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Good sleep restoration in questions and answers

Vorms I. I.: About my sleeping regimen? My regime is of the kind that I want to sleep in the evening. In case I go to bed at 9, then in 2 a.m. I already start to work. If I go to bed at 10 then wake up at 3 a.m. if go to bed at 11 then wake up at four, half past four. I am always cheerful, do not sleep much. When I am going to bed, as they say, I am in a sleeping mode 2 centimeters before touching the pillow.

Question: Man is 64, constant ringing in the head, insomnia, what FSCs would help?

Koltsov S. V.: I think in this case one shall start with osteopathic practitioner, some vertebras in the neck department are shifted.

Question: What FCS is better from insomnia: 8 or 12?

Koltsov S. V.: 12-th. Generally speaking, FSC 8 was made as cosmetology plate, in order to structure night creams. Influence not only informational but through skin, in order to look younger.

Koltsov S. V.: Number 8 is for the beauty. About those people who are trying to use it for sleeping: half of them will feel well, the other half simply would not be able to sleep.

Gusarova T. A.: We are coming to sleep with number 8 because it accents melatonin production.

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, one should not forget that it is night hormone.

Question: Insomnia panic attacks started.

Koltsov S. V.: This person was surely closed by the outer field. Remove this with any FCSs, which you have at hands, for example with Danilovo Lake. The panic will disappear.

Question: Shall one use FSC no 8 if constantly working night shifts?

Dmitrieva G. A.: One shall use FSC 8. You would not be able to use no 12 at night! One shall use FSC 8 because it influences at our hormonal system at night time. Diurnal cycle remains, no matter if you are sleeping daytime or night time, melatonin is produced at the dark time, so you shall use FSC during night shift, this will help to prevent hypertonic crisis development . And you do not need no 12.

Question: Even in case I am sleeping in the morning?

Dmitrieva G. A.: What of it, sleep in the morning, and use FSC 8 in the night time. Pituarity gland, hypothalamus hormonal cycle remains anyway. It exists behind polar circle, cycle remains all the same.

Question: I am using FSC 20 for two years, tortured with dreams.

Koltsov S. V.: I have no idea what they pulled out of you.

Vorms I. I.: Use better number 23 for a night time, various thoughts will stop torturing you.

Koltsov S. V.: At least not good dreams shall disappear. 12-th, 23-rd of course.

Question: to sleep at FSCs ?

Neymatov E. M. (December 2 -nd 2015 .): For example I am sleeping at 6 FSCs.

- Simultaneously ?

Yes, they are laying behind my mattress along the spinal column, I am changing them from time to time.

- What numbers?

They should be selected individually. I am changing them because I am trying to find optimum combination. Number 8 is for sleeping, but when I am placing it under the pillow I have very bright dreams, that prevent me sleeping, so I put it at my feet. It looks logical to put number 4 under the sacrum, but for me it works very well under the knees, so I left is there and my state is wonderful stability. I am adding new correctors, thats why I am changing them, experiment, I am an experimenter.

Question: What FCSs are better as defense from night attacks?

Koltsov S. V.: Generally speaking, any, but we did a special one number 12. You know, when using number 12 people are forgetting to drink a glass of water, structured on it, prior to going to bed. After that it will connect with a person, who is laying close, you can put it under the pillow or do as you like. Well, recently I recorded a Mayan channel, it works even more powerfully, now I can sleep well in 3-4 hours and I am in good state again. (this Mayan channel is added at 5 element version of FSC 12).

Question: Already for a year I am putting FSC 16 under the pillow. It is hard to wake up in the morning, there is a desire to sleep more, will it continue to work so?

Hotchenkova N..V.: Put it at the feet. Why are you holding such a powerful corrector under the pillow if have difficulties waking up? Put something more simple, when you will be ready you will put FSC 16.

Question: FSC no.8 worked well, sleep is restored, shell I continue to use it ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: It is up to you to decide, if the sleep restored well, the corrector deed its business, then, generally speaking, you may put it aside. If the result is not stable try to sleep without the FSC, then you will see it yourself.

