the reason. Take a portion, put it at FSS no. 2 for a while, taste it, look what happens with food, should you give this food to your child ? Products with artificial components become to taste badly after structuring at FSC no. 2.

Question: Can a child 3 month old use FSC ? Drink structured water, place nearby?

Hotchenkova N. V. –internet conference, march 20th, 2013: For children, from the day of birth and under 3 years old, we use FSCs 1, 2, “Healthy Generation”. Use them for water structuring, for bath, washings and other water procedures. You may use them by turn. And put “Healthy Generation” into a bed. More to it, if a child has gastro-intestinal problems or allergic reactions, you may add water, structured at FSC no. 5. But you should put in bed only the “Healthy Generation”.

Question: A child is 3,5 years old. Hears but does not speak, what FSCs to use ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: 1, 2, “Healthy Generation”

Question: A child is 9 month old, plays with lilac FSCs, would not they hurt him?

Hotchenkova N. V.: An interesting question. Reaches for lilac FSCs at his own will ? If he reaches for them on his own, then they hardly would do any harm. Because children that appear nowadays are already a different civilization. They feel energies well. Take a better look at him. And make sure, that the “Healthy Generation” is somewhere near the child. Give water, structured at the “Healthy Generation”.

Later, during the internet-conference: Yes, the child takes them on his own will. I say – it is a different civilization. Give water, structured at the “Healthy Generation” as a defense.

Question: Tell in details about FSC influence on children, their diseases, is it possible to use any FSCs or only the “Healthy Generation” ?

Koltsov S. V., from lecture at St. Petersburg, may 23-d, 2013: Of course, any one. More to it, if you are not putting too much pressure on them, they see this energies better than we, and if you place FSCs on the table in front of them, they will come and take an FSC which they need at the moment. You would not even guess why a child chooses the specific corrector.

From the auditorium: Starting from what age?

From any, starting from the day of birth. This is native energies for them.

Question: What FSC could be used for a schoolboy, he does not want to learn.

Koltsov S. V.: You should start with water, structured at numbers 1 and 2, then add number 13. In some schools teachers guessed to tie up FSC to a water cooler, and noticed that pupil’s attention improved and so on.

Question: A child goes to the children’s garden for 5 years, gets sick twice a month. How to treat him before or after the children’s garden? We have FSC no. 16

Hotchenkova N. V.: Child needs 1, 2 and “Healthy Generation”, generally speaking it should be enough, give him structured water. A child is a big enough to do pumping. After the children’s garden obligatory take shower with FSC no. 2. Well, you would not go to the children’s garden with FSC no. 16. But it will be a sensible thing if you will do some good cleaning there. It is also sensible to tell them about Functional State Correctors, give them an introduction movie. Tie FSC no. 2 at the water pipe, to prevent infection coming through water. Or tie FSCs to water coolers, if they use them. You may tie number 1 at one cooler, and number 2 at another. Let them drink water from one cooler and then from another – in turns. Place the “Healthy Generation” at the electricity distribution box. Children will catch these energies well and become healthy.

Question: A young mother is afraid to use FSC to structure water and food for her child, afraid to place it in bed, to put at child’s belly during colic, saying that FSCs are designated for mature people only.

Hotchenkova N. V.: First, “Healthy Generation” was designed especially for children, adults use this FSC as well. Plates number 1, 2 and 5 are universal. No. 5 helps to solve gastro-intestinal tract problems at babies and blood problems. No. 2 is cleaning. No 1 is mainly anti-parasite, and helps in situations affecting immune system and metabolism, in case of internal organs malfunction. Show her the movie “Informational medicine and FSC”. If she will go on resisting after this film, it is her own problem. Now it is she, who is responsible for the child. In order to protect the child from electromagnetic irradiation, you may place FSC not into the bed, but under it - and the problem would be solved. It would be nice to check the flat for geo-pathogenic zones as well. It is good to remove electric appliances from the child’s bed.

Question: A child is 2 month old, what FSCs to recommend ?

Koltsov S. V.: We created the “Healthy Generation” especially for children, works brilliantly practically with every problem.

Question: Can children and teenagers use lilac FSCs and how ?

Koltsov S. V.: And they know better, they feel them, there is a number of precedents when children tell adults what to do, they sense them.

Question: What is better for a scholar – no. 1 or the “Healthy Generation” ?

Koltsov S. V.: It depends upon the situation: in case they seized things with dirty hands – it is number 1. If everything goes on more or less well – then the “Healthy Generation” is better. And of course we have a separate theme for intellectual development (FSC no. 13, “The Healthy Intellect”).

Question: Is it possible to use an FSC for a prematurely born child, who’s weight is 1 kilo.

Koltsov S. V.: It is necessary, the common sense says it is a “Healthy Generation”.

Question: A child went to the first class, how he should use the “Healthy Generation” FSC ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Drink water, structured at this plate morning, day and night. With time it would be possible to give the plate with him, it will work as a defense. He may hang it on the neck, it is possible to make some hidden pocket, then the plate would be on a child all time and nobody will take it away. But if the child does not attend a prolonged day group, where they sleep, and spends most of the time at home, then let him use it at home. In such a case it is possible not to carry it, but drink structured water, place in front of the computer, use during the time of sleep.

Question: Tell please how to implement FSCs at children’s establishments: water harmonization, dining rooms, swimming pools, medical personnel….

Hotchenkova N. V.: Yes, tie no . 2 at water pipes in order to clean water, to prevent negative information from entering into establishment. You may do a triangle from FSCs no. 2 around the water pipe. If they are using water coolers, fix FSCs no. 1 and on them. You may place the “Healthy generation” or FSC no. 13 on the electric box. In computer classes you may place FSCs in front of the computers, for this purpose any numbers will work. Or you may fix one FSC (number 1 is god for that) at a router, both the children and school will benefit, children’s nervous systems will be more balanced, their energy level would not suffer.

Schools usually work with large volumes of water, boil water in cauldrons, then pour hot water into kettles, I do not know exactly their procedures, but generally speaking you should work with large volumes of water, tie an FSC at a cauldron or water cooler/heater.

You may also fix the “Healthy Generation” FSC at light switches at classrooms, it will promote learning process and help to support good health. The 13-th FSC will assist information perception and better understanding. The 1-st FSC will help disinfection and harmonization of the inner space. At that, when you will start to use FSCs, ants and cockroaches will leave the establishment.

In pools place FSC at the incoming pipe, it will neutralize both chlorine and ozone. Ozone as well as chlorine destroys the inner lung lining. So correctors will fit here too. Prior to letting children to swim, you may put FSC no. 1 in little plastic baths and let it float over the water for a while, this will structure water in a pool. Children will be healthier.

Question: Is it possible to do pumpings for little children, how to do them correctly?

Koltsov S. V.: It is possible and even necessary, it is really simple with children, pour a bath with structured water, let a child to take a bath for 5 minutes. It works even better than pumping. Make sure he will dive with head fully under the surface at least once. In case there are blocks at the head, and you did not make him dive, this place will be left undone.

Question: May a 1 year old child use FSCs no. 6 and 7 ?

Koltsov S. V.: Why not, they play with FSCs.

Question: What a reason may cause rheumatic pains in bones at 5 years old child, it started in summer, we have all plates.

Hotchenkova N. V.: It could be rearrangement. Pumpings are needed. The 10-th plate is needed, the “Healthy Generation” FSC is needed, it is better to deduce toxins with FSC no. 2, use no. 1 with no 2 in order to support all systems. It should work out.

Question: From what age child can use the “Healthy Generation” FSC and how?

Merzlyakova Å. I.: From any age, from the very beginning. Put it into bed, take baths, do not forget yourself – because “Healthy Generation” is a part of you, sleep with it from time to time to level emotional sphere.

Question: Child goes to the first class, what FSCs and where ?

Merzlyakova Å. I.: One and two, the load level is high. Analyzing the action of different FSCs it is possible to tell what categories of people need them. Schoolchildren and their parents unambiguously need FSC one and two, and also no. 5 because we eat anyhow. And it is needed that a child take baths and sleep on them. You should use them intensively. I know that some parents sew an FSC to a schoolbag, in order to prevent it from falling out. Make a pocket and then sew it. When a child goes with the bag, the FSC works. Schoolchildren unambiguously need them due to extremely high load. People who are working in shifts, when there is a time shift also need FSCs: those who operate trains, long distance drivers, people start to drink enormous doses of coffer or energetic drinks to keep them in good shape, they could use FSCs instead. Those who work with large number of other people also need FSCs, those who work in clinics, hospitals, shops. And manages and chiefs need them most because there are too many envy and emotions around them, people always wish something willingly or not. Really the correctors are needed at every home, despite the fact that we are using vitamins and things, look around at electric appliances around us.

Question: A child 7 years old goes on tiptoes.

Koltsov S. V.: Serious question. First you should visit osteopaths, only then you can try FSCs, as a rule it is birth trauma.

Question: Can children wear FSC pendant, and from what age ?

Koltsov S. V.: Most amazing thing is that children better and easily adapt to this energies. Observing my grandson I was amazed to notice that he feels perfect in a new 8-second dynamic rhythms, it is we who fell uneasy, they feel themselves very well. In 6 month ne weighted 10 kilograms, the next day after his 6 month birthday he independently stood up in his playpen. They say “You overfed him”, but he behaves like having ants in his pants.

Question: The methods of implementation FSCs no. 3 and 4 by children differ in various sources….?

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, You can use this numbers, but children did not grew up to situations, at which FSC 3 and 4 make an accent. They would not “hear” them.

Question: Tell, please, how to work with little children? What peculiarities?

Zaporojets M. A.: Little children heal very quickly. Do all the same but in smaller doses. Use water procedures, bath with sea salt.

Question: Are pumping needed for 10 years old children?

Zaporojets M. A.: If such information comes to you – do the pumpings, but short ones.

Question: Can a grandmother work with a little child problem without his request?

Zaporojets M. A.: Yes, there are situations when a human being needs help. It is like implicit request. You should pose help in such situations. For example, if a man walks nearby and slips and nearly falls, you will support him instead of asking “may I help you, sir?”. It is appropriate in such cases.

Question: From what age children can use lilac FSCs, and how to use them ?

Zaporojets M. A.: It is possible from any age. Even if a woman is going to give a birth, she may work with Bercana channel (FSC no. 13), visualize a child was born safely, everything came true well, necessary help was accomplished. We have such practice. Even at critical bleeding, it was stopped in 10 minutes and a child was given breast, that is important.

Question: Is it possible to place FSCs into children’s bed for a night ?

Zaporojets M. A.: You can place “The Clear Space” (FSC no. 16) as a defense.

Question: Starting from what year Indigo children started to bourn?

Zaporojets M. A.: As far as I know, approximately from 1980, may be from 1978, may be even earlier.

Pregnancy and delivery, sterility, conception

Question: If a pregnant woman is using FSC, may it influence at the fetus?

Koltsov S. V. (April 2018, interview to Didenko A. V.): Yes it can, so we are not recommending to do this. Drink water, you can do pumpings, but I do not recommend to carry all the time at the body, because it is better not interfere with disposition of Providence. Our gynecologists, who are using these themes professionally, confirm that it is not obligatory at all to carry FSC at the body. Thou my daughter in law had feminine problems and she did not took FSC 13 from herself, at least used it regularly. Absolutely healthy child, who surely is ahead of his coevals in physical development.

Didenko A. V.: We have lot of positive experience, women used and carried FSCs, but in this case it is just not recommended.

Koltsov S. V.: Well, yes. Why FSC 13? Because along with attention concentration function it has the second one – in case woman is pregnant then she shall carry absolutely healthy fetus. No other FSCs simply not needed for pregnant women.

Didenko A. V.: But they can drink water structured at other plates, and use other FSCs in pumping?

Koltsov S. V.: Better to use no 13. Because it is targeted at this theme.

Koltsov S. V.: I asked gynecologists who are coming at our conferences, how they are using many FSCs during pregnancy. Exactly so: water from any, pumping with any, they also do not recommend to carry at the body.

In one of your lectures you told about a mat with FSCs at which a woman gave birth to a child, what FSCs were in it?

Koltsov S. V.: Oh, most simple ones from blue series. There was nothing special in there.

Question: What may use a pregnant woman in case of chronic tonsillitis?

Koltsov S. V.: Any FSC, they are not pills that may provoke something.

Interesting question: FSC “Reboot” for a pregnant woman. Does it influence only at her or at the fetus as well?

Koltsov S. V. (27.12.2016): I would not experiment during this period.

Koltsov S. V.: Look at FSC 13 alone, which is the “Healthy Intellect”. Cosmoenergy channels, polarization of birch bark, birch juice are recorded on it, what for? For assiduity, really for development of intellect, and the second utilitarian function, which was confirmed by gynecologists: in case woman becomes pregnant, in case she has this FSC at hands the fetus comes to light already intellectual. This year I became grand dad twice – first is grandson, second is granddaughter. And so, daughters in law always used no 13. She is a serious dame – 58 centimeters height, weight 4100, gained 3 kilos during first 40 days, has great cheeks now. Naturally no diseases, a month later they already bathed her in 26 Centigrade water. Mother looks at the child reaction, if smiles then everything is normal, it should be this way everywhere.

Question: What FSCs to use after surgery operation connected with abdominal pregnancy?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Use FSCs no. 1, 2, 3. And often you have to admit that some program is present, it could be inherited by kin, or acquired some other way, nowadays it is common phenomenon. So I usually recommend to do deep cleaning with the help of the lilac FSCs, independently of the fact that you know about existence of such a program”. You know, maybe it was somebody’s envy, or someone did not want this child to be born, and it resulted in such a situation, so go on cleaning thoroughly.

Question: At what FSC there is a program helping with sterility?

Hotchenkova N. V.: You can start with numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. The first two are common, woman should use no. 3, a man – no. 4. If it would not help during two month time, then start using FSC 13.

Question: A man has prostatitis and sperm viscosity, a wife has problem with ovum fertilizing, they already have one child and want to have another one. What FSCs should they buy?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Undoubtedly numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 at the first place. If they would not help, then add no. 13. Everything should go on well. It is also good to add Resveratrol.

Question: If twins are prematurely born, age only one week, placed into intensive care block, should we use FSC no. 13 along with the “Healthy Generation” ?

Koltsov S. V.: For now hold them at “Healthy Generation”, FSC 13 turn will come later. Bless you, in case of birth trauma, which is common with prematurely born children, the “Healthy Generation” has a set of themes able to mend such problems at early stages quickly.

Question: Can pregnant women use the “Healthy Generation” FSC ?

Koltsov S. V.: That is after the child will be born. When a woman is pregnant, it is “The Healthy Intellect” (no. 13) which helps to conceive a healthy child. One of its functions is to set a good order inside a head, and another function is to carry a healthy child.

Question: A young woman, yet not knowing of her pregnancy, continued to use FSC no. 3, how it influences pregnancy ? Can it provoke a miscarriage ?

Koltsov S. V.: Not a chance. Thou I do not recommend to do it, having in mind not to introduce field distortion via specific biology channels, my daughter in law used number 3 during entire pregnancy period. Alive, healthy, cheerful and filly.

Question: I used FSC prior to pregnancy and during pregnancy, could not it make some damage ?

Koltsov S. V.: No, it could not hurt. I say, I told my daughter in law not to carry no. 3 but only drink water and take water procedures, but she carried it all through entire time of her pregnancy. And everything is in good order. You should investigate, here you have some genetic or kin problem.

Question: Can pregnant women use FSC pendant, old or new ?

Koltsov S. V.: For goodness sake! You only should not carry anything close to the genital organs, because a separate wave process is taking place there, and you should not interfere with the God’s Providence. Do pumping as much as you like. Do not carry anything on a regular basis.

Question: Is it possible to use FSC in case of anesthesia in the maternity hospital ?

Koltsov S. V.: Never! In any case, at any anesthesia, because in such a case anesthesia simply would not work. We have a lot of such precedents, despite the fact that I constantly tell people about that. After washing, shaving in front of the operation, people grab an FSC and put it under themselves, then anaesthetists have hard times, inject one dose – it does not work, inject the second – the same result, it is not possible to inject more, especially to elder people. The same with teeth, when dealing with anesthesia of any kind put the FSCs aside, or it would not work.

Question: Two weeks pregnancy, the uterus is in tone, how to preserve pregnancy with the help of FSCs ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Here I would work with the “Healthy generation” from the green FSC series, and with the 13-th plate from the lilac series. At that I would work with channel for pregnancy preservation and safe delivery. Use numbers 1 and 2 for water structuring.

Question: Young woman is getting prepared to the artificial impregnation, her husband has low sperm activity, how to prepare organism ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Her husband has to take Resveratrol and at the same time actively work with FSC 4. That is alone with the background use of numbers 1 and 2. Along with water drinking, man should carry FSC 4 at his second chakra.

Question: When FSCs for pregnant will appear ? From what time they could be carried and how to use them ?

Koltsov S. V., from a lecture at Rostov city, 2010: We already have them. My daughter in law did not wear off number 3 during the entire pregnancy period. A child is healthy like I do not know who. He will be 7 month soon. To our sorrow he fell ill last week, first grandma catches the infection from the outside, it affects lungs and gastrointestinal tract, then passed this relay-race to his mother, and she to the grandson. Naturally, snot appeared, he is stronger than them, well sniffles, coughs a little. When they got tired of this – brought him to me, and I put the “Healthy Generation” FSC at his upper chest for 4,5 hours, simply did not took it off. It was enough for a child. They called me the next day say: “almost nothing is left”. A child “jumps out” quicker, and it appeared that children are ready to such polarizations, which seem “heavy” for us. It is we who are not ready.

So, I do not recommend pregnant woman to carry FCSs. Do pumping, drink activated water, carry them on the body only when you fall sick. In other situations do not interfere with God’s Providence. Pregnant woman already have two different dynamic structures. They may be related but they are different. You should not interfere into this sacrament.

Question: A Woman cannot get pregnant, what FSCs could help ?

Koltsov S. V.: At first, it is not an FSC here, you should search for the primary reason, in many situations toxoplasmosis is a case of sterility. There are many woman, who like their kitties so much, that at some time they have to make a choice, take one side or the other. You may never get pregnant until you get rid of your pets. And it is hard to overpower toxoplasmosis, that is it takes not a week or two. FSC no. 1 copes with this problem, but no so quick.

Question: A woman 31 years old, post-surgery commissure, what actions will lead to pregnancy ?

Koltsov S. V.: You should also check the second half for chromosomal set. In Yakutsk I saw a dad who visits San Sanych (healer, actively uses FSC along with water with low redox-potential), he is about 85, he will give odds to many young men in a state of his chromosomal set. In this sense he may be very useful. They prescribed him prostate gland adenoma surgery. He refuses, says I want to live active life and every day comes to San Sanych, and “trains” himself for two hours, getting better with every session, says “I’m going to search a bride”

Question: Is it possible to restore fertility by harmonizing hormonal background with FSCs no. 3 and 4 ?

Koltsov S. V.: It exactly what they were made for. 3 for women, 4 – for men.

Question: How pregnant women should use FSCs ?, what tasks to set ?

Zaporojets M. A.: First of all it is cleaning of the outer space and its protection. Let a child to stay in good conditions. Think about good things, listen to good music, talk with the child, visualize him, you can even learn to know what he wants you to eat. It is very interesting. Before delivery say gratitude for successful delivery and quick restoration after the delivery. It is Bercana channel – FSC no. 13.

Question: I’m 36, can’t conceive a child already have a myoma.

Zaporojets M. A.: Try the “Healthy Generation”, “The Clear Space” (no. 16) and “The Light of life” (no. 15). Work with hypophysis, endocrine system, ovarian, uterus.

Question: Marina, tell please, a man is 30 years old, low spermatozoon quantity and mobility, wants children, what to do ?

Zaporojets M. A.: I’ve told about it not long ago, there is FSC number 13, which is called “The Healthy Intellect”, the Runic channel Bercana is recoded on it, this channel aids spiritual growth and child-bearing. That is to work through the plate, of course after preliminary cleaning. It is understandable that a man should be clean. So “The Clear space” (no. 16) or “The Golden Pyramid” (no. 14) should be regarded as additional plates here.

Question: A woman Is going to give birth to triplets, they are going to do cesarean section, children are suffering from oxygen starvation. How to help her now and after the delivery?

Zaporojets M. A.: Say gratitude to “The Light of Life” (no. 15) and “The Bercana” (no. 13) for harmonious delivery. For oxygen being materialized and supplied to the fetus, for the protection during the delivery process, for the fears, that surrounding people experience, have being relieved. Often the surrounding people interfere with their fears.

Question: What FSCs to use after the cesarean section?

Koltsov S. V.: First thing to do after cesarean section, is that you should go to the midwife, in order to “turn on” the spinal column. When the fetus goes through the maternal passages, due to the bending in the fourth thoracic vertebra, a child is entering (turns on) into our world. And who is turning on cesarean section babies ? Nobody ?! then the problems start to appear.

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