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FSC No. 21 Mirror of the Soul

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Mayan Channels Tann () and Chaal Tsyk (-) are recorded at this Functional State corrector. It is most powerful FSC in the golden series, its field has most complex 144 whirl structure, it should be used at the consummation of your work with the golden series.

Tann channel cuts off all negative energy channels. When energy bodies will be well cleaned, Tann channel impregnates them with light creative energies of the universe. After that the second channel - Chaal Tsyk turns into work, it ensures most powerful defense of this freshly restored energy body of the human being, from all possible dark forces. At the thin level the work of the Chaal Tsyk channel is seen as fireball of high vibrations.

When using this FSC one should remember that we can recreate negative bindings with our own thoughts, it could be when one does not want to change anything in his life, continue to use old patterns, mentally speak with people with whom he has unsolved problems, think about his illnesses in negative key. In such situations he will have to start everything anew. The notion the ecology of thoughts comes at the first place when one is working with the golden series of FSCs. One has to train himself to monitor his own thoughts and mind-images, remembering the law of the Universe similar attracts similar.

Speaking about the consequence of the implementation of these golden FSCs, I recommend to work with either FSC no. 20 Cleansing or FSC no. 23 liberation, then with no. 18 Synchronization and in the final stage switch to FSC no. 21 Mirror of the soul.

Mayan Cosmic Teurgy Channels are used in the FSCs of the Golden series. It is the next stage of cosmoenergy development. We are acquainted with classical cosmoenergy through the Lilac series. Mayan channels are generally 5-10 times more powerful, and they are aimed only at creation. All Mayan channels are working through consciousness. Psychosomatics and eastern healing practices directly point out that our health is a mirror of our consciousness. Our physical and psychic health depends on the feeling of harmony inside us, our self-esteem, love to oneself and other people. And on the contrary, pride, arrogance, greediness, irritability, not mentioning cruelty and hater, give birth to destructive mind-forms and corresponding behavior. It leads to violation of energy balance in the organism, and in accordance with the law of similarity, attracts all kinds of spoiling, evil-eye, magic influences. More to it, destructive programs could be transferred through the kin (family damnations). FSCs of Golden Series are aimed at disbandment of these primordial reasons of disease development. When working with these correctors, it is important to remember about your own conscious functioning, to learn to control you own mind-forms. It is needed in order to avoid repeated formation of the negative programs, because Mayan channels will mirror the state of your consciousness. This point is stressed by the common name of the Golden Series, which is The Ecology of Consciousness. Golden plates withdraw deep reasons of the disease development, but do not abolish curative and restoration work with blue and lilac FSCs.

All Golden FSCs are adaptive, it means that it is enough to hold an FSC in hands for some 10-20 minutes, and it starts to work on its own, finds the problem, works out one problem per session. Their action is dosed, they adapt to a given user.

Golden FSCs could be used in all known implementation modes, they combine well with any other series.

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