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Thyroid gland

Question: Thyroid gland problem, pressure jumps, what FSCs are necessary? Age 65.

Hotchenkova N.V.: About pressure - it is numbers 1 and 2, unambiguously The Longevity. FSCs number 1 and 2 may help with the thyroid gland, number 3 will also help only through structured water drinking. Number 9 will help.

Question: A woman is facing a surgery at thyroid gland adenoma, what FSCs to use after the operation?

Hotchenkova N.V.: It is clear that 1 and 2, number 5 if it will be under narcosis, it will do a good cleaning after narcosis, and also you may use no.7 for regeneration. Note: all these recommendations are true for the post surgery period. One should not use any FSCs several days prior to the operation and during the operation, FSCs oppose the narcosis action.

Question: Thyroid gland is extracted, but tearfulness remains, how to help?

Hotchenkova N.V.: It is difficult to say with what the tearfulness is connected in a given situation, the reason could be adrenal glands, or it might be connected with depressive state at the background of new energies. 1 and 2 are always the background correctors. Number 6 harmonizes adrenal glands function drink water, structured on it. Use The Light of Life no. 15. Sometimes no. 3 for women and no 4 for men change the worldview and tunings at the outer space.

Bozko V.G.: Add FSC number 6 at the thyroid gland nodes.

Question: Could it be that the Lilac FSCs enlarge the thyroid glands and nodes on it?

Hotchenkova N.V.: I doubt it, more likely it is your own tunings, offences. We say that we forgive everyone, but not in the soul, and we remember about it, remember that we forgot this person, such a state is not a true forgiveness. When we really forgive, then we forget about the situation.

Question: I use all FSCs for 2 years, lost 15 kilograms, feel better, and try to follow all recommendations. But the number of nodes at the thyroid gland increased. What are your recommendations?

Hotchenkova N.V.: And again, if you have offences, the thyroid gland would hardly give up to the correction. In order to work with nodes place FSC no. 1 at the throat chakra. When you place the plate at the thyroid gland it will start to react, vibrations may become stronger, it may start to pulsate and you may have a feeling that her dimensions enlarged, in this case you remove the plate immediately. When the thyroid gland comes to senses, rested for a while, then you place the plate back again. FSC no. 1 has all programs that harmonize the thyroid gland performance, that is restore the balance of the steroid hormones. Also it has anti-tumor programs. Recently, generally speaking starting from this year, there was several time periods when the throat chakra was suppressed. So, those people who had old thyroid gland problems, may face relapses of those conditions, those people who had inflammation processes at the throat may have acute conditions. And I told you, it is connected with the block we have at the 7-th cervical vertebra, that is this vertebra is odd for the human body, so it comes forward from the spinal column line, and here we have energy flow break. And we perceive the tunings of the throat chakra, that come to us from the outer Space, as suppression periods of this chakra. It (Outer Space tunings) works as synchronization loss, lets say the lowering of rhythms. Sometimes it is fractions of a second, sometimes several seconds, more often the rhythms slow in twofold. At the Epiphany the universal 34 second rhythm was set for the entire mankind, and in times it slows down to 68 seconds. So try to work with no. 1 intensively.

Merzlyakova E. I.: Stop criticism! Thyroid gland - it is exactly the criticism. We criticize other people, we saw everything in this life and we know better how everything should be. Stop this, look at this thing\ situation as if you see it for the first time and it is very interesting. Watch people how they take different steps in similar situations, one would act this way, the other person would do it another way, so it is interesting to be here. Too many interesting things around you, everything is unpredictable, everyone behaves in his own way, it is very interesting to watch after. For example, it may be interesting to watch at the marching ranks for some time, then it becomes boring when ranks are the same, everything is smooth, the World is interesting with its variations, it is different every time.

Hotchenkova N.V., from internet-conference, September 20-th, 2012: I have a feeling that this energies press from above for all this time. Headaches are going non-stop, the problems with the throat chakra as well. So, those who have the thyroid gland conditions, should part with their offences, it is very important. I told you several times about a Leonardo da Vinci practice, which helped me to disband some problems when we had not FSC 11 yet. How long ago it was? Two hundred years? Four hundred? He taught to say: I accept (specify the situation) the way it is, and release it. You have to relax, tune at yourself, remember all offences, and they will start to come to us: someone offended us at school, someone hit at the playground or took away a toy, mother put into the corner, you were denied an ice-cream, the heritage was given to a brother or sister, and so on. Offences may differ, but all of them cause problems. So the first phrase is I accept the situation the way it is. And then I accept my reaction at the situation and let it go. That is you have to let your reaction go. It is ego that perceives situation as a humiliation, then it signals there is an offence, requires the justice to be restored. Thats all is a reaction from ego, not heart.

