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Reboot. Cleaning & Reboot. Filling

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: 238.00 €

These two FSCs are pair, It is recommended to use them in pair. The price is for a pair.

There is a place in Khakassiya, which should be visited by every person who seeks innermost sense of being. It is the Pass of Ancestors or the Pass of Shaman Power. It starts close to the Efimkino village, goes along a high bank of Beliy Yus river, going up and down, going along valleys, arks and steep slopes. Ancient name of this sacral place is Nine mouths. Really, if one would look at the pass from the opposite bank of the Beliy Yus river, he would see 9 big grottos, resembling open mouths. At this place archeologist found most ancient in Siberia human sites, dated more than 24 000 of years. Our ancestors came at the Pass to make a bow to Gods and Spirits, which habituated local lands and grottos.

The Pass of Ancestor is divided into 7 symbolic sectors, each of them symbolizes the birth and formation of the human personality. In the sacral sense, going this pass corresponds to a passing of Enlighted person on the road of knowledge, it is a way of learning during the whole life-time. Someone will make do with superficial knowledge, someone will gain wisdom on his life road.

FSC Reboot. Cleaning

Removal of blocks and programs from the past, nullification. Starting of a new way from a drawing board;

Symbolic transformation death and birth of a new human;

Cleaning from negative, unapproved intrusion of the energy-informational programs into the energy field of a human being;

Opening of the internal source of power.

FSC Reboot. Feeling

Realization of the World integrity and interconnection of all the life forms;

Understanding and acknowledgement of one's own kin roots, acceptance of one's own past, finding support and power of ancestors;

Rebirth and development of spirituality increase of awareness, finding wisdom;

Aids to grasp one's predestination;

Aids to grasp oneself as a whole personality, grasping and acceptance of one's own purposes and targets;

Filling of the internal power source, opening of possibilities to manifest one's own highest potential spiritual and physical;

Harmonization and opening of new perspectives in all spheres of life: private, professional, material, spiritual;

Internet conference on Reboot FSCs by Luzginova Svetlana Vasilievna

Exclusive FSCs were released either separately from other series, or they simply were not placed into exiting series, because there is a tradition in the Center Region Company to release 8 FSCs in a series. Exclusive FSCs could be in cases of different color, case color shows at the series, to which this or that exclusive corrector would belong. There are also correctors in cases, which have a color that differs from the rest, there are correctors with body and cover of different colors. Exclusiveness is stressed by a fact, that it is possible to order exclusive FCSs only during special promotion periods. So you have to check the availability when ordering.

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