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The Healthy Generation

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Another name of this plate is Childrens Amulet. It has polarization of dolmens and Lena Columns in Yakutia. The dolmens are: Rodinets amulet for children, Maya dolmen, Love, Tenderness this dolmen gives feminine polarization, Mothers blessing or the other name of this dolmen is Mothers heart another feminine dolmen. Two karst caves Uterus and Womb they help to erase pathology memory about childish cerebral palsy. Plus two masculine dolmens The Cliff of Health and Zest for life or another name is Predestination. SO this corrector gives a child both feminine and masculine energies.

When this FSC was released, it turned out that it helps not only with childish cerebral palsy, but also has a universal, board influence at the restoration of the human immune system. This FSC is indicated to everyone with allergic and immune-deficit issues, auto-immune problems. It is a very wide spectrum of conditions, many of them are considered as incurable by official medicine, we call it karmic.

This FSC could be used right from a moment of birth, structure water for baths. Here are Koltsovs recommendations: Implementation is very simple, if you know where it hurts, then place this corrector at the problem place, if do not place at the coccyx zone for 2-3 minutes, mood changes instantly and you see that nothing else is needed.

Healthy Generation widens consciousness, that is increases the vibrations of human consciousness, psycho-emotional state improves, this plate awakens at people a demand of spiritual growth, the idea of conscience becomes closer, one starts to apply it for himself, this is very important.

Polarization of water samples from dolmens and places of power is recorded at the green series of Functional State Correctors. These are different mountains in the Arcaim region and Gelendzhik dolmens. This series gives specific tunings to consciousness, mind, superconsciousness.

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