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Apple of Youth FSC. Luzginova Sverlana Vasilievna, April 10-th, 2016, internet conference

What is an Apple of Youth FSC? What programs are recorded on it? How we can work with them?

First of all, it has two Mayan channels: Chao-Chak and Yaash. How it works? It aids body correction in accordance with the Golden Section Principle phi proportion. I saw it at a number of people, both men and women, but it is seen especially at men, that some face asymmetry appears with age. That is a nose moves somewhere left or right. Even if there were no stroke, the asymmetry of the face is taking place. Or one eye goes either up or down, eyebrows go somewhere aside. This face asymmetry is corrected automatically when we are working with this Functional State Corrector. You would agree that it is very important, especially after the stroke when some face nerves clumping is taking place.

Why this face skews are taking place? Is there some internal reason for all these skews even if there was no stroke? If it is a child then it is Yin and Yan energies misbalance. Suppose somebody loves someone more and someone less. Father is Yan, Mother is Yin. Even skoliosis may develop at such children. The side in which skoliosis spinal column is bent depends on predisposition to one of the parents. Either mother pays more attention at a child or a father. Sometimes evident misbalance starts in the early childhood. While we are about Yin and Yan, I should say this. Are there people in the auditorium who are suffering from blood pressure jumps: one moment it is high, the other low? There are, I see. It is also Yin and Yan energies misbalance in the organism.

An Apple of Youth FSC aids organism rejuvenation, stimulates stem cells production, aids preservation of their balance in the organism. Look, we have stem cells production stimulation program at FSC number 15. Here we have a program based on the Mayan channel that regulates their balance. To our sorrow, we do not have such a program at FSC number 15, this balancing option appeared due to the use of the Mayan channel.

It helps to restore the proportions of the face, make correction of face asymmetry and expressed skew. Aids bringing inter-vertebral disks into a normal physiology state. It is very important. Even during sleep, when one turns too abruptly, the displacement of inter-vertebral disks may take place. It results in violation of the connection between brain and body. So this FSC will work well for us both for health restoration and rejuvenation.

Some women told me her story: We just bought an Apple of Youth, and she decided to hold it prior to going to bed, she had neck department osteochondrosis. So she put it under her neck. So I am laying for five minutes and hear click, click, click that is disks came at their places Can you imagine?! Those who have problems in the spinal column take this plate and tie it for the night, it is better to drink 2-3 sips of water structured at this corrector and hold it in hands prior to going to bed.

You may visualize yourself young and in perfect health with a straight spine, free of any osteochondrosis, scoliosis and hernias. Nothing of the kind, and that is final! Even if you are walking bent down due to the spine pains, visualize that everything is normal there. I checked this myself, we all have to carry heavy bags, and imagine, once I returned home and feel dull pain in the spine, I thought Ok, I shall put an Apple of Youth under me when go to bed. And I put it directly under the small of the back, I even did not fell asleep when the feeling of lightness appeared in the spine. That is pain was disbanded in a moment. I did not believed it myself, though I shall get up and check it. Yes, I had a feeling of lightness in the small of the back, and I really was not able to unbend my spine in the evening. It works very powerfully.

What else it does? One may use it at spinal column pumpings. One may co-tune it with FSC 10 and pump the spinal column. It is possible to co-tune An Apple of Youth with FSCs 13, 14, 15 and pump up the spinal column. You may do this even without opening the channels. From the blue series it is number 7, which you may co-tune with An Apple of Youth for doing spinal column pumpings.

More to it, those who has hernias at the spinal column, may take FSC number 20, co-tune it with An Apple of Youth. It is good alto to work with number 10 in case of spinal column hernias. And you should do something at the physical level in order to pull up the spinal column. It is good to work with correctors, and it goes even better when the physical level action is added.

An Apple of Youth aids thorax and abdominal cavity organs restoration, it has health restoration programs as well. So in case one is having some diseases of thorax and abdominal cavity organs, it is possible to place thus FSC at the front aspect.

