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Koltsov S. V. (November 20 th, 2018): By the way, I was in Germany in the beginning of November, well known Ivan Ivanovich Vorms did tests for telomerase length. It is a compound that characterizes speed of organism aging. He did similar test 2 years ago, exactly 2 years ago. And so he aged only 8 months during 24 months time interval. Process of ageing goes three times slowly than biology age. He says that nothing changed in his life with the exception of FSCs. I suspected that this could bring to such results, here is just a formal confirmation.

Question: At what FSCs it is better to structure water for face-washing for youth and beauty?

Koltsov S. V.: Common sense hints Apple of Youth is made exactly for this.

Question: What are most powerful rejuvenation FSCs in accordance to testimonies? Is there such information?

Koltsov S. V.: I did not heard systemic information, but there are plenty of such FSCs.

Gusarova T. A.: About rejuvenation Sergey Valentinovich says the following: one of FSCs goals is to retune individual at more high vibrations. Naturally one starts to become healthier and younger in case you not just purchased and also using them.

Question: Joints versus rejuvenation how to do cycles?

Luzginova S. V. (10.04.2016): First of all I would advise the following: first comes restoration of health, first cleaning, only then deal with rejuvenation. You may work both with FSC 10 and with 15 and Apple of Youth, everything will come to norm even quicker. If possible you may work with both.

Question: What FSC is for organism rejuvenation?

Koltsov S. V.: We have two rejuvenation correctors they are numbers 8 and 15, at that FSC 15 is universal, it works via activation of stem cells. You see, we are rejuvenating while cleaning own organism, restoring distribution of energy-informational potential, restoring harmony between masculine and feminine origins. These along results in rejuvenation. In addition we may use special correctors, this helps even quicker rejuvenation.

Question: Would there be a rejuvenating effect if I will place at FSC my photo in an earlier age ?

Koltsov S. V.: It is not obvious at all, you will make an accent at your native rhythms at the moment the photo was taken. But it does not mean that stem cells stimulation, which are responsible for the rejuvenation, will take place. You should better make an accent at epiphysis, in order to restore correct melatonin production.

Question: Sergey Valentinovich, I have a question: for how long should I structure water in order to live eternally?

. .: And how to shift balance between stem cells production, which are responsible for the rejuvenation, and apoptosis, that is the process of cells dying ? Here you would not do only with water, the FSC power is not sufficient enough, you should add energetic into water, the way Viktor Shauberger did, it is necessary that drinking water redox-potential be minus 100 mV not more and not less. With such a water it is possible, surely. Install Izumrud (Russian branch of a flow through electro-chemical activation filter) and structure output with any FSC you need. It gives exactly minus 70 minus 100 mV at the output.

Question: FSC no. 15, Im interested in rejuvenation program, should I carry it with me and where?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Generally speaking, S. V. Koltsov told that lilac FSCs are not designated for constant carrying at the body. We work with them as with the Cosmoenergy channels. But it is also possible to use them in a passive mode: for water structuring and shower, for pumping. It is correct that rejuvenation program is recorded at number 15. Say: Im grateful the gene of aging have being blocked, Im grateful the gene of rejuvenation have being activated, Im grateful my internal organs have being rejuvenated through the activation of stem cells. These are examples of programs, that could be used while working with FSC no. 15 (The Light of Life).

Question: How to set rejuvenation program ?

Zaporojets M. A.: You have to relax well, visualize yourself in a young age, when everything was well, may be in childhood. That is to recall most bright and beautiful sensation of that child. May be you were walking and it was a bright beautiful day with a sun shining from the blue sky, or maybe it was the sea Recall such state and stay in it for a while. In your mind imagine a clear bright light inside your body, let it be white light, then visualize the spinal column and pick out the stem cell, mentally transfer it to the Cosmic center (Thymus gland) area, then you take FSC no. 15 as I showed you (take FSC at hand placing towards the thymus gland, directing the short rib towards the thymus gland) and say Im grateful the gene of aging have being suppressed; Im grateful the gene of youth have being activated in every cell of my body; Im grateful brain functions responsible for rejuvenation, for identity harmonious development have being activated. And calmly watch what happens. You have to concentrate. Notice, that when you are working time goes differently, minutes last shorter. And then Im grateful the information have being protected.

Luzginova S. V., from internet conference, November 29-th, 2012

Rejuvenation should be started from internal healing. And healing begins from cleaning. Why? Because not a single organ in the body can stay healthy if internal medium is slugged, that is if intestines are slugged, liver and gallbladder are slugged, buds are slugged, in this case constant infiltration of detrimental substances into blood is taking place, and it leads to toxin accumulation in the blood. Then blood caries out these toxins around the entire organism, and it leads to numerous dysfunctions. Thats why we say that when starting FSC use, one should start from cleaning, it is FSC no. 2. So, if we want to get rejuvenation effects, nevertheless we should start with the basic implementation procedures with FSCs no. 1 and 2.

