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FSC No. 24 Clarification

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Mayan channel Shoppol () is recorded at this FSC, it is supplemented with the set of classical cosmoenergy channels, which is called Sunny Spectrum. FSC Clarification is designated for liberation from all kinds of zombification and programming, including elimination of zombification for alcohol, going away from the family, love-potions and so on. The Sunny Spectrum set of channels ensures restoration of internal organs, stimulation of the eyes. It also transforms any electromagnetic irradiation into energies that aid health, rejuvenation and spiritual development.

Zombification is a process of introduction of specific emotional reactions and world outlook foundations into human consciousness, which completely determine his outer activities and internal emotional state. In essence, zombification means the destruction of the old personality and intrusion into his consciousness of ready models of thinking and emotional processes. Or it could be characterized as a powerful treatment of human sub-consciousness, resulting in the loss of directive connection with his past, and programming at the absolute and unconscious obeyance to his new master's orders. They often compare zombification with a computer hard-disk formatting and installing of a new operational system and main programs.

Will qualities are completely suppressed at zombification. So called brain-washing and reprogramming could be used in the process of zombification. Reprogramming could be both in hard and soft forms, in the soft variant hypnosis techniques could be used. Such a state could be characterized by permanent deep trance state, complete obedience, without any manifestation of the personal messages. In such a state man moves mechanically, ready to fulfill any order from a person who brought his will under control.

What are the foundations of the soft zombification techniques? First, it is a propping at the unconscious character disadvantages, not fulfilled promises and obligations, not tried sensations and prohibited pleasures all this open channels for possible controlling manipulations. Zombification specialists use inclination of people to confide in lies, human greediness, and use flattery. Most people are no strangers to self-glorification, and then their behavior could be changed merely by expressing agreement. Or in case someone was expecting big profits for several times and did not get it, they develop a tendency to blame someone else in their failures, at that new promises of ghostly fortunes abruptly change their behavior again. Another trick is putting a question in an unusual manner, in combination with repeating it several times. Any question which is formulated too emotionally or asked three times in a row, causes irritation at person to which it is addressed. If the question is formulated in the form of the paradox, and it is hard to give quick and unambiguous answer, the irritation grows even stronger, this irritation is hook for subsequent manipulation. Here are some examples of such manipulative questions: Your actions are illegal, do you know about it?; Why you withhold about many things?; Why you acted this way?; and even Did you already bought this fashionable blouse in our store?. Often, practicing zombification, they do not leave their victim a possibility of any choice, for example, when salesman proposes to buy one of two items from him, consciously not leaving a simple option go away buying nothing. In addition political strategists juggle with a number of new uncommon words, to which people are not unaccustomed. Most often zombification techniques are used by all kinds of magicians and sorcerers in order to make love spells. In such cases we see people with suppressed will, going out of their families, leave their wife and children, and end up as drunkards.

FSC Clarification is designated for elimination of all kinds of zombification and coding. At one of the Center region events Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov put it this way: That's enough, let's negotiate and trade honestly. Ordinary people should have a way to defend themselves of all manipulators.

Mayan Cosmic Teurgy Channels are used in the FSCs of the Golden series. It is the next stage of cosmoenergy development. We are acquainted with classical cosmoenergy through the Lilac series. Mayan channels are generally 5-10 times more powerful, and they are aimed only at creation. All Mayan channels are working through consciousness. Psychosomatics and eastern healing practices directly point out that our health is a mirror of our consciousness. Our physical and psychic health depends on the feeling of harmony inside us, our self-esteem, love to oneself and other people. And on the contrary, pride, arrogance, greediness, irritability, not mentioning cruelty and hater, give birth to destructive mind-forms and corresponding behavior. It leads to violation of energy balance in the organism, and in accordance with the law of similarity, attracts all kinds of spoiling, evil-eye, magic influences. More to it, destructive programs could be transferred through the kin (family damnations). FSCs of Golden Series are aimed at disbandment of these primordial reasons of disease development. When working with these correctors, it is important to remember about your own conscious functioning, to learn to control you own mind-forms. It is needed in order to avoid repeated formation of the negative programs, because Mayan channels will mirror the state of your consciousness. This point is stressed by the common name of the Golden Series, which is The Ecology of Consciousness. Golden plates withdraw deep reasons of the disease development, but do not abolish curative and restoration work with blue and lilac FSCs.

All Golden FSCs are adaptive, it means that it is enough to hold an FSC in hands for some 10-20 minutes, and it starts to work on its own, finds the problem, works out one problem per session. Their action is dosed, they adapt to a given user.

Golden FSCs could be used in all known implementation modes, they combine well with any other series.

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