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Psychology reasons of the disease development.

These material is very interesting by itself, because it is based on ancient Vedic knowledge. And the fact that Functional State Correctors have picturesque information, which influences human consciousness, and hence they may help to improve character, doubles its practical value. Of course, it is you who has to do the job, FSCs are a good helping hand in these process. They are able to provide you with specific energies, to become a good source of positive background information influence. For example FSC Love will be of help not only in cases of heart diseases, but they recommend to start every curative process with drinking (gradually) of 3 liters of water, structured at this corrector.

Every organ has its own character. They sum up and reflect the state of the mind thin body. Or in other words, mind controls all organs via its character.

For example we say my heart is full of joy, or my heart is full of sorrow, having in mind that our heart has hard times. It is exactly the way, our mind regulates the heart activities. In this example the nervous system is an intermediate unit.

Performing deeds we use some or the other character features. Each organ is connected with a specific character feature. Depending on what character features we exhibit, our organs get different loads. If the deeds are bad the load leads to diseases. If the deeds are good to health. So everyone has his own illnesses. Simply in the process of communication with others one man may give increased load to the liver, another one to the stomach, the third at the heart.

And today we will consider the dependence between negative character features with specific diseases. It is not just an interesting theme for curiosity, if you have some health issues, you should think about this connections, analyze your reactions. You may also try to trace this connection at your relatives, acquaintance. If one undergoes treatment and in the same time is persistent in his reactions, it could be a serious obstacle to the healing process. And on the contrary, work at the character will aid healing.

You know well, that our Functional State Correctors work with consciousness tunings, it is very valuable property. And turn on your head it is most powerful instrument, we simply never learned to use it properly.

Human being receives energy supply both from mother Earth and from the outer Space, it has a wide spectrum. And imagine a man misuses some specific energy, and this misuse, if prolonged, may seriously damage his fate, even including future embodiments, then this specific energy is switched off from the supplying spectrum. Like a fuse in electric circuits. His higher I or God switches some specific energy off. The lack of specific energy will affect the human aura, and after some delay will affect physiology state.

Coronary heart disease

Cruelty leads to spasms, vessels atherosclerosis;

Hatred courses heart muscle overstress and mitral valves involvement;

Despair impaired heart performance coordination;

Sorrow heart exhaustion .

Wish happiness to all people, overcoming offence and sorrow. To become a cordial man, use heart virtues for increase of other peoples happiness. Often we do not want to exhibit sympathetic attitude to our folks, suppressing sensitiveness, which is painful to psyche, with cruelty. Meat consumption is a kind of cruelty. Hatred is an extreme degree of envy, envy results from extreme egoistic orientation of a person. Despair is a sign of a dissatisfaction in the material sphere. Sorrow - is a destiny of those, who is attached to the material happiness.


Touchiness exhausts pancreas, it results in the insulin effectiveness decrees;

Languor decreases pancreas hormones production;

Antagonism - destroys the pancreas tissues;

Over fatigue - exhausts the pancreas;

Offence destroys heart and pancreas. If one is wounded by bad attitude towards him the heart suffers, if at that he treats his offender with aversion the pancreas suffers. The only way to get rid of offence is forgiveness.

Languor is a disease of a mind. One should seek intercourse with people, who choose the way of the spiritual development. Diabetis could not be cured with self-suggestion or practices, the only way is elevated communication. At least one should listen audio-video materials, communicate with the stalwarts of the sacred people. Follow the day regimen.

Antagonistic people are inclined to notice antagonism in others, at that surrounding people could really mirror their own mood. One should learn to make good for people unselfishly.

Over fatigue resulting from the cheerless labor comes when one traded his love to labor for love to money, honor, social position, this results in persistent thought how much will I get from it? One should learn to make donations.

Diabetic patients have a tendency to the negative mood. They should communicate with people who have positive mind, learn to forgive even the slightest offences.


Pessimism the decrease of the blood cells growth;

Laziness decreases the blood production and its activity;

Cruelty of the character bleeding due to the blood vessels fragility;

Dryness of character (at women) uterine bleedings.

Sprightliness and optimism to move toward the correct understanding of happiness which has the spiritual nature, give power to the blood corpuscles. One should seek communication with pure people, the next character features are required for that: the ability to respect them, to listen to their advice without argument, tendency to fulfill what you heard with humility.

Pessimism arises when the life-course one choose did not brought satisfaction. The one who will learn to find happiness in unselfish work for the good of others will avoid pessimism.

Vivacity is an antipode of laziness, one should learn to go to bed early and get up early in the morning and use this time for the spiritual practice. It will also bring good luck.

Exorbitant chase after the material goods, strong irritability, sexual dissoluteness lead to blood vessels fragility. Vessels elasticity is supported with natural softness of the character, modesty.

A woman should be soft hearted, gracious, kind, modest. If these qualities would not be developed, if one does not tries to behave like a woman should, then by the law of carma such woman will be deprived of the vital energy in the form of blood and beauty loss.


Tensity, stiffness - spasms in the kidney vessels;

Insularity, reserved character strong overexcitation of the kidney tissue;

Scandalousness, falsity the exhaustion of kidneys.

Tensity, stiffness come from wrong attitude towards labor, when one is unable to find happiness in labor and overstrain himself, get tired, waiting for the end of the job. Wants to entertain himself with some pleasant activity, but family duties are awaiting him at home. The one who does not like his labor has no place to rest. Increased nervous system tension leads to the kidney and liver blood vessels spasms. Softness and regularity are needed for the normal work of the renal tubules. One should learn to be happy here and now, instead of waiting the end if the working day. The soul could not be happy in inactivity and painful waiting of the rest.

