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7 miraculous words of Doctor Temnicov

Gennadiy Yakovlevitch Temnicov is a doctorate of medical sciences, a doctorate of sociology sciences, psychologist, psychotherapist. He conducts a number of seminars all over the world and every time he accentuates his desire to share his methods with as many people as possible. A remarkable feature of his method is the fact, that it is an informational method in a pure form. His approach is absolutely independent from the S.V. Koltsovs approach but both came to a conclusion that the information is the prime reason of all diseases. It is a very simple method anyone can master simply by following the steps which I will describe. But it is an essence of G. Y. Temnicovs experience and practical work.


Being a student of Tomsk medical institute Gennadiy Yakovlevitch noticed some sensation in his hands when he did the palpation of his patients. He correlated these hand sensations with his patients medical reports and started to systemize the information. He proposed that a pain felling is a kind of biological information signal that propagates not only to the patients brain, but into the outer space as well. And the signals could be detected and deciphered. After several years of practice he discovered that his information based diagnosis are in advance with the diagnosis based on traditional tests. He came to a key conclusion that the disease appears on the informational level long time before it could be detected by medical tests on the physical level. So he decided to try and find some information based methods to treat the disease. And his practice shows great results, when by means of removing the informational origin of the disease, it is cured on the physical level. His miraculous words are the correction programs whish mend the information wreckage introduced by the disease. Two definitions are used in his method description:

  1. A state. One could be in different psychological states, for example, in a state of love, anger, rupture, anxiety. Everybody is wary well acquainted with the psychological states.
  2. A scenario. A scenario is a consequence of states leading to a definite result. For example a repair scenario is used in this method. The consequence of steps in the scenario is performed with a definite feelings.

Seven miraculous words

On a sheet of paper, or at the notepad write down in column seven words. They will be the miraculous words of Your own, or the codes whish should correspond with 7 states described below. But there is some requirements Your words should meet. Take them seriously, because the requirements were formulated as a result of a long term doctor Temnikovs practice.

These should be new words , You never used before. But it is not required that they will have any sense. Well known words already have some definite associations in Your mind. (a lemon is associated with acid taste and so on) But now You need to associate seven states of your own which have no common used word to name them. Think of them as a computer programs names. A program could be executed say by typing its name, and You do not need to know the entire program code doing these, and the program name may mean nothing to a person not related with computers. For example, Qwerty is near to perfect, but it is associated with a keyboard layout. So ytrewq is much better. You shod pick Your own words.

Nobody but You should know the words. If You need to speak of them, name the state they are associated with. You can carry the notepad with the words written with You, but if You show them to someone or pronounce them, the words will lose their power and You should redo the process with absolutely new words. These may sound strange, but You are going to fight a parasite destructive program, which causes the disease, and it has a primitive intellect.

Love. The first miraculous word or code should be linked with the state of love. With the most powerful felling of love You ever experienced. No matter to whom. It could be love to another man, to a child, to Your pet, or to all mankind. Take the one whish provokes a maximum emotional response in You. Take several minutes to recollect Your feelings, reproduce the emotions connected with the state of love in Your soul and silently in Your mind pronounce the first word. From now on theyare connected in You subconsciousness. Every time You will mentally pronounce the first word the state of love program will be summoned and executed.

Hate. A state in which You were ready to tear somebody to pieces, a hate in its highest degree. It is a very useful state, when You need to drive away something outside of You. Choose the most emotional hate experience You can remember and try to live it through once again and mentally pronounce the second miraculous word the second code.

Repair and maintenance. It is a scenario. Recollect Your feelings when you painted or mended something in Your house, or created something with Your own hands. Anything You enjoyed to do by Your own. It may vary from suing and cleaning Your house with love, to maintenance of complex mechanisms, or electric devices. Remember Your satisfaction when it was done perfectly, how proud You were at the moment. Link in Your mind the feelings with the third code word.

