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FSCs with Mayan Cosmoenergy channels

When addressing Mayan channels I will preserve Russian writing, giving my transliteration.

From Sergey Valentinovich Koltsovs speech at the Center Region Company event, February 2-nd

When we decided to release a new FSC set, my brain start to boil, because in my hands there are not only eight, but twenty eight or thirty eight prototypes. We had to set up the main idea, and we started to analyze what is missing in the previous sets.

Generally speaking, life itself pushed us to make a choice, and once again Im going to say a strange thing, in the direction of cleaning our own consciousness and sub- consciousness. Because it is unreal to get to the problem roots when people encounter with situations when any existing FSCs do not help. With existing methods it is unreal. Professional doctors are at a loss in such situations, saying: we do not know how to cure it. From the information point of view such problems should not exist.

And as if in order to give a final argument, a confirmation that the chosen direction is correct, they gave me a training this week. On Tuesday I had unclear symptoms cant understand what it is, chest is stuffed up, then a pressure rise I did not had one for a century, and pressure jump skyrocketing, then I measured temperature just in case, it showed up 37,2. Whatever I tried to do no effect. Then I started to call my people who possess clairvoyance, saying: may be you will see something? They say: you know what, you have some suckers at the thin level I say: ok, now we will start to deal with them.

More than half a year ago I paid attention at a new set of Cosmoenergy channels, which are called Mayan Cosmic Tellurgy. I simply checked if Im able to open them without anybodys help. It appeared I can start them and make hard copies. Then I started to check if anyone is also able to do that. It appeared that I know only four such people who are able to do that, the ones who live without any traces of back-thoughts. Such people are able to open Mayan channels without formal description, they can do it on autopilot, and everything works well.

I already made a formal copies from more than 40 of these Mayan channels. And I selected those which help a human being to get rid of all kinds of bindings from this current life and from the past lives. I started to clean myself from all these bindings suckers and things, and ask people who possess clairvoyance to see what happens, what channels are most effective. It appeared that we are living in a strange world, where everything is built on yin-yan principle, at the balance of light and darkness. And it is desirable that light would prevail at least a little, in order to ensure the possibility of our creative activities. Did you saw The Mysteries of The World two days ago on TV? How did you liked it? When they openly spoke about numerous psychotropic weapons, that there is a lot of people who are able to program any other person and manipulate his consciousness. It was a final argument, that persuaded me to do something about it, to give normal people instruments with which they would be able to get rid of such adventures. Because they even train managers with NLP techniques, and they are able to control other people. that is any human should be able to get rid of such things more or less easily.

There is a lot of serious channels in the Mayan Cosmoenergy set, I choose six of them as a necessary and sufficient set. I combined Mayan channels with the classical Cosmoenergy Channels in order to clean the thin bodies. They are looking as follows:

One of the channels is aura protection;

Another one is injection (pumping up) of all thin bodies;

But prior to injection and protection one should tear everything off. Even ties with dead people interfere with our lives. Particularly it was my situation, when the tie was disbanded, my temperature decreased rapidly. When the last tie was disbanded everything came into norm. at that it was shown clearly: regardless of what you may do with regular FSCs absolutely no reaction. Not a bit. Nothing pains, no external manifestations, it is possible to live, but not for long, because such state is boring. It happened, there is very interesting channel which tears off all ties at the thin level, including sub-consciousness. I buried a friend two years ago, my people with clairvoyance openly pointed out at the connection what for you need it? Yes we were close with his family, we were good friends, and he was a secret service retied resident in south-east Asia. We were very close and the tie remained, I disbanded it with the help of Mayan channels.

More to it, in this set there is a Channel, which is able to tear off ties which are at the sub-consciousness level. They could create such ties and a person even would not suspect anything about the existence of such a connection. Such mechanism allows to control private consciousness of a person. I would say that I do not want to allow anybody to control myself. Let people negotiate openly instead of practicing zobification and dirty tricks. More to it, I advise that some of the channels instantly return dirty tricks to the author, who tried to control others consciousness. I advise it will be very painful.

Another dynamic problem. In harmonious state the energy-information centers we call chakras, should rotate and interact with a specific phase shifts. If this synchronization is violated one may fell ill. And there is a separate cosmoenergy channel, which deals with this problem.

