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Kidneys, adrenal glands

Question: A woman undergo operation - kidney artery stent. How to use FSCs ? She has a full set of green.

Hotchenkova N. V.: If it was made under narcosis, you should obligatory use number 5, - structured water inside, and also place it at the liver area. And you should also support kidneys, rise their energetic after the operation. Obligatory use numbers 1 and 2. If you need to start up the regeneration, then use number 7 both contact use and water inside.

Question: Polycystic renal disease, how to use FSCS ?

Merzlyakova E.I.: To carry number 1 at the kidneys projection not less than 5 hours, and it is desirable to drink water from The Amaranth FSC.

Question: Adrenal glands tumor, what FSCs to use ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: You would hardly place anything at the adrenal glands tumor, because adrenal glands are small. Start directly with no. 9 for the adrenal glands tumor disbandment, and remove program that provoked the disease. Generaly speaking number 9 will cope with it. But the slugs will start to go out, so you should also use numbers 1 and 2.

Question: Kidneys and adrenal glands give troubles, what FSCs to use ?

Koltsov S. V.: Number 9 suits well, and you may also use other lilac FSCs.

Question: What FSCs will help to improve kidneys condition?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Use plates number 1, 2, 5. At that FSC 5 place at the kidneys. After some time, approximately a month later, you may try to place number 7 at the kidney areas in order to restore their anatomic position. May be that will be enough. You may also work with number 9 in this direction. You may also work with number 12 in order to activate kidneys restoration during the sleep time.

Merzlyakova E.I., from FSC and consciousness 2: Another interesting comment about kidneys, it is not obligatory to place FSCs at kidneys projection, you may also place them under the knee, down under the knee cup, at the upper part of the gastrocnemius muscle, if FSCs 1 and 2 are placed at these areas, they influence kidneys very well. Masseuses know well that there are situations when some group of muscles does not grow soft by kneading, remain in tone despite all efforts. In such case you should look at the atlas to what organ this group corresponds (reflex zones), and apply correctors, then the corresponding internal organ would be healed. The entire body is covered with reflex zones. Somewhere liver, somewhere kidneys, somewhere lungs.

Question: Polycystic kidneys

Koltsov S. V.: It is mysterious nosology for me, depends on whether it is inherited or acquired. If it is acquired, then more likely it is infection. It is warranted that you will be able to find who is guilty and who changes organics. And there are a lot of precedents when such cysts mysteriously dissolved to the astonishment of the doctors. And we should not forget that we are regenerative machines, and the main FSC function is to restore the field conditions for the next generation of the healthy cells, that will appear sooner or later. And you should ask yourself a question: what is the regeneration period of this cell structures? Some want it to be done quickly, but in a number of places it is not obligatory at all.

From the auditorium: What implementation would you recommend?

Of course, you should start with the anti -parasite (number 1) in combination with number 2. Because the appearing of the intoxication is possible.

From the auditorium: is it possible to carry FSCs at both kidneys?

Easily. More to it, number 2 is designated for that. The kidneys functions are accented on it, along with all excretory functions. And you should understand that number 2 is designated to eliminate toxins quickly, and number 1 is designated to create such conditions for the parasites, that their life became very uncomfortable. They are left with alternative: to die or to go out.

From the auditorium: is it possible to add number 5 ?

Of course, FSC no. 5 works very powerfully for the metabolism regulation.

Question: Kidneys secretory functions are violated.

Koltsov S. V.: Interesting question, at the medical conference doctors explained us popularly what to do with kidneys. It is well known, we simply forget about these things. If one has problems with kidneys, accompanied with edema, it is difficult to drink lots of water. So you should drink with little sips but more often, you will get the same effect, if not a better one. In homeopathic doses but more often. The main thing here is to stimulate organism via saliva restructuration, and the volume is not so important.

Question: Cyst at the kidney, how to work with FSC ?

Zaporojets M.A.: The Clear Space (no. 16) and no. 9. Because along with the cardiovascular system restoration, number 9 also works with kidneys and adrenal glands. Use the cosmoenergy session scheme, say I am grateful the cyst at the kidney was dissolved.

Question: Im 61 and Im living with 1 kidney, the left one was extracted as a result of cystic disease. Nowadays there are cysts at the right kidney and at the liver. What plates should I work with and in what order?

Zaporojets M.A.: With that lilac FSCs which normalize the blood PH, it is very important to keep it in norm. Also use number 3 from the blue series, it has information for the hormonal background restoration/ And with lilac plates use them in accordance with their names, as your intuition says.

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