Insularity, reserved character appear due to the distrustfulness of the character. Reasons: envy, hate, the desire to be happy at the expense of others. It results in offensive mood and further on in perception of only negative aspects of personality. Kidney vessels are supplied with the energies of confidence and openness. Reserved character leads to the overexcitation of the kidney tissue, then to the overexcitation of the adrenal glands, resulting in high pressure.

Scandalousness, falsity when the desire to live at the expense of others is present, it causes scandalous mood and delusion, and as a result overload of the kidney tissue.

The desire to rule leads to serious psychology tension, and it overstresses kidneys. Push decreases the defense power of kidneys and leads to the inflammation processes. One should understand that nobody is in debt to you, that we are spiritual creatures, and our happiness is in unselfish service, not in supremacy. Even if an egoist will put everybody in a bag, his mind will be subjected to the influence of the bad thoughts of the offended people.

One should cultivate friendliness, honesty, openness of character, seek harmony with nature, come to correct nutrition, especially in the evening time.


Inability to rest (to switch) - haemorrhoidal veins varicose;

Laziness weakens muscular tissue of the veins;

Coarsness, obscenity decreases immunity in the colon

Slovenliness intoxication and inflammatory processes in colon.

Inability to rest (to switch) when one behaves boldly or coarse when working. One should fight with greed which is generated by meaningless, joyless labor. Over tension is generated by self abuse during joyless labor.

Laziness always weakens muscular walls of the veins. For example, it is important for young girls to learn to fulfill home duties, in order to avoid vessels overload at childbirth.

Coarseness when one defending his interests, doing it in a coarse and obscene way. When boorish and bold behavior becomes norm, it could lead to the colon cancer development. One should cultivate patience, keep the day regime, ask forgiveness at relatives, friends, authorities.

Slovenliness profane human mind, and activity in the desecrated state violates prana movement in the organism, that in turn leads to toxins accumulation at colon. Especially when slovenliness is combined with selfishness and tensity. It is important to do an ablution every morning with a cold water, always wear clean underclothes, keep good order at home and at the working place. It would not only decrease colon intoxication, but develop the purity of mind. Dirt profanes mind, and desecrated mind is unable to understand what steps are correct.


Inertness strong decrease of the colon tone. The food stands too long, toxin absorbability increases;

Callousness excessive increase of the colon tone, it squeezes;

Restraint colon spasms;

Greediness thickening of the feces.

Inertness is a state of mind when it is very difficult to do something quick or switch from one thing to another, it could be cured by observing the day regiment.

Staleness - is when one is unable to feel compassion, so it is hard to involve him into posing help for other people. Hard hearted person does only what is necessary for him, and he behaves harsh in order to prevent other people addressing him for help. Artificially created defense position transmits to the colon and leads to its narrowing. One should learn to care about elderly people, relatives, poor people, hold his word, to fulfill his duties with responsibility.

Restraint and constraint are produced by the sensation that you are not needed to anybody. Any moves of the constraint man cause ironical smiles or disappointment at others, so he prefers to do nothing at all. The reason of constraint is distrust and high sensitiveness. Constraint causes colon spasms, which result in pains and fecal masses deadlock. It is cured by submissive labor for the common good, by attempts for telling people about good deeds of others.

Greediness working with greediness and lust for money leads to increased liquid absorbability in the intestines. If one watches over others labor with scrupulousness and formalism, pointing at every minor defect. Dehydration leads to the fecal masses thickening. Switch attention at other people virtues, commit sacrifices. Learn correct communication and correct organization of your labor.


Despondency immunity decrease and pulmonary tissues defense power decrease;

Despair- pulmonary ventilation decrees and auto-immune processes in the organism;

Depression - strong decrees of immunity and pulmonary defense powers;

Over fatigue lungs defense powers decrease.

Lungs take their power from cheerfulness. Tuberculosis is observed in times of wars, crisis, disasters, at hidden or evident luck of the desire to live, at strong depression or despair. Cured with joy. Ventilate premises and engage yourself with favorite labor. Observe the regiment of the day and sleep. Prayer, preachers of the sacred people. Smoking deprives a person of ability to withdraw mind tension.

Despair under the influence of fate one has to part with his ideals which he strived for. If the material purpose was chosen as the main thing in life, one cannot bypass despair. For example when parents bring up their children for own purposes, do not wish to let them go, do not understanding that they have their own fate, they may fell into despair at departure.

Despair comes from unwillingness to endure struggles. Almost everyone have such periods in life when there is too much struggles. And if at this moment the humility is absent, the desperation may come. When not humble person recons himself very good, he starts to feel angry and curse his fate. Only humiliation gives power to endure and wait till good times.

Depression is uncared for stage of despondency. One should listen to spiritual music. The voice of the holy man relives from depression.

Over fatigue comes when one spends all his efforts and health at his desire, though it could be that at this moment his unable to earn much according to his fate. Mind is unable to withstand such humiliation as a continuous dumb and joyless labor for the sake of material comfort.


Rush in work inflammation processes at bronchus, inclination to smoking;

Inability to rest decline of the bronchus tissue strength;

Roughness during work the decrease of the bronchus tissue immunity;

Irritability, dissatisfaction with own labor bronchus dysfunction.

For example, if when working one clarifies his relations with everybody, especially in a rude, rush form, he would have an ill bronchi. It is possible to achieve ones goals with the help of softness, tactfulness, sympathetic attitude. If enough powers is exerted booth approaches give a result, but with different consequences.

