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How to use the FSC to treat kidneys?

Human organism and every cell of it is surrounded with the information and literally every single cell perceives and interacts with this information environment. Outer information I relation to a given cell could be divided to the unhealthy and healthy one. The useful one is perceived and influences the biochemical metabolism processes. The unhealthy information hinders all the cell functions. on principle the negative information is able to hinder all the cell functions to death. The skill of the homeopath lie in his ability to estimate all peculiarities of the patients state to select precisely the right medicine for this human being. This medicine is prepared the following way. One drops a medicine into some water volume, then one with a prayer shakes it for half an hour, then drops it into a new water volume an repeats the process many times. It is the way the homeopathy medicine is prepared. Where the energy is taken from? From the man, who shake the water, who structured it, and a trace of the original substance is present in the solvent. The homeopathy solvent perceives the information from the original active substance. It is water, structured in accordance with chosen information. Everybody is able to prepare a homeopathy solvent. What is remarkable about these Function State Correctors? By the fact that a vast set of information is prerecorded at every FSC plate. These information could be transferred to any liquid media. And this information is definitely healthy. We all are vessels full of water. If one put an FSC to any part of the body, the healthy information will be transferred to the body. Our organism will chose the information which is needed at the moment. It will perceive only the necessary part of the information set. The rest will pass through. This is the way how the FSC works.

The whole human organism perceives the information from toe to head. It really is not very important the blood vessels make up in integrated blood circulation system. More to it there are lymph vessels, and the cerebrospinal fluid. There are three interconnected but at the same time integral systems of the liquid circulation in the human organism. Our blood is filtered by the kidneys, and the kidneys are responsible for all the unnecessary substances removal. The lymph system is filtered through the lymph nodes. The unnecessary substances get into the blood and deduced through kidneys at the end. Our liquor circulation systems are connected with the brain cells. There are cells which pass the nutrients to the brain and there are cells which remove the disintegration products. Again it all is done through the blood and through the kidneys. Imagine what a heavy load! More to it, we are not teens already, and we lived for some time. Nowadays even teens are suffering from the osteochondrosis. We should take into consideration the fact, that a spinal column governs all the vessels functions, that supply all the inner organs. And we also should have in mind that the spinal column itself is not always in a perfect shape, so, as a result, the blood circulation may suffer. The kidneys blood supply is suffering if the nerves situated between the eleventh and the twelfth thoracic vertebrae, between the tenth and the eleventh thoracic vertebrae, between the twelfth thoracic vertebrae and the first lumbar vertebrae are suffering. These three spinal roots govern our kidneys blood supply. They energize the vessels that supply the blood to the kidneys. The vessels should narrow and dilate. Everyone is suffering from the osteochondrosis in some degree, and kidneys problems in some degree as well. It is unequivocally! So doctors often compare the pyelonephritis with the rhinitis. Almost every time there are provocative factors and some degree of tension with the kidneys blood supply. There is another interesting nuance if one is suffering from a high blood pressure, and he takes some medicines and immediately runs farther ahead, his pressure jumps even higher after six hours. Here is the reason of this phenomenon: our kidney is a unique system. Alone with the filtering function it produces a hormone which governs the vessels tone. It is called the rennin. In case when a man swallowed a pressure reducing pill, and run on his feet again, his pressure reduces, the kidneys blood supply become worse, and the kidneys throw off the rennin, because they need to support a normal blood flow to perform their primary filtering function. Due to the rennin action the blood vessels get narrow and the rise of the blood pressure is taking place. So in case You are taking medicines which reduce the blood pressure, take an hour to sit calmly or to lay down in order to avoid this effect. In fact I simplified the situation, some other hormones are taking participation in this situation, but the sense remains.

Lets return back to kidneys. What is the most frequent trouble? Pyelonephritis is really like the rhinitis. When we are ill, when we have viruses and bacterium in our blood - the disintegration products are filtered in kidneys. At the same time our immune system fights the disease. The fight takes place literary at every cell membrane, including the membranes of the vessels lining cells. A lot of tiny capillary are coming to kidneys. When the immune reaction takes place at the cell membrane the membrane is damaged. Its a rule. It results in the kidney inflammation. The inflammation of the kidney pelvis to be precise.

The Functional State Corrector number 1 contains a lot of information based recordings, which pose the antibacterial action. And the antiviral action as well. So if we will drink water, structured with the help of the FSC no.1, everything that lives in our blood dies. And it dies inside the cell, not at the cell membrane, and the deducing mechanism is different. There is no immune reaction on the membrane surface these time. The FSC no. 2 supports the kidneys core cells, and they preserve their filtering functions.

