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Organism clearing with the help of Functional State Correctors. Bozko Vladimir Grigorievitch

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A man accumulates enormous quantity of toxins, slags and poisons during his lifetime. Sometimes it is up to 27 kilos. Pay attention at the picture. It is a healthy man intestines. It should look this way. But when fecal boluses start to form in our intestines, then a diverticulum forms, and at the next place the intestines start to dry out. Here is an example of an average intestines in the age of 45.

You may see at the picture how the fecal boluses look like. Freshly formed fecal bolus is soft and has such a structure.

What these fecal boluses influence at ? First of all it is improper nutrition. No matter if we want it or not, but some intestines segments become clogged and deformed, we have poor intestinal motility, poor toxin deducing, and our blood gets warm poorly. Why ? Because the most branchy capillary tree is situated in the intestines. The blood warming takes place in the process of food digestion, in which our lacto- and bifid- bacterium are engaged, and then the warming of the entire organism takes place via blood warming. And at the same time our bacterium generate electromagnetic waves, which irradiate the entire organism with light energy. Our intestines micro-flora ensures 90 % of our immunity. When intestines micro-flora function drops, the life force also drops, energy level drops. Intestines micro-flora takes its part in extermination of pathogenic microbes.

Take a look at the picture I opened for you. If fecal boluses form in these area (shown in black color at the picture above), then liver, gallbladder and thyroid gland diseases appear. If fecal boluses form in this area then diseases of cardio-vascular system and lungs appear. If here as a rule it leads to the diseases in stomach and pancreas, here liver diseases, in this area urinary bladder, here prostate gland or uterus. As you can see intestines is connected with all major systems. More to it, in case of dysbacteriosis, gas-formation starts, enormous amount of gasses releases, the intestines starts to swell up, the abdomen swells, and ribs start to ride up. Salience in the place where gases are gathering by itself it affects the state of gastro-intestinal tract. Sometimes you look at the man and see his rib ends stick out, as a rule these people have gases accumulated in the intestines, it swells and lifts up the ribs. It results in formation of so called pigeon chest it looks badly and affects the state of health.

What else our intestines is responsible for? Actually the production of all vitamins of B group takes place in it. It is the performance of our central-nervous system. It is also a production of so called pro-serotonin row, that is our brain functioning.

Another interesting fact, established by Swiss scientists, is that water intake takes place in the descending part of our intestines, then through a vascular channel this water goes into our brain. And if fecal boluses form in this part, if putrefaction processes take place, then enormous quantity of toxins gets into our blood, then they get into our blood, later they come upon our brain, causing blood vessels spasms and severe headaches.

That is bowels functional activity violation influence all organism functions, all spheres of life. Every segment of intestines corresponds to some part in our organism. Intestines closely interacts with blood vessels network, with veins, lymph system. In medicine they call it corresponding zones, regardless of our desire the human organism is a single whole.

Now lets take a look at the next picture, it shows the structure of bowels mucous coating. You see, it has such specific formations, which have innumerate quantity of hairs at their surface. Blood and lymph systems are coming to same places. Imagine a fecal bolus starts to form here and it clogs this pass, and prevents nutrients contacting with these nipples. It is these nipples through which nutrients get into blood, and our body nourishes itself.

As far as our intestines has a number of such diverticulums, then naturally fecal boluses stuff internal space in the intestines. You should have seen old central heating pipes, when the dismount them, the internal space is stuffed with rust, stones, some deposits, and a water pass in the center is narrow, it is hard to imagine how the water flows through it. The same with our intestines. By itself such phenomenon violates almost everything. Why such problems take place? First of all, due to the improper nutrition, due to the wrong way of life.

A very interesting phenomenon: our intestines activity coincides with the Sun activity. When the Sun starts to rise up over the horizon, and in form of electromagnetic irradiation and light it poses energy influence at human beings, then the bacterium inside our intestines also start to rise up. They start to lead active life. They are also called Sunny bacterium because they produce additional light by themselves. And active metabolism of almost all nutrients starts.