Many people are acquainted with such a term as astral essences and even get used to them. Many of us communicate with clairvoyant people and the tell such things as: here is a tortoise sitting at your spinal column, or a snake, or somebody else. They are the astral essences, we spoke about them when discussed the lilac FSCs. They really exist, and we attract them by the law of similarity, similar attracts to similar, and here the ecology of thoughts comes to the front place. Any burst of emotions, no matter what emotions- negative, positive, in a moment time produces a hole at the aura, obligatory some astral essence will be attracted.

Some people are acquainted with Bronnicov school, I was at several classes when they open clairvoyance. The tie eyes to pupils and ask them to describe what essences they are seeing, what are they, are they bad or good?. AT that training takes place in the childrens garden building. And people start to list: here in the corner a smiling ball-like essence is sitting which is fed by child laughter it is a good one, but adult people, especially when exhibit anger may easily catch unpleasant essences. And a channel exists which tears out all that stuff. One thing is when you have to seek help of some alternative practitioner, and another thing is when you may do it yourself with the help of Mayan Channels. They help to burn the essences down and turn out neck and crop, both from consciousness and sub- consciousness.

Then I have a problem, because only two FSCs are left in a set of eight, which we are going to issue. One is clear people required an FSC for gardening, and I did one for plants watering. It is a set of Channels from Classical Cosmoenergy, I checked it for two years, gave several samples to friends, they used round during a week then pass to another person. In every case plants grew like crazy, We did experiments in the industrial hotbeds. We send one sample into Baku. We should have give it into some of our Moscow district farms,where we could have some access, but for some inexplicable reason our people send the FSC to Baku, a half-year silence followed. For some time I had no idea what is going on there they cease using insecticides, cucumber grow almost two times faster, I say why they are not righting the paper? They say: we understand, their agronomist is from Israel, now I say: now the puzzle comes into place, then we will see a standard situation, they will try to saw FSC till magnets and get calmed Wishing you great success in coping, good luck !

There is another worldly problem, people may need help with social adaptation at different levels. When a mutual understanding is lost in situations like mother and son, man and wife, and so on. Very often the root case is not some differences in the worldview, but simply someone interferes, someone took root, some ill-wisher hampers. It is possible to create a set of Channels, which could be called for worldly problems solution.

At that, an interesting feature of all these themes is that they automatically adapt to a specific person. When I prepared these FSCs, I supplemented them with channels from Classical Cosmoenergy, which ensure influence dosage in every session. That is, if a human operator would work with Mayan Channels, he would be able to control the process: when to open, and when to close, when to stop some process. I deliberately stick to the principle better to do fewer but with quality. All these channels get started in 5 minutes, there is no need to carry new FSCs with you all day long. You place it at the body, after five minutes you may remove. When they would snap into action? I observed different situations: from 1 minute till 3 hours. It all depends on a problem one have.

So, here is a chance to combine all the themes, about which you often ask in our meetings for solution of the worldly problems it is the relation problems. In order overcome deadlocks, which many people periodically encounter, and psychological anxiety starts. And another trend is business restoration and improvement. And it is possible to combine all these things together. At that, when practicing it manually, it would be a difficult task, because it is difficult to open and control several different channels, it will take a lot of time. It is much easier when you have them at a hard copy, everything works on autopilot. It is possible to combine these Channels in different combinations, I checked it. How I did it? Put two different hard copies at the body and see what happens. Similar to that the way I showed you the co-tuning of two FSCs.

And also I have a separate theme from a place of power which I visited this year at Sakhalin that is where I had a lot of climbing, At Sakhalin we climbed at their sacral place of power, which they call A Frog. There is a felling, that Sakhalin is a junction of energies from all previous ages. All hills there are from quartzite. First of all, all of them are of volcanic origin, secondary quartzite. They do not guide first met people there, even form native population. We were there with Radkova Ludmila Ivanovna, it was really difficult to climb the Altarnaya mounting, the root is not long by itself about 5 kilometers, but we had to climb 800 meters, and a bamboo verdure under feet not a real obstacle the energetic is really heavy, we felt as if pood weights were chained to our feet. And me reached the top there were two big stones, standing 300 meters apart from each other one man, another feminine. We restore forces in 10 minutes, it would be possible to climb even higher. Of course we took water samples, brought them here work really brilliantly.