Glaumeronephritis is in even more unpleasant situation. I had a patient with the increased level of the blood urea and creatinine. She used the FSC no. 1 and drunk water, structured on the FSC no. 2. Her husband get startled at the urine color. It was black. They visited some other therapists, they prescribed a lot of medicines. Some time later he called me again and said I do not know what to do! I answered: continue with the no. 1 & 2. We gave her a lot of water. The result of the tests after a month of treatment was the following one: no blood urea and no creatinine. I told You about this case because it is incomprehensible for a therapist. In such cases in hospitals they prescribe a pile of hormones and antibiotics. It is reckoned to be a difficult case. It is difficult to drive a patient out of this state. We used the only one, but a natural antibiotic which is extracted from the grapefruit seeds alone with the FSC no. 1 & 2. All the hospital gathered round, they started to say that it was a mistake, we are looking at the other patients tests. We repeated the tests. Again it shows that there is no blood urea, no creatinine! If the situation were harder, I would have added the FSC no. 6, which is able to regulate the immunity. It doesnt only cleans the vessels, but also regulates the immunity. The FSC no. 6 should be used in case of the autoimmune aggression. Sometimes our immune systems starts to treat us too zealously and fights with our own kidneys. In this case I would recommend to use the FSC no. 6 it copes with such problems wary well.

I want to tell You about another useful FSC property. Here in the auditorium an ophthalmologist Elena Pavlovna Tsar is present. We tested the eye drops influence with the help of the bioresonant method. If a medicine whish poses some side effect or personal intolerance is put on the FSC no. 1 for five minutes, we will get an absolutely harmless medicine with all the curative properties preserved. It is extremely convenient. You may check it for Yourself. We checked it not only at the drops, but on the pills as well. The same effect. The pills should be treated a bit longer.

Now lets consider the situation which develops on the osteochondrosis background. What shell we do in this case? The FSC no. 6 & 7 are able to help. The FSC no. 6 improves the blood supply, and the FSC no. 7 works with the connective tissue. If we will use water, structured on the FSC no. 6, or if we will carry it on our body and drink water, structured on the FSC no. 7 we may greatly reduce the osteochondrosis influence on our kidneys. When You will try it Yourself, You will notice that You are able to stand longer in a definite pose without painful sensations. We checked the effect with ourselves..

Ive already mentioned that in case of such unpleasant disease as autoimmunity, the FSC no. 6 work wary well. In addition I want to tell You about the role that the FSC no. 8 may play in this process. It balances the hormones, which are regulated from the head. In our head we have the hypophysis, the hypothalamus, the epiphysis which secrete especial regulatory substances so called pro-hormones. They govern the secretion of the other hormones (speed up or inhibit their secretion). The FSC no. 8 regulates the pro-hormones balance but not only the melatonin serotonin balance. Now I should inform You that in a calm state of the human organism the melatonin could be only secreted from 10 to 12 p. m. If You have a habit to do go to bed later, You biological clock is shifted, but the melatonin secretion stops at 12 p.m. because it is connected with the organisms circadian rhythm. The same rhythm, connected with the meridian activity, which we know from the Chinese traditional medicine. This rhythm is connected with our hormonal cycles. The circadian rhythm allows and prohibits some organism functions.

We should also note that the kidneys functions are regulated by the hypothalamus. Some people who have a diagnose non-sugar type diabetis, are prescribed some medicines whish suppress the hypothalamus core function, because they suffer from the liquid loss through the urine. This hypothalamus core function could be balanced with the help of the FSC no. 8. One should put it under the plate with his supper, belt it on a shower and enjoy a structured water evening shower, then put it under the pillow. Easy and effective!

In the urinary excretion system we should discuss the significance of the urinary bladder. For example the urologist often say that the urinary bladder cancer is the same with the brain cancer. That means, that clinical course is difficult in both cases. Not many people are able to recover after an operation. It happens seldom I should say. Now Im observing a patient, and Im not able to predict how the situation will develop after the operation, but it is necessary his hormonal balance should be regulated on the head level. The urologists know, that the urinary bladder is directly connected with the brain. In embryo it develops simultaneously with the brain. I am willing to concede that they form from the same sprout, so the connection maintained. Psychotropic agents influence the urinary bladder diseases. Another example is childish enuresis. A child starts to wee by some reason. When our doctors speak to mothers, they try to find the primary stress situation. And they are able to find it in most cases. It confirms the relation with brain. The acupuncture helps wary well in such cases. The acupuncture influences the same serotonin level. There are dissertations that prove the fact. So the FSC no. 8 works perfectly with children struggling with the enuresis. It works wary well with any urinary bladder problems. The urinary bladder may suffer from the infection in addition to other troubles. In this case the FSC no.1 will be needed.

Now we will speak about urolithiasis. What is an urolithiasis? Every doctor, practicing the Chinese traditional medicine will tell You that it is the excess of the cold in the urinary blader and kidneys channel. And what is the excess of the cold? It is when all the salts start to concentrate and form the stones. There is a very simple remedy to cope with the urolithiasis. It is the urine PH change. The first way is to choose 3 or 4 days of the week and change our diet. We eat only alkaline vegetables. And the urine PH becomes more alkalized. As a result the acid salts we had are dissolved and deduced. In the rest of the week we have our ordinary ration. And our ordinary meals have an acid PH value. A very simple remedy. If we will use the FSC no. 2 in addition, we will increase the deducing of salts and stones greatly. Only the unnecessary salts, not the salts we need. The implementation of the FSC no.2 may speed up the medical treatment of the urolithiasis. If the attack comes, and it is not a strong one, the FSC no. 1 could be used. Its action will help You to relive pain and to widen the vessels. If the pain syndrome is strong, do not hesitate to call for an ambulance. But if the medicine they are going to inject will be placed upon the FSC no. 1 for 5 minutes, all the pathology manifestations will be removed in shorter time.