Rush and inflexibility: if connected with will right sided bronchitis, if the emotional inflexibility is taking place along with the absence of sensitiveness towards the workmates the left sided bronchitis. Pushing person is too tied to the results of his labor, so he does not gives rest neither to himself nor to the others. The results of the labor always should be valued lower than the relations with the workmates.

Inability to rest often leads to smoking, that is disastrous for bronchi by itself. When a person is uncompromising in his desire to achieve a result, does not give people a right to choose what steps to take, his bronchus power becomes exhausted, because bronchi replenty their vigor from joyful labor. Soft relations with people, and alternation of work with rest are important for healthy bronchi.

Negativism, obstinacy, cruelty, scornful attitude towards other people gave birth to coarseness. Coarseness speech always leads to quarrel, to the loss of property and health, deprives of the spiritual comfort. One should understand that coarse behavior is not an indication of the character strength. Coarseness is unable to help a man to rule others, destroying the possibility to be a leader and puts into a terrible position of disgrace and hate.

Irritability, dissatisfaction with own labor are produced from combination of increased sensitivity and egoism. Egoism gives birth to the increased sensitivity to everything negative, to the idea that surrounding people should ensure calamity and satisfaction. Irritated person has difficulties with concentration, always low productivity, quick fatiguability. This type is predisposed to family conflicts. All together it leads to mental exhaustion, often an abnormal appetite is developed, that leads to health issues by itself.

One should learn to be patient, to care about other people interests, be more soft in sought and deeds.


Intemperance during work inflammation processes in bronchi;

Increased sensitivity allergy processes in bronchi;

Excessive straightforwardness in performing ones own duties breath center overload;

Flatness, inflexibility spasms and increased tone in bronchi.

Asthma is a disease of a mind, hence it could not be cured by medications. Resulting from strong desire to get what not through the self-transformation process, but through attempts to change others, the psycho centers which control breathing processes get exhausted. It is a result of chronic straightforwardness in relation to people and to the success in life and even to the outer conditions of life. For example, people prone to asthma, may live in constant opposition to weather or to the absence of comfort. One should develop steadiness, compassion and genuine truthfulness, which growth in goodness.

Intemperance during work comes from the lack of humility, compassion, the desire to forgive, in result everything starts to irritate. And it is a constant psychic overload and suppression of the breath center, which may result in the asthmatic fits.

Another mechanism of asthma development turn on when a person is inclined to dominate others, when one tries to develop more subtle worldview in himself, without becoming more patient. Sensitive attitude towards people implies concern, and when it is aimed at the search of disadvantages at others, it desecrates the thin body of mind, that results in negative prana accumulation at bronchi. Humble person, encountering with disadvantages of other people, does not get angry, understanding that these disadvantages prevent them from being happy.

People possessing extreme straightforwardness, always trying to go by the shortest way and crash their heads at the walls of destiny. When stubbornness is combined with concerned truthfulness or egoistic truthfulness, then fanatic straightforwardness develops. One starts to believe that all he does will help himself and others, and in case he has energy, he may get his own way sacrificing health, that exhausts the breathing center.

It is not bad to be exacting to oneself, if the man remains equitable and compassionate to others, able to forgive their disadvantages. Exactness to others is good if dictated by direct responsibilities, for example: parents and children, army, and so on, and even here it should come from the open heart. When a man, seeing disadvantages in others, begins to hate them and unable to forgive, such inflexibility is based at the egoism. If one imposes a ban at any deeds of his subordinates, then by the law of karma his own vital energy movement gets blocked that results in bronchi and trachea spasms. One should learn the consequences of such behavior, fear of the future may help to stop practicing jobbery.

Asthma at children

Fear, leading to bronchi spasms;

Stubbornness leads to inflammation processes at bronchi;

Increased sensitiveness causes allergic reactions.

The reason of childish fears is uncertainty. Irresponsibility of parents towards each other or towards their own children aids sub-consciousness fear development, the fear decreases bronchi blood supply and consequent spasms. It does not means that we should indulge our own children, we should address them with more care and tenderness.

Stubbornness leads to the increased tone of the breathing center and bronchi. It could be predetermined by the previous life. In order to overcame stubbornness you should tightly engage your child in the activity they like. If the child do not wish to do anything, then you should show him an example that active life is more pleasant than idle.

Tenseness at children is manifestation of greediness and unrestrained desires in previous lives. Tenseness by itself leads to the difficulties in prana movement, that leads to the dyspnea. It is desirable to turn on the spiritual music at home, it is a powerful remedy, giving general pacification. You should teach a child to go to bed early, and it is not possible if parents do not follow the day regiment.

Increased sensitiveness develops due to the increased exactingness to the surrounding people, to the domestic surroundings in the previous lives. Usually increased sensitiveness leads to diathesis. Then diathesis acquires more developed form, that may lead to asthma. You should cultivate love to asceticism at such children: to throw cold water every day, the bed should be hard with a small pillow, take them into short outings into the forest. If such a child has an emotional derangement, it is better to provide him some rest instead of sorting out the relationships.

Increased thyroid gland function

Emotionality increased thyroid gland function;

Vulnerability, touchiness thyroid gland dimensions increase;

Conflictness thyroid gland overstress;

Bustling thyroid gland overexcitement.

Profused emotionality leads to the increased thyroid gland hormones production. Selfishness increases the power of senses. Such situation is typical for women. In this world women get what they want not by force, but with the help of weaknesses, it is natural. Profused emotionality leads to the increased tension at the throat center. At men such situation may point at the feminine character traits. One should learn to endure shortages, practice yoga and breathing exercises.

