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Men's Amulet

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We have Mans Amulet and Womans Amulet FSC, they have both common and specific tunings. Basically common information is polarization of water samples from sacred springs. And specific information is connected with a users gender, there are masculine and feminine themes.

Polarisatioon of water from Logoyskiy spring in Belorussia, water from the Olhon island it is in Baykal are the common themes. Also it is chi energy from Lena Columns, light and dark torrents from the Beluha mountain in Altay region, Svyataya Ruchka (the Holly Hand) spring, and a spring of the Theodosius Caucasian? Which are situated at the Krasnodar region.

Specific masculine themes are: Mens Amulet and Mens Health dolmens plus Novogrudskiy mens spring.

Specific feminine themes are: another Novogrudskiy spring, dolmens Womens health, Womens Amulet and a very important dolmen Makos

Polarization of water samples from dolmens and places of power is recorded at the green series of Functional State Correctors. These are different mountains in the Arcaim region and Gelendzhik dolmens. This series gives specific tunings to consciousness, mind, superconsciousness.

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