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FSC No. 20. Cleansing

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Mayan channel Chalan (Чалан) which is designated for the destroying of astral essences is recorded at this FSC. It is supplemented with set of classical cosmoenergy channels, which have a common name «The Sunny Spectrum».

Astral body can hitch up some parasite settlers. They could be indifferent, they could suck out energy, influence the state of health. Those people who are able to see at the thin level could see them in different forms: in the shapes of insects, blots, some snakes and so on, all these should be taken off. For example, so called evil-eye is an astral world problem, induced by astral essences. When such a settler appears, physical body may sense it as some heaviness, sometimes it could feel like tickling, or cause some other pleasant or unpleasant sensations, it could induce restless sleep, or some nervousness, morbidity, the decrease of overall state of health. Some unexplainable attacks may appear. Or we may populate our flat with our own hands, if allow the existence of litter corners where the energy tends to be standstill. Remember that Feng-shui practices recommend to clean out your premises in order to achieve a free circulation of pure energy. That's why trash in the corners should be sorted out, dust and cobweb should be wiped off. One should not enter into the living rooms in the upper closes and shoos in which he walks outside, astral essences caught on shoos and closes should be left in the wardrobe. By the way, with this FSC we may clean our clothes and shoes, by leaving it in the wardrobe from time to time. You should carry out of the house old things, which are not in use any more.

Often people attract negative essences with their negative mind-forms, so one should be careful about the thoughts he generates, similar attracts similar, and we will attract the energies we generate. As a rule, one does not understand what is going on, and continues to attract thin world settlers. We create our problems with our own hands. If we would not supply them with our energy they will gradually disappear. In order to prevent the attraction of astral essences we should learn to control our thinking process, control our emotions and sensations, they should be in equilibrium. Any inclination both in positive and negative creates energy field deformation which could be used by astral essences as an opportunity to catch fasten on human thin level. The purpose is always the same, this essences simply have to feed themselves, it is their way of existence. So one should observe the Universal Law of Measure. Everything should be within reasonable limits.

«The Sunny spectrum» set of channels gives an ability for physical health improvement, restores and activates DNA layers, which nowadays are silent at a majority of people. It restores life forces, including sexual energy, restores the work of first five chakras, restores bio-field, work with inflammations, blood pressure, infections, restore cell membranes, transform electromagnetic irradiation from the destroying form into a positive energy. Aids spiritual development, aids rejuvenation.

Mayan Cosmic Teurgy Channels are used in the FSCs of the Golden series. It is the next stage of cosmoenergy development. We are acquainted with classical cosmoenergy through the Lilac series. Mayan channels are generally 5-10 times more powerful, and they are aimed only at creation. All Mayan channels are working through consciousness. Psychosomatics and eastern healing practices directly point out that our health is a mirror of our consciousness. Our physical and psychic health depends on the feeling of harmony inside us, our self-esteem, love to oneself and other people. And on the contrary, pride, arrogance, greediness, irritability, not mentioning cruelty and hater, give birth to destructive mind-forms and corresponding behavior. It leads to violation of energy balance in the organism, and in accordance with the law of similarity, attracts all kinds of spoiling, evil-eye, magic influences. More to it, destructive programs could be transferred through the kin (family damnations). FSCs of Golden Series are aimed at disbandment of these primordial reasons of disease development. When working with these correctors, it is important to remember about your own conscious functioning, to learn to control you own mind-forms. It is needed in order to avoid repeated formation of the negative programs, because Mayan channels will mirror the state of your consciousness. This point is stressed by the common name of the Golden Series, which is “The Ecology of Consciousness”. Golden plates withdraw deep reasons of the disease development, but do not abolish curative and restoration work with blue and lilac FSCs.

All Golden FSCs are adaptive, it means that it is enough to hold an FSC in hands for some 10-20 minutes, and it starts to work on its own, finds the problem, works out one problem per session. Their action is dosed, they adapt to a given user.

Golden FSCs could be used in all known implementation modes, they combine well with any other series.

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