Vulnerability is one of the feminine and childish egoism manifestations. When feelings are overwhelmed by egoism, women and children became too exigent to the surrounding conditions. Increased sensitivity to negative develops when there is no control over the feelings. Vulnerability is a psychic strike at the thyroid gland, causing it to increase in size. One should learn to forgive disadvantages of other people, to think positive. Spirit i wish happiness to everybody helps very well.

Conflictness appears when increased exactingness is combined with haughtiness. Having a sense that everything happens not in the way he wants, one puts his opinion above the others, starts to attain his goals with the help of rush and rudeness. At women any conflict causes squall of emotions, that leads to the serious thyroid gland overload and hormones burst. One should learn to hear the opinion of other men, gradually one should gain an understanding that an opinion of other men is also worth attention.

Bustling appears in result of luck of purposefulness, unideritionality. Especially at an excessive number of desires of a different kinds. One is unable to define what he needs at the first place in order to find happiness. Bustling is a hidden desire to run ahead time. It results in the thyroid gland overexcitement. Prior to doing something one should give a good thought what it could lead to, ask an advice from a mentor. The power of time teaches us that it is impossible to aim consciousness into a single course, being addicted to numerous desires. Only a mind, that is sharpen by pure knowledge is able to bring to order a life of a bustling man. One should listen to lectures of the spiritually developed people. Select the most important businesses at the first place.

All character features that lead to this condition, one way or the other are originated from greediness. One should seriously learn to donate, and tune himself into the mood to do everything in order to clean up his senses. A woman should learn to share interests of her husband and children. If a woman places her own interests at the first place, her feelings become uncontrolled. If members of the family are living only for each other, it is also a hidden form of egoism, one should aim his efforts to the common wealth.

Decreased thyroid gland function

Absent emotionality decrease in the thyroid gland hormones production;

Coldness thyroid gland hypotrophy;

Pessimism decrease in the thyroid gland general activity.

Absent emotionality not getting the desired family happiness, a woman locks herself and her emotional power falls, the strength of feelings falls. Mind looks at the world through the disappointment glasses. Emotional center loses its power and thyroid gland produces less quantity of hormones. It is like a hidden desire to die, because it is not possible to continue living without joy. One should engage herself in activities for other people good in accordance with temper and interests.

Coldness egoistically oriented feelings always bring sufferings. Emotional coldness is a result of egoistic use of own feelings. It could happen when over-sensitive person get burned. In this state egoistically oriented feelings do not perceive pain or joy of others, understanding only things that are related to my own person. In desolated cases it leads to the thyroid gland hypotrophy.

The reason of pessimism is a wrong aim, pessimist does not believe that he will be happy. Not knowing about their spiritual origin, people build glamorous material perspectives, and in case they luck good karma, allowing these plans to be fulfilled, they may lose the sense of purpose in life. It leads to the thyroid gland functions decrease. Mentally wishing happiness to others one can became a convinced optimist in a month time. Self interested mood and wrong understanding of happiness prevent a person from doing so. The weakness of mind can be cured only by the power of a sacred man. One should choose himself a tutor and follow his advices, attend spiritual programs, be engaged in self development.


Anger leads to inflammation processes in liver and its destruction;

Will negativism causes the liver immunity decrease;

Mendacity in acts leads to the metabolism distortion in liver;

Fear of the difficulties causes liver vessels spasms;

Will over tension leads to the liver exhaustion.

Weakness and lack of will in evening time are the first signs of hepatitis, weak liver is unable to support will. It is when after work one sits at the divan, not able to do a thing.

Anger arises from unsatisfied egoistic wishes. When one wants something and not getting the desired joy, then the fiery energy of the unsatisfied will rises upwards and desecrates the thin body of mind. If the rage is manifested via actions, then the stomach suffers. If through the offence the heart suffers. When something prevents a man from getting the desired the liver suffers. Normal liver performance depends on the calamity of will functions of the mind. It is hard to control rage itself, it will be left inside as an unsatisfied desire, or it will find its way out, but one could learn to be patient and suppress the thoughts that the desire should be immediately fulfilled. Here I want to recall you about trinity practice by Alexander Palienko. One should accept the fact that the fate fulfills our desires in accordance with the law of karma.

Will negativism is a desire to overpower the will of other people. The liver defense function suffers, and it may result in viral hepatitis development. When the correct position in life is absent, a lot of negative experience is produced form the communication with other people, the memory tends to store only their disadvantages, isolation from other people is formed, which subsequently grows into the desire to get rid of their influence. The desire to live in such a way, that nobody will interfere. Collision with the alien will gives liver overload. One should understand, that having the spiritual nature, everyone is a very good creature somewhere deep inside, one should learn to find good things in other people actions.

Mendacity in acts. A person with a strong character always have a healthy liver. Liver gives power to a truthful man to be reserved, considerate in deeds and words, the ability to stand failures. The first thing that brings the liver out of balance is falsity, it destroys the balanced performance of the liver. Any mendacity gets fixed in the thin body of a mind, violates the organism immunity in a whole and particularly the liver. One should learn to practice patience and the belief in the fairness of these World.

Fear of the difficulties. The fear to act always lead to the liver exhaustion. It leads to the paroxysms of pain in liver. The only way to get rid of fears is to explain the person the deep reason of all fears the discrepancy between the spiritual nature of a human being and temporary duration of stay in this physical body.

Will over tension arises due to the extremely strong desire to get the wanted, that exhausts the liver. Digestion also suffers, in case of over tension one should make his meal less abundant. In case of short stress the cold shower helps very well. One should understand that everything comes to man in its time and in accordance with his fate.

When curing the liver diseases one should give a thought what he should wish and what should not. How to get the desired aim in a correct way. Any aim should imply good for others, otherwise one will have to pay with his health for it.

