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The plate has a set of themes from the Arcaim, samples for four themes were taken at the Summer solstice of 2012, they are small and big spirals at the mountain of Love, mountain of Happiness, and the center of the ancient city. This plate has renewed energies in comparison with the FSC «Love», information samples for «Love» were taken some 2 years before, And Arcaim energies changed during this time. Information from the Shamanka mountain is added for informational cleaning, plus a polarization of water from a spring at the foot of the Cheka mountain – the mountain of wealth and power. Information was selected with the purpose to balance emotional impulses, in order to level possible incline either into financial sphere or into being up in some clouds.

Polarization of water samples from dolmens and places of power is recorded at the green series of Functional State Correctors. These are different mountains in the Arcaim region and Gelendzhik dolmens. This series gives specific “tunings” to consciousness, mind, superconsciousness.

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