Question: What is most effective for the normalization of night sleep?

Koltsov S. V.: There is an especial FSC no. 12 in the lilac series, which is called The Healthy Sleep. Before going to bed, take a shower with this corrector, drink a glass of water, and place it nearby, and look what will happen. After some time you should start to have beautiful dreams.

Question: What FSC is better for sleep: no 8 or no 12 ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: We have three FSCs which restore good sleep, they are 7, 8 and 12. Everyone of them works well, so I cannot tell which one is better for a given person. Someone will feel more comfortable with 7, someone with 8, and someone with 12. Neither of this plates you should not place under the pillow at once. Because number 7 restores blood vessels, and in most cases our blood vessels leave much to be desired. Number 8 causes at some people excruciating inhibition of the central nervous system, and one may stay awake for several days. No 12 also can cause sleeplessness for some time. So it is better to start from structured water drinking, take cold showers with structured water. With FSC no. 12 say gratitude to the channel: Im grateful my good physiological sleep have being restored. I awoke at (specify the desired time) perfectly rested and full of power. Gradually introduce the contact implementation of these correctors.

Question: I have sleeplessness if I drink water and place FSC no. 8 under the pillow. Im able to sleep only if I place it at the foot. Does it mean Im not ready for the energies of this plate?

Hotchenkova N. V.: No, it is a specific cast of the nervous system, everyone perceives it differently. Some people sleep like babies with FSC no. 8, at others it causes inability to sleep for several days. General recommendation is to drink structured water, take showers with this plate for some time, then start to place it a the feet, and only then under the pillow.

Question: If I would not say anything with FSC no. 12, but just sleep with it, would it work?

Hotchenkova N. V.: If you will place it under the pillow you may cause sleeplessness for some time (similar to the effect of numbers 7 or 8). So it is better to open a cosmoenergy channel specify what you need and place the corrector close to the bed.

Question: I used sleeping pills for several years, I have almost all FSCs, how to help ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: First of all, you should clean well, then work at the nervous system restoration, at the restoration of the process of sleep, numbers 7, 8 and 12 work for the restoration of sleep. 7 and 8 are from the blue series, and no. 12 is a cosmoenergy plate. You should work in this direction.

Question: Does number 12 work without opening the cosmoenergy channels ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: No, with number 12 it is better to open a cosmoenergy channel. If you cant do it, at least drink some structured water before going to sleep, about 50 milliliters 10-15 minutes before going to bed.

Question: A man is 65, strange awakenings at 3-5 a.m., often the flux of fever, heat. What is it, and how to restore sleep?

Hotchenkova N. V.: For the restoration of sleep we have FSCs number 7, 8 and 12. May be number 4 under the pillow will restore sleep, it could be so. That is nowadays Im sleeping with number 3 under the pillow. But I want to remind you that tunings and connection with the common energy-information field of our Space take place from 2 to 4 a.m. They awake many people at this time, and we do not understand what happens, some receive visions, others verses, that depends. And I agree it is hotly. So it is normal things. That is one awakes, and consciousness starts to expand gradually. If such things happen and throw you out of balance, we sleep poorly. So set a program at FSC no. 12 before sleep, drink some water from number 7 or 8, try to place it at the feet. Go to bed earlier.

Question: A child, a girl, is very active, how to calm her down before going to sleep?

Hotchenkova N. V.: It all depends on the age, As I understand she is under 3. What could be done? Drink some water. A teaspoon of water, structured at number 8. Give her the same plate to hold in hands for a minute or two. Take cold shower with water structured at FSC no. 8 for 2-3 minutes, then put her to bed.

A child is three and half. On the contrary FSC no 8 stimulates her, she feels more energetic, may be something else ?

Well, it is interesting, and again how are you working? If through water or place under the pillow, may be it stimulates. Try it with the shower, cold shower calms down. If number 8 does not work, then number 2 ensures soft sedative effect. May be you should try shower with FSC no. 2. It is sensible to engage little children with calm games, to read books, no active games, especially no computer games. Because they often put children behind the computer to prevent the disturbance of parents. May be the water from The Healthy Generation would help, try it.