Surely you know that FSC no. 5 is aimed to start liver tissue regeneration, along with basic implementation of FSCs no 1 and 2. And it is you who has to pay attention at psychology and proper reactions. Functional State Corrector Harmony may be of help in these and many other cases. It is able to pose additional help with consciousness tunings.


Fault-finding causes inflammation processes in the gall-bladder;

Greediness leads to the liver inflammation processes, and to the inflammation in the bile ducts;

Staleness, jaundice leads to the gall-bladder walls erosion;

Roughness causes acute inflammation processes of the bile ducts.

At first hand one should get rid of criticism when curing the gall-bladder. It is not possible until the reason of problems is seen in the surrounding people, not in himself. One should notice positive character virtues of all acquaintance, should learn to see good in them. Every day one should wish happiness to everybody before going to sleep. Stop intercourse with those who are in criticism.

Fault-finding arises from combination of rage and envy. Rage causes bile overproduction in liver, the desire to control the will of others to the bile ducts spasms. For example, the craving for hot food is originated from the unsatisfied rage. Envy causes the cravings for the over-fried foods, especially in the evening before going to sleep. One can get rid from envy only by serving other people and not demanding service from others. It is important to understand the true sense of life in order to overcame rage, to occupy status in accordance with own nature, engage mind not only in material but also in spiritual activities.

Greediness gives rise to the excessive desire for the fatty food. Both greediness and fatty food lead to the excessive bile production and liver exhaustion. It could be overcome by wishing happiness to everybody, by disinterested feeding of animals and other people.

Staleness, jaundice, selfishness, coldness, cruelty cause dryness in relations, resulting in the right hemisphere will power centers over tension, and it is the right hemisphere that controls the bile ducts functioning. One should develop kindness through cultivation of sensitiveness, carefulness, compassion in relation to the problems of others.

Roughness arises from combination of negativism with cruelty or scornful attitude towards people. Roughness causes psychic strike aimed at the gall-bladder, its walls get inflamed. Unhappy fate always teaches rough people, in order to overcome roughness one should learn to be remorseful of rage, try to speak softly.


Obstinacy in actions leads to the chronic inflammatory processes in maxillary and frontal sinuses;

Confusion decreases immunity in the nose and forehead sinuses areas;

Pushing in actions causes acute inflammatory processes in maxillary and frontal sinuses.

It is a disease of improper concentration of attention. When one recons that mind concentration is a violence. Really in order to become concentrated you have to interest the mind with the information you have to study. If one overstresses his ability of concentration, then he achieves the chronic antritis

Nose mucous tunic always suffer from exorbitant stubbornness. The condition of the frontal sinuses depends on the obstinacy center, which is situated in the glabella area at the stubborn people. The state of maxillary sinuses is affected in lesser degree. It is possible to overcame stubbornness only bu choosing a mentor and by serving him.

Confusion, dispersion in actions come from a wrong aim in life. If it manifests itself from the birth time, then the problems with fulfilling of responsibilities and purposefulness came from previous life. Dispersed person does not have serious interest to take actions, and consequently there is no concentrated activities as well, all powers of mind are focused at getting enjoyments and directed downwards: to eat, to sleep. The fulfillment of responsibilities is directly connected with the immunity. The center, responsible for taking decisions is not trained at such people, and in case of slightest psychic overstress the inflammation process starts in the maxillary or frontal sinus areas. Association with sacred people gradually gives enthusiasm to act.

Pushing in actions is a sign of strong attachment to the results of ones own labor. If a person, when doing something is aggressive to the surrounding people in advance. It causes a desire to oppose everybody who is connected with such a person by service duties, looks for dirty tricks when there are none. When a person constantly opposes everyone his will decision taking center becomes overloaded. In result maxillary and frontal sinuses get inflamed. Rush could be overpowered by understanding that it does not give any positive result, one simply upsets people against himself.

One should develop at least a bit of humiliation in himself, try to hear and to understand a man. Every evening one should forgive his offenders and mentally ask forgiveness at people about whom he thought badly during the daytime.

Here I want to draw your attention to an interesting feature of FSC no. 13. It stimulates the interest to the learning process. So you may use these Functional State Corrector as an additional background help at these condition. Really these corrector is not only for children and young people. Support of interest to the process of learning things is very important in any age, because human being lives till a person learns something new and has something to tell the others.


The feeling of non-security gradually reduces immunity;

Squeamishness, punctiliousness cause chronic inflammatory processes in tonsils;

Irritability leads to the development of acute inflammatory processes in tonsils.

Tonsils suffer from intensity in relations. It is noticeable by the clamped body movements. Children are liable to anginas because they have subordinate position in life. For example, when parents often curse their children, and do not give them physical or mental freedom, children became tensed, at that the organism defense powers suffer. The remarks to children should be done with internal tender, but firmly on the surface, the child notices it and improves. When the remarks are made with detastation they cause return antagonism.

Non-security and sensitivity are character features that are natural for women and children. Sensitive to bad, pessimistically minded person cant stand in front of negative information, that leads to the immunity weakening. Adenoids are the organs of speech defense, they always react at other persons speech. Speech always depends upon the state of mind of the conversables. If one is not in the humble mood, and at that has an increased sensitivity, the risk of tonsils inflammation is high. Non-security and vulnerability of character always lead to chronic anginas.

Squeamishness, punctiliousness aim the disease exactly at the tonsils areas. Squeamishness is a veiled kind of hate. Hate desecrates the throat chakra. Prana, desecrated by negative intercourse, gathers at tonsils and other nasopharynx and larynx lymph nodes, providing favorable conditions for the bacterium reproduction. In order to overcome squeamishness one should learn to subject himself to voluntary restrictions, fulfill formulated vows.