A very interesting process takes place here. There is such a notion as gravity tidal wave, that is every two hours blood is active or flushes to the specific organ. It is connected with the positions of the Sun and the Moon. It was known even 10 centuries before Christ. From the earliest time this knowledge is used in China, all needle and reflex therapy is based on it. The interesting moment here is that our intestines is active from 5 to 7 a. m. That is it is physiological to go to the lavatory in this time period. It is most correct, because during this time organism has to get rid of slugs, toxins and poisons, disintegration products which were deduced from our cells, and get prepared for the upcoming day.

The sun rises higher, and the next thing it activates are the gastro-intestinal tract cells, and it takes place from 7 to 9 a. m. We know well what our intestines are, it is our second teeth. That is we roughly grind our food with teeth, and then our stomach combines food with liquid turns it with its movements into humus, that is into thin grinded mass, from which nutrients are sucked into blood in the thin intestines. As a rule, food stays in stomach from 1 to 2 hours. And then food is proceeded in the intestines, that is at takes approximately four hours for the nutrients to reach the blood. Thats why when a man gets poisoned, the first symptoms appear after 4 hours. It is the moment when nutrients start to come into blood. In order to give your stomach a time to process all that you ate, you should have breakfast in the morning hours: from 7 to 8 a. m. it is the physiology time for breakfast. That is, at this moment, our organism has low energy level, and you should not give heavy foods, so the optimum choice would be the banal oatmeal and fruits. It could also be honey. Why? Because our intestines needs additional cleaning at these period and oatmeal contains long fibers, in addition they clean up mucous coating of our stomach, duodenal ulcer and thin intestines, stimulate intestinal peristalsis and feed intestines microflora, in order to prevent dysbacteriosis. So, my dear, oatmeal is an optimum breakfast.

The sun rises even higher, and pancreas and spleen are activated by blood flow from 9 to 11 a.m. At this period of time organism produces maximum quantity of food-digesting ferments, they get sucked into our colon where food proceeding takes place. The food which we chewed, our stomach grinded into humus, with the help of ferments it gets sucked into blood through these fistulas.

So the next system, which gets activated, is a cardio-vascular system, its activity period is from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. During this time period nutrients, which came into our blood, are actively distributed, being delivered to every cell of the organism.

Then from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. the colon is activated. At this moment our organism has maximum energy. A lot of food-digestive ferments is produced, that is organism is ready to accept a considerable portion of food, which takes place at lunch. If we are going to take into account the physiology times of organs activity, the best time for lunch is from 12 a.m. to 1 p.m. it is an optimum time for food digestion, if we have lunch at these time, food has time to digest completely and it assimilates completely. If we have breakfast or lunch later than in the optimum time periods, and as a rule most people do it exactly this way, then our humus is depleted of food proceeding ferments, and this humus starts to rot inside our intestines instead of being digested. It results in stagnant processes development, all these rotten fecal masses get into our blood, and one simply has toxic poisoning, and so called fecal boluses start to form.

What else should be said? Many people are asking: whats about supper? One should have supper not later than 18 a.m. At that, in order to ensure correct digestion, the evening food should be light and have alkaline character, it should be vegetable food, salads are very good, it could be milk products, sour milk foods are reckoned as alkaline. You should eat cottage cheese not in the morning, but in the evening. If we want to stress calcium assimilation, we should eat cottage cheese from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., because in this time period adrenal glands and kidneys have maximum activity. During this time period adrenal glands cortex produces maximum quantity of hormones, which take part in calcium metabolism, it is connected with osteoporosis, with correct blood formula, and with acid-alkaline balance. That is, one should eat correctly, and most people do not do it.