Activation and stimulation. It is a scenario again. Here You should remember Your sports activities when You had to gather all possible and impossible efforts to achieve the goal. Or may be in Your case it was a preparation to some complex examination. Take any suitable situation that evokes the feelings in You and silently in Your mind pronounce the forth miraculous word to link it with the activation scenario.

Universal matrix. Now You need to recall how You felt in the age of 19 years old. This age is best remembered by the cells memory. How easy the things were when You were just 19? How free You felt. How You enjoyed the perfect healthy state of Your body. What did You feel about great opportunities opened in front of You? Be absorbed in the state of Your own youth for several minutes and mentally link it with the fifth miraculous word.

Ideal Woman. Both genders have to program the last two programs. Both has some manlike and womanlike properties but in different proportions and with different accents. Any invented or really existing person will do. It is Yours admiration and feelings that matters. Think about every distinguishing feature the woman of Your dream should have. Free Your fantasy, enjoy the process of creating an ideal of Your own and mentally link the state with the sixth code.

Ideal Man. Much the same, like the previous case. Its better to stress Macho streaks over romantics, though many women would like to see some handsomeness in men. Link the state with the seventh word.

How to use the miraculous words

When all the programming is done, we will learn a simple run formula. It is basically the same in all cases. Three element run formula: Pain Code Pain. All should be done silently in Your mind. You may have a look at Your notepad, but You should not show the words to anyone, even to the nearest and dearest. The formula slightly varies in different situations:

To cure Your own pain You should pay attention to Your pain, concentrate on it for a while and silently in Your mind pronounce the first miraculous word, then concentrate Your attention again on the pain. Your brain will do the rest. The correction program will work with the problem by autopilot. Normally it takes four minutes for the organism reaction to take place. So wait for four minutes. If the pain does not subsided, then repeat the procedure with the next word. Go over the miraculous words one by one until the pain will subside. Note that the same problem could be provoked by different reasons, so in different days the same pain may respond to a different word.

If You are having a state that disturbs You then You have to chose another miraculous word to code Your state. It may be the insomnia or a feeling of anxiety or some other unpleasant state, that You are trapped in. Do the same thing concentrate on the state that disturbs You, code it, and use the run formula right away. Your state (insomnia or something) code the miraculous word Your state code. Go over the code words, paying attention to Your state changes.

If You want to help another person. Bring Your hand to this persons head, concentrate on the feelings in Your hand, instead of concentrating on Your pain. A hand is a very sensitive energy receiver and transmitter and with a very little practice every one is able to work with his own hands. The same is like in the case of Your own pain. Your hand feeling - the miraculous word Your hand feeling. If the feeling in hand subsides, then the word worked out.

If You want to help another person 2. Sometimes it happens that a man You are going to help has an information block. That means despite the pain he feels, you do not have any feelings in hands. Put Your hand on his head. Use the same procedure, but ask him how he feels instead of a feedback through hand.

There is another way to help a person who is not near You at the moment. Code Your feeling of empathy to him with a new miraculous word. You need to do it once but involving all Your feelings in the coding process. Then You may use the run program as often as You like. Go through the code words mentally saying the formula: Empathy code word - The miraculous word Empathy code word. Be sure - The situation that worries You will be solved somehow. It is much better way than to worry about the situation. Remember the Attractor factor? One tends to attract in his reality the sings he is afraid of and the sings he worries about. Fear is a strong emotion and it activates the attraction law. A very honored Russian Saint Serafim Sarovskiy said: gain a peaceful spirit and thousands will be saved around You.

The uniqueness of doctor Temnikovs method is that everyone can master it, even by using such short instruction. The text above might be called an algorithm as well. Like a computer program, if the algorithm is followed the program works and You have a result. It illustrates the power of the information based approach to the problem of health maintenance.

We face different life situations. The 7 miraculous words methods is a powerful instrument You may use to Your own good, and in urgent situations to help other people. Until the medical help arrival You can start to relieve pain and stop bleeding in case of an accident. Everything happens in life. Russian special mission units are using this method.

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