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Question: What FSCs could be implemented in healing skin diseases and herpes, and how?

Hotchenkova N. V., from internet-conference, Augest 13-th, 2013: it depends on the conditions. If it is infections then use numbers 1 and 2. If it hardly gives up to the correction, reinforce antyparasite action of FSC no. 1 with numbers 13, 14, 15, 16. If the eczema has non parasite origin, then number 7 will be most suitable structure liniments or simply place at the isolated manifestation. Neurodermatitis is another category here The Healthy Generation or number 9 will be most appropriate, on the background use of numbers 1 and 2. Herpes is an infection, as you know, it is passed either with blood -intrauterine infection by mother or with milk at the breast feeding. In an ordinary life herpes is passed via the upper part of the body through contacts, including kisses, and it is very hard to get rid of it. There is such a term as venereal herpes, the FSC plates are the same 1 and 2 as a basic set, but when we are working with herpes, the latent place, where the infection likes to hide, is paravertebral nerve nodes at the projection of the fifth cervical vertebra. Place FSC no. 1 between fifth and sixth cervical vertebras in the horizontal orientation, that is perpendicular to the spinal column. Along with structured water drinking. When we are talking about herpes, the acute conditions will show up during some period of time, but their intensity will decrease with time.

Question: If herpes shows up at genitals, how to fight with it if the blue plates would not help?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Well, it is the venereal herpes, you may reinforce number 1 with the lilac FCSs which have antiparasite programs, they are 13, 14, 15, 16.

Question: There was a severe herpes at the beginning of march, it showed up twice during three weeks. Weakness and dormancy, the unwillingness to act quickly. Is it also connected with the tunings or an ordinary cold?

Hotchenkova N. V. From internet-conference, march 20-th, 2013: With tunings (of the surrounding magnetic fields) in the beginning of march.What can I say, do not forget to place number 1 at the fifth cervical vertebra, in addition to all basic implementation practices. It is to get rid of so called latent herpes. About weakness and dormancy, the unwillingness to act - it is adrenal glands FSC no. 6.

Question: A woman is 65, works with the blue FSCs for 7 month, now a severe herpes appearance at the body, how to help?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Actively work with the immune system, I repeat once again: in such cases of infection outbursts, immune-deficit conditions, one definitely have problems with the immune system performance. Here are two plates which most effectively restore the immune system: The Healthy Generation and Amaranth work with any. At that, you should not only drink structured water inside, bat take baths.

Hotchenkova N. V.: When it comes to herpes: FSC plates which work well with this condition are 1, 2 and The Healthy Generation generally speaking this set allows to cope with herpes infection. The only thing you have to remember is that herpes (the kind which pops up at waist, lips, eyes, fingers) can stay in latent phase in the nerve nods for a long time, and the main place where it likes to hide is the fifth cervical vertebra paravertebral nerve node, it has beautiful Latin name starlike node - Stellate Ganglion, and you should also pump this place with FSC number 1. When it comes to venereal herpes, it is better to make accents at the lower part of the spinal column and at the nerve nodes situated at the sacrum and coccyx herpes may hide there. So you take the FSC plates and place them in the orientation perpendicular to the spinal column, a kind of blocking the nerve nodes which are situated in chain at the spinal column. You may structure some liniment at the FSC no. 1 and put it at the spinal column areas. And more often we drink water, the sooner the we get the effect. At first, you will have the severe acute condition, the next one will be softer, and it will go on subsiding. Along with structured water drinking, you may also place The Healthy Generation FSC at the thymus projection.

Venereal herpes is the most dangerous. In USA they do not allow those who has this condition to give birth to children, it is considered as a contraindication. Why? Because girls, who are born with venereal herpes, have vegetative vascular dystonia from the infancy. And I had a case when a three years old girl died from a stroke. At that there were three strokes in a row. We pulled her out of the first one, the brain trunk started to work, she began to go out of coma, buds started to function and the temperature jumped up. The immune systems turns into work when the temperature rises. Doctors injected antibiotics and it was over.

Question: When using FSCs 1, 2 and 3 I have manifestations of herpes, cold, rush appearance at the body, haemorrhoids, neuralgia, what to do?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Well it is the toxin deducing. It seems you accumulated a lot during the lifetime, and probably along with incorrect FSC implementation, because the load is too heavy. If one uses FSC plates correctly, the toxin deducing goes on practically unnoticeable. And here you have everything simultaneously. You should work with yourself.


How to reinforce antyparasite action of FSC no. 1 with lilac FSCs, in this example with no. 13

Short rib of the lilac FSC should be directed towards the long rib of the blue FSC.

Structure water at the blue FSC as you do regulary.

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