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  • Корпус: The Golden Sand
  • Дата рождения:
  • Количество:
  • Вес (упаковка):

Цена: 119.00 €

Attracts energetics of wealth, both spiritual and material, harmonizes material and spiritual constituents;

Increases strength of one's spirit;

Gives physical power and stamina;

Opens creative potential, aids the development of intuition, realization of the creative origin;

Increases one's ability to learning, perception and acquiring of information;

Poses general health restorative and rejuvenative action, harmonizes performance of organism organs and systems.

Gives a felling of fullness of life and getting joy of it, helps to live «here and now» in all moments of life.

Otgontenger mountain is one of most powerful places of power in Mongolia. It is the highest peak (4021 meters) covered with eternal snow, the sacred name of the mountain translates from Mongolian as «The city of the terrestrial God». 13 very Enlighted lamas were born in this area. At the western side of this mountain at a height of 450 meters, very special sand dunes are spread over the area of approximately 300 kilometers. The sand sparkles like gold under the rays of the Sun, that gave a name to this place – «The Golden Sand». Local people call it magical and curative, it has a very interesting property: it does not solve in water, but melts in the mouth. Starting from 1995 the Otgontenger mountain is a National Treasure and protected by the state.

Exclusive FSCs were released either separately from other series, or they simply were not placed into exiting series, because there is a tradition in the Center Region Company to release 8 FSCs in a series. Exclusive FSCs could be in cases of different color, case color shows at the series, to which this or that exclusive corrector would belong. There are also correctors in cases, which have a color that differs from the rest, there are correctors with body and cover of different colors. Exclusiveness is stressed by a fact, that it is possible to order exclusive FCSs only during special promotion periods. So you have to check the availability when ordering.

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