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Цена: 119.00 €

Polarization of big and small spirals from the Love mountain at the Arcaim, the cliff of Rejuvenation, polarization from the Arcaim ancient city center, Maya dolmen and other places of power, which give «tunings» at the state of love are recorded at this FSC. Love here should be understood in a wide sense. It is love to oneself and other people, love to the surrounding world with unconditional love. If one will rise up to this energetics, the spiritual heart channel opens automatically, human spirit becomes freed, accordingly the third DNA level will be activated. Health, work and surrounding environment start to restore through this energetics.

You may carry this FCS at the heart chakra, drink water, structured on it, take bath or shower. You may put it at legs when sleeping or under the pillow.

Polarization of water samples from dolmens and places of power is recorded at the green series of Functional State Correctors. These are different mountains in the Arcaim region and Gelendzhik dolmens. This series gives specific “tunings” to consciousness, mind, superconsciousness.

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