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The Lurking Lake

  • Корпус: The Lurking Lake
  • Дата рождения:
  • Количество:
  • Вес (упаковка):

Цена: 119.00 €

The Lurking Lake FSC comes in renewed 5 element version

It makes a good pair to "Danilovo Lake".  Actually they belomg to Okunyovo chane of lakes, which are situated in the vicinities of the Omsk city in Syberia. There are five lakes in Okunyovo chane, but only  Danilovo and Lurking lakes hve water with very deep information programs.
Polarisation of water from the Lurking lake  aid spiritual developmen, helps to find neccessary knowledge, harmonizes outer space.

Exclusive FSCs were released either separately from other series, or they simply were not placed into exiting series, because there is a tradition in the Center Region Company to release 8 FSCs in a series. Exclusive FSCs could be in cases of different color, case color shows at the series, to which this or that exclusive corrector would belong. There are also correctors in cases, which have a color that differs from the rest, there are correctors with body and cover of different colors. Exclusiveness is stressed by a fact, that it is possible to order exclusive FCSs only during special promotion periods. So you have to check the availability when ordering.

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