Question: How to fight sleeplessness with the help of the FSCs ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: We have blue FSC plates for that. What numbers? Number seven allows to restore sleep. But it is not possible to put it directly under the pillow. Why? Because it regulates the vessels tone, including the brain vessels. It is a most weak place at people nowadays, the most weak vessels are inside the brain. The second FSC which works with sleeplessness is number 8, you may simply hold it in hands for the beginning. You may also drink a small amount of water, you may take shower, place it at the legs. Another variant is to place it near the head at the bedside table. Number 8 causes sleeplessness during the first 3-4 days at approximately 10 percent of people. Then normal sleep restores, but it is impossible to say beforehand who belongs to this 10 percent. That is we do not put it under the pillow at the beginning period. In physiology, the state number 8 induces, is called the excruciating inhibition of the central nervous system, it is a professional term. And at last, the 12-th FSC, it is called The healthy sleep. You set a program before going to sleep. In a passive regime you may drink some water, structured at this corrector, before going to bed. In the active regime we turn on a channel for the sleep restoration. I want to warn you, that it could not to come in at the first try. When you will start to sleep well under the channel, then you may place the FSC under the pillow. Get accustomed to it step by step. At many people, banal work at harmonization of internal systems and toxins deducing with the help of FSCs 1 and 2, already restores good sleep.

Question: Vladimir Grigorievitch, I have a long term sleeplessness, FSC no. 8 does not help, more to it, when using this FSC I have bright flashes in the head

Bozko V. G.: Ludmila, I will give you an advice, go to the drugstore and take Melaxen it is a form of melatonin created at the basis of the natural amino-acids, it does not harm the human organism, but brilliantly regulates sleep. Take one pill 30 minutes before going to bed and you will sleep well. You may take Melaxen for 5-6 days, then your circadian rhythms will normalize and then the restoration of sleep will begin. What is important here? You may feel limp and tired the next day, you may even sleep till 4 p.m. at the first day, because of accumulated tiredness. So youd better start healing at the weekend, in order to avoid problems. You may have effect of rest at the beginning. You may also use this method when you travel from one time zone into another, it restores sleep very well.

Question: (In context with the FSC no. 8) Why 50 % sleep and another 50 % cant?

Koltsov S. V.: First it is absolutely different dynamic stereotypes different reaction. Second, the different degree of slagging.

Question: A day rhythm - night and day - is violated. No difficulties with going to sleep, but I sleep only till 6 a.m. or I do not want to sleep at all, sit all night behind the computer without getting tired, then sleep till 1 p.m. awake with a sense of heavy tiredness.

Merzlyakova E. I.: Turn off the computer, you may turn it off, throw it out, no one will do it for you, you came to this World in order to live in reality, why should you give your energy into the virtual world? The virtual world is in order, but what will happen in your life? Turn the computer off, break it at last, and get calm. Walk more, especially at 8-9 p. m. prior to going to bed. If it is a criminal environment, then walk earlier. Unstuck from the computer, this will change your life. If you are a woman, then maybe you should carry FSC no. 3 at the second chakra, remember that you are a woman. If you would not sleep at night you will age too quickly. Without FSC 8 you do not have enough melatonin, regeneration does not take place, energy is wasted in the wrong direction, you will age early.

Question: Oh, it is a reply at through the computer out. It is impossible to change the job, how to restore the desire to sleep?

Merzlyakova E. I.: Watch what are you eating, cease to drink coffee, cacao, chocolate. This state of over-excitement points out at some product, at some diet. May be it is over-excitement of lower chakras from such products as onion, garlic, red chili pepper, radish. This products were used only in curative purposes, at that in short time periods. Often they cure impotence with this products. Read from Avicena. Onion and garlic were regarded curative plants, they give powerful stimulation to the lower chakras. This could result in the state of un-satisfaction, over-excitement, cease eating them, look what will happen. Look here, Natalia writes to Tatyana who cant sleep Tatyana, change the job, I used to work with computer at nights for 6 years, now I am disabled with diagnosed lymphoma, I know what Im talking about. So think well.

