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The most important and interesting topic in this category is Inneiro program. This is a computer program that will require some 15 -20 minutes of your daily attention, while you are taking your tea. The program brings improvements into main spheres of human interests: health, relations, material wellbeing. These effects are achieved on the basis of Russian scientific works in psychology, linguistic, neuro physiology.

One is working with the Inneiro program in 21 days cycles. First user undergoes simple test, that defines his / her current state, then Program generates unique combination of special texts, music and graphics, in which are used symbols and notions that are basic for all cultures, human consciousness responds, activates, ones creativity increases. Special unusual combinations of words are to anchor effect. All the work goes on its own, the user have simply to read silently or aloud (as one wishes) generated texts, and concentrate at graphic screen. Process is very easy and relaxing. It is interesting that each user will see his own unique text, generated in accordance with personal test results.

You probably remember The Salvator, we sold it for some time. Few people come to understanding that Salvator is first of all The Syntactic Protocols, the artifact is secondary. Artifact purpose was to anchor the effect of the protocol reading. The same team, headed by Shevchenko Oleg Yurievitch, developed both. First it was Salvator, then Tvoriteli Program that was not translated at European languages but was well tested during several years, and now comes Inneiro, it has English translation right from the start and they will do translations at main European Languages pretty soon. You are welcomed to see articles at my Tvoritely site, they will help you to understand better the mechanisms, that are working behind the screen.

Now see how to register. First one has to register at the Perfecterra platform. There is a shop on this platform, other useful educative and self-development programs will be added there with time, so you will be able to see and order and receive some cash back or bonuses. You are going to accumulate bonuces, which you will use to receive access to the Perfecterra shop. This is my link. You are welcomed to register, process is easy, nevertheless I am translating instructions.


After clicking this link, you will be directed at Perfecterra site. In the down left corner there is a blue button, REGISTER NOW, click on it and see the registration form. In which you have to fill in. (above the form you will see my nick as a referrer). And so, you have to fill in:




Nick Name it will be used in the system and seen by other users, think some nickname of your own;

Select Country from the falling down menu;

Enter you phone number, this number will be your login both for Perfecterra and Inneiro;

Enter password;

Re-enter the password;

Enter your e-mail;

Type your City name.

Before clicking register button you will have to read down to the end confidentiality policy documents and confirm that you have read, then click V into the checkbox. Now you can click Register button!

Now opens window of the phone number confirmation. There will be automatic call, it is no need to take it, but the four last digits in this phone number are used as a code. Please enter there 4 last digits of the incoming number into a box below. You will see buttons Cancel, Ask for a new call, Confirm. Click Confirm if you did all correctly and your phone number will be confirmed.

After this you will be directed into your personal cabinet at the Perfecterra site, on it you will be able to read a text about support abilities. You shall read it down to the end and click at the button (I have read). Later, they will translate articles in the Academia section, in which there will be complete step to step instruction for everything one may need.

Next step is confirmation of your e-mail, that you entered during registration. Robot message will come at your email, you shall click at the blue button (confirm). System will redirect you into your personal cabinet at the Perfecterra site.

Congratulations! Registration in Perfecterra is finished!

For subsequent enters you will use your telephone number as login and password that you entered into registration form. Hope you would not have to use password restoration function, that generates for you new password automatically.

From now on you are welcomed to click at the shop in the left menu and select your order. Nowadays purchase options are access to the Inneiro program for various time periods. Certificates are needed if you want to make a gift, for example to send this certificate to your friend or pay for some Program Product later. Internal unit in the Perfecterra system is sprout (yes, exactly, something that grows up), nowadays 1sprout = 60 rubles,

Before making a purchase you will be offered to read offer text. You shall confirm that you read then click V in a checkbox. After this Payment button becomes active. You click on it and see usual field in which you shall type in your credit card data. You are going to enter:

Card number:

Expiry month and year;

CVC code;

After doing this you shall receive another automatic call from unknown number, enter last four digits of this number into a box, similarly like you did when confirmed the phone number. Then payment shall go and you will see a note. order no *** was paid successfully. System will propose you to return back to the shop.

In case you purchased 2 year access to the Inneiro (450 sprouts / 27000 Rub / slightly more than 300 Euro), you will be proposed to select between two gift options:

Receive 2 certificates, 110 Sprouts each;

Receive 45 Sprouts cashback. Now I strongly recommend to select 2 certificates, because money back to people outside Russia could be not possible, and it is in Rubles now. We expect that in future when turnover increases, Perfecterra will switch at some international payment system, now it is on Russian one.

After this you are welcomed to click Referal Progranm button, at the beginning you will see that You are not in the referral program. In order to participate you shall read the text and accept referral program conditions. Again, you shall read the text to the end confirm that you accept conditions.

After confirmation appear two referral links:

First link is for Perfecterra and participation in the referral program

Second link for Inneiro only. This is for people who are not interested in referral program but want to purchase Inneiro program as users.

When someone is buying with the use of your referral link, the new user becomes visible in your tree structure. By that moment you are welcomed to contact me for consultation. You see, even terms are all about growth (terra, sprout, tree, there will branches at your tree). Wish you good luck! And wish you sound experience with the Inneiro!


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