Lets move further. What to do if it already happened? And it did happened at most people. One should do a simple thing. Take Dead Sea minerals, or it could be some other sea salt, or healing salts, but it is desirable that it has possibly low sodium content, in order to prevent kidneys and blood vessels overload. So, as a rule, I suggest to use the Dead Sea minerals, and the best choice is Jordan salt. You should take two tablespoons of this salt, without hillock, and this salt to two liters of water. Stir the mixture and place it at FSC no. 2 to stay for a night. Hold at least 30 minutes, but usually I let it structure for a night. As a result you should obtain a solution, which is a bit dense than blood physiology density. What it results in? Imagine, you wake up in the morning and drink a glass of this solution, here, inside the intestines appears a salt solution with a density higher than blood density. What happens ? Water from blood plasma starts to suck out in reverse direction through this nipples. In result your fecal boluses shoot out into the intestines inner space, and come out natural way. at that, you stress the effect by structuring your solution at FSC no. 2. The solution starts to work brilliantly by itself. If you want to stress the effect, continue doing the procedure for 3, 5, maximum 7 days. As a rule 3-5 days is enough. What happens in result? When fecal boluses are deleted this way, the belly volume decreases, the body mass lowers, metabolism improves greatly, and people start to lose weight quickly.

That is you take one glass of the solution in the morning, and another glass (with warm solution) in the evening. You do it twice a day. During the day time you drink ordinary water.

Lets continue. Often people have pains in the area of the right hypochondrium? Especially in evening time. What it says about? As a rule, it is connected with bile outflow violations. It points out at cholecystitis and bile outflow violations. And very often the bile reflux into our stomach through pancreas ducts and so on instead of intestines, is a reason of colitis, pancreatitis, duodenum ulcer development. In order to avoid such things it is good to take courses of lecithin amino-acid from time to time. You can take it in every drugstore. You may buy CHOPHYTOL for example, it is natural artichoke, and you take 2-3 pills before meals during a month time. At that, you should obligatory carry FSC no. 5 at right hypochondrium area. Such simple measures will help your cholecyst to start working normally. You liver will start to clean out. At that, when you are doing this procedures, you should observe diet, excluding all hot, fried, smoked and similar products. Remember a simple thing: the best medicine for liver is warmth and diet. It is our most heat-loving organ. The laziest organ, and at the same time the biggest toiler, why ? Because it is the main chemical laboratory of our organism. Very interesting research was performed: even if only 7 % of liver cells are working, liver carries out its function, not fully but carries out.

Continue. After we did colon cleaning, and if necessary cleaned your liver and gall-bladder, at that toxins will come out of liver, you may reinforce the process with banal dyubazh, that is you may do dyubazhes, as it is recommended officially, that is sorbitol, mineral water and hot-water bottle.

Lecithin is not a medicine, it is amino-acid, which improves functional state of liver cells, thins our bile, improves its outflow. Ordinary pumpkin oil could be used as well, this product is very good in relation to this process. They sell it at drugstores. Those who have more serious liver cells condition, may use (sorry I was not able to find English name for it, a complex based on milk thistle fruits, dog-rose fruits, scabwort roots, calendula flowers, St.-John's wort, knot-grass, sandy everlasting, lemon acid, ascorbic acid).

I beg You: never try the cleaning, called olive oil with lemon juice, it is greatest fraud, which was designed to fool people. For those who want to check it I advise to do the following: pour some olive oil into a bowl, take a lemon and squeeze several drops of juice into oil, let it stand for a night and in the morning look what happened. Make sure you squeeze only several drops. Each drop will turn into green fecal bolus, which would ostensibly come out of you. Lemon acid, interacting with olive oil, naturally produces those green balls, which people proudly collect into a jar and say take a look, what a good cleaning Ive done!

So, I repeat once again, the best liver cleaning is dyubazh and banal diet. Nobody ever thought of anything better yet.

After rough intestines cleaning with the help of salt solution, nevertheless some part of toxins remains at the mucous coating, and they should be deduced as well. I always suggest a simple procedure: you take ordinary Enterosgel ( http://www.enterosgel.eu/ru/ ), and during 10 days mornings and evenings you take a desert-spoon of Enterosgel and wash it down with a glass of water. In the morning time you structure your glass of water at FSC no. 1, in the evening at FSC no. 2. By itself it gives good anti-parasite effect for mucous coating of stomach, duodenum, thin intestines and colon, poses suppressive effect at worm infestations, due to the vibrations, recorded at the Functional state Correctors, plus Enterosgel effect. What is Enterosgel? It is a natural form of live silicon. The food lump, swelling in our intestines, starts to move down the intestines, absorbing all dirt from our nipples surface, cleaning everything on its way, it promotes the metabolism.