So we will discuss what themes to choose for production. The last theme is very good for quick restoration of forces, especially when organism becomes acidized. Many sportsmen come to me with a request to do such an FSC. They need correctors to restore muscles, ligaments, tendons after percussion loads.

Of course, all this thin level ties and bindings poison our lives. Who was the guinea pig? How to check whether it works or not, what did I wrote? As usual at least valuable crew members, at myself. Of course, I checked it at myself.

At that, all these new FSC brilliantly work distantly, because they accented to influence the thin level. The physiology is secondary target here. Absolutely clear that this set will work distantly very well. through hair. Photographs in less degree. I looked at the web at health matrix by Garyaev, where he pretends to copy the noise from a photograph. Why they do not give a thought about disturbances which exist in every human being, even at the childhood age. More to it, he does not understand the fact of 2007 dynamic shift. I advised you a lot of times to be careful with photographs made before 2007, they all are filled with quiet different outer rhythms.

Such a set is ready, we will discuss it for a week or two, on what themes to choose, generally speaking, there is a lot of curative themes as well, I even did not mentioned them here. It is a completely different generation. It is possible to work with animal as well, and to do a lot of other interesting things

Surely I will modernize existing FSCs. For example, the blue series is unable to reach problems related with consciousness. Why? It is obvious, that when we record information from plants, we are dealing maximum with season rhythms. And to solve more global problems slower rhythms are needed. Remember druids, they managed to solve all problems with the help of trees. It is correct, trees bear yearly rhythms, and different trees has specific chords. It is possible to move this way, but it is a long road. They gave more powerful instrument in our hands.

Koltsov S. V. From internet conference. February 27-th.

Now about new plates, Generally speaking I already have all hard copies. I prepared 6 FSC plates for different aspects of the thin level cleaning. Especial theme connected with plants watering, because people asked me to make an FSC for gardening. Those people who already had a chance to test these plates as samples, noticed the gratitude with which plants responded at such watering. Growing with crazy speed without fertilizers. They grow very well.

They ask a question about (Isanam) and (Itinam) channels cleaning negative karma by maternal and paternal lines respectively. The point is that I can't write them down formally, because in order to start these channels correctly, one has to draw his genealogic tree at least down to the forth knee. When I started to analyze my own genealogy, I discovered that I have no idea about my forth knee of ancestors. In such situation there is no use to make such an FSC. 

Question: When there will be FSCs that defend from negative essences?

Answer: Here is a complete set, I am able even to list Mayan Channels, used for the new series. The (Chalan) channel for elimination of astral essences. Those people who undergo trainings by Bronnikov system (opening of Clair vision) may see these essences in the form of different insects, reptiles, snakes, lizards, which may seat along the spinal column. It is exactly astral essences. The thin world is populated very densely, the fact that we do not see them, does not mean they do not exist.

Question: Is it possible to get Orion channels after the Mayan Cosmo energy channels?

Answer: By the way, I have one, exactly from Orion Portal, we wrote a hard copy at the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city, when visited Altarnaya Mounting. Works very well, by the way.

Question: Will there be FSCs for tooth ?

Answer: Please, I wrote such channels, and checked them at myself. At least inflammation processes are cured very well. If you want to say: is it possible to grow new tooth by far I do not know how.

Question: Will it be possible to do pumpings with these new FSCs ?

Answer: You know they work very specifically. Depending on the problem the channel starts automatically maximum in five minutes time. After that there is no need to hold Mayan FSC at the body. Because in case the channel is started, then it will work further on its own. I saw different situations: when a channel worked only one minute, till several hours. At that only one problem gets solved at a time, I consciously restricted dosage in order to avoid overload.

Question: It will be painful to use FSC with (Eklen) channel , how to reduce pain?

Answer: It is a channel which gets into sub-consciousness problems. Into problems about existence of which one may even have no idea. It does not mean that there are no problems. We checked it at the event which was at the Academy of Science (February the 2-nd), many were indignant by this channel, it initiates rather serious cleaning.

