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FSC № 1 Antiparisite

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Цена: 119.00 €

Ensures gradual oppression and subsequent death of parasites, viruses, bacterium, helminth, protozoa in the human organism;

Creates environment in which parasites cannot exist;

Indirectly harmonizes the work of internal organs, at the initial phase of work with Functional Stata Correctors;

Has onko-protector properties;

Normalizes intestines microflora;

Restores immune system performance;

Improves brain circulation, restores biorhythms and physiology processes in brain;

Stimulates the work of central nervous and endocrine systems;

Powerful antidepressant, improves mood, endurance and adaptation of people to the hazardous outer influences;

Harmonizes consciousness and tunes it at positive.

Functional State correctors of the Blue Series is an analogue of a classical homeopathy, just a different package. Center Region lecturers recommend to atart with a basic set of FSCs no. 1, 2, 5. on top of this one may add any other FSCs in accordance with specific accents one wants to make.
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