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Flora and Fauna

  • Корпус: Flora and Fauna
  • Дата рождения:
  • Количество:
  • Вес (упаковка):

Цена: 119.00 €

For watering plants, gives crop capacity increase and reduction of pesticides and other chemicals volumes. Especially effective when one start to use it at the stage of seed germination. Reduces the quantity of parasites, attacking the plants, as well as mustiness.

Also for pets – for structuring drinking water. Improves the state of pets, relives them from pathogenic microflora.

The main information on the «Flora and Fauna» FSC is a cosmoenergy channel Lugra – the only channel in classical cosmoenergy, designated for working with pets. In addition to this it has polarization of water solution of antifungal preparation Sengara plus Slavonic-Aryan symbols.

This FSC has a bicolor case – the upper cover is green, the back cover is blue. Different case colors symbolize Flora and fauna, thou naturally this corrector is closer to the lilac series – classical cosmoenergy.

«Flora and Fauna» FSC could be used for people as well, because it has anty-parasite, antifungal properties. But it was made for pets, they have simpler structural organization in relation to human, this FCS does not reach the level of consciousness.

Exclusive FSCs were released either separately from other series, or they simply were not placed into exiting series, because there is a tradition in the Center Region Company to release 8 FSCs in a series. Exclusive FSCs could be in cases of different color, case color shows at the series, to which this or that exclusive corrector would belong. There are also correctors in cases, which have a color that differs from the rest, there are correctors with body and cover of different colors. Exclusiveness is stressed by a fact, that it is possible to order exclusive FCSs only during special promotion periods. So you have to check the availability when ordering.

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