Question: Who opened the Mayan Channels for these new FSCs ?

Answer: There were no need for a special person, they were simply given by the Lord. That is they exiat on their own, one should only correctly address them verbally, and they will turn on. I know a number of people, who can start them without any consecration.

Question: How did you get consecration into Mayan Channels?

Answer: I simply tried and checked myself- whether I can start them. It appeared I can

Question: A standard question about troubles in family relations. Mother daughter, father and son, and so on.

Answer: yes, there could be situations when a person has unnecessary essences. In order to get rid of them we are going to issue these 6 new FSCs. They all are different. Some work with thin essences, to say correctly non material essences, other tear down suckers, including karmic suckers, which may came from some grand-mothers or grand-fathers, about which one may even have no slightest idea.

Question: Will there be especial FSCs for animals?

Answer: I can do such thing, there are necessary channels.

Question: Tell about new FSCs in details

Answer: I may start to list the names of the channels. I told about (Chalan) channel for elimination of different astral essences all kinds of astral spiders and cockroaches. The (Chaal Tsyk) channel should be used after you cleaned your aura with previous channels. This channel encapsulates aura and works as a watchdog, in order to maintain the defense. The (Buurmok) channel for elimination of all kinds of suckers, including sub-consciousness suckers, such things one may never guess about. I also spoke about (Shopl) channel, which disbands zobification, love-potions, alcohol dependences, going out of the family it regulate such problems. (Iakelel) channel for disbandment of negative energy connections. It is the those who practice black magic, they use to tie down a man to themselves and suck energy little by little. The Iakelel channel tears all these off. (Kuvva) channel is designated for chakras and meridian cleaning form negative programs, magic, all kinds of witchcraft. I mentioned the (Chaal Tsyk) channel is a high vibration fireball that defends from dark forces of all kinds. It seems that I listed everything.

Question: How to work correctly with the Mayan Cosmoenergy channels ?

Answer: I thought for you about it, they will automatically adapt to a concrete person. You even do not have to speak with them like with lilac FSCs.

Question: How many new FSCs will be released?

Answer: A standard series of 8 pieces. In case there will be a need in more Im able to produce 8 more. I say, there is more than 200 different themes in the Mayan Cosmoenergy.

Question: Gardeners need FSCs for plant watering already in May.

Answer: I will try to release them by May, There is 8 FSCs it is a lot of work. They will appear gradually in march and April.

Question: Is it possible to get rid of parasites using green and lilac FSCs? Or one cant do without no. 1 ?

Answer: There is a lot of plates which poses anti-parasite properties take The Golden Pyramid for example. The same Healthy intellect (no. 13) because birch bark is written on it, and birch bark is a powerful anti-septic.

I decided not to write down the (Shople) channel, because there is a similar theme at the 11-th FSC. it is the channel which is designated for disbandment of zobification, love-potions, alcohol dependences, going out of the family, and so on. I may wright it down, in such a case there will be not 6 but 7 FSCs for cleaning, and the eighth the plants watering.

Here is a question; along with channels that help to get rid of essences, what curative channels will be present in the new series? Well, it does not come out. Nowadays a lot of diseases of pure informational origin appeared, which are called the phantom problems. That is, aura was influenced or distorted, then a chronic problem forms at the physiology level. So, at the first hand, the instruments are required in order to be able to get rid of these invisible things. You put the question correctly, there is a number of channels, which are designated, say for blood pressure reduction, for diabetes healing, even anti-cancer channel exists. These should be checked with doctors, the statistics should be collected.

Someone uses FSC no. 1 for defending plants from mold. Yes, it works, but here at this specialized FSC with plant watering channels especial preparation is added, many people should know it sengara. It is designated to oppose mold, including black mold. And it is really dangerous thing, if it starts to appear, it is extremely difficult to get rid of it.

Question: About mastopathy

Answer: There is a special channel in the Mayan cosmoenergy, which works with mastopathy. There is a lot of specific channels there, which are directly aimed at different illnesses. It seems they will be included into the next series. Because there are too many channels, including all branching, there are about 200 channels. Formally there about 75 channels, but many have up to 10 specific branches.