Angina appears as a result of irritability, discontent in relation to others. For example: I do everything well and correct at my job, while the others do not, they do not understand anything about it, such mood results in inflammatory process in tonsils. One should be more indulgent to the disadvantages of other people, respect elderly people and do not offend juniors, learn to value others opinion, and accept that other people have right to have character shortages.


Increased sensitivity;


Distrustfulness, uncertainty that others will understand you.

Stammering is a result of violations in the thin body of a mind. They lead to a faults in the speech abilities of the nervous system. All psychology reasons, leading to stammering are connected with internal antagonism. It is a result of a rude speech misuse in the previous lives.

Increased sensitivity is when one is too sensitive to others, taking at his own account every real or hidden aggression, even when it is not aimed against him. Stammering appears as a result of a collision of his own thoughts with the thoughts of other people. Every word comes out through a holding, posing resistance, mind. A fear of speech appears.

Constraint is a result of strong suspiciousness and distrustfulness in relation to others. In combination with natural stubbornness it leads to constraint, that shows in speech.

Distrustfulness, uncertainty that others will understand you. A person could be distrustful by nature, then he speaks as if opposing something. He always doubts that his words will reach success. By this reason there is no desire to speak, and words are coming out with constraint.

Could be overcome by favorable intercourse, by breading trusting relations with other people, one should not be individualist, start to explain to others how to live correctly.


Anger abundant gastric juices production;

Irritability in performing own duties stomach walls inflammation;

Laziness, apathy the decrease in gastric juices production;

Cruelty in actions erosive gastritis development;

Despair spasms in the stomach area.

Gastritis with high acidity arises from unsatisfied desire to have a comfortable life. Unsatisfied psychic centers give their desecrated energy to the upper centers. Anger fills in the stomach with desecrated fierily power, that results in abundant gastric juices and ferments production.

Stomach is closely related with the state of mind with which one performs his own duties. For example if a person is sensitive to the imperfections of his workmates, then he is inclined to fall into strong anxiety, showing itself in impulsive actions, harsh words.

All organs that are fed with activity energy, including stomach, suffer from idleness. Disappointment in performing own duties is apathy. The production of gastric juices and ferments gradually decreases.

We spoke about cruelty when considered asthma. Almost always cruelty affects stomach. Stomach is very sensitive to absence of tenderness in relations. Often people do not understand how to reach happiness in relations with relatives. They always repeat: You are not doing this or that things for me that leads to coldness in relations, dislike and cruelty. Self interest in relations with relatives always leads to serious sufferings. One should know and perform his family duties. Satisfying close person with your own deeds, you may see how he will start to change and start to act unselfishly. Jealous people are not able to do this.

Despair is a powerless rage against fate. By ones own fate moments came when one has to answer for his accumulated bad carma. Optimist believes that everything will be well. pessimist that he never copes with his problems, and starts to feel angry about his fate.

Gastritis could not be cured without cultivating of tenderness, sympathetic attitude, attention, laboriousness.

love to other people, Love to mankind, calamity there is incomplete list psychology influences, which are posed by FSC number 1.

Womans sterility

Coldness the decrease in the feminine hormones production;

Vacancy hormonal functions misbalance;

Apathy the decreased tone of the uterine tubes;

The unwillingness to become a mother premature ageing of the womans organism;

Disappointment exhaustion of the feminine organs;

A woman needs qualities which would guaranty security to a child warmth, tenderness, sympathetic attitude, the ability to endure disadvantages of her own child.

Vacancy with time it leads to complete solitude.

Apathy if a mother is disappointed in life, then what can she give to her child? Exactly the same. Nature protects children from such mothers, decreasing uterus and tubular tone.

Cruelty in breeding leads to the development of hate at children. Cruelty leads to the increased male hormones production, that prevents normal conception.

A childless woman will encounter with serious difficulties with character with age.


Desperation, labor with overstrain increased joints sensitivity;

Susceptibility to offence, hate causes destructive processes in joints;

Inactivity causes the decrease in joints power and activity;

Criticism leads to destructive processes in joints;

Disappointment leads to the decrease in joint activity.

When one thinks: I would not be in time, I would not finish and works with overstrain without getting joy, and getting only overstress and illnesses, and as a last link of chain comes a feeling: nobody understands me. Joints contain in themselves the power of dynamic tension, they provide us with the ability to act. And when everyday activities bring only sufferings, the person starts to express internal protest against such activities. Or in case when one is working out of fear to be left without bread and butter. The despair from joyless labor leads to complete morbidity.

Offence is a rage that is aimed inside at self-destruction, the person does not want to notice those who treated him badly any more. It is typical to those who do not have real power to punish their offenders. Unsatisfied hate destroys liver, adrenal glands, nervous system, joints.

Forced inactivity negatively influences joints, because they draw their energy from joyful labor, combined with mental activity.

The inclination to criticism arises as a result of hate or envy, Both problems are product of pride the desire to put oneself above the surrounding people. It is desecration of a mind. The person, poisoned with criticism destroys relations with people and every possibility of the spiritual progress. Any activity in the state of criticism gradually leads to the joints issues.

Disappointment leads to decrease of the joints endurance and they are gradually destroyed. Without having real purpose in life, the one is working and waiting when the happiness will come at last, and it does not come. Disappointment do not give stimulus to act, that results in joints degradation development.


Cruelty quickly leads to traumatism;

Conflictness slowly but surely leads to traumatism;

Recklessness usually causes serious traumatism;

Neglect reinforces predisposition to accidents.