Now lets consider the sexual system. I should say that it suffers immensely in the case of the osteochondrosis. The prostate enervation is put into effect by the first and the second lumbar vertebras. Through the pelvic plexus. If the enervation is breached the blood supply is suffering. Every gland responds with the increase of its size to the blood supply shortage. The hypertrophy occurs. So in the majority of cases the adenoma of the prostate results from the osteochondrosis and only from the lack of the sexual life and stagnation. Women in the same situation suffer from the womb myoma. So get Your spinal columns in good shape! And nothing terrible will happen. The FSC no. 6& 7 will help us to do that. If we take into the consideration the fact that after 50 the hormonal background starts to change, the hormones spectrum changes and the hormones do not perform their functions fully. So the use of the FSC, which regulate the hormonal background is desirable. So men also need the FSC no. 4. And women the FSC no. 3 They regulate the level of the sexual hormones. But they are not that good at the thyroid gland regulation. I need to stress one thing. It often happens in the case of the autoimmune thyroiditis. Our beloved dames, felling not well and having some temperature, continue to work. We are all patriots, we need to work, so we go and work. Our thyroid gland works at the breakneck speed. Our thyroid gland along with the mammary gland has one peculiarity: the hormone separates from it with a piece of the cell. Antibodies to these cell pieces are produced. In result the thyroid gland works at the breakneck speed and the immune system works fast too. The antibodies tie and deduce the hormones, and the organism gets nothing. The result is: at first hand, the mammary glands start to suffer, the mastopathy develops. At the second hand the stomach starts to suffer, no matter how strange it may sound. But it is not really strange because the thyroid gland regulates the secretion absolutely of all hormones. To be precise it creates the arrangement of conditions for the secretion of all hormones. If the thyroid gland doesnt works well, the cells that produce mucus also dont work well. The mucus protects our stomach from its own acid. The gastritis begins, and so on Then the ovary stops to function normally and hormonal hysteromyoma starts. The sexual sphere starts to work for increasing its volume. That is the clinical presentation in case of the autoimmune thyroiditis. And it happens gradually, step by step. The speed of the process depends on the antibodies level. This function could be restored with the help of the FSC no. 6. It has unique properties needed to help in this situation. Men may also suffer from the autoimmune thyroiditis. It is connected with the gastritis as well. And also with the prostatitis. The vitality decrees is observed in this case. They may also need the FSC no.6. It balances the thyroid gland function in cases of the autoimmune problems. Thats exactly what the FSC no. 6 does. How to know if one has the autoimmune problems? To do this I always ask one simple question: how do You get up in the morning? Because the thyroid gland is the gland of the awakening. One should get up quickly open ones eyes, jump to ones feet and run away. If it is not Your pattern of awakening, If You need to gather Yourself, if You have to force Yourself to get up be calm about the necessity to pass the blood test on the thyroid gland hormones level. You will see the antibodies there. Its for sure! In this case the idleness is the organisms mask, it is a way to justify Your condition. It is the brain processes which justify Your state. There idleness does not really exists.

A question: The nnight urinary incontinence.

Lets return back to the osteochondrosis, and to the hormonal background, weve talked about recently. If You want it specifically put the FSC no. 8 under the pillow, use the FSC no. 6 & 7 to structure meals and drinks, and carry the FSC no. 3 or no. 4 on Your body. Number 3 for women, and number 4 for men.

A question: how to combine all of these?

Well, carry the FSC no. 3 during the day time. Use the FSC n0. 6 as a dish stand, and the FSC no. 7 to structure all yhe water You drink. Use the FSC no. 8 for an evening shower, and put it under the pillow.

In case when You feel Your sacrum becomes dumb while You are sitting, it is probably connected with the osteochondrosis, You should set the sacrum. If when awakening You feel that Your toes grew numb, it is also probably connected with the osteochondrosis. So all your troubles in the pelvic area are connected with the osteochondrosis. In case the troubles have an inflammation nature You may use the FSC no. 1. You can structure the liquid You use for the syringing, and for all wash outs You may use. Even it is possible to use it instead of the sanitary towel at the night time.

A question: A painful insomnia, the medecinec do not help.

What from ? if You allow me to ask.

Out of nothing!

Probably thereis a couple of viruces in Your blood. So dealing eith the majority of troubles we should start from the combination no. 1 and no. 2. Carry them in the daytime on Your body and drink structured water. It is recommended to use the FSC. no 1 in the morning, and the FSC no. 2 after 16 p.m. Put the FSC no. 8 under the pillow, and use it for the evening shouer and for Your supperstructuring. Do the pumping twice a day it gives a very good result.

A question: How to deal with trombophlebitis?

The trombophlebitis is an inflammation process, so You should definitely use no. 1 & 2. The trombophlebitis is the vessel disease, so add the FSC no. 6. And the vessels are governed by the head so it is desirable to add the FSC no. 8.

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