Recently, I prepared several FSCs for diabetes, people report that sugar level came to norm from the sky-high values of 16-14.

Question: Blue FSCs may not cope recently...

Answer: Yes. It is because outer field continues to train us with slow rhythms. That is mold and fungus continue to attack. And it is extremely difficult to cope with them. Recently I did a hard copies from 2 active tuberculosis forms, and it seems that I catch it myself, it took 3 weeks to recover. I myself could not believe in the data, these mico-bacterium manage to combine both old 51 second rhythms, with the new ones which are 34 seconds, the resulting influence cycle was about 8 minutes! I cannot imagine medicines which would be able to cope with it.

Question: About my promise to upgrade the Blue series at the new resonator ?

Answer: it could be done at the old one as well. The point is that among Mayan Cosmoenergy channels, there is a lot of channels which fall exactly into designation of the blue FSC plates. For example, there is a separate channel (Bul), which works as detox. There is separate anti-parasite channel, and it is a sensible thing to add them to the existing FSCc no. 1 and 2.

Question: How the modernization of the blue FSCs will look ?

Answer: The old ones will work as well, and I will add new information, I periodically do such things.

Question: Then how to define modernized blue FSCs from the old ones?

Answer: No way to define.

Question: If it is not allowed to carry an FSC at the heart area.

Answer: It is allowable. We hold down such implementation mode until we understood it clearly. Now when we understood, you may place them at the heart area, nothing horrible.

Question: Somebodys hart seems to jump out, when using FSC no. 9

Answer: Youd better start with placing it at the antecubital fossa at the hand. Couse the influence should propagate via blood and lymph circulation.

Question: What Stanislav Valentinovich Zenin had in mind when he spoke about non-local correlation of macro objects?

Answer: Exactly that everything is connected with everything. It is the essence of non-locality. It is not about the FSCs will work as far as resonator they were magnetized in exists. No, already assembled FSC will work eternally until physically destroyed.

Question: Someone have high cholesterol

Answer: One should drink more (structured) water.

Question: There is 432 frequency inside the FSC ?

Answer: It is not Hertz, which you probably have in mind. It is nano-meters, a helium-neon laser wavelength; you should not mix it up with frequencies.

Question: What FSC protects from computer games dependence ?

Answer: Logically it is the eleventh plate.

Question: One FSC from the new series would not be enough to straighten out all aura problems?

Answer: It would not be enough, they are really different. One new FSC synchronizes rotation of chakras, another tears of suckers from sub-consciousness, another disbands zombification, fifth pumps up aura, the sixth protects. i do not know how to combine them into one plate.

Question: Why it is difficult to do business nowadays ?

Answer: A serious question. Really, Im facing a dilemma. What will be the eighth FSC. I have channels which are designated for business improvement.

Question: New FSC will be more powerful than previous. ?

Answer: The question is incorrect, the point is that Mayan Channels are by order more powerful than classical cosmoenergy.

Question: Will new FSCs substitute the lilac series?

Answer: No, they are absolutely different.

Question: I did not understand what you mean by: and here is an uncovered business - the new FSC series

Answer: I am not sure it is for business, it is safety measures, for no one would be able to turn a human into an puppy.

Question: Why joint pains became more acute?

Answer: Well, yes, we are in a last year of the transition. During 2014 all bone system cells should renew at all people. So an accented influence at the bone system is not excluded.

Question: bought some FSCs 4 years ago...

Answer: They are working normally, you only take a 1,8 mm drill and clean out the corner holes at the internal FCS plate. And it will work normally. We used very supple material, and they may flow down and became smaller than normal. That should not be allowed. An 1,8 mm drill should hardly pass through the holes (at the FSC inner plate corners).

Question: How FSCs interact with mirrors?

Answer: A good question, you can clean any mirrors with the help of FSCs. That is to clean out unnecessary information. Mirrors catch a lot of information, and FSCs can clean all that out. The same way the clothes of dead people could be cleaned. They recommend to burn down the clothes of dead people if you do not know how to clean it. You should not burn anything place an FSC at the clothes. It will disband unnecessary information. Simply put any FSC at the mirror surface, let it lay for some time.