Cruelty arises from complete neglect to the laws of the Holy Scripture. The biggest violence at oneself is to deprive yourself the ability of receiving spiritual knowledge. Sometimes aimless existence is worse than to die and be born again. Thou a subsequent life could be a prolongation of a previous one. Depriving wrongly someone of health, happiness, life one exhibits cruelty. Traumatism is always an answer at cruel deeds in the past. Everyone should strive to commit good deeds and give pure knowledge to people. If a person does not do this, then gradually the hart becomes dry and even cruel. Cruelty and its consequence traumatism could be cured by good deeds.

Conflictness is related with anger and antagonism. These character features are hard to overcome, one should learn to ask forgiveness every day. They could be neutralized with humility and positivism. Conflictness creates a situation of reckless behavior, and the latter leads to traumatism.

Recklessness is a main reason of traumatism. It appears when the load of sins obscures mind. When mind covers with ignorance, it is hard to understand how to continue living. As soon as a desire to listen to people who poses the true knowledge disappears, the same moment the recklessness appears. Or form the neglect to the Holy Scripture. Reckless behavior, from which other people are suffering, produces the karma of traumatism.

Neglect and irresponsibility similar to recklessness arise from the absence of desire to accept the existence of laws of a happy life, non-observance of these laws leads to suffer. Neglect and irresponsibility give birth to cruelty and they are a reason of unexpected accidents. One should accept responsibility for his subordinates in order to overcome these negative features, and to honestly fulfill his duties, the reward should come by itself in accordance with fate.

Increased blood pressure.

Isolation, insularity, reticence the increase of the vessels tone;

Aggression blood vessels inflammation processes increase and tone increase;

Internal tenseness tiny vessels tone increase.

It happens that a person does not want unrestness, noticing imperfection at other people, have some bad feelings towards them. It gives birth to isolation and to the fear of open minded communication. Increased negativism in previous lives could also be a reason of isolation and insularity. In case of insularity, the psychic energy has difficulties when entering the organism, it is accumulated inside the organism and leads to the increased tension, constraint. If at that the person is greedy as well it leads to the negative firely power accumulation. It results in vessels tone increase and consequently to the blood pressure increase. And vice versa, if the person is open hearted, has a harmony with the surrounding world, then the cardio-vascular system works well. One should understand that openness and trust to the surrounding world are more profitable in various senses. Insularity leads to that the person loses what he has, and openness leads to acquiring. Greediness gives birth to poverty, and unselfishness to wealth. It is very important to cultivate openness in the process of intercourse, conserving spiritual themes.

Example of an aggressive attitude towards subordinates: you all are bad, incompetent, I will fire everyone out at the thin, psychic plane it is a collision with the surrounding people, it leads to the accumulation of the negative psychic energy inside the organism. Aggression leads to the inflammation processes development and hypertension with a high risk of stroke or infarction. Aggressive person should understand that he is not a leader of the society, as he may imagine, but an unlucky fellow who is cutting the branch he is sitting at. He will ruin his own health before all subordinates will run out of him.

Internal tenseness is a consequence of distrustfulness to other people. Tenseness always lead to the rough prana movement in the organism tiny vessels suffer from that, and that increases diastolic pressure. It may result from the luck of belief in own powers. One should listen to spiritual music, prayers, take warm shower at evening time, do not eat heavy meals in the evening time.

Repeat the affirmation: I wish happiness to everyone, when a person becomes open to surrounding people, the blood pressure immediately decreases.

Again Harmony was mentioned among mental states, needed to overcome these condition. And we have a Functional State Corrector which is called exactly The Harmony. And there is especial FSC in green series called longevity which is a designated for cardio-vascukar system prophylaxis and gentle blood pressure regulation.

Decreased pressure.

Depression, apathy, pessimism adrenal glands functions decrease;

Uncertainty, unbelief the decrease of the vessels tone;

Laziness, aimlessness the organism aging;

Weakness heart weakness and blood vessels tone decrease.

The lack of cleanliness, desecration organism intoxication.

Depression is a temporary mood decrease as a result of difficulties. At severe depression the blood pressure may drop due to the blood vessels tone decrease. It is better not to accent your attention at the depression state, considering it as a temporary phenomenon.

Apathy and pessimism are already more stable processes, which could be called the disease of the mind. Whether there would be an apathy, depends on the mind purposefulness. Apathy leads to the adrenal and sexual glands functioning decrease. Prolonged apathy and pessimism lead to persistent hypotonia and early aging of the organism. Could be cured only by acquiring knowledge about Higher sense of life. With acquired knowledge one experiences growing joy. In case there is no a growth of joy with the time of life, one shod look for mistakes in his worldview.

Uncertainty, unbelief. The person who does not have a habit to bring started deeds to the end, not taking other people into consideration at his deed, gradually looses grown beneath his feet. Bringing a deed to the end always causes satisfaction and confidence in own powers. The activities directed to the common good are implied here, if there is no enthusiasm to work in these direction, then such activities do not fall in course with your nature yet. Anothers job, posed by outer circumstances san not bring steady satisfaction. Often uncertainty originates from unwillingness to accept the responsibility for committed deeds. The feeling that nobody needs you develops gradually, and that means gradual development of the depression, and as a consequence blood vessels tone decrease. At women it may develop doe to the luck of ability or will to trust in her own husband. At men from the lack of desire to accept a mentor ad follow his advice. Contemporary uncertainty caused by difficulties does not affect the state of health. Unbelief is a deep disease of a mind, coming from a lack of understanding of the true nature of happiness. Over-indulgence for the material side of life leads to subsequent disappointment and pessimism.