In this clean areas intestines microflora starts to develop, the number of lacto- and bifido- bacterium increases. Do you know that American scientists establish that every human being has a unique composition of lacto- and bifido- bacterium? It is individual, the way our DNA is individual. And you doing this procedure for 10 days. At this stage, the stage of fine intestines cleaning the overall state of your organism generally improves.

Many people suffer from such conditions as stomach ulcer, duodenum ulcer, colitis, enterocolitis, ulcerative colitis, and so on, because very often we may encounter with what? That fungal microflora may develop in our intestines due to the improper PH balance. In order to tell what is going on inside, you may simply come close to the mirror and take a look at your tongue. If it has white incrustation then possibly you have fungus developed inside your colon, that is, you developed candidosis. If the tongue has grey incrustation, it indicates the presence of parasite microflora, it could be Helicobacter pylori and a lot of others. If your tongue has yellow incrustation, it indicates the biliary dyskinesia, bile reflux at night reaches the mouth. In this case you should immediately do liver and gallbladder cleaning procedures.

What should be done if tongue has white incrustation? You should suppress fugal microflora, it could be done with a simple baking soda. This receipt was known from Avicena times. In the evening pour yourself a warm milk, on a tip of a knife add baking soda, and add one or two teaspoons of honey. Drink this before going to bed during 10 days.

Those people who has ulcer should restore mucous coatings of stomach and intestines. What I do in this case? I take FSC no. 7, put a glass of water on it, then add 10-15 drops of natural fir juice, or some other fir preparation, and then add 11 drops of Coenzyme Q10 it is popular Kudesan which could be found in every drugstore. And let it stay at FSC 7 for 30 minutes. Then you may drink this. Functional State Corrector no. 7 by itself poses wound healing action at mucous coatings, stimulates collagenase production. Coenzyme Q10 here relives different intoxications, stimulates cells division, that is wound healing. Fir juice, due to its useful substances content poses quick help at any pains and wound healing. This way healing of our intestines takes place. You may find fir juice at a number of places, you should do it for 10 days, it is enough to heal wounds.

But it is not the end yet, another stage is necessary, it is disbacteriosis healing and restoration of intestines microflora. Modern medicine suggests a number of preparations, which contain lacto- and bifido- bacterium. I use live ferment, distributed by Lactina.

I gave you a system, which allows to restore gallbladder functional activity, rough intestines cleaning with salt solution, fine intestines cleaning and mucous coatings cleaning with the help of Enterosgel, after that mucous wound-healing preparation, and finally microflora restoration.

At a number of my patients I saw that after they conducted these course, the need to deal with their diseases disappeared. Organism comes to norm by itself, and health restores. If it is not enough, only after this course we switch to other healing activities. Other problems may be connected with peritoneum and musculoskeletal system.

During the course of life many people develop feet deformations, and so called longitudal-transverse platypodia develops. What is our feet? It is shock-absorber, it prevents bones to heat each other in the process of walking. The height of this shock-absorber is 9 centimeters. It means quite a distance. Then what happens eventually? Feet curvature degrades due to some trauma or feet degradation, due to excessive weight, the reasons could be different. It all results in an interesting effect: when a man bents forward, his belly falls forward, so called round belly develops, the belly starts to hang over small pelvis. It results in ceasing of the blood circulation in the small pelvis area. It results in development of lower extremities diseases, varicose, gyneacological and mens disorders, colon and sigmoid intestines diseases. If, otherwise, the man bents back, then his intestines poses pressure at kidneys, and they start to suffer. If one bents in right direction, then the intestines shifts and presses the gallbladder, dyskinesia develops, or some bents, clumps take place, and so on. If at the left side, the pancreas tail and spleen come under pressure, which provokes development of such conditions as pancreatitis and cardio-vascular system diseases. At any case the state of our musculoskeletal system and the state of our intestines are the reasons of a numerous diseases. So you should visit orthopedist in order to select corrective inner soles. And one straightens up his spinal column, and consequently corrects the belly position, and the conditions gradually disappear.

It is nice to use combination of FSCs no. 6 and 7 in order to strengthen peritoneum. By stimulating collagen production and connecting tissue growth, these correctors pose help in all abovementioned conditions.