Question: What does it mean close channels at the FSC?

Answer: Exactly what it is: You simply say: Im closing (name the channel) and thats all.

Question: What FSC to place in the car ?

Answer: Unambiguously it is no 16 The Clear Space.

Question: Anti-Cataclysm in the car?

Answer: No it will work worse than The Clear Space. Anti-Cataclysm has another and wider destination to disband global conflicts.

Question: is there a new FSC more powerful than Anti-Cataclysm?

Answer: You see, one should set the task correctly. Starting from February 7-th, from the beginning of the Olympic games, Anti-Cataclysm holds entire European region of Russian Federation. If it would not hold the situation, it would be hard to guess what will take place at the Ukraine.

Question: After ozone treatment water is like form a spring. Shell I structure it after that

Answer: You should not be carried away, read articles by Voeykov Moscow state University biological faculty dean deputy he wrote in details about active forms of oxygen. Both chlorine and ozone are not good for organism, it needs only stable molecules. So if you treat water with ozone let it to stand still, everything should stabilize.

Question: I saw a video about electromagnetic influence of mobile phones, where an egg gets boiled.

Answer: FSCs would hardly prevent from electromagnetic irradiation, which boils eggs, it will stay as it is. But informational component, which influences water structure, FSC will be influenced. So you speak without back-thoughts. With a defensive device mobile phone becomes a therapeutic device.

Question:Tell the secret of active longevity, What to eat?

Answer: Natural products. Not genetically modified, because all that modification leads, at the first place, to violation of genital functions.

Question: Can you name firms which sell genetically -modified products?

Answer: No one will tell you that a product contains GMO. Some MLN companies. For example, Organo Gold I can tell clearly about it it is clear zombification. Not a trace of real reishi mashrooms, they look dynamically absolutely different. If one will drink such tea and coffee for three weeks and a human turns into a puppy. A lot of people came to me with such problems, during my latest visit into Sankt Petersburg one woman comes to me and says: @Do not know what to do with my husband? Have enough of these drinks, stuck into computer, no interest in wife and home

Question: At her internet conference Hotchenkova told about dangers of Kayani drops.

Answer: Well I inspected those flasks, really dangerous thing, they a trying to turn a human into a puppy by turning off all upper chakras, including the heart chakra. Only animal functions are left.

Question: How to neutralize GMO products?

Answer: No way, because information is already at the fiber level , which generally speaking, create the polarization. When people start to interfere with gene structures, even at plants, no one is able to control the observance of whirl field rules, what is called hiral purity rules. That is why GMO plants are so dangerous. Imagine that I held in hands a potato with a scorpio gene, even Colorado beetle refuses to eat it. A question arises: is it needed for a human being as well? Or he will turn into a scorpio himself, and start biting ?

Appendix. General information about Mayan Cosmoenergy Channels

Mayan Cosmoenergy channels belong to the fourth generation of Cosmoenergy, it is evolution of sacral Cosmology. First, the power of these channels in 5-10 times exceeds the power of any previously known Cosmoenergy channels. Second, they are more intelligent, than others, if opened at the patient they find a problem at his body on their own, preventing waste of precious energy. Third they penetrate deep into sub-consciousness, which other sets of channels unable to do. Unlike zombification and coding, this penetration results in normalization of the psycho sphere, that is, their action is similar to modern informational psycho-correction techniques, this is a correction from the Lord. It is possible to heal any condition with the help of Mayan cosmoenergy Channels. Lords goodness is unlimited and these channels bear powerful energies for making karma easier, for forgiveness and deduction of sins, for support of your kin, for improving of existence in different directions: relations, business, private life, spirituality, and even for improvement of appearance and rejuvenation. All these are wave pulses from Lord, so they cannot do any harm, it is silly to be afraid of them, they are intelligent and respond to love. Those who undergo consecration into Mayan Cosmoenergy Channels may start using them at once to cure himself and others, without long period of preliminary working.

The change of life values and rebuilding of personality is always a long and painful process. So people have to overcame difficulties in their quest to spirituality and during their own personal evolutional development. Everyone who is seeking ways of spiritual development, who is searching for Truth, should remember about requirements to their personality: the necessity of cleanness of thoughts and deeds, control of illusion, responsibility when using this knowledge.