Laziness, aimlessness is a sign of a mind deeply submerged into material energy. The level of corporal happiness concept. When one lets his mind to fall into happiness that comes from corporal needs satisfaction, the laziness appears. And any happiness should develop, otherwise it ceases to be happiness. Simple laying down at the divan becomes boring, and some attempts to diversify it appear. In case of such happiness, under conductance of a slack, degrading mind, the body starts to fade. Hypotonia is a first sign of aging from laziness, later will come muscles atrophy, toxins accumulation, the appearance of diseases. One should study books about sense in life, about the Power of Time.

Weakness often is a temporary phenomenon, but if it comes to constant basis, one should distinctly regulate his life. Observe regiment of activities, nourishment, rest.

The lack of cleanliness here the body cleanliness is meant. Tactile body sensitivity is tightly connected with mind functions. Skin contamination leads to the state when a person ceases telling good from bad. Dirt also comes through hearing this involvement is reckoned to be most steadfast. Bad odor, taste may also provoke mind contamination. Prolonged desecration of a mind may lead to psychic and physical weakness, to the immunity degradation, vessels tone decrease. After meals and sleep rinse mouth, crown of the head, hands and legs with water. After rising up one should set the sleeping place into order, wipe the floor, perform morning procedures and take shower. At the thin level water cleans up the mind, one should repeat affirmation I wish happiness to everybody.




Sluggishness of thinking.

These character features force a person to be keen on rude meat food. The more developed was the animal, the worse are the consequences. Gradual mind desecration due to the meat consumption reaches such a level that mind tunes organs antagonistically towards the process of meat proteins, fats and carbohydrates assimilation. It results in metabolism malfunctions appearance. Vessels become covered with plaques saturated with cholesterol. Most intensively cholesterol deposits in the organs with intensive blood circulation: brain, heart, liver, kidneys. Psychic functioning of a person who consumes meat also decreases, he becomes pessimistic, the ability to think, memorize, take will decision also decrease.

The Active Longevity FSC is designated for cardiovascular system regulation. More to it, even basic use of FSCs 1 and 2 helps to dissolve cholesterol plaques in vessels. It is a property of structured water.


Inclination to violence;





Character features that do not entail strong consciousness changes lead to diseases that could be cured relatively easily. Cruelty, violence, depravity, cupidity cause most heavy consciousness.

Violence. The biggest violence is a deprivation of a living creature of a possibility to answer for his deeds, and acquire happiness by means of consciousness cleaning process. The possibility to learn to live without committing sins is inherent only for the intelligent forms of life. The murder of an animal is already a serious sin. Many people get malignant tumors due to the lack of understanding how to feed correctly. Not mentioning the murder of people. Abortion is a possibility of uterus and mammary gland oncology. One should immediately switch to vegetarian diet, repentance gives a possibility to burn down sins gradually with the flames of knowledge and switch to the righteous way.

Often under the term of cruelty we mean atrocity and violence, but it also could be committed via inactivity. For example by not posing help to somebody in hard times. The biggest cruelty is to defy a person or yourself a possibility to practice self-development comprehension of the spiritual nature, because intelligent human life is designated exactly for this process. That may result in birth in the animal body in the next life. If for the lifetime one wanted to occupy himself mainly with deeds typical for animals, he will get exactly these things: food, sex, self-preservation, sleep. That is these things should not become a sense of life. Struggles or desperate position help to overcome these features. One should at least start to understand a bit what life punishes him for.

Hate is a most unfavorable manifestation of envy or egoism, it is powerless spite. When a person wishes to do harm to somebody and unable to do this under given circumstances. Every our desire are fulfilled, but with time delay and in accordance with our deeds. If a person will continue to hate , the potential of violence could be prolonged into the next life/embodiment. Especially adversely is to hate own relatives and parents. For example, poisonous snake embodies most hater. If a person would sincerely regret in his hate, then maybe he will be in time answering for his hater even during this current life, then he will experience less sufferings. Hate is one of the biggest sins, in order to redeem this fault people often have to suffer oncology, often it is oncology of lungs, hormonal organs, spinal column. In order to overcome hate one should practice donations and repent his bad thoughts or deeds.

The malignant tumor of the sexual organs may develop in result of depravity, which brought sufferings to close people. The delay could be several years.

Cupidity is unrestrained greediness. Hormonal functions may suffer do to such disadvantage of character. In desolated cases the malignant stomach or liver tumor may develop. Pancreas and adrenal glands suffer less frequent. One should switch greediness to acquiring spiritual knowledge. Wish happiness to everybody.

Leukaemia often arises from aversion to life. Melanoma often results from an excessive impudence.

There is an exclusive FSC called Healing 2 which helps to do with cancer. One should pay serious attention at disbandment of negative programs, these are numbers 11, 14 and 16. And of course it is absolutely necessary to analyze character and reactions, the thinking patterns. These things are of primary importance and sorry, but official medicine will never give people a hint to look in this direction.

There is no outcome unless one will refuse from meat food, depravity, smoking and drinking. Ordinary medicines are only able to dump down pain temporary. Most reliable way is to start working with own character in parallel with traditional healing measures (medicines, day regiment, diet). If a person starts to follow the road of comprehension of his eternal Spiritual Nature, then his character will gradually clean.

Thou I made additional comments on FSC use only to several topics, these devices pose wide psychology help, implementation of Functional State Correctors is justified at any condition. These devices provide additional energy and positive mind tunings (things that are absolutely unattainable for chemical medicines), along with support at the physiology level due to the information from a number of curative plants.

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