I want to give you another recommendation: in order to prevent your stomach and mucous coating from suffering, you should first drink, then eat. in the morning, when you rise up, it is very good, very physiological to drink a banal glass of water. When you drink a glass of room temperature water, it washes out your esophagus, stomach, duodenum. All mucous formations which could develop during the night time get washed out, and cold water activates receptors, in result all stomach, duodenum and other valves became refectory closed. Part of this water comes into liver and aids bile thinning and its deducing out of the organism. And whats most interesting, it stimulates morning defecation. If you take a glass of water, as a rule it takes 20 minutes before natural urge to defecate appears. It is because cold water stimulates intestines peristaltic, thinness fecal masses and eases their departure. It is another little advice.

It allows you to support your organism in a good functional state. You should remember that energy is needed for ay biochemical reaction, organism would not be able to support itself without nutrition. Our cells do not live forever, some part of them dies, new cells come in their place, and our food should be full and functional in order to provide cells with quality building materials. Hormones and ferments as catalysts are also necessary for biochemical reactions passing. We receive a lot of energy with breathing, and other part of energy comes through food, through intestines and bifido- and lacto- bacterium work. Not for nothing body temperature is reckoned as a major physiology parameter, who supports it? Again the intestines microflora. Temperature conditions define biochemical reactions passing.

If you want to get maximum effect from your cleaning procedures, it is better to do them at waning Moon, because in such time periods gravitation, which affects entire organism, forces all liquids and juices to go out. Thats why cleaning procedures at this period are most effective.

Lets shift to questions.

It is better to drink warm water in the morning for those people who have liver and gallbladder conditions, for others room temperature water is preferable.

You should never use fir butter instead of fir juice here (for the cleaning procedure described above).

You should drink water with fir juice and coenzyme twice a day before meals.

As a rule such cleaning should be done not often than twice a year, Generally once a year is enough.

You may do cleaning with salt solution at hypertension, but not long three days, not more. Obligatory secure yourself against blood pressure rise.

As a rule you should clean liver after rough intestines cleaning, in order to get better effect, then go to fine intestines cleaning.

Intestines cleaning does not take place when you fast (refrain from food). You would not remove fecal boluses this way.

What is heartburn? It is a condition when the upper stomach valve leaks and one has high acidity. And acid substances, getting into oesophagus mucous coating, literally burn it down. What could be recommended here? An old Indian method: take a glass of water in the morning and place to fingers into your mouth to cause vomiting. At vomiting all valves will be closed automatically, and you will forget about heartburn for 4-5 days.

Question: Stones at kidneys, periodical acute conditions with high temperature and pains. What FSCs and how to implement?

Answer: My dear, stones at kidneys is unambiguously numbers 1 and 2 at the kidneys projection. Trade places every day.

Question: What could be the reason of bad breath and nausea?

Answer: Often it could be due to increased blood pressure, or bile reflux into stomach when one have gastroduodenitis.

Question: Fever during pumping?

Answer: If fever appears during pumping I can tell you: there is some negative influence at this person.

Question: I finished two week universal pumping, have problems with leg joints, is it possible to continue?

Answer: Yes, in this case you should continue to pump up the lower heater.

Question: Frequent eructation.

Answer: What is eructation? It is gas-formation plus the upper stomach valve doesn not hold tight.

At anal fissure it is good to use FSCs no 1 and 2. Place no. 1 at perineum, the second at the sacrum zone. Also it is good to drink water, structured at FSC no. 7.

Question: Hair loss.

Answer: Hair loss is called alopecia, in 90 % of cases the reason is stress and poor blood circulation at head. Thats why it is good to use cosmetology FSCs: numbers 6, 7 and 8. It is also good to use pepper cream for head massage. Structure shampoos at numbers 7 and 8.

At pneumonia you should pump the upper heater, lungs from the backside, place FSCs at the centers of scapulas.

I tried to give you information which will help you to support yourself till mature age in a normal condition. Most people do not even guess, they never cleaned their organisms. Thank God, there is our Company, there are Functional state Correctors and I can share this information with you. Bye.

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