Question: Im using FSC no 1 for a year and half. Go to bed at 10-11 p.m., awake at 2 a.m. and cant sleep again, what shell I do?

Koltsov S. V. from the lecture at the city of Rostov, 2010: By the way this stuff started in September, it is connected with the changes in the polarization of the outer field. You should not blame it at the FSCs, it is a common picture. People have to adapt in the real time mode. I also had similar period. I simply got up, took shower, and returned to bed. At that even FSC 8 did not help at that period of time. The trick I did at the Magnitogorsk city worked out very well, I simply placed number 8 at the Hartmans greed node, the entire city slept well.

Question: heavy sleeplessness, medications do not help.

Rusak I. J.: And let me ask you, from what reason?

No particular reason.

Probably you have a couple of viruses in blood, thats why we start the curing of all conditions with the use of 1 and 2. Place number 8 under the pillow, it seems mere water drinking is not sufficient for you. If you are using FSC for a long time, then you should switch to the scheme, recommended by Koltsov: number 1 in the first half of the day, number 2 after 4 p. m., plus evening meal and shower structured at FSC no. 8 - you will see, how brilliantly it will work. Do pumping twice a day (see FSC implementation). Often pumping gives very good results.

Question: What shell I visualize when working with FSC no. 12, on the healthy sleep restoration, activation of the melatonin production ?

Zaporojets M. A.: You may look at the web what is melatonin, what for it is produced, When you are reading, you actually tune to the information, and when you are tuned the work with energies will be more effective.

Question: A woman does not sleep already for 2 years after the surgery and cries.

Zaporojets M. A.: Let her begin with 7 sessions with The Clear space (FSC no. 16) and then switch at The Healthy Sleep (FSC no. 12), it has a program of healing during the time of sleep. That is, you can activate it and either place nearby or aside. There is an opinion, that over-excitement is connected with the co-tuning. Sleep is a complex, many-sided process, it has different phases, and peoples sub-consciousness is too slugged. A preliminary cleaning period is needed, sub-consciousness should be cleaned in order FSC no. 12 to work well. Then all the other features like healing or learning during the time of sleep will start to work well. We recommend you to co-tune with this FSC, sit with it for a while when nothing disturbs you and distracts attention before going to bed, tune to the information field, say gratitude affirmation. It should not be a routine job, it is not the plate you are talking with, it is inspired invisible thin energies, the plate gives you access to.

Question: I do not sleep for 5 days with FSC no. 12, place it under the pillow, at the foot, by the side. What to do?

Zaporojets M. A.: There is a lot of factors which should be eliminated first. Do not eat late, for example, after 6 p.m., walk at the fresh air, fresh air in the room, calm music at the evening time. If all these points are observed, and nevertheless you have over-excitement, I may suggest that there is a lot of trash accumulated at the sub-consciousness. Then you have to work with The Clear Space first, and only then gradually introduce number 12. That is not to sleep at the plate every night, but activate the cosmoenergy channel, and put the FSC aside, that would be enough at the beginning period. Only then you will start to put it under the pillow. And, generally speaking, with what thoughts you are going to bed? I recommend you a technique which helps to get rid of empty thoughts, it is slow counting from 100 to 1, from 50 to 1, from 25 to 1, and an affirmation: Im grateful for the deep, calm, unnerve, healing sleep. That is formulating the desired task correctly. When one has an approach: FSC, come and heal me! the channels will work anyway, but they will do a lot of cleaning beforehand. So formulate a program, what you need. A rough analogy with the navigator in the car. You may enter the destination with your voice . Street and the program leads you there. But imagine there are different navigator programs, may be you are working with the one which will lead you via the North Pole, such a route is also possible, so you have to be sensible.

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