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The Active Longevity

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Цена: 119.00 €

Polarisation of water samples from Arcaim places of power: altar stone of the ancient city, polarization of water from of the springs in the Alanhay reserve. This spring positively influences the work of the entire cardio-vascular system, brain circulation at the first place. Polarization from the Dolmen called «The Skull» - this dolmen ids restoration after strokes. «The golden Pyramid» channel which is activated at the protection of the information of this FSC is recorded.

Bozko vladimir Grigorievitch (bioenergytherapist, C. R. lecturer): «The Active Longevity» is a very interesting FSC? When I tried it, activation of the entire cardio-vascular system started quickly, I felt distinct influence at the thyroid gland, adrenal glands cortex, heart, liver, kidneys, urino-genital system, anterior Pituitary started to work in more active mode. It is integral complex influence at the organism. Product is very interesting and deserving to be used by those, who wants to prolong longevity. 

Polarization of water samples from dolmens and places of power is recorded at the green series of Functional State Correctors. These are different mountains in the Arcaim region and Gelendzhik dolmens. This series gives specific “tunings” to consciousness, mind, superconsciousness.

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