Here is a list of Mayan Cosmoenergy Channels

- Itsamna universal channel mans energy, working for fulfillment of all life and energy problems;

-ܻ - Ish Chel - universal channel womans energy, working for fulfillment of all life and energy problems;

- Kuvva practiced for chakra cleaning from negative influences, thin bodies and meridians cleaning;

ͻ - Tann - practiced for supply / nourishment / enlightens of chakras, meridians, thin bodies with light / positive energies of the Universe;

̻ - Isanam - practiced for cleaning negative karma at motherly line (kin);

̻ - itinam - practiced for cleaning negative karma at fatherly line (kin);

ʻ - Buurmok designated for penetration deep into sub-consciousness, exposure of negative origins of bad state of health and elimination of these negative programs;

ɻ - Kuui work with children;

ʻ - Missik work with animals;.

˻ - Tuzukul - practiced for cleaning premises both habitable and uninhabitable.

û - Koog - for working with information fields;

ǻ - Pudz for going out into astral world;

-ʻ - Chaal Tsyk - most powerful defense system from negative informational influences, from dark forces of any origin (anti-religious, witchcraft, black-magic, the other world, and so on).

˻ - Yaklel for disbandment of negative ties;

ʻ - Alkak for going out of stagnation and moving forward;

-ͻ - Muul Tukan abundance, wealth, prosperity, good luck, success, happiness;

Ȼ - Inihi for removal of the crown of celibacy, the seal of loneliness;.

˻ - Shoppol for disbandmaent of zombification, coding at love potion, alcogolism, going out of the family, and so on;

- Kanka for solution of the worldly problems;

ͻ - Chalan elimination of the astral essences:

һ - Tsat the improvement of business;

л - Takor blood pressure normalization;

ʻ - Chaochak improves features, bearing, body slim, character changes;

һ - Katt fast renewal of old and ill cells;

̻ - Iom for rapid wounds and ulcers healing , scars resorption;

˻ - Bul for dedusing of toxins out of the organism;

һ - Bikfit for healing hereditary diseases;

ʻ- Aak healing of the immune system diseases;

- Baka for healing urological diseases;

Ȼ - Kemi - for vegetative system healing;

ӻ - Tukku for lithoclasty in kidneys, gallbladder and urinary bladder, bile and urine ducts, for turning stones into sand and deducing it:

ʻ - Udek for thyroid gland problems;

- Iota works with gastro-intestinal tract;

˻ -Kannill works with tendons and muscles;

ͻ - Kuun cardiovascular diseases;

ǻ - Itz lymph system healing;

ӻ - Boyu for neuropsychic diseases healing;

ͻ - Ken respiratory organs healing;

˻ - Bikill for healing intestines;

Ȼ - Imi for mastopathy healing;

ӻ - Kapu diseases and problems connected with head;

ϻ - Kapsup for oral cavity, gum and tooth problems;

- Bagana for bones, spinal column and disc problems;

ʻ - Kasnak waist healing;

л - Tsapur skin diseases;

λ - Chiketto virus and infection disiases;

ʻ - Okk problems with legs;

޻ - Oyu against sleeplessness, nightmares;

ӻ - Paku for eyes problems;

λ - Hao diabetes healing;

˻ - Keoll genitals diseases;

л - Bouger liver diseases;

л - Olgir cancer;

ͻ - Khatun womens diseases;

Ż - Imishyshche - gullbladder diseases;

-Ż - Baldis Vuage from frigidity and impotence;

λ - Yaso problems with speech;

- Soopka - hair loss problems;

λ - Basipo astral surgery;

޻ - Tsu Mammary glands problems;

ջ - Kukh elimination of pulled up outsiders problems which are at the shoulders and back.

Ż - Tamiyashche - healing of pancreas diseases;

̻ - Yukum healing of infection and viral diseases;

̻ -Yushum - healing of blood diseases;

л - Kullbur ear-nose-throat diseases healing;

ͻ - Chayan parasitary diseases;

ɻ - Geray elimination of hair at women;

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