It poses effective targeted influence at strengthening of the spine and abdominal muscles. Why spinal column issues are developing with age? Suppose one visited a masseur or osteopathic practitioner, and 2-3 days later everything moved back at the original places. The same inter-vertebral disks shifts. Because spinal muscles are weak. If spinal muscles are not holding the spinal column, the disks will shift. And now, due to the Apple of Youth FSC the spinal muscles will strengthen. And also the abdominal muscles. It is good to use this FSC in case of prolapse of internal organs. In this case one should use visceral osteopathy, FSC number 7 and An Apple of Youth.

Aids cellulitis correction in hips and waist areas, in this case one may work in complex with FSC number 3. Men may also have cellulitis at the belly area, so men may use An Apple of Youth with number 4. One may do front meddle meridian pumpings: co-tune these correctors and pump front meddle meridian. Cellulitis may develop at nates, first it appears at the heaps, then switches at nates, then at the belly, it may also switch at breast and hands wherever. One may pump most problem places with co-tuned FSCs number 3 and An Apple of Youth and drink water from both number 3 and An Apple of Youth. In case cellulitis is at the belly you pump up the belly and the front middle meridian.

Note that Bozko Vladimir Grigorievitch, who introduced front and rear middle meridians pumpings recommended to pump both of them.

There are many implementation methods. One may structure some liniment at the Apple of Youth, even liniment for infants. Or you may do even the following procedure: lubricate the problem places with the structured liniment then wrap them with the stretch film that is used for food packaging, and be this way for 2 hours. You may walk or sit at the computer and work, you can restore yourself this way. In case it is heaps, you restore heaps wrap the film around this area. You may work with problem places in turn.

A woman came to me and told, that she got rid from cellulitis in a month time. She structured liniment at the apple of youth and drank water from number 3. She was afraid to use number 3 contactly in order not to become pregnant. Number 3 has such a feature. By the way, it is also true about An Apple of Youth. A woman wrote to me that cycles returned in the age of 55 or 57, and she did not have it for three years. They are consonant to each other.

Aids elimination of all ties, negative programs, especially at the thin level. It is something similar to the action of number 23. All ties and negative programs, including the physical level as well. What is important here? Look, one could be tied up not only at the energy level, not only to some person or money, or some relations. We could be tied to some unhealthy nourishment. Basically it is the same. I am checking this moment now, nowadays I have some water, which is always standing at the Apple of Youth, I tried to put an apple at this FSC. By the way, our Protetion products contain apple pectin, which provides rejuvenating action. You may also take apples, especially the green ones Semerenko - they should be juicy, grate them and add into face masks. You may also structure your mask, co-tune Apple of Youth with the Beauty Factor, by doing so you will provide powerful influence at skin.

You may do things differently: one day you structure your liniment at number 6, the other at number 7, night liniments you structure either at 8 or 12, also you may structure liniments at 15, at the Apple of Youth, we have such a variety! Our organism has a property of habituation. That is why one week you are using one FSC for liniments structuring, the other week another, that is change them in turn. One should not use any particular FSC for more than a month for liniments structuring and water drinking. Change them one after another, this way you are going to use them all.

It also helps to bring nervous system performance into harmonious state. It is very important. What is the nervous system? It is both brain and spinal cord. An Apple of Youth has a program for the central nervous system functions restoration, with what meridians nervous system is connected at the energy level? They are the meridian of three heaters and pericardium meridian. Work with this meridians, when you are working on rejuvenation. You may simply do a massage of these meridians (active points).

Inures to react only at positive emotions and blocks reaction at destructive negative emotions. It is very important. I mean such emotions like rage, offence, fury, betrayal, meanness, envy. By the way, someone will be mean and offensive and you will be just smiling. It is good not to accept and do not react at these emotions. It is also possible to work with FSC Love in this aspect, for example if your soul is vulnerable, if they offend you. You see only people who do not love themselves offend others, they transfer this lack of love at other people, they lose temper, they cannot hate themselves constantly, they start to hate others. So, looking at an offender, think that this person does not get enough love. It is possible to activate powerful torrents of light at other people who are in negative thinking when you take in hands FSCs Love or An apple of Youth. This week I encountered with a similar situation I talked to a man who had a habit to criticize everyone, thinking at that, that he is hub of the universe, and that it is only he who is such a clever young and good person, that others do not have a right to posess these virtues. Condemn and criticism are in his blood, and when he started to condemn someone in my presence, at first I said to him: What for you are criticizing, you are taking problems of this person, he replied: I do not believe in such things its all rubbish. I had An Apple of youth at my third chakra, so I just placed my left hand at the FSC and said silently: I am grateful that powerful torrent of light and love is coming at this person here and now and visualized this torrent falling on him from the skies, and he started to shine in it. And so he mumbled and mumbled something and gradually switched at some other topic, it happened very quickly in a moment. So if one is criticizing someone, just send a light of love at him. You may start this light of Love with An Apple of Youth FSC. You will interrupt the potential of sin at him, it is going to be a good deed in relation to him, he will stop to sin this way.

I listed properties of this unique corrector, you would agree it is something super! It allows us to get not only rejuvenation, but also health restoration effects, work with spinal column, abdominal cavity organs, to get rid from cellulites, and helps to restore internal harmony to react harmoniously at negative outbursts, directed at us. Helps to restore face proportions, you would agree how it could be important to women, it is very pitiful when face asymmetry appears with age. We do not have similar programs at other functional state correctors.

Do you have any questions?

Question: Is it possible to structure water at several FCSs simultaneously ?

Answer: No. What for do you need it? Better, you drink some water at one FSC, you can do even several sips, a minute later you may drink water, structured at another FSC, information will be already assimilated. Electromagnetic connections that exist in the water are assimilated instantly.

Question: Joints or rejuvenation how to cycle?

Answer: I would recommend to deal with health restoration first, do cleaning, and after that switch at rejuvenation. Either you can work in parallel. You can work either with number 10, or with 15, and also with An Apple of youth. You can work simultaneously if it is convenient for you.

Question: My biology father did not bread me, another man adopted and breaded me, nowadays I am married, how shall I write messages?

Answer: On the contrary, you have support of both egregors: of one father and the other. What surname to write? It is desirable to use biology father's surname. Thou you are having support of the kin of the father who breaded you. Double support, but also a double working out of kin problems.

Question: Sugar is 12, how to decrees?

Answer: What is increased sugar in blood? It is deficit of joy in the soul. Blood personifies joy. Use FSCs 1, 2, 5, obligatory work with the meridian of pancreas and stomach.

Question: Where to take calcium?

Answer: Eat nuts.

Question: Is it possible to say 36 instead of 50 when they ask about age form sheer curiosity?

Answer: Of course, it is possible, that would not be a lie. It is even better to say nothing or say 18, otherwise you would hear You are cheating!, How could that be? or something like this, let them think you are joking. Say 18.

I want to remind you once again about mirrors: never look in the mirror when you are in low moods. Never look into it when you are crying. And one should not look into the mirror after midnight it makes you old.

It is very important to live in a present moment when we are after rejuvenation, because when we are directing our thoughts into past, we dive into energies of the past and it makes us old. Generally elderly people are in their remembering, how good things were, and they do not realize that they are getting old quicker because of this. Live here and now in the present moment, there is no need to remember anything from the past.

The point of rejuvenation is at the back it is a pit between the neck and the head, you may stimulate it. Take FSC number 2 and stimulate.

By the way, FSCs Love Formula Yin and Yan also rejuvenate organism. When Yin and Yan balance is restored, when the hormonal balance is restored at the physical level, it also helps rejuvenation.

FSC Love rejuvenates as well, Danilovo Lake too.

Let us do a practice

Take An Apple of Youth FSC in hands and activate it. Close your eyes, sit down on the FSC, Put your hands on your knees palms up. Relax. Now I am going to give you a formula for comprehension, you may say it silently to yourself: I am grateful that we are already realizing that our body bio-chemistry is a product of my consciousness. We realize that our beliefs, thoughts and emotions cause chemical reactions, which support life of every cell in my body. That is why the more positive thoughts and emotions we are producing at the level of consciousness, the more positive chemical reactions, that aid rejuvenation, are taking place in my body. Because our cells are the end product of our positive consciousness. And so with every day, with every minute, with every second we are becoming younger and younger. Unless and until new impressions and knowledge, which are useful for my soil, will come into my brain, my body will remain young. Already now we may use power of our consciousness to perceive my body as it is. Already here and now my body is slim, my body is quantum, my body is dynamic, my body is woven from information and energies and it is repository for my mentality. My body is already new and constantly rejuvenating. I am grateful for health restoration and rejuvenation of my physical body and all my thin bodies for my eternal spiritual self-cultivation and self-development and for the highest blessing for everyone, for fulfilling of my predestination and carrying out the mission of my soul. I am grateful that my body is already new and constantly rejuvenating, and we are becoming younger and younger with every day. 98 percent of body atoms are renewed during a year, and intercellular regeneration processes are taking place in all organs of my body. All cells, all organs of my body regenerate incessantly and in time boundaries that were set by nature. We realize that it is possible to became younger and younger with every day, and the older we became, the younger we are looking, rejuvenation process starts from inside. An Apple of Youth FSC starts here and now the process of internal and external rejuvenation. We are tearing our consciousness from the collective consciousness. We are separated from dogmas of the collective consciousness, which are tuned at aging. We are tuning ourselves, our physical body, all our thin bodies at rejuvenation. We are tuned at eternal renewal for the highest good of everybody, for our eternal spiritual development, for fulfillment of missions of our souls, for fulfillment of our predestination, and we are becoming younger and younger with every day. Now imagine that a tiny bulb lights on inside you, it is situated at the level of the fourth chakra, as if a light at the Christmas tree, and so such a star started to shine at your heart area. Internal pink light pours out of the forth chakra, fills every cell of your body from inside, every cell imbues with pink energy of love and with light, and starts to shine. And you all are shining from inside as a Christmas tree. There are myriads of your cells and all of them are turning on, pink light turns on in every cell, myriads and myriads of cells are starting to wake up, they are charging with the energies of youth, light and beauty, you are overwhelmed with this light and it pours out into your aura. All your thin bodies are starting to shine with the pink color of love, youth and beauty, this pink light starts to propagate in space that surrounds you. You all are inside this eternal torrent of this pink light of energy, youth and love.

Remember this state. When you will take An Apple of Youth (or any other) FSC in hands next time, this internal light of youth and love will turn on inside you. Do deep inhale and exale.

Did you feel it? Those who had goosebumps at the end, please rise your hands. Some people yawned. Numerous stereotypes of wrong collective consciousness flew out with yawns. Energies of aging flew away, powerful transformation started in the auditorium. Those who watch us through the web also experienced transformation. Please, write what you experienced, who felt these torrents, that we cultivated here through An Apple of Youth FSC.

- There was heaviness in the head

It is normal, this way our sub-consciousness tried to start processes of your restoration. Yawning it is aging flew out of you.

- Burning in the seventh chakra and in hands, forth chakra was vibrating

That's very good.

- Checks flushed

Everything is well, everyone had it, it all happened with everybody, we did very powerful activation, there were many of us both in the auditorium and in the internet conference, it was a powerful egregor, that we created through An Apple of Youth FSC.

- Perspiration, numerous goosebumps

Numerous goosebumps indicate that all energy channels turned on at the rejuvenation. Well done!

- Hands became hot, there was a desire to cry

Why crying?! You see, it is soul cried that you finally came to realization that we do not age. Tell me, how many years you feel in your soul? Eighteen! Everyone is no more than eighteen. The soul knows that the body should not age it is only a dogma of the collective consciousness.

- I was arc-bent backwards

You had a dent in your biofield on the back, it was leveled up. You see, what An Apple of Youth is doing?!

Well done! Everyone had it, and from now on when you will take An Apple of Youth in hands, your internal light will start to shine in a moment, rejuvenation processes will turn out at once.

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