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Arcaim picturesque information on Green and cosmetology Functional State Correctors

When Your were reading the description of the information recorded on the cosmetology FSC- s no 6,7 and 8  in the e-mail dispatch, You may have noticed the following fraises: “polarization of water from the Karaganka river” in the Arkaim region, “the polarization of water activated on the spiral of Love on the mountain of Love”.

In this little article we will try to give You the idea – what this phrases mean and what an unique place is the Arcaim region. These place In  Siberia  was discovered only in 70-s.  Archeologists discovered an ancient 13-th century city. One of the translations of Arcaim is a land of thousand cities. After archeology investigations it became obvious that our ancestors had a  highly developed civilization long before  we are used to know. The astronomic binding of the buildings in the ancient city is performed with much greater accuracy than in the famous Stonehenge! Acknowledging the high level of the Arcaim civilization requires the revision of well established historical views – these is the reason why  these discovery is not widely covered. These discovery speaks in support of hypothesis that culture and civilization spread from the center of Siberia to India and other regions.





Another translation from one of the native languages spells Arcaim as follows: Arka – the sky, Im – the land. A place where the sky meets the land. And people, who visited these unique place say that the sky speaks with unusual signs, also they tested the Earth electromagnetic field characteristics. And  in the  Arcaim region the Earth electromagnetic field always supports humans, despite the electromagnetic field changes that take place all over the Earth nowadays. The archeologists estimated the age of the humans who lived  in the ancient cities in the Arcaim region, by their bone system. Their estimation is  that there were no bones older than 35 years old. They did not die in these relatively young age, like it may seem, they simply did not grow old! Formal tests of water samples from Arcaim mountains confirm the rejuvenating influence on human organs.

The polarization of the Earth magnetic field in the region is not simply supportive for the human beings, a normal  man, who arrives to the place has to accommodate for a couple of days to the Arcaim energies. They compare the first 24 hours with standing on board of a big sheep, which is slowly swinging on the ocean waves.



Take a look at these photo where Mother Of God eyes of look at the people who sit in meditation on the Shaman Mountain.






























Some photographs of the Arcaim sky: The column of light on one of the mountains, the unusual colors of Sunset, the Dragon in the sky, a figure of a dog, a map of Russia with the Sun in place of the Arcaim region.















Here is a sky-dog















































































Map of Russia with a Sun at the place of the Arcaim region
























May be You will need a bit of imagination here, but do You see a figure of  Archangel Mikhail with a spear?


























n the next photo is a quiet backwater of the Karaganka river. No signs of human presence in ten kilometers area around these place. And yet, there is a reflection of the monastery in water. Look at the left down corner – below the white water lily flower. These fragment is rotated and enlarged on the next picture.























































With the help of the Function State Correctors it is possible to replicate these unique energies. Through the polarization of the water samples, which is recorded  on the correctors. The samples of water from Karaganka river were used. The samples of water collected on the Arcaim mountains on days with especially strong energies were also used in the cosmetology correctors. There are places, and they are well known to local people, whish directly affect the rejuvenation of the human organism -  and again it is water. These unique water polarizations may be reproduced anywhere, if You use the FSC for water structurization!




Just a few photos more, to give you an idea about some things. When reading about  Green functional state correctors, you will stumble upon some things and places, and we simply want to give You an idea what  they are:


The Lena Columns



























A dolmen













Spirals at the mountans of the Arcaim


























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