It is not the situation itself, that drives ourselves out, but the way we react on it. And this reaction consolidates in mind, because our feelings tune our information field, they are related. In order to let your throat chakra working well you should eliminate out of your life such reaction as offences, rage, the desire to be the first, to prove you are right it is all about the thyroid gland. And on the other hand, nowadays a serious strife between the two extremes is on its way, and it closes the mouths of a number of people.

Question: For the thyroid gland prophylaxis?

Koltsov S. V.: Well, numbers 3 and 4 has such accents. Generally speaking, any FSCs will work with the thyroid gland, but with different accents, so it depends on the problem.

Question: Tell please, is it possible to reduce the nodes at the thyroid gland with the help of FSCs? Diffuse-toxic goiter?

Hotchenkova N.V.: Of course, it is. More to it, we even had a situation when a thyroid gland was almost extracted. Only a small part of the left lobe was left, and a small part of the isthmus, and a man working with FSC plates restored both lobes and the isthmus of the thyroid gland. Of all endocrine glands, the thyroid gland most easily gives up to the correction. The thyroid gland restoration programs are recorded at numbers 3 and 4. FSC no. 9 has restoration programs, including the thyroid gland. While it is better to use numbers 3 and 4 through water, when working with the thyroid gland, the numbers 1 and 2 you may place on it, and number 1 should be used via cosmoenergy channels. If you are about the autoimmune thyroiditis with nodes, then the Healthy Generation FSC is needed, in order to neutralize autoimmune condition and restore the immune system performance. And when we are working with nodes, and with the thyroid gland conditions in general, it is important to turn on the forgiveness energy. The root in the word forgiveness is that is simply. You should simplify any situations. Do not try to read between the lines, do not search for the hidden messages, do not imagine the underlying theme, but de simple. And the open heart makes things simpler. Ego brings complications into our life, it makes absolutely everything complex. And the second root of the Russian word for forgiveness is growth. Not only simplicity, but along with growth. The consciousness growth is implied here. That is by letting go our offences we make our consciousness grow. And in case we will go on to take offence, then the state of offence promotes the development of the thyroid gland conditions. So, by preserving our offensive tunings we will aid not healing the thyroid gland, but may make the process worse, the nodes may grow larger, and the number of nodes may increase as well. so we obligatory turn on the forgiveness program.

In case of hyperthyroidism you should start working with FSC number 1, including contact use. FSC no 1 will work as mercazolin at nodes at hyperthyroidism, and when we place FSC at thyroid gland, it starts to react immediately, vibrations get stronger, if we continue to hold the plate at the throat the feeling of slight asphyxiation may appear. When vibration appears you should remove the FSC plate. Let the thyroid gland to rest, then place again, the time of contact use increases gradually. And remember about the forgiveness energies.

Question: Thyroid gland is extracted at a man 40 years old, temperature, fears, gets tired easily.

Merzlyakova E. I.: Of course you should pick up hormonal replacement therapy. Thyroid gland starts to work in the morning time, with the increase of the light flux, and it sets the entire physiology rhythm, so it is better to work with the thyroid gland in the morning, when you wake up, so you should work for 10 minutes. After sunrise, or when you turn on the light, you should work with number 4, place it at the Adams apple. Even if the organ is physically extracted, the phantom remains, thats why one may have phantom pains, so you work with the organ phantom anyway. Place FSC number 4 at the thyroid gland area, even if it is a surgery area, you may tie it with some scar, may have breakfast or go through your usual morning routine, but make sure, the FSC is on the thyroid gland area.

Question: A woman is 72, almost all thyroid gland is extracted, has all FSCs, how to work in order to help the organism?

Merzlyakova E. I.: It depends on symptoms. It is desirable to know the hormonal status when working with the thyroid gland. Hyperfunction (heightened function) or hypofunction (lowered function). If the function is heightened, you may place at the thyroid gland area FSCs number one or two in the morning time. If the function is lowered, then you should accurately use number 3. And do pumping during the daytime. If you have high fatiguability do large joints pumping. And remember if you are doing a joint pumping with a number of FCSs, then women work with the left side first and then with the right, men start from the right half of the body, then work with the left side. It is important because we are different.

Question: nodes at the thyroid gland, what lilac FSCs to use?

Zaporojets M.A.: Number 9 The Healthy Heart and number 15 The Light of Life. You can work with all complex conditions after preliminary cleaning. Otherwise the healing process will take longer.

Moderator: How to do the cleaning?

I repeat once again: take The Clear Space (no. 16) and say Im grateful all my thin bodies, chakras, organs and systems have being cleaned lets assume 10-15 sessions. At that hold the mind image, what should be healed. Then switch to healing sessions, the possibility of acute conditions will be less, the healing will go smoothly. And the final stage is regeneration. 

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