And I decided to dig down to the reason, why are we getting older? And what is an old age? If you have a sheet of paper and a pen, write down the word (old age), and take a close look at this word. Russian language is very wise, and in secret form it bears the deep meaning of many words. The root is (the growth), and the first half of the word means stopping. It comes to the stopping of growth. What growth is implied? Not only the physiology growth. As we know, human being grows until 20 25 years, it is when it comes to physiology. But old age comes not only with the number of years. A man could be old in 40 and in 35 and even in 25. Why? Because spiritual growth stops. So the old age is exactly the stopping of the spiritual growth. It could be said, that we are interesting to the Heavenly chancellery as long as we develop spiritually, as long as we perceive this world, in which we are living. Every human being consists of not only the physical body but also of information and energy, that is every human is tertiary, that is consists of a triad: body, soul and spirit. And in this world, in the world we are living in, the information is primary, the energy is secondary, the matter is tertiary. So if we are going to think about rejuvenation, we have to think over at what to apply the influence ? At what bodies ? only at the physical body ? It appears no. And only here, at the Centr Region office Ive read about 40 lectures on the correct FSC implementation for energetic rejuvenation.

Energetic rejuvenation is rejuvenation of the ethereal body at the first place, the rejuvenation of the mental body, and only then the rejuvenation of the physical body. Only this way one could fulfill the rejuvenation program with the help of the Functional State Correctors.

We have to cognize the essence of the information, this world is woven of. Thats why it is so important to be occupied with self-development. And I repeat once again: we are interesting for the Heavenly chancellery as long as we are occupied with self-development, as long as we conceive the world. And in any age we can initialize this juvenology processes. That is when one starts to ask himself how am I organized, what functions are fulfilled in my organism?, How the cell is built?. That is such questions initialize rejuvenation processes inside our organism. Of course, from school biology and university courses we know how the physical body is built. But we also have to know how our energy bodies are working. How the ethereal body works, and in a what way are composed and working the mental, casual, the atmic and the bodhic bodies, how they are related with chakras, how energies move in chakras and meridians, everyone should perceive all processes of the energy bodies functioning. And when we start to take in our mind our structure both energetic and physical, ourselves, this processes start imperceptibly. And we have such a good helping hand as Functional state Correctors.

Time is not absolute, it is only eternal. We have to perceive this concept. What we call a linear time, is just a reflection of how we perceive the changes, which take a place in the surrounding space. Everyone of us lives in reality, that is subjected to some changes, and we simply change our perception of this or that situation. We are not victims of illnesses, getting old and death, they are a part of scenario, but not the observer himself. The body is able to create any biochemical reaction, if it will be given a proper directive. If one will manage to use effectively the intention not to grow old, then the body will carry it on automatically. That is the body biochemistry is a product of our perception. As long as new impressions continue to come into our brain, the body will grow younger, not older. That is it the new impressions, new knowledge, constant cognition of ourselves and the world, cleaning out of negative vibrations and energies all this gives us youth. At that, the correct intention, that we can create at the FSCs 6, 7, 8, 15 will be the following:

Im grateful for the rejuvenation of my organism for the eternal spiritual self-perfection and development, for the sake of common good, for the blessing of the entire earth.

That is for what do you need the young body for? Not for twisting your tail in front of someone, but in order to be able to receive new knowledge. If the day passed and you did not learn anything new it is wasted. Your cells did not received any new information, and simply there is no information to renew. So there is no energy to initialize rejuvenation processes. So, follow Lenins advice: learn, learn and learn once again. Even by a scruple you shell load yourself with new knowledge, the information will give you cellular renewal and the renewal of all thin bodies.

And the reorientation of consciousness such a positive rejuvenative affirmation, which we should repeat at least once a day:

I can use the power of my consciousness in order to perceive my body the way it is: fluid, flexible, quantum, dynamic, woven from energy and information, new and constantly renewing, isolated from time and getting old processes.

It is the affirmation which will aid reorientation of your consciousness, and it will switch on rejuvenation processes instead of getting old processes. It is like multiplication table, you should learn it by heart. Remember that an old man is irritation, nowadays we live in such a time when negative emotions become unaffordable luxury. When we are in irritation, the enormous adrenaline quantity is released, and all the other hormones are blocked. So repeat this affirmation at least once a day, repeat it aloud, your cells will